Soul Eater (2008) s01e28 Episode Script

The Sword God Rises – Does It Have a Sweet or Salty Taste?

1 What's the status on the Demonic Tool, the Morality Manipulation Machine? Mosquito-sama contacted us earlier.
The production is nearing completion.
Is it alright to leave it to that senile old sack? In these past 800 years, he's gotten a lot shorter.
I'm itching to go berserk! I'll go, too There's no need for that.
I've obtained the assistance of someone very powerful.
"Assistance?" Someone who's lived long enough to be considered legendary, a man also known as the Sword God.
You actually managed to get that man's cooperation, huh? Humans with weaknesses are the easiest to manipulate.
You know, this is awfully embarrassing Stop whining and eat properly.
The doctor's examination showed that the spell's effect will be dispelled in a few days.
Since you can't move, you have no choice, right? Ta-dah! A magic marker? I'm getting a bad feeling To help you get well faster, I'll sign my autograph on your face! H-Hold it! Stop it! What do you want? What are you doing? Hey! Are you listening to me? I guess it's some sort of pact I'm gonna rip your Achilles tendon! Done! Behold, I've arranged the medicine symmetrically! This way, you can rest comfortably without any worries.
No one cares, though Lively, as usual Sid, do you need anything? Nygus, do you have a minute? Understood.
The Sword God Rises.
Does It Taste Sweet Or Salty? A healthy soul resides in healthy mind and in a healthy body.
Guess that means I'll have to stop smoking You're quite energetic.
Being fearless is reckless.
This is part of Shibusen's teachings, right? As you don't want to be hated by others, you become a good person As you want to become strong, you pursue knowledge and seek power Fear creates discipline.
But there are more causes of fear than there is actual danger.
But there are more causes of fear than there is actual danger.
But there are more causes of fear than there is actual danger.
Looking at the future through eyes filled with fear Looking at the future through eyes filled with fear makes it much more dangerous.
makes it much more dangerous.
makes it much more dangerous.
The current Shibusen has gathered many capable and talented people and holds too much power.
All of it to protect the rules of the present, right? That's the absolute rule of God.
But if God has to force others to act in a certain way, then there is an inconsistency.
Because in this world, we're bound by reality.
As such, rather than the shield that defends, I will take the spear that attacks.
You'd do the same, right? Right, Stein? I received information from the Death Scythe, Azusa.
It seems she has discovered Arachnophobia's laboratory, the organization of the witch, Arachne.
Apparently, they're building some sort of Demonic Tool.
This mission is to assert the purpose of the Demonic Tool during its development and to destroy it.
Demonic Tool? Have you ever heard of Eibon? The Great Warlock that has gone down in History as the greatest inventor of all time.
Though it's uncertain, there's a chance that this Demonic Tool uses Eibon's techniques.
Where is it? Azusa will take us there.
Let's move.
Arachnophobia? The ones who got Maka? You'll be able to get the results as planned, in that case, right? The prototype is nearly complete.
If we carry on researching as we do now, I'm sure Arachne-sama will be satisfied.
If there is no moral sense, then madness cannot exist.
Yet, madness can only affect those with a moral sense.
This Demonic Tool uses a "morality scanner" to find and decrease a person's moral sense, thus making that person susceptible to madness to awaken within her when exposed to even a little amount of it.
The reproduction of Eibon's splendorous invention It will be of great use to Arachne-sama's growing ambitions.
You moved on from being a bodyguard to being the guardian of a little witch Didn't you like being a bodyguard? I don't care.
Mifune! As long as I get to protect Angela I'll do anything.
W-What was that? Nicely done.
Azusa, I've reached point B.
No problems so far.
What is the next set of instructions? You move fast Wait a moment, please.
I'll draw the map right away.
Resonate your soul with mine.
Senrigan! 32 meters until the target.
The passage is 3.
2 meters wide.
With this, the map is complete.
Turn right at the hallway 15 meters ahead, then take the stairway on your left.
Our target, the Demonic Tool, is inside that room.
Senrigan, huh? As expected from a Death Scythe's special ability.
It's reassuring.
Since I'm resonating my soul using Sid-san as a medium, I can only see things within a radius of 50 meters, but I'm thankful for being told that.
Even though you're using a wireless radio as a catalyst, we can still achieve Soul Resonance That certainly isn't something that everyone can do.
Proceeding with the plan.
May I? Yes, please.
In the target room, even though the response is weak, there's a witch's soul, an elder monster's soul, and an extremely powerful soul.
I feel that response, too But our mission is to obtain information and to destroy the Demonic Tool.
I have to do it properly.
Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Impossible! They found us? Hurry, it's at the main entrance! Hurry and get the bodyguard! Main entrance? Oi, Azusa, what's going on? Yes, I'm checking.
The main entrance is straight ahead through this passage.
Why is a Shibusen student in a place like this? Keep them coming! I'll beat up everybody I see! We have quite a lively guest.
Huh? That child Ah, you're! You bastard Mifune, the Bodyguard Why are you? Why? For the children's For Angela's safety, I draw my sword.
Yet, why do children such as yourselves stand before me again? What's wrong? Angela-sama, here.
Interesting Very well it's a duel! My name's Mifune, I'm a samurai.
There's nothing that can cross me that I can't cut down.
This is It's so cute that I can't cut it down.
What regret! My name's Mifune, I'm a samurai.
There's mostly nothing that can cross me that I can't cut down.
