Soul Eater (2008) s01e37 Episode Script

The Detective's First Case – Kid Exposes the DWMA's Secret?

1 Inside the magnetic field, for 800 years… Eibon's most powerful tool, BREW, ceased functioning and became useless.
It all ended up like this.
We cannot be fooling around any longer.
It's good news, having the major BREW falling into our hands instead of Shibusen's.
While they're defenceless, we should follow our next step.
Right, Mosquito? Indeed, it is as you say.
How's it going, the research on the moral manipulation machine? The research is in its final stages.
Well, that's fast.
Shouldn't take much more time until it's finished.
Pff, there is no need for us to rely on such things! Shibusen's dummies, just let me beat the crap out of them.
Actually, it seems like you didn't manage to win much in the last battle.
I just wanted to make sure we didn't get thrashed and have people run back with their tails between their legs.
My duty was different from yours since it started.
What are you trying to say? Watch your words, or you'll end up receiving a beating.
Try me, senile immortal.
That's enough please.
Mosquito, continue with the report.
We're linking up and increasing the efficiency of the construction worldwide, so everything has been going smoothly as of now.
Glad to hear, so then Go forth, my cute children.
This will be the first step in the flourishing of Arachnophobia.
Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
At that time, the ones that attacked us were Arachnophobia's elite forces! In the classroom, I am the nice and diligent student, while outside The wild animal, I am! In the end, all we did was to successfully attack an old meatball.
And sadly, BREW has landed into their hands.
That fact will never change.
At that time That's the anti-demon wavelength? What that guy Mosquito said That abnormal blast of light.
I wonder how it could create such a powerful technique.
Does it have any sort of relation? In the end, all we've accomplished was just a small skirmish.
We gained nothing.
Wonder if I should go and talk to Shinigami-sama? Everyone's kinda depressed, uh? I guess In the end, BREW was taken away by Arachnophobia And why would that be so depressing? Why don't you think about it for a while, just by yourself? Alright.
Hey hey, by the way, what's up with Kid-kun? He said he was going to the toilet but he hasn't returned yet Where did that guy run off to? ~Shibusen's Secret Exposed by Kid?~ A Great Detective's First Case A Great Detective's First Case Shibusen's Secret Exposed by Kid? Shibusen is No.
What is my honorable father planning to do? The demon tools that Eibon created; sending the Shibusen's troops out to battle without revealing his true intentions He simply said it was to prevent it from falling into evil hands.
But throughout all this time, I don't think that's the only reason.
What kind of person is Eibon? What kind of relationship does he have with my father? When I asked him for a reason honorable father just gave a lame answer or changed the topic.
Since that seems to be the case I shall investigate right here! Aaah!~ Um, as I was saying, Kid has held some suspicions towards you lately, Shinigami-sama He seems to have started his own solo investigation as well.
What should we do? Hmm, yeah For example For example? Hmm.
But then But then? Nope.
This is confidential.
Why is it confidential!? But it's quite disturbing It won't be good if you just throw it into him.
Eh? Tell it honestly, I want to know.
Continuously collecting the demon tools from Eibon.
What on earth are your intentions? You want me to tell you? Of course.
You want to ask me? Didn't I just ask you?! No! I'm not going to tell you! Are you some kid?! oh? Hello hello, Shinigami-sama! Yo, hey! Maka, you look great.
Um, Shinigami-sama There's something I want to ask you Is it okay? Of course it's okay.
I will tell you a-ny-thing! What the hell's the difference here?! A anti-demon's wavelength? Yes.
At that time, Mosquito said it.
When i intended to use Witch Hunter, and he said, the anti-demon does it have some sort of relation? I see! Maka's became able to perform the Demon Hunter technique! Amazing! Yeah, it's not that great That's Maka-chan for you; you really resemble your mother.
Huh? About the anti-demon resonance It's a unique ability that your mother has.
My Mama? Yup! Just like its name, it's a kind of special resonance that can vanquish evil forces.
Maka-chan's mother has this ability, and she was superior to the others.
But, who would have thought? You managed to perform the Demon Hunter technique! Amazing! Going at this speed, maybe you could even defeat the Kishin! That When I was alive, I was, as well, a man who could flatter very well.
That was the kind of man I was.
In any case, there's still more hardships to come.
You have to keep working hard! Yes! See ya! The ability that my mother has.
I never thought that Maka's abilities would awaken this quickly.
And maybe the power to annihilate the Kishin really is in her hands.
Ah, now, now, Sid-kun.
That thing Have you settled it for me? What do you mean? Here we go again! Didn't I ask you to bring the guy from Europe? Ah, about that thing! It's fine.
It will be settled real soon.
I see.
I'm glad I went through a lot of danger and into the magnetic field! And at that moment, there was an enormous explosion! The whole scene was a huge spectacle! Hold it.
What is there for you to be proud of? Eh? I'm asking you to be quiet! Yes It was amazing, wasn't it? The battle at Lost Island.
Struggles happened all around the island.
And that guy can still brag around and be proud of it.
In the end, BREW was taken by Arachnophobia.
We lost.
But that Soul's piano playing was amazing! If we didn't have him, I don't know in what sort of situation we would be in now.
Yes, that's right! Everyone returned safe and sound.
And I think that's the most important thing about it.
Safe and sound? I wonder how Professor Stein is doing.
Professor S-Stein.
At the island, he suddenly collapsed.
It was disturbing.
Seems like he's resting today.
