Soul Eater (2008) s01e36 Episode Script

Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link! A Recital of Destruction and Creation?

1 You bastard! Saw Foot, Second Gear! Have you noticed that The style of your attacks is dull because of the music playing in your headphone.
I can see through your moves.
Take them off! Nonsense.
I have no intention of figuring out what you're saying.
As your thinking is so dull.
See? It's written on your face.
You just want my headphone, don't you? Like Hell! Saw Foot, Third Gear! Wave of Genocide! Strike! Law-Abiding Silver Gun! Damned! How dare you! I can't move ant further with my body like this.
How long do you intend to stay in there? It's too soon to bury you.
Not coming out? A snow puppet? As I know, he's a puppeteer.
Cheap copies What a pity! You ran away again Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Welcome back, Mizune Sisters! Did it go as planned? Resonance Chain! Release, ~Concert of Creation and Destruction?~ Seven People's Release, Seven People's Resonance Chain! Concert of Creation and Destruction? Play it! Play it, Soul! Don't look at everything with solemn eyes! You think you are living cool? Idiot, I won't forgive you if you fail.
Is your boiling blood gonna overflow? Play it! One more, Don't look at everything so objectively! Who do you think you are, you idiot? Your soul's going to fall apart.
Look! Your soul isn't doing anything! It's going to waste! How boring is that?! Come on, let's have some fun.
Looking at the world through the glasses of cynicism It's not happy, not fun, but it's sad.
your soul cries! Play! Play it! Dote on it! Let's play, Soul! It's your time.
Play it! Just play it, now! Playyyyy it! A-Amazing! Our wavelengths are being connected.
This is Chain Resonance! Die! How dare you! Now It's our turn! Don't make me laugh! If we can attack him from the left What? They're moving differently than before! How could I I can't keep up! How could their movements be so different? My hundred-years body was the toughest! Black Star! Tsubaki! Soul Resonance! Uh? Because of Soul our resonance is rising! But if it keeps going up while in Fay Blade Mode What?! The shadows are! Take him there, Tsubaki! Shadow Star: Endgame Cleave! How is it? Tsubaki! Release Fay Blade Mode! Okay! Damn you!!! Kid! Resonance Rate stable! 2.
4 percent.
Soul Wavelength charge complete the black needle! In the end your body of steel has been broken! Feedback in 5 seconds 4 3 2 1 Death Cannon! Maka! Uh! I can hear it clearly.
Soul's sound, his feelings, They are all flooding into me! This kind of feeling is coming from a heart of belief! That is The source of our courage! Resonance of Souls! It's the first I've seen such a soul Is that an anti-demon wavelength? Here we go! Is that technique ? Witch Hunter? No.
The Witch Hunter that exceeds the Witch Hunter.
It's the Demon Hunter! We did it! No! It was overdone! Where's his hat? The Demon Weapon? Sorry! I No! Maka didn't do wrong! That moron had released his head.
And ran right before the chop.
So everyone! Let's chase him! No! It's over! Time's up.
Why, Soul? We still have some Didn't you remember? Before that Gramps's transformation, He said "Four hundred years, no, a hundred should be enough for you.
" That means he can transform more.
He's right! He transformed into a younger form in order not to be influence by the magnetic field.
Let's go off there! We are done here! Let's go, everyone! The return of the BREW I've done my mission.
But why do I feel unsatisfied?! For this humiliation those little brats will pay for this! Maka! Black Star! Kid! You all are safe! Hurry up! The twenty minutes are left! This way! Killik-kun! Ox-kun! What are you guys doing here? What's wrong, Black Star? This isn't like you.
Shut up! Give me a hand! Sure! That's why I came here.
Wh-What happens here?! This can't be good! We're going end here! I won't come back to see you, Kim! Don't worry! It's only an image of what actually happened 800 years ago.
We're just watching the explosion that was there.
I told you this can't be good! We're gonna die! But, it's just an image.
