Soul Eater (2008) s01e44 Episode Script

Weakling Crona's Determination – For You, for Always Being by My Side?

1 What are you trying to do, running all the way here? I'm going to look for Professor Stein! I understand that but what I want to know is how you plan to do it.
Through Soul Resonance, I'll push my Soul Perception ability to the limit.
What? If I filter the search down to only Crona, I'm sure it'll lead to something.
Are you out of your mind? Are you serious about what you just said? Of course I'm serious.
Searching over a wide area wouldn't be possible, but if I narrow my search to a certain point, even if she's far away, I'm sure I'll be able to find her.
It's impossible to accomplish something like that.
It's possible since I can still remember Crona's soul wavelength.
Geez You never change, do you? Now I just have to find Crona's soul wavelength.
Soul! Let's do this! Soul Resonance! Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Over there.
Over there.
Over there.
Over there.
It's this way.
Coward Crona's Determination: For You, Who Are Always By My Side? Over there.
~For You, Who Are Always By My Side?~ Coward Crona's Determination It's this way.
So much for marching in here in such an exultant manner As expected from my child.
Seems like that's all of the enemies around here.
Tsubaki, which way to the Kishin? We're too far ahead of the squadron.
Why don't we head back and regroup with the others? No way! Huh? They'll only be in my way.
Besides, actions such as going back and regrouping don't suit someone with my standards.
Isn't it? Anything you say Listen, Black Star, Shibusen's operation is like this: The Castle of Baba Yaga is located within the cave of the jungle.
First, we need to infiltrate the cave.
From there, we're to make our way towards the castle.
Of course, it's also predicted that there'll be a lot of traps set along the way.
Further instructions should be announced once we reach the castle.
Do you understand? So basically, what you're saying is that the Kishin is inside that castle, right? Yes.
That makes things simple.
Let's go! Quit running around like an idiot! Huh?! You make me so sad.
Why are you looking at me like that, Crona? Medusa-sama.
I Our plan is already being realized.
If you still have any doubts about my- Stop acting stupid, Medusa! Saying that nonsense to someone you tried to kill without even a proper greeting won't change anything.
Oh? You're one of Shibusen's people, right? It's former Shibusen.
It's unfortunate, however, that I am no longer with Shibusen.
The deal that you made with Shibusen does not have anything to do with me.
Oh, is that so? So what does a former Shibusen teacher want from me? Give back Stein.
And here I was wondering what you would say There's nothing funny about what I've said.
There's not? To me, it seemed like the last pointless statement that an abandoned woman would make.
Putting that aside, Shibusen sure is an awful organization.
Not only do they not uphold their part of the deal, they even send a child to finish off her own mother.
Have you ever thought that you were the one that brought this upon yourself? So How about you? What are you doing here? Please answer me, Crona.
Why have you decided to make this journey? It's because I want to put an end to this.
Do you understand what that means? It means that you have to point a blade at your own mother.
Yes You sure answered that rather easily.
It can't be helped.
There's no other way.
I've always been running.
Turning away from whatever I found inconvenient Reluctant to solve the problem at hand It's the same as the time when I lied to you, or the time Professor Stein went missing.
I should have taken full responsibility for those.
I can't bring myself to believe what you just said.
You understand, right, Crona? It's not easy to regain the trust of someone you betrayed.
I can only bring myself to forgive you after we bring back Stein.
That's why, as Stein's partner, I'll be going to Medusa's hideout with you.
How about you? I Answer me, Crona.
I I I've come here for a friend.
For the sake of a friend who is important to me, I'm going to stop you! Just when I was wondering what you would say, you went and surprised me like that.
If that's what you would say to me, then- It'd be inexcusable.
It's true, right? Not only will you not be able to take Stein back, you also cannot do anything to hurt me.
Stein is here because of his own free will.
That's a lie! You're just another one of those stubborn women.
It's zero tolerance for you.
From the first word you speak, right until the very last, they all seem like lies to me.
That's not a lie.
Even if that weren't the case, the fact that your voice will never reach him remains unchanged.
He's all into me.
Do you think you have the right to tear us apart? What exactly are you to Stein? I'm gonna puke! You've said enough! I'd be troubled if you have forgotten, but if you do anything to cause any injury to me, to this body of mine, then you'll be injuring Rachel as well.
You're despicable! Let me tell you one more thing about the meaning of what I've just told you.
You can't do anything to hurt us, but, on the contrary You don't find the answer as humorous as I did, huh? Ribbit.
