Soul Eater (2008) s01e25 Episode Script

The Death Scythes Convene – Stop Dad's Staff Reassignment!?

1 How many years has it been since I last stepped on this soil? Oh, my God, let people have a peaceful life and death.
Chrona It's alright.
So I wonder how things are Seriously Concerning the Devil Sword Hmm Right now, we let her attend school so we could keep an eye on her, but I hope Shinigami-sama can make the final decision.
Hmm I guess so Hmm Are you worried about something? Hmm Well, there is something that's sort of mysterious Something mysterious? That Devil Sword It probably ate a considerable amount of human souls, right? I thought she should be progressing into a Kishin.
But it seems that this isn't the case.
What does this mean? I'm not sure of the reason myself.
Maybe there was a purifying effect, for some reason? What do you think, Sid-kun? I'm not entirely sure.
But the Devil Sword, in truth, should have known what she was doing.
Even though she is only a child who was instructed by a witch, and even considering her background history, I think an impartial decision should be made.
What should we do? Hmm Hmm? I don't know, so let it be! Assemble, Death Scythes! Preventing Papa's Reassignment?! Wait.
What are you doing? It's fine.
No, it's not fine! Didn't Shinigami-sama tell us to restrain ourselves to allow our wounds to heal? You know If you always choose to stay home, mushrooms will grow on your head.
No, they won't! It's okay, so let's go.
Go where? To place that will be a change of pace.
Huh? Yo! So, Sid-kun, including Spirit-kun, what's the status on the gathering of the eight Death Scythes? Yes.
Justin seems to have just arrived.
With him, and the two that arrived earlier, that makes four of them.
So, then what happened to the other four? So, then what happened to the other four? The representatives in Europe and in West Asia are on missions, so they couldn't come.
That's tough What about South America's representative, then? Sounds like a barking dog, so we can't communicate with words.
And Africa? Blocked our contacts.
Well, at least half of them assembled, isn't that great? No more I hate this! Hate it! What's wrong? Right now, I shouldn't be here I can't stay in a place like this.
What are you saying? The Kishin resurrected, you know.
Can there be anything more important? Azusa, you're still young, so you wouldn't understand.
I wanted to marry and immediately retire, but I'm still single.
Don't you think that's strange? I think you're great.
I completely commit myself to them, but, in the end, we always break up.
When men think of commitment, they feel pressured and want to run away.
You don't understand the power of love! Marie-senpai, you don't understand the power of your punches.
S-Sorry In any case, the idea that marriage is a woman's happiness is outdated.
What is it? I'm going to marry the toilet.
I'm going to marry the toilet.
Don't you see? The toilet will accept anything I do! It's my ideal companion! I know it's a women's toilet, but doesn't it annoy you that the seat is up? I can deal with something like that.
Not good.
If I don't stop Marie-san! T-There will be times when even it won't handle the pressure and won't be able to breathe.
It might hide from you, Marie-san, and even leak behind your back.
H-How indecent.
You cheating bastard! Anyway, let's go to where Shinigami-sama is.
As expected of the Crushing Weapon You're still very capable.
Want something? Yeah We have to go to where Shinigami-sama is.
I'm not going.
Why not? Say, Stein, why do you think Shinigami-sama wants to gather the other Death Scythes? Since the Kishin was revived, he probably wants to plan some counter-measures.
No, you're wrong.
He definitely wants to relocate me.
It's a demotion, a demotion! You think so? Don't you think so, too? If I didn't leave Shinigami's side, he could have used me to stop the Kishin! So, you're trying to score some points by polishing the candle stands? Something wrong with that? You're an idiot So what if I'm desperate? My ex-wife already has Maka's acknowledgment.
If the distance between us gets any bigger, she won't feel like Papa exists at all! She already feels that way.
You must be desperate since you rolled up your tuxedo sleeves.
That's right! I'm going to roll them up even further by 10 cm.
It's Stein-san.
Marie-san's first love.
That was a long time ago.
Huh? It's been a while! Good afternoon.
Oh! She came! The King of Counsel Chairmen! She was pretty annoying back then, huh? Every time I wanted to cut up a random passerby, she would fuss about it.
Well, she should have.
Isn't the Kishin's resurrection your fault, Senpai? N-No, stop that! Don't say that in front of Shinigami-sama! What do you think? I'll just honestly say what I think is true.
