Soul Eater (2008) s01e26 Episode Script

The Exciting and Embarrassing Trial Enrollment! The DWMA New Lifestyle Support Fair Is Open?

1 You have Shinigami-sama's pardon.
I'll have you attend lessons from this afternoon on.
I'll pick you up later, so get ready.
Any response? You know even zombies can come out from the ground.
If a living person can't take a step out of that room, what are we to do? Hello? She really hates me I called out to her many times, but she's just so scared of coming out In the end, she told me she doesn't know how to deal with zombies Is that so? If all she does is sulk, then even I can't help her.
The quarters are just ahead.
I'll finally be able to meet Crona! You have a good grasp on Crona's soul's wavelength, right? In order to get her used to Shibusen quickly, I'd like you to teach her whatever you can.
If that's all, then I'll be glad to do it! I appreciate it.
Getting lost in such a place It's so cold.
I'm bad with directions! How much longer?! She's finally here While you're at it, please show her around, too.
I have a feeling I've walked through here already Sid! Excuse me for a moment.
I thought I was gonna die from being lost back there! Didn't you graduate from here? A Delightful and Embarrassing Trial Attendance! Shibusen's New Lifestyle Assistance Fair In Session? Devil Sword Wielder, Crona The one who inherited the madness that the witch Medusa left behind.
By melting Ragnarok, a normal Demonic Weapon in the Black Blood, and infusing it into Crona, a new form of Weapon and Meister were created.
To turn a Demonic Weapon into a Death Scythe, a witch's soul is required In the end, the ones to make the Demonic Weapons evolve might not be the Meister, but the witches instead You can't stand it, can you? Holding back isn't good, you know You want to tear things apart, right? Anything and everything You want to know more about it, don't you? About that child I made You're being infected with madness I'm looking forward to it.
Pardon me for intruding! Huh? No one's here though Maka What are you doing over there? The room's Mr.
Smith calms me down.
Don't give names to areas like that.
Here, stand up.
I'll show you around the school now.
Uhm You You know Let's continue to get along, Crona.
Hey, hey! This is Marie-sensei.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm also starting out in this school, as a teacher.
In that sense, I'm just like you, Crona.
Let's do our best together.
Reassuring her by sharing the same worries Nice job, Marie! Crona? The blue person is looking over here! It's scary! Sid, stop doing that, please! Even though Sid-sensei looks like a blue hoodlum gorilla, he's really a nice person, so relax.
Okay Now then! The short high-school life won't wait for us! Let's go outside.
Don't think everything will go your way, you annoying bunch! There he is.
The little Ragnarok What's that? So cute This was all your fault, you know?! Ugly woman! I don't know anything about that.
Besides, I don't remember ever becoming one of your buddies! But if you're like this, even if I get close, I won't be harmed.
Those panties are even more boring than I thought.
I'm I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I won't do it anymore! No, Crona I'm the one who should apologize Here, take a look, Crona It won't be scary.
It's bright Uhm did I Did I say something weird? Uhm did I Did I say something weird? How was it? Being shown around the school? Think you'll do okay? Just as I thought, it's impossible for me Don't worry, everyone's here for you.
I can't do it! I want to go back to the room's Mr.
Smith I'll send you flying back! Stop it! If so, then how about this? Write poetry.
Write poetry, you say You know, when I feel down, I write lots of poetry.
Are you serious? You're a real gloomy one, aren't you? Let me give you some counseling! Let's write poetry together.
If Maka says so It it it it it It it it it it It it it it it It it it it it It it it it it It it it it it it it It it it it it it it It it it it it it it It it it it it it it It it it it it it it It it it it it it it It it it it it it it It's done? Yeah.
Let's see This is so dumb What do you think? I apologize for being born How gloomy With such a fine weather, what are you bean sprouts doing inside the room? Well, my existence is like that of the sun.
If you have worries, then behold me! I'm sure to brighten your paths! Here.
I apologize for being born What great destructive power I apologize for being born I apologize for being born I apologize for coming back to life What, you were here, too? Well, it concerns Crona.
There are still some issues, but I believe she will get used to it some day.
I'm glad to hear it! But, somehow, you don't look so good, Sid-kun.
Are you feeling bad? No, it's nothing.
As such, Crona is headed to the Czech Republic.
She's accompanying Maka on her extracurricular lesson.
Did something happen? I heard that most of the villagers are puppet engineers, so it's a pretty different village.
It seems the eldest golem that was built there suddenly started to act violently.
Fortunately, there hasn't been any serious damage yet, but Hold on is that true? What is? These golems, you see, are there to protect something, and programmed only to defend.
Acting violently and destroying something is unthinkable.
This might be related to the Wavelength of Madness.
Sid-kun, contact Stein-kun.
I want to hear his opinion.
This is the village of Loew? It's full of chimneys, isn't it? It's a village that thrives on crafting golems, after all.
There's probably a kiln in every house.
Let's start gathering an abundance of souls! We're not doing things like that anymore.
Since we're going to be students of Shibusen.
Where's the rampaging golem we heard about? I'll go ask the villagers about the incident, okay? Puppet engineers Enchanters Puppet engineers Enchanters This village's traditional huge gloves can amass magical power.
Then they manipulate the earth and create golems.
