Soul Eater (2008) s01e27 Episode Script

800 Years of Bloodlust – Advent of the Heretic Witch?

1 Maka! What's up with this wavelength? Such an intense killing intent I can't stop.
The engine's on! My soul's wavelength carries 800 years of killing intent! Don't underestimate the Black Blood, dammit! Ragnarok.
Let's go, Maka.
Why would a soulless golem go berserk due to the Wavelength of Madness? The eldest golem was made 800 years ago.
The birth of the Demonic Weapons was around that time, too.
What happened at the village of Loew? There's only one thing I can think of If the Heretic's soul resides within that golem a soul response to the Wavelength of Madness wouldn't be strange.
800 Year Old Murderous Intent.
The Heretic Witch Descends? Let's go, Maka.
Aye! Dark Sword Style Screech Alpha! Now! It's hard It may be an old golem, but that won't be enough to take it down.
Not once did I slack off on its maintenance.
Don't overdo it! Get away from him! It's alright.
I can still do it.
I finally got close with Crona's help.
I can't back down now! Maka, what's wrong? My My body Splat her entrails around! What's going on? Maka! What happened all of sudden? My body it won't move! My body it won't move! What? Damn it! Why? Crap! What should I do? What's this? Strings? This is it! A large-scale phenomena in the center of the Czech Republic.
Regardless of whether they were indoors or outdoors, roughly 50,000 people witnessed a mysterious, black object.
However, no one ever learned what it was, and the incident was dismissed, and justified as a mass hallucination.
The witnesses of the black mass stated it resembled a spider.
A spider The place where the majority of the reports originated from The village of Loew! I'm sure of it now! This was no illusion.
800 years ago, the Heretic destroyed her body to hide herself but left her soul inside the golem.
W-What? This is bad A spider? The spiders scattered around the world are gathering here.
I've been waiting Shinigami-sama, I bring news.
Hey! Greets! Hey! Good work.
How's it? Were you able to discover something? Yes.
It's likely that the soul of the Heretic Witch, Arachne, resides within the rampaging golem.
Arachne? Yes.
If it's it her, it explains the sudden response to the Wavelength of Madness.
I can feel it even now The madness inside me my body is being attracted by her own madness.
Bear with it, Stein-kun.
This incident is too much of a burden for Maka's group.
I will go to the Czech Republic immediately.
Now, now, don't rush.
I had a bad feeling, too So I sent help earlier.
The spiders are climbing.
They're being attracted by the soul inside the golem.
Crona? I'll protect you, Maka.
The Kishin has been resurrected The world is now driven by madness.
While you were asleep this became quite a place.
Right? Arachne? Now, let's see I wonder if a single coffin will be enough What's up, Maka? With the program already half-way through, more and more popular characters have popped up, one after another.
And that's why we, as the main characters, have to make sure we clearly stand out from the crowd.
You mean we have to do something new? Yes, and that's why I've prepared our new and unique Ultimate Move.
A new Ultimate Move? Let's go, Soul! Ultimate Move, Polygon Resonance! What the hell is this? Mother of Demonic Weapons, Arachne.
Mother of Demonic Weapons, Arachne.
She was awakened by the Wavelength of Madness From an 800 year slumber.
I didn't think she was alive.
That witch, you know, to transform a human into a Demonic Weapon, resorted to a witch's soul with metamorphic properties.
She killed fellow witches and sacrificed their souls.
Therefore She has been hunted by both me and the witches.
Where did you go? This person This wavelength M-Medusa-sama.
I'm well aware of all of you Maka, Soul You argued over who burned the curry last night, correct? How does she know about this? That happened because Soul forgot to turn off the stove.
I've been observing Not just you, but the entire world.
For 800 years, scattering my spiders And Crona The child of my younger sister, Medusa? How pleasant It seems you didn't get enough love as a child.
How about it? Do you want me to caress you? How pleasant Go, Crona! Kill her! I'm starting to feel good! Shock After 800 years, I've become so old.
It's quite unpleasant.
Erase that girl, Giriko.
