Soul Eater (2008) s01e34 Episode Script

The Battle for Brew – Clash: The DWMA vs. Arachnophobia?

1 The BREW rests on an island in Alaska, the Lost Island.
The BREW rests on an island in Alaska, the Lost Island.
Witches once used it as a base for a Demon Tool development facility.
However, an accident occurred, and the facility was destroyed.
From that incident, an eerie magnetic field was formed in the center of the island which no one could approach.
The Demon Tool, Brew, can be found inside it.
Your body will be ravaged if you stay too long inside the magnetic field.
But the same goes for our foes You can only stay inside the field for twenty minutes.
It's a competition for the BREW! Or rather, it's a fight against time Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
The main objective of this fight is to obtain the BREW.
We're going with the plan that was discussed during the briefing.
You remember it, right? Yes.
We will head to the magnetic field, where the Demon Tool resides, while the unit Sid-sensei leads distracts Arachnophobia's forces.
But only I and Marie-sensei will enter the magnetic field.
Your mission is to be on standby outside the magnetic field and wait for our return.
This will be a fierce battle.
But you were selected from among the One-Star Technicians.
Set your pride aside and fight! I'm trembling with excitement! ~Clash, Shibusen vs Arachnophobia?~ BREW Contest! Brew Contest! Clash, Shibusen vs.
Arachnophobia? Mosquito-sama, Shibusen's forces have disembarked on the eastern side of the island.
It's time, then? May Arachne-sama obtain the BREW! Captain, these are Yeah.
These are ruins from the Demon Tool development facility.
This entire area was destroyed.
Don't lose focus.
Due to the magnetic field, both soul response and radio transmissions are unreliable.
What? An ambush? Organize yourselves! Sid-san, please look at our troops down in the ruins below! What's up? That samurai is there! The unit has already been annihilated.
That's Azusa for you Your eyes reach far.
Nygus! I'm going for the big game.
After you've given instructions to the unit, please wait for orders at the designated point.
Let's go, Azusa! Roger! So it's begun So cold.
I'm in the mood for it but, you know, if it's too cold it can get quite annoying.
Anyone will do, just hurry up If I don't move soon, my body will freeze and then break.
I think I'm hearing something.
This deep sound is Giriko-sama! A bass?! It's coming! Excuse me! As I was driving around with the bass volume up, things got out of control! That guy Oh? It was an enemy squad? Saw Foot! Third Gear! Giriko-sama! Oh, Lord! My special tuned snowmobile has been swept away.
Get down here, you damn tool.
I'll turn you into sawdust! We meet again.
This is the magnetic field? Pretty grim From here on, I'll be entering the magnetic field with Marie-sensei.
You'll stay on standby and wait for our return.
Listen, if we don't return in twenty minutes, use Jacqueline and send the retreat signal to Shibusen's troops.
Afterwards, you too are to regroup with Sid and leave this island.
Then you two will be left behind! What will happen to you? Our enemy may follow you after you're inside the magnetic field.
We will enter too, and support you.
If we enter in large numbers, it will escalate into a huge battle.
And if the battle drags on for too long, it will lead to mutual destruction.
Our enemy doesn't want that.
And you're supposed to be the best our school has to offer? Don't worry.
With Marie-sensei's power, no matter how many enemies there may be, we'll be back in five minutes.
We'll be going, then.
Wish us luck! He's too strong He deflected it? What's with those reflexes? He's faster than I thought! Sid-san, he's coming after us! Roger! There's more where that came from! Come and get it, samurai.
I will slay you.
Jacqueline, you're so warm Damn, should have charged everyone for this That looks good, Killik.
Let me have a chocolate bar, too.
This is the only one I have.
I saw you hide them in your right hand! I'm gonna eat them anyway, you Give me that bar! Pretty late, aren't they? They said they'd be back in five minutes.
It's already been fifteen minutes.
What's wrong, Maka? The soul response from the Professor and Marie-sensei has disappeared.
You can make out their soul responses even inside that magnetic field? There's a lot of noise and it's very faint, but Something's happening inside.
What's wrong, Maka? The soul response from the Professor and Marie-sensei has disappeared.