Oh, really? She's right! Eibon Let's go home.
Please forgive us, the Demon Weapon was taken.
Marie-sensei! We will have a talk when we all get back to school.
Be ready! H-hold on! Why only am I the only one that she got the neck? I'm so happy that you're all okay! Hey, are you all alright? Sid! Nygus! Justin! I was worried about all of youl! Did you get BREW? I see.
Stein, how are you? I'll carry you! I'm so-rry.
A mirror? When we leave this Island, use this to report Shinigami-sama! Can you do it? Yes! Let's go back home to Death City! 42-42-564.
Hello, hello, Shinigami-sama! Maka! Are you okay?! It's me, papa,your papa! I know! That's enough.
Let me talk to Shinigami-sama! Wassupsupsupsup, good work! Is everything alright? Well I see.
You all did well.
In the end, BREW now belongs to Arachne.
I have returned.
You've done well Mosquito! It's wonderful that you have taken BREW for me.
Now, let me see it! Yes! Here it is! What wrong? Hurry up! Show me! Well 800 years was long enough for that magnetic field.
Do not avoid the point.
It can disengage itself.
Therefore BREW is trash after all! Well! I had expected the worst case.
Look at me! But all our endurance for 800 years was nothing! The fact is that I now have BREW.
Is that a not enough? Shibusen can't image that BREW is broken.
This is the best illusion after all.
The news that Arachnophobia obtains the BREW will be our strong weapon.
That fact will help us in this war.
BREW, the ultimate weapon now belongs to us.
That in itself is enough pf a success.
Well done! Where is it? It's right here.
This is the real BREW.
Arachne, you're a half-wit.
With that explosion from 800 years ago she did hide BREW.
But with your spies, Eruka, we could sense it's exit.
She forgot to leave some surveillance spiders in the field.
Thanks to that that, we were able to replace the real BREW with a fake, a broken one.
Arachne couldn't have figured out that she got a fake.
But the main problem is Shibusen, now! What're you gonna to do to surround them completely? I've got to Chrona spy them.
Don't you remember? You also took a part in that plan, didn't you? That snake! Is it the snake hidden inside Dr.
Stein's partner? Did you really think I used that snake as just a bug? A bit! The magic power of that snake is to accelerate his madness.
It's a neat trick! But it should be enough for Stein, whose psychological state is so easily tested.
But the time for Stein's full descent to madness is not to be too quick or too slow And the Shinigami has trusted Stein so much that he will send him into the head of battle.
In that battle, of course, Stein will chain resonate with his partner.
With this, The snake's magic will come out.
She was involved in the BREW battle and placed that snake?! She used that tiny snake to control a whole huge conflict! The Demon Weapon BREW It will belong to the it's owner, who can bring out the storm brew.
Watch closely, Shibusen Arachnophobia and the Kishin.
The NOISE is kicking around the preestablished harmony.
Flaring up and glaring at the present.
I sneak in.
That time at the GARAGE I saw a dream about unchangeable HEART.
So this day and the same tomorrow gets mixed.
I'm roaring noisily around in sensibility.
My singing heart plays the BEAT.
There's definite evidence.
Hold it in your hands.
Lose it Hold it in your hands.
Lose it In the fading moments.
Tears have been secretly shed.
Everything Gets revealed here.
Everything Gets adjusted to the ordinary time.
I think that's the way it should be Following the unclear yellow light.
Go through the darkest nights.
At that time I was too afraid.
But now I'm sending off my life.
You always reflect.
In my proud heart.
We should only protect our beliefs.
Embrace them.
It starts all over everyday.
I'm drowning in the raging waves.
Still haven't awaken from my dream.
We're all here.
I always hear.
The voices of my fellows.
I'm looking for a way to shake off the solitude.
In the winds of waiting.
I have no other way but to move forward.
I believe in the way of life.
First Case A Great Detective's ~Shibusen's Secret Exposed by Kid?~