Oh yeah, Marie.
Didn't you say you would immediately retire after becoming a Death Scythe? Please, stop saying that Okay! Stop murmuring amongst yourselves.
Shinigami-sama's waiting for us.
Line up! Face forward! She's still the same Oh! God! Why won't you say anything to me? Well Ah How can this be? I can't hear your voice! No that's because No that's because Take your earphones off! It's been a long time.
I, Justin, am in your command.
Hello! And thank you for journeying all the way here! Well, I think everyone knows the reason why I gathered you all in Shibusen.
Don't transfer me! Don't transfer me! Don't transfer me! Don't transfer me! The Kishin Asura's resurrection.
We need to have a discussion on this.
Even though Asura is completely insane, he's still a coward, so I don't think he will be active for a while.
So, the urgent matter is not to track Asura's movements, but rather to plan a counter-measure for the Wavelength of Madness that Asura spreads.
Stein-kun, please explain the circumstances.
The Wavelength of Madness Is it right to think of it as Asura's soul wavelength? Yes, that's right.
But this wavelength is on the level of a god.
What effect does this Wavelength of Madness have? Every human has a bit of madness within himself.
Especially me Asura's Wavelength of Madness forces out the madness that resides within a human's soul.
Madness is contagious.
This is true.
The moment that Asura resurrected, I felt it strongly.
The spreading of madness.
And you're saying anyone can be affected? No.
I think that people like Justin-kun have a lower chance of being affected.
Also, I don't think there would be an outbreak of madness among ordinary humans.
Then, what's the issue? On evil people, they will power up.
That's right.
Looking at someone in the face while saying that it's unpleasant Makes me want to cut you up all of a sudden And? The Wavelength of Madness also causes sleeping witches to awaken.
And it doesn't just affect people either.
Natural catastrophes, abnormal weather and any terror you can think of.
So dormant enemies will start to move? The situation became like this because of the mistakes of these two.
Shinigami-sama, how do you intend to correct this? Y-You! You're right Don't transfer me! Anything but that! Actually, I was thinking of doing some reassignments.
What?! A happy life with my child I can't see it anymore I can't see the future! I can't see it anymore I can't see the future! What do I tell Maka? I don't want to see Maka's sad face.
No, no.
Spirit-kun will continue to be my Weapon.
A guy like me? Is that okay?! Among the Death Scythes, only you can truly be called a Death Scythe.
Be more proud of yourself.
Oh, God, such benevolent words! In exchange, though you were Stein-kun's Temporary Weapon and traveled freely, from now on, try your best not to leave Shibusen.
With pleasure! Also, to strengthen Shibusen, I want to have another Death Scythe remain here.
Marie-chan, I want you to be Stein-kun's partner.
Huh? Me? No way Please, wait! I don't feel like working! I chose to be the representative of Oceania because I knew how peaceful it is working there.
If I work in Shibusen, I'll become so busy I'll never get married Don't worry.
You're the type of person that becomes enthusiastic after a while.
Please, don't say that Shinigami-sama, what should I do? Azusa-chan, please use your broad vision to track down Asura.
Also, please take up the role of Oceania's representative by replacing Marie-chan.
As for Justin-kun Justin-kun? Anyway, Justin will stay on reserve! Even though Shibusen must change a bit from now on, try to be happy even if you're angry! With that, you're dismissed.
Ah, wait a moment, Spirit-kun.
Huh? What is it? There's something I need to talk to you about.
Number one: Marie Mjolnir.
I punch Azusa! Number two: Marie Mjolnir.
I cry because I'm sad.
Number three: Marie Mjolnir.
I face forward.
Number four: Marie Mjolnir.
I unclog the toilet! Number five: Marie Mjolnir.
I marry the toilet! Number six: Marie Mjolnir.
I prevent the toilet from cheating.
Number seven: Marie Mjolnir.
I punch Azusa! Why?! Alright! Let's play basketball! Okay! Oi, Maka! Come play basketball! Why? Didn't you say that I could sit out and read? That's why I tagged along.
That was a lie.
I had no choice, because suddenly Liz didn't want to come.
I don't know the rules of basketball.
Here, hold your hair down.
Anyway, the teams look fine like this.