Aye, aye! Impossible! The Black Blood was cut with a simple kick? Saw Foot, Second Gear.
It seems enough Medusa's experiment is such a disappointment.
This kind of injury will be stopped by the Black Blood! The thanks? Thank you.
"Very much!" Quite the spirited guys Guess I'll have to split you in two and eat your soul, huh? Ew! Don't come near me in that poop squat! Alright, the head! Say farewell! Chop off! Cruciform Sword-Hand! Cruciform Sword-Hand! Who're ya? A guillotine on his arm? Did it cut? That was close Quite a shot.
If I'd been even a bit late putting the chain around my body, I would've died.
Very well Who the hell are you? Don't have the ears to listen to me? Justin Law.
Huh? One of the Death Scythes.
A Death Scythe? This guy? He's Yes.
The executioner who appears along with sounds of explosions.
Four years ago, at the age of thirteen, he became a Death Scythe.
History's youngest Death Scythe And yet, he doesn't have a Meister as a partner.
He's all by himself.
Oh, God of Death.
Lend me thy power.
Shibusen students! There's only one opponent, so I'll finish this right away.
Wait a bit, okay? Such a loud voice Could it be because of the earphones? Another Weapon like myself, who doesn't need a Meister? It pisses me off Is it that much fun sucking up to Shinigami, little boy?! Both have amazing soul wavelengths Their powers are evenly matched? Soul? He's supposed to be a Weapon, same as me? It pisses me off to see someone as shady as you! Trash like you, put on a leash by Shinigami! Reverse Gear! Will you never listen to a heretic? Carcan Bras! A headbutt of love.
Bastard Their level is too high, I can't even use them as reference.
Studying at a time like this? You're quite a diligent one.
My engine's heating up.
How about you take off your earphones? No matter what I say, you can't hear me, you bastard By your lip movement I can understand the dirty words you're using.
And the bad things you're saying.
You can read lips? All this time, you've only been pretending not to be able to hear me? You really piss me off! Giriko What, dammit? I hate kids with loud voices.
What is it, Sis? The golem's energy is about to run out.
Let's withdraw.
What? They're waiting for our return.
As for battlefields there will be plenty of them from here on.
As for battlefields there will be plenty of them from here on.
Guess there's no way around it I leave the rest to you, golem.
I don't care about that damn brat.
I'll eventually kill you.
Hold it! I won't let you escape! Crona! Maka Shinigami-sama's edict was the protection of the Shibusen students and the trial-attendance student.
Everyone, please take cover.
I'll be flashy with this one.
We, the people of Death City, beseech You, our God as God is just.
The prayer is strengthening his soul wavelength.
Oh, God of Death, let me be an instrument of peace.
I am a pillar of justice.
A blade of faith.
In the name of Shinigami, Law Abiding Silver Gun! Now Let us all pray.
Amazing, that's supposed to be a Weapon like me? In the end, if the Meister can't move I can't do anything.
Merely being able to hold her like this is just Dammit.
You still can't move? That spell that witch, Arachne, cast won't wear off This is quite a problem Oi! Hold it, you guys! Does it have to be inside this? Come again? One of you can read lips, right? Anyway, we'll have to ask Dr.
Stein for a way to cure Maka.
The doctor should know.
He's a doctor, after all Yeah, he's a doctor a doctor.
What's up with everyone agreeing on relying on that doctor? Here, Maka, have some flowers.
Thank you.
I kind of get how Sid-sensei feels.
A red carpet in a mountain? I've been expecting you, Arachne-sama.
Mosquito? After 800 years, the air around this place has become fairly stagnated.
My throat is sore I have prepared the finest champagne.
What an uncomfortable car That's a little better.
You simpleton, value-ignorant delinquent! Huh? You wanna get it on? Enough.
I am fatigued.
Make haste to the castle.
The Kishin has resurrected.
And from his madness, Arachne has resurrected, too.
It has been a long time This is the network Arachne-sama has been expanding for last 800 years.
Arachne-sama, congratulations for resurrecting! Arachne-sama, congratulations for resurrecting! I will win Shinigami.