Soul Eater (2008) s01e33 Episode Script

Resonance Link – Play the Melody of the Souls?

1 Marie? It's alright I'm still sane.
I've studied everything that can be studied about my body.
Jeez There are still things to be done.
Being in such a sorry state It's too early for that! Being in such a sorry state It's too early for that! Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Marie was worried about your health.
She says you've been looking tired lately.
Wouldn't it be better for you to take a rest for a while? No, there's no need to worry.
We've been simulating battles in class.
I'm merely sore from that.
Is that so? Then do what you want.
In fact, there's something else I need you to deal with.
It looks like Arachnophobia has located the whereabouts of the BREW.
The BREW? The Demon Tool known as Eibon's Crystal of Intelligence.
If that falls into their hands Yes, things will turn black for Shibusen.
Arachnophobia will go all out to attain the BREW.
Stein-kun this will grow into a huge battle.
Stein-kun this will grow into a huge battle.
Please proceed with the students' duel lessons immediately.
Resonance Chain ~Playing the Melody of Souls?~ Resonance Chain.
Playing the Melody of Souls? The other entity inside Tsubaki If I become aware of it, the Demon Blade will respond.
Sense it, Black Star.
Sense the wavelength of my clan with my help.
You can hear it, right? The sound of the waves of the souls.
The wavelength of our lineage, which has reaped and protected countless souls, is still here.
It's waiting for a partner to fight alongside with.
It's waiting for a partner to fight alongside with.
Why do you seek power in such a fashion? I will surpass God.
That's why.
God, you say? You speak of God, but you have the features of a demon.
Black Star! Are you alright? Yeah, it's nothing.
Found you! The Professor's calling.
He said we're gonna practice how to merge souls in a Team Soul Resonance.
You're still doing those rough training exercises? If you overdo it, your body will break down If I worry about breaking down, I won't be able to accomplish anything.
Oi, let's hurry! We'll be late! We're the ones who came for you! What's he getting worked up for? Professor, I brought them! You're late! What were you doing? Some stuff.
I'm an eager beaver, unlike you.
Are you making any progress in mastering the Demon Blade? No problem! I'm God, after all.
There's nothing I can't bring about.
Make use of that spirit and clear the lesson, then.
You can count on it.
Now then, shall we wrap up the ice breaking, and move on to the real deal? I've had you practice Team Soul Resonance for this past month.
However, you never got passing grades.
I want you to hurry so you don't fall behind the other teams.
The reason being that Arachnophobia is increasing its activity.
A great uproar might be just around the corner.
Considering the amount of time remaining, we can't afford to watch over all students.
It's not very convenient, but I've decided to weed you out.
The teams that don't pass today's resonance lesson will be cut from my class.
Got it? I've practiced so many times there's no way I can't do it.
I've practiced so many times there's no way I can't do it.
Stay focused, Liz and Patty.
I won't tolerate the slightest slip.
Let's start, then.
Do it properly, Black Star.
I always do Let's do it.
It connected.
So far so good.
Black Star No good? Once again.
Nothing again? The one at fault is obvious.
Black Star's soul wavelength has progressed so much that the others can't keep up.
However, matching wavelengths isn't all there is to it Do it properly! I'm doing it You're always doing things in your own selfish way Try to harmonize with us for once.
Huh? Why do I have to go along with something so dull? I'm not up for this lame partnership.
What did you say, you idiot? Would you cut it out? Let's take a short break.
You'd do well to talk things through and cool your heads.
Even if I talk to that guy Strange Why is it progressing this fast? Professor! What? If we keep this going, we won't do it properly.
If this continues, I won't pass your class and I'm not up for that.
Please remove Black Star from our team.
You came all the way here just to say that? The one leaving the team is you.
Walk away.
How come? The one dragging us down is Black Star! He's always messing things up with his selfish behavior.
Then, are you trying to downplay Black Star's power? Among those in your team, who do you think the best attacker is? Why is it always Black Star? You're misunderstanding something about Team Soul Resonance.
Try to feel something more fundamental with your heart.
If you can't do it, you're free to take your leave.
I'll do it.
I want to pass the Professor's lesson.
Much appreciated.
But For how much longer will I be able to properly train you? Where the heck did Maka go? Maka Gone to tell on me to the Professor? If I'm acting selfishly, then so are you.
You Yeah, we're really not the same I'm not this pathetic.