What am I supposed to do if the battle is brought all the way here? Oh, Mizune.
Oh, so things are still the same on Free's end? Understood.
Inform me if there are any changes.
Why is Medusa the only one allowed to observe things from afar?! I'll never forgive her if she's using this time to take an afternoon nap! So, shall we begin? I'll take you on anytime.
That was my intention to begin with.
Why are you making that face now? You must be puzzled as to why I am so calm and collected.
Why, of all people, are Crona and I here? You want to know, right? If there's something you want to say, then say it clearly.
See? You really want to know, don't you? Very well then.
You're just bluffing.
Besides, without a partner, what can you possibly achieve? Then I'll let you experience with your body what it means to be fighting a Deathscythe.
Don't you mean former Deathscythe? Let's go, Crona.
Very well, I'll play with you for a while.
You sure you want to do this? It can't be helped, right? It was me who decided that I must do this.
Then you better be ready for the consequences.
Yea, I know.
Vector Arrow! Don't take us lightly! Vector Plate.
What was that light? Those movements It seems she's not serious.
Clearly she doesn't intend to cut me, but this could mean that some other strategy is in play.
Vector Arrow.
Stop this nonsense, Crona.
I don't want to have any more sad memories! I I don't want to betray my friends anymore.
I I won't be used as your tool anymore! Crona You've lost your way.
Something so insignificant as "friends" can't be trusted.
Y-You're wrong! You've always been a good girl, haven't you? You're wrong! When you were alone, you always listened to what I told you.
Because I'm the only one there for you.
That's different now! It's useless to act tough.
You can never betray me.
Am I right? After all After all, you're my child.
Even so! Even so I must kill you.
I'm your mother.
Despite that, you still want to kill me? What a problem I can't be killed just yet.
I still want to witness the dawn of the new world.
How about this: You die instead! Medusa! Vector Arrow! Get out of my way! Don't stick your neck into other people's family matters! What's with that, all of a sudden?! Oh, if you really want to stick your neck into our problem, why don't you do it after you defeat him? Stein! Marie! You can recognize me? Then- Why are you alive? Eh? You're supposed to be dead.
What are you saying?! How can I be dead? Oh That was just one of my made-up nightmares, nightmares that would make me stray from my ideals, attacking the order of things from within my brain.
Stein! Please, Marie, disappear from my sight, before I end up dissecting you! Stein! Stein, don't let that woman touch you.
She's gonna do something weird to you.
Ah I know what she's capable of, and what kind of ability she has, I've seen all of them.
Then let us begin, for the sake of the new order.
Vector Blade.
Let's pay some respect to your very first rebellious act! Ste- Hey, get a grip, you idiot! If you end up dying, I'll die too! Saying things like you are going to kill me.
In the end, this is what you deliver.
How are you going to entertain me next? I Where am I? Am I being bound into a play called the Order? Should I face forward? Or should I turn to face backwards? Am I stable? Or am I in the midst of being consumed by the madness? Is it the truth that I see? Have you any idea? Or is everything I see just a fabrication? Water flows from higher places down to the lower grounds.
Eventually the volume of water increases and becomes the river.
The minds of men also work that way.
They hate the fall of the old order; they despise it.
But what if being at the top was a mistake from the very beginning? Everything is controlled by the order.
But I'm fine with that.
What I need the most right now is Please, Stein, listen to me! There's only one thing I would like to do now.
And that's to cut you open! What happened to that spirit of yours, Crona?! Ragnarok! I know what you just did.
You hardened your black blood, right? But Who do you think I am? I was the first to conduct research on the black blood.
Cro- Hey, Crona, this is bad! Pull yourself together! Bloody Needle! Why?! Oh, you haven't noticed? I've hit you with my soul wavelength.
And it has the effect of making your wavelength unstable.
Since you can't even use Bloody Needle, then hardening your blood will also be temporarily impossible.
That means that I can easily cut you open.
Crona, this is the end.
Now die! MEDUSA! My dried lips are exposed to the freezing sun.
Overflowing tears with its reflecting shine, keep falling down my cheeks.
Hoping to make up, I have been looking for you in dreary places.
When our fingers made contact the only thing that was scrambled was your loneliness The wish we held on in the middle of our heartbeats, if only that was our destiny Although I have lost you, the memories you left behind, along with your image, even now remain within' me The Anti- demon Wavelength ~ Fierce Attack, Hatred of the Demon Hunter??~