Soul Eater (2008) s01e45 Episode Script

Anti-magic Wavelength – Fierce Attack, the Anger-filled Genie Hunter?

1 After the long journey, Crona and I finally reached Medusa.
Crona wanted to put an end to everything with Medusa.
I, on the other hand, just wanted to get Stein back.
Vector Arrow! And so the battle began.
We went after Medusa with a strategy in mind.
But they also had a few tricks hidden up their sleeves.
This is the end.
Now die! Medusa!!! Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Maka! Stein! Medusa! What took you so long, you idiot! For a moment there I really thought we were dead! Sorry, Crona for taking so long.
No, Maka! Injuring Medusa would mean that you'd also be injuring Rachel! More importantly, people from Shibusen shouldn't be able to lay a finger on me.
Those things Who gives a damn?! This brat, what a pain! Needless to say, we don't have a plan this time either, right? You should know too, right? Medusa is someone you can't beat if you hold back.
Eventually the chance will come if we go at her full force.
Not cool at all, but that's how we do things.
Stop saying such useless things.
I'm just going to kick her ass! I'm just going to kick her ass! Excuse me, but that would only mess up the whole plan The Anti- demon Wavelength ~ Fierce Attack, Hatred of the Demon Hunter??~ The Anti-demon Wavelength.
Fierce Attack, Hatred of the Demon Hunter? What she's doing is too reckless, but I know what she's doing is right.
The combination of the most troublesome witch, and the strongest weapon Technician.
It won't end well if we drag out this fight.
Since that's the case, there's only one thing to do.
We'll use our numbers to our advantage and strike them hard at once.
Come, let's get the party started.
Follow me and the rhythm of my soul! Resonance of Souls! I'll leave them to you, Stein.
Please step aside, Professor Stein.
I can hear the noise.
What could possibly be making it? Looking at it, it would seem repairing it is not an option.
It's hurting my ears.
If you destroy it, the noise will stop.
Destroy it? Yes, destroy it.
Destroy it.
Destroy it! Maka! Crona! Maka, are you alright? Somehow We'll deal with Stein first.
Huh? I need you two to stop Stein's movement.
I'll handle the rest.
But how? I'll think of something.
He's coming! It's so noisy.
Yahoo! Which way is it, Tsubaki? Straight ahead.
Alright! Be careful, Black Star.
The closer you get to the Castle of Baba Yaga, the more enemies you're bound to encounter.
The number of traps will also increase.
Good to hear! If they can think I can be stopped just like that, then they can try as long as they want! Right there! I got you! Marie-sensei! Noisy little kids.
Seems like you still can't eliminate your nervousness when facing Stein.
Wake up, Professor Stein! Everyone is waiting for you to return.
Professor Stein! The noise just won't go away.
It's just the repetition of a meaningless struggle.
Let's end it, shall we? Farewell, Maka Albarn.
Crona!! Crona!! Crona! Hang in there, Crona! Crona! Crona! Crona! What the hell! It's all because of you! Ragnarok.
Now we've gotten ourselves in big trouble.
What are you, the Goddess of Misfortune? You're really the worst there is.
The worst but at least you're here with stupid Crona at the end Don't cry.
Maka I-I'm happy.
Because we finally grew close to you You've done a good job taming her.
I never thought she'd throw away her life to save someone else.
Hey, Maka.
Medusa!!! Oh, did I piss you off? No, Maka! Don't let your anger take control of you! Maka! What?! It's useless.
She can't hear you right now.
Maka, listen to me! Answer me! Maka!! No need to get irritated.
It'll be over very soon.
Hang in there, Maka! If things go on like this, we'll be consumed by the madness! She's lost herself.
She's become too reckless.
Get out of my way!! Stop it, Maka.
I've finally reached you.
Wavelength of Redemption.
Stein? Who's there? It doesn't matter who you are, but please get rid of the noise inside my head.
I can't stop it.
Is destroying it the only way to stop the noise? Is it really impossible to fix it? There's no need to fix it.
No need to destroy it either.
Because you're always gonna be yourself.
It stopped.