I would be glad if it was nothing but… Could it be my fault? If I hadn't done those things Professor Stein What's wrong, Crona? Uhh, no It's nothing Nothing Odd fella Hey Crona, Hurry up and finish your meal.
What should I do? Hey, what's going on? It's fine.
Come over here.
Huh? Where do you plan to go? Over there.
I don't know where "there" is.
Before we forget about it, we have to quickly grasp the feeling! What? That power! He said that the power could possible topple the Kishin.
Huh? That's why we're having this special training.
Huh? It's not there It's not there I already said it's not there! That that's fine.
Professor Stein Are you okay? Fine? Of course I am.
Although I say that, no one probably thinks that I'm alright, true? I have something to ask you.
What on earth is this thing named "BREW"? The thing known as BREW is one of the demon tools, and even in the numerous demon tools, it is Eibon's greatest creation.
Just like his name, it is a tool that contains demonic magic abilities within it.
And according to the wielder, the effects of using it can be vastly different.
I'm not asking you just another shallow question.
Is it there? What does my father plan to do with it? What of the effects after using that demon tool? If you don't know, just speculate.
That's fine by me.
I just wanted to hear Professor's thoughts.
So what will you do after you find out? Seems like you have been waiting for this, but whatever I tell you will be useless.
Even so, will you fully accept what I say when I'm actually on this state? That It's easy to say that you are willing to listen.
But after you hear it, what do you intend to do? Whatever, special training is not cool.
This kind of thing should be done by main characters in shonen manga.
It's alright.
Here, hurry and transform into a scythe! Huh.
Soul! Hey hey, I understand! Ready? I'm waiting for your signal.
Soul Resonance! Demon Hunter! What? Why is it the Witch Hunter? Why did it not become the Demon Hunter? Wait a second, Soul! Could it be that you are being lazy?! You've gotta be kidding.
If I was lazing around, how would the Witch Hunter be performed? Uh, yeah Then why? Explaining this is no simple task Why the troubled face, Maka? Isn't that why we are having this special training? Alright! Let's do this! Bring it! Indeed, Arachne has Yes, she has sent out spiders throughout the world.
Seems like she's starting to move ahead.
She must be up to something Sorry for troubling you.
If there's any news, keep me informed.
Leave it to me.
The world is moving along And then? Any changes? It's nothing out of the ordinary.
Then, do you know where they keep the demon tool? That too, not quite yet You have to do it well! You still want to remain in Shibusen, don't you? That What? About that matter of Marie-sensei's snake What about that? Because of that Professor Stein He Oh! I forgot to mention that! That was because of your work.
All thanks to that snake, BREW has fallen into our hands.
Without even a battle, two people cannot fight already.
It really is the case What happened? N-nothing! Well then, continue with your duty.
Medusa is anticipating you! Well now, see you.
How tough it's alright for us to stop here for today.
Here, get up.
Let's go back.
Why can't we do it? Who knows? At that time, we could indeed use it.
Hey, we did it.
Isn't that a good thing? Since it came out once already, it will surely come out again, right? Huhhh, I'm hungry.
Today is Maka's turn to cook, right? I forgot to do the shopping! What? I'm sorry! Tonight will be cup noodles! What, are you kidding me? You must clear your suspicions.
There is no way I can see something and pretend I didn't.
And that is true Even for your father? Of course no one will be excluded.
Anyone that deviates from the right path must be stopped.
Hmph, who lays out the right path? And how would you know if they have deviated? No matter who they are, they would be able to recognize the truth.
The truth, huh? You're really naive.
What? Then, I ask you this: About this truth, who on earth bestowed it upon you? From the start, the world relies on the reason created by the filthy adults to keep rotating.
The truth always contains the thoughts and principles of the authority.
From where should we start to talk about the actual original condition? In this case, the truth that you speak of has long ago been wrecked to a mere skeleton of a concept.
That's wrong.
That kind of trash like thinking.
Even if it just happens so it fits the truth of what you are seeking.
That's still no different from a puzzle one cannot control.
That's wrong! Why are you so determined on this? I wish that you wouldn't keep on asking those kinds of blaming questions.
It isn't even some sort of third rate instruction.
Kid? What are you doing? Now, isn't Shibusen the people who are last? Is that how you think? About that, I completely disagree.
Shibusen is no shallow organization.
Seems like he has arrived; the consultant of the European technology development division, Buttadaki Joe.
I've arrived.
From today onwards, I'll work around here.
The NOISE is kicking around the preestablished harmony.
Flaring up and glaring at the present.
I sneak in.
That time at the GARAGE I saw a dream about unchangeable HEART.
So this day and the same tomorrow gets mixed.
I'm roaring noisily around in sensibility.
My singing heart plays the BEAT.
There's definite evidence.
Hold it in your hands.
Lose it Hold it in your hands.
Lose it In the fading moments.
Tears have been secretly shed.
Everything Gets revealed here.
Everything Gets adjusted to the ordinary time.
I think that's the way it should be Following the unclear yellow light.
Go through the darkest nights.
At that time I was too afraid.
But now I'm sending off my life.
You always reflect.
In my proud heart.
We should only protect our beliefs.
Embrace them.
It starts all over everyday.
I'm drowning in the raging waves.
Still haven't awaken from my dream.
We're all here.
I always hear.
The voices of my fellows.
I'm looking for a way to shake off the solitude.
In the winds of waiting.
I have no other way but to move forward.
I believe in the way of life.
Asura's Temptation ~The Big Man's Uncontrollable Irritation?~