Oi, you two, would you cut Let them do as they like.
Soul Happy now? Even if it's Maka we're talking about, if we go any further than this, I will declare this a formal duel if we go any further than this, I will declare this a formal duel and really beat the crap out of you! You piece of crap! Are they not getting along? Sorry, Tsubaki.
Could you go get her? Okay.
May I sit next to you? Tsubaki-chan, don't you mind being pushed around? Maka-chan, what do you think of Black Star? He gets on my nerves.
I've kept quiet about it, but despite appearances, Black Star does study before a test.
No way! Then, why does he always get a zero? I wonder why.
Getting everything right is so much easier than to give your best and get nothing right.
If even you can't understand him, Tsubaki-chan Matching souls with Black Star has to be impossible for me.
Matching souls with Black Star has to be impossible for me.
I wonder about that.
You always get along so well Besides, is it so bad that two friends can't agree in every single thing? You're different people, so misunderstandings are a given.
Even so, friends are friends, right? Isn't that all you need? You're misunderstanding something about Team Soul Resonance.
Try to feel something more fundamental with your heart.
I see.
Alright! I was only thinking about my feelings and I ended up missing something important.
I have to be getting back.
Let's go, Tsubaki-chan! Hurry, hurry! What happened to all that willpower? But how am I supposed to show him my face? You'll get into fights with him anyway.
Don't mind those silly things.
What? Came for a laugh? I'll get a laugh out of this once we pass.
Everyone's waiting.
The truth, you know The truth is Even though I badmouthed Black Star, there are times when I'm envious of him.
There are times when I think, "I want to be strong like that" Sorry, I screwed up the mood.
Alright! Let's get started already! Hey, don't dose off, Maka! Yup! Alright, let's do this! From now on, we're companions entrusting each other's lives to one another.
Caring for each other, obviously! I can feel the power of two soul wavelengths.
I can feel the power of two soul wavelengths.
I can feel the power of two soul wavelengths.
Oi, Soul! You can hear it, right? The soul wavelength is gaining rhythm, it's becoming a sound Give them a hand.
If you voice it through the piano, you could easily match your soul wavelengths.
Quite the treacherous demon, aren't you? Would you please keep quiet? It feels great right now There's no need to push ourselves into understanding.
Just accept other people's feelings.
Believe in them.
Even if you gather similar people, you can't get this kind of sound.
It's far from done, but You pass.
This team's leader It's Maka, alright.
Thank god we passed! It threw me off when Maka seriously started crying A lot goes on in a girl's head! That was just me grunting! Who'd cry?! It's too unpleasant to look at.
That aside, Black Star Hit me.
H-Hold it! Maka-chan? H-Hold it! Maka-chan? Payback from when I hit you earlier.
It's leaving me a bad aftertaste.
Hold on, Black Star I won't hold back.
There'd be no point to this if you did.
Do you even know how to pull a punch? Who do you think you're asking? Grind your teeth! You Hold back a little.
So not cool Ouch! Everyone, heed my words! The Demon Tool, BREW, is Arachne-sama's! We won't hand it over to Shibusen! The enemy will surely come at us with Death Scythes.
However The BREW should belong to those who bring the storm! I thought I'd get rusty from waiting so long.
Are you listening, you punks? This is war! The NOISE is kicking around the preestablished harmony.
Flaring up and glaring at the present.
I sneak in.
That time at the GARAGE I saw a dream about unchangeable HEART.
So this day and the same tomorrow gets mixed.
I'm roaring noisily around in sensibility.
My singing heart plays the BEAT.
There's definite evidence.
Hold it in your hands.
Lose it Hold it in your hands.
Lose it In the fading moments.
Tears have been secretly shed.
Everything Gets revealed here.
Everything Gets adjusted to the ordinary time.
I think that's the way it should be Following the unclear yellow light.
Go through the darkest nights.
At that time I was too afraid.
But now I'm sending off my life.
You always reflect.
In my proud heart.
We should only protect our beliefs.
Embrace them.
It starts all over everyday.
I'm drowning in the raging waves.
Still haven't awaken from my dream.
We're all here.
I always hear.
The voices of my fellows.
I'm looking for a way to shake off the solitude.
In the winds of waiting.
I have no other way but to move forward.
I believe in the way of life.
BREW Contest! ~Clash, Shibusen vs Arachnophobia?~