They don't have welcoming faces at all, huh? Soul! When I asked about the golems, they all said they didn't know anything about them.
They must be hiding something Hey, you guys! Seems like you've been asking around about the incident.
You're looking for the rampaging golem, right? I'm Giriko, an Enchanter.
I'll show you around, so follow me.
Soul, this is terrible! Yeah, looks that way.
Do you even know what's so terrible? No, I don't really know yet Jeez, get a hold of yourself! You're saying you know what it is? Of course! It's real trouble! Then, what is it? I don't really know yet You have no clue either! Soul, I heard that Shinigami-sama knows what that terrible thing is.
Is that so? As expected of Shinigami-sama.
He plays dumb, but he actually knows a lot.
Hurry! We don't have much time! Alright, I'm gonna floor it! Hang on! Wait, Soul! I know we're in a hurry, but obey the speed limits! Everyone, make sure you wear a helmet.
Be careful you don't slip on wet floors too, okay? What are you doing in such a dark place? Hey, Stein? Stein? Marie? Are you alright? Yeah Besides that what is it? A message from Shinigami-sama.
The eldest golem in the village of Loew is on a rampage.
You have a teapot, but what about the cups? Use that.
Pour it in that? Anyway, it seems like he wants to hear your opinion.
Is there something peculiar about this incident? Even though a golem is created to ward off evil, it doesn't have a program to destroy things.
With the latest techniques, it's possible to craft a golem with a different program.
But the one that's causing the problem is the eldest golem Could it be related to the Wavelength of Madness? Even if that's so, the sequence is weird, isn't it? The sequence? Since the Kishin was revived, there hasn't been a single incident related to the Wavelength of Madness, fortunately.
It's not unfathomable for a soulless golem going on a rampage is the first incident.
I see.
The first ones to be influenced should be humans.
In that sense, a golem being the first is certainly strange.
A rampaging golem would, so to speak, mean a world that's already engulfed in a state of madness.
And that would be odd if I'm still this frivolous.
Hey, wait a second I'm going to Shibusen's library.
Tell Shinigami-sama that I would like some time.
But I went through the trouble of making coffee Oi, how much further until we reach the golem? It'll be very soon.
You've been saying that for a while I'm getting a bad feeling.
From this village, and from you.
Hey, don't be rude! This village, you see, consists of people who sell golems to neighboring cities and countries.
The entrance is protected by a ward against evil.
Everyone's scared of things they don't know.
Are you trying to say that we're evil? Why do you immediately jump to that conclusion? He's not trying to say that.
That's exactly what he's saying.
Be quiet.
We want to live quiet, peaceful lives in a village that people keep away from.
So that we won't cause any conflict, we remained motionless like golems.
People are the same, right? If they take off their mask of kindness, the truth is, their hearts will be pitch black.
What? Jeez, you're an impatient woman, aren't you? Seems like there's nothing more to hide.
Soul Maka, take stance.
No way, what's the meaning of this? What's wrong, Maka? What's going on? A golem is an object, right? Even though it's not supposed to be alive I can feel a soul's wavelength.
Though you're a young Meisterin, it seems like you've noticed.
I've been waiting for this moment for as long as 800 years.
With Enchanter techniques, I embedded my own memories into my own child.
I repeated this crappy, boring life around thirty times 800 years what does he mean? This was all because of that Shinigami and his organization For the sake of opposing Shibusen, I needed to gather power.
But that's all over Time to say goodbye to being a "good boy" What is he? I don't need a Meister.
I'll use myself with the golem I crafted! He's a Demonic Weapon? On top of that, a golem with a soul.
What's going on in this village? You should stop making any more direct attacks.
As it is, if this goes on, your soul will be reaped.
your soul will be reaped.
I haven't started the engine yet.
Maka! What's up with this wavelength? Such an intense killing intent I can't stop The engine's on! My soul's wavelength carries 800 years of killing intent! It's not just from that one-hour of forcing myself to smile at you! So I wouldn't be marked by Shibusen, I had no choice! My life up to now was nothing! It was just crap! Shoe! Shot! Crack! Shoe! Shot! Crack! Shoe! Shot! Crack! That didn't have any meaning, idiot! Maka! Damn How long has it been, I can't remember how to enjoy it My true self Uhm the words won't come out! That's right! It's that that! The thing I kept building up until now I kinda want to destroy everything! I was overwhelmed because of our difference in mass.
If only I could attack from a range! But if I show an opening, I'll be sent flying There's Crona's Screech Alpha.
I just wanted to say it.
We're only supposed to observe, you see? We won't lend a hand.
Even if you give me three pieces of candy.
Ragnarok Four pieces, then! It's just a figure of speech! I don't really want any candy.
Idiot, I'm not a kid! How about six pieces? It's not a matter of how many! Fifteen pieces! As many as you want! Just do it! What?! Maka Albarn, you have a way with words.
I was just negotiating.
Eh? The rotation speed of the chainsaw didn't cut you up? Don't underestimate the Black Blood, dammit! I fought against that thing? I'm glad we became friends.
You've shrunk a little bit, are you alright? No problem, dummy! You won't be able to hurt Maka any more.
If you're troubled and feel like writing poetry, then write with me.
Let's go, Maka.