Try to picture, from the bottom of your heart the place that you should return to.
I'm sure you'll be able to return.
So please Marie.
Welcome back, Stein.
Vector Arrow.
Snap out of it, Maka! Damn, you've finally returned.
Sorry, Soul.
Seems like I've caused you a lot of trouble.
Because of that, the number of my wrinkles has increased.
I expect you to return the favor right away.
Can you do it, Stein? Yeah.
Of course! Professor, Crona's Calm down, Maka.
Although it's faint, I can still feel her soul.
I promise you, I will save Crona.
So please concentrate on Medusa right now.
"The friend that you cannot afford to lose.
" I finally feel like I'm beginning to understand what that means.
Medusa, the tables have turned.
Are you serious about defeating me? Of course! What about the deal I made with Shibusen? The deal cannot be applied to someone who seeks to betray Shibusen.
You must remember that this body belongs to Rachel.
Get ready for Chain Resonance.
You can do it, right? Yes! Resonance of Souls! Chain Resonance! Can you hear me, Maka? Yes.
We'll draw the attention.
Medusa should have her guard up against Marie's Wavelength of Redemption.
Wait for your chance, then finish it with one blow.
But how? That is something that you should know best.
That is something that you should know best.
The power which you inherited from your mother, one that surpasses all else.
The holy power that is capable of repelling all evil and purging darkness.
The anti-demon wavelength.
With that power you should be able to defeat Medusa without putting Rachel in harm's way.
I'm counting on you.
Hey Maka, don't be too reckless! The last time we used that move, it was just pure coincidence.
It may be reckless, but it's also the only way.
It's all for defeating Medusa.
Vector Arrow! Vector Plate! Vector Storm! Marie! Yes.
If you think you can drive me out of this body with that ability, you're wrong.
Are you sure? No matter what kind of special wavelength you have, it's useless if you can't hit me.
There's another one here who has a special wavelength.
Medusa!!! I'm definitely not going to forgive you! The anti-demon wavelength?! Vector Plate! Demon Hunter! I told you, such a flashy move is never- So this is the power of the anti-demon wavelength.
But, it's still useless if you only managed to drive me out.
You're wrong.
It's over.
What? I-Impossible! This is the true power of the anti-demon wavelength.
The power that only cuts down the evil, the ultimate technique.
Demon Hunter's true power.
Let me tell you something.
Even if you succeeded in killing me with the anti-demon wavelength, you'll never be able to kill the Kishin with it.
It's over.
The deep wound that Crona suffers from definitely worries me but I don't think their condition is that serious.
What's that? It's a post card my mother sent me.
There's something written on it, but I couldn't read it.
" Eh? What does it mean? Is it some kind of incantation? "Courage.
" That's the one word that's written there.
Courage? It's truly a magnificent word.
I'm sure there's a lot of meaning behind that one word.
Stein and I will head back to Shibusen first.
Both to report back, and for their treatment.
What are you two gonna do? We'll go find the Kishin.
I figured you'd say that.
Listen to me, Maka.
As long as Shinigami-sama is tied to Death City, your anti-demon wavelength could be the only thing that can defeat the Kishin.
Do you know what this means? Yes.
Damn Shibusen, it would seem you don't have enough forces left.
Don't even think about taking the Castle of Baba Yaga with just that.
Huh? What?! What's happening? Mosquito-sama, there's something closing in on the castle! The traps are all activated but he's still coming! What was that?! So you're finally here.
Where is it? Where is it? Where's that damned Castle of Baba Yaga?! No matter how you look at it, this is it, right? Y-yes.
You're finally here.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Mifune.
Black Star is here! My dried lips are exposed to the freezing sun.
Overflowing tears with its reflecting shine, keep falling down my cheeks.
Hoping to make up, I have been looking for you in dreary places.
When our fingers made contact the only thing that was scrambled was your loneliness The wish we held on in the middle of our heartbeats, if only that was our destiny Although I have lost you, the memories you left behind, along with your image, even now remain within' me Bravery or Bloodshed ~ Decisive Battle, Mifune vs.
Black Star?~