This is Her bottom is showing so much that I can't cut it down.
What regret! I'm coming! Infinite One Sword Style.
Even though they're just stuck in the ground, I can feel how dangerous each sword is.
He could withstand Mifune's attack? You evaded the sword and followed that up with a prompt counterattack.
With each and every move, I can understand that you have become more mature.
This is why children Don't make me laugh! I've already defeated you once! Stop talking so arrogantly.
You're the one who's arrogant! Mifune cares deeply for children, so he would never be able to fight seriously against a kid like you.
Why would such a person I won't tolerate any restraint.
You get that, right? Even if the opponent is a child, I can't afford to lose twice to the same person.
This is meant to be the Demonic Tool? Seems like it's supposed to manipulate people's morality.
This is I'm taking this back.
Azusa, what's the situation on the front gate? The Shibusen student is fighting the person with the powerful soul.
However, the power gap is clearly overwhelming.
Tsubaki, Chain-Scythe Mode! Yes! It's about time we destroy the real thing.
It was unexpected, but thanks to that rampaging Shibusen student, the operation went smoothly.
I don't know who you are, but wait for me I'll use some of your power! You're not getting away! Three Sword Path! Black Star! Smoke Bomb Mode.
Ninja Blade, Chain-Scythe, Smoke Bomb Ninja Blade, Chain-Scythe, Smoke Bomb Ninja Blade, Chain-Scythe, Smoke Bomb That Demonic Weapon, could it be? You're a lifesaver, Tsubaki.
Demon Blade Mode! There's no mistake A direct relative to the Demonic Weapons Arachne-sama created I heard that the Nakatsukasa family was taken in by Shinigami, but this is it, huh? Let's go! Such an ominous blade Tsubaki! Yes! Shadow Star! Is that it, Demon Blade? Is that it, Demon Blade? He broke through! Infinite One Sword Style.
Addition: One Blow! Two Blows! Three Blows! Four Blows! Five Blows! Six Blows! Seven Blows! Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve Blows! Multiplication! He's striking the surrounding blades? Twenty-four Blows! All twelve swords cut him at the same time.
Black Star! You've had enough, right? The wounds are shallow.
You're called Tsubaki, aren't you? Hurry and take that kid away.
Why is a samurai of your caliber on the side of a witch? Dammit! Holding back again Why did you come here? Was it because of the witch's laboratory? A friend of ours is suffering due to the witch's curse It's vengeance for that.
I'm going to avenge Maka.
Anyone who touches my comrades will have no forgiveness! Is that so? Sorry about that.
There's no need for you to apologize.
You're a kind person.
Drawing your blade for such an organization is no good! If someone like you, who knows martial arts and loves children, could become a role model to Shibusen students If you could become a teacher What? Me, a teacher, you say? Mifune-sensei! Mifune-sensei! D-Don't say such silly things.
It's an impossible request.
Witches are Shibusen's enemy.
There's no way I could take An with me.
Who would protect Angela? Boss, is that him? Yeah, he's the new bodyguard.
If I have Mifune, this city is as good as mine.
Hey, Mr.
Samurai Is that a Japanese sword? Can I touch it? Now, now, little master It's alright.
Swords are dangerous.
Give it up.
To make up for it, I'll give you candy instead.
Samurai, do you like candy? I don't eat any.
Why do you have them, then? Do you like candy? Yeah, I do.
That's why I have some.
Mifune, first off, there's something I want you to do for me An enemy of our Family got a hold of a witch I want you to capture that witch or kill her.
You're targeting An too, right? Everyone is always targeting An There are always murderers around An This child is a witch? Where did that traitor go? What a bad joke If we had killed that witch, we'd have had money for a lifetime.
It's alright now.
Candy? Do you like it? I'll give some to you.
Do you like it? I'll give some to you.
What's wrong, Mifune? Hurry up and give him the finishing blow! The duel has already been decided.
Shibusen is our greatest enemy.
There's no reason to let them live.
If you won't kill them, you can consider Angela-sama's protection as good as gone.
Angela It's not over yet! You can't, Black Star! Stop it, Mifune-san! In a society built for humans, there's no rest for An Arachnophobia's protection is needed, no matter what.
I'm sorry.
Grandpa Mos! A sniper? From where?! Mosquito-sama, there are bombs everywhere! Let's evacuate before the explosions reach here! Blood I need blood.
Angela-sama, this way.
He deflected the second shot? The rampaging student was him, of course.
We should have noticed it because of Black Star's battle style.
Sniping with pinpoint accuracy from five kilometers away That's Azusa for you.
My error margin is below one millimeter from ten kilometers away.
However, that samurai immediately detected our presence here and entered a blind spot.
As I thought, he's not an ordinary person.
Hold it! Let's finish this.
Don't be impatient.
You're strong.
As such, just aim forward and proceed.
Also, understand the other entity inside Tsubaki.
Do so, and the Demon Blade will respond to you.
I'm not one to make a fuss over a sword, but that's a good sword you're wielding.
Of course! To your friend that's suffering from the curse Give this to that person on my behalf.
Then, I'm going home, but You'll be fine, right? Yeah, thanks.
Yo, may I? What? Are you up to something again? Here What's this? It's from some naïve samurai from who knows where It's just candy, though.
What was that? He didn't really say anything at all.
Beats me After going all out on my attack, I end up giving gifts for him.
Who does he think I am? What's with this candy? He said it was sweet It's seaweed-flavored, though.
It must be salty.