Kid-kun, why didn't Liz come? She said she didn't want to break a nail.
Just playing basketball is boring.
How about a penalty game for the captain of the losing team? Oh, that's fine by me.
I accept your challenge! If we lose, you get to move the picture frames in Kid's house by 2 cm.
O-Oi! That would be interesting! Then If we lose, Captain Maka will go on a one-day date with her Papa.
Huh?! Wait a second.
I don't understand the meaning of this.
Aren't you the captain, Black Star? You want to be the captain, don't you? I know! But I feel bad because I forced you to come! Even though it's painful, you can have the position of captain! I'm already in tears.
Don’t get conscientious at a time like this You're wearing the captain's cap, anyway.
Eh? Is that what this is? Damn it! I want to be the captain! Then switch with me! We're starting! Here! Huh? Why did Soul, the opponent, pass the ball to us? Here.
Huh? Why did he throw it back? Alright.
Let's go.
Patty! Captain Maka! Defend the zone.
Okay! What's a zone? Teach me the rules Why did it start? Stop, stop! There's no chance I'd find a marriage partner in a place with only kids around.
Oh, nice shot.
Those kids are students from Shibusen? Yeah.
And from tomorrow onwards they will be your students.
Maka fouled.
Double dribble.
Give me a break, Captain Huh? What's a double dribble? It sounds sort of cool though Alright! Though I don't have a lover, I'll work one more time before I get married.
Oh yeah, it's kind of on short notice, but until I find an apartment, can I stay at your place? That's okay with me, but I don't know if you'll be cut up or not.
Well, I'm trusting you.
What do you need from me? Actually, it's about Stein-kun It looks like he already noticed it himself, but he's in the process of being controlled by madness.
So then, Marie Marie-chan's soul wavelength should have a positive effect on Stein's soul.
So, Spirit-kun, will you help me keep an eye on Stein-kun? So, Spirit-kun, will you help me keep an eye on Stein-kun? Yes.
No matter when, you'll always be the Kouhai I have to look after, huh.
Ah, Spirit-san.
Pass it here! Pass it here! What are those guys doing? Even though they were told to say at home Isn't it great that the kids are taking it easy? It's not that they're taking it easy Because of that abnormal experience, they are doing what they can to return to their normal, everyday life.
Game set! 20 to 4.
It's Maka's team's defeat! Even until the very end, I couldn't understand the rules.
Penalty game! Penalty game! Penalty game! Penalty game! Penalty game! Penalty game! Penalty game! Penalty game! I'm saved.
Penalty game! Penalty game! Let's just pretend there was no penalty Penalty game! Penalty game! Even with the underground battle, I don't think it will affect their normal daily life.
Sheesh You don't even have a normal daily life.
Eh? Maka, what's up? Err Well, Papa.
T-This Sunday, do you want to go on a date? T-This Sunday, do you want to go on a date? When I thought I was going to be relocated somewhere Papa, strawberry or banana, which is better? Say, Papa, which one suits me more? It's getting chilly.
Thanks, Papa.
It's warm.
I-I never expected such an abnormal day to jump on me like this! Papa? Wait, Papa? Are you okay? Sorry.
I'm just too happy.
Wait here.
I'll get the stomach medicine.
It's okay, I'm fine! How shameful of me He's vomiting happiness? Even I won't be able to understand that.
About your decision on the Devil Sword What are we going to do? Well, I think we should let her attend school at Shibusen! Are you serious? Yes, I'm serious.
I'm not going to joke about this.
That kid does have problems.
But, if we can give her some proper guidance, she'll become a fighting force of Shibusen.
But, what if she's not yet in the condition to attend Shibusen? You're right In that case, starting tomorrow, we'll have a Shibusen Trial Attendance! Number eight: Marie Mjolnir.
I punch Azusa.
Number nine: Marie Mjolnir.
I punch Azusa! Number ten: Marie Mjolnir.
I feel like sleeping already.
Let's go! Marie Mjolnir Top-Ten Battles! Were you introduced to my charming points? I think what you introduced to people was your ridiculous strength.
From now on, I think I'll use my adult charms to appeal with a bang! You mean you'll punch me with a bang That's just one aspect- No, it's too late.
Senpai, you have been branded as a character with enormous strength.
Just because of that, Senpai will- Punch Azusa!