You can make out their soul responses even inside that magnetic field? There's a lot of noise and it's very faint, but Something's happening inside.
Alright, I'm having a look inside.
The magnetic field should have little effect on my Shinigami body.
Wait, it's dangerous to go in there alone.
But We'll go, too! Yeah! What about Professor Stein's orders, then? If I go, I won't be able to send the signal in the next five minutes.
It seems the enemy has spotted us.
Very well.
We will hold this ground.
You go inside the magnetic field! The Thunder King is not to be underestimated outdoors.
Indoors, we're bookworms.
But once we're out, the Thunder King is a beast.
And to you, I offer my love.
Right, Kim? Hurry up and please respond to my love offer.
After you get rich or something like that.
Guess it's studying right after I get back If you want to pass you have to pay the fare! Abandoning my team is something I don't do.
Hey, Black Star.
Eat this and regain some stamina.
It's okay.
I'll hold on to it until we come back.
Eat it.
Be right back! Now then Pot of Fire! Thunder! Soul Resonance! Twin Apex! Let's go.
Jeez, you two are fast Huh? When we saw it from outside the field, all the buildings were ruined.
They're fixed.
I still can't feel their soul responses.
I wonder if they're inside that pyramid Oi, look at the sky! That's Why? He wasn't supposed to be able to go out Shinigami-sama.
But doesn't something seem a bit off? That's according to the stories I heard my father in his "Grim Times.
" That was his appearance before establishing Shibusen.
Just what is going on inside this magnetic field? Let's hurry into the pyramid, too.
Fight on, Mizune! Shibusen and Arachnophobia quarrel to your heart's content.
Being chased by a samurai is pretty thrilling, isn't it? You sneaky bastard! Missed, huh? Sid-san, are you alright? This is a flesh wound.
The meeting place with Nygus is just a little further ahead.
Did you see Shinigami earlier? It's the end for this facility, too Let's run.
They're witches.
It seems they can't see us.
Look carefully.
Their shape is fluctuating.
It's just a guess, but it seems the power of the magnetic field that resulted from the incident has imprinted what happened before it in this time-space.
That must be what we're seeing now.
Still, considering the fact my father entered that pyramid before By the looks of it was it really an accident? What's up, Maka? That's The Spider Witch, Arachne.
The Spider Witch, Arachne.
Mosquito-sama awaits you in the carriage.
Where are Eibon's blueprints? Yes, they're right here.
They lived a life of faith, and now you're reaping the rewards.
By Joel.
Eibon?! Shinigami also took the bait All that's left to do is to blow up the BREW and everything surrounding it as well as the facility.
What a thing to do It seems the BREW battlefront is unstable.
Do whatever is required, but bring it to my hands.
Even among Eibon's creations, the BREW is exceptional.
It holds everything about Eibon.
It is Eibon itself In order to hide the BREW from Shinigami's eyes for these past 800 years, making it burst was the best option.
However, Eibon's greatest masterpiece, the BREW, won't be damaged by an explosion of that level After 800 years, the one to attain the BREW is neither the witches nor Shibusen.
It is none other than myself.
The NOISE is kicking around the preestablished harmony.
Flaring up and glaring at the present.
I sneak in.
That time at the GARAGE I saw a dream about unchangeable HEART.
So this day and the same tomorrow gets mixed.
I'm roaring noisily around in sensibility.
My singing heart plays the BEAT.
There's definite evidence.
Hold it in your hands.
Lose it Hold it in your hands.
Lose it In the fading moments.
Tears have been secretly shed.
Everything Gets revealed here.
Everything Gets adjusted to the ordinary time.
I think that's the way it should be Following the unclear yellow light.
Go through the darkest nights.
At that time I was too afraid.
But now I'm sending off my life.
You always reflect.
In my proud heart.
We should only protect our beliefs.
Embrace them.
It starts all over everyday.
I'm drowning in the raging waves.
Still haven't awaken from my dream.
We're all here.
I always hear.
The voices of my fellows.
I'm looking for a way to shake off the solitude.
In the winds of waiting.
I have no other way but to move forward.
I believe in the way of life.
~Old Mosquito's Storm! Days World's Time Limit is 10 Minutes?~