Soul Eater (2008) s01e46 Episode Script

Warrior or Slaughterer? Showdown: Mifune vs. Black☆Star?

1 So you're finally here.
You've finally made your way here.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Mifune.
Black Star, on stage! One win and one loss This will decide who's the winner.
Yeah I'll show you who's the winner once and for all.
Tsubaki, you ready? Yes.
Is it the path of a demon, or the path of the warrior? Black Star On which path will you walk? Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
Is giving Shibusen this Demon Tool really the right thing to do? If honorable father is planning to use it to perform evil deeds then when that time comes Hey, hey, Kid! What? That.
I wonder what it is.
Huh? Fools! ~ Decisive Battle, Mifune vs.
Black Star?~ Bravery or Bloodshed Bravery or Bloodshed: Decisive Battle, Mifune vs.
Black Star? Fools! Azusa, what's the situation out there? I can't say that it looks good.
Although our forces in the front line are advancing, they're still a long way from infiltrating the castle.
Fools! What about the situation at the relay stations? Yes.
Among the six relay stations, we've succeeded in suppressing enemy forces and destroying the relay stations in Oceania, Europe and the Middle East.
But the battle is on-going at the remaining three relay stations.
Fools! Destroying those relay stations would only delay the spread of insanity.
I'm afraid so.
Unless we defeat the Kishin, the situation will not become better.
Fools! Shinigami-sama.
Hmmm? Fools! Death the Kid has returned.
What about the Demon Tool? It would seem that he has succeeded in retrieving the tool.
I see.
If that's the case tell him to go to BJ and wait for us there.
Hey Kid, isn't this place I know, this is the room of that fox.
This Demon Tool, and Shibusen's inconsistent movements as of late What on earth could they be hiding? Everything lies beyond this door.
I thought I had seen at least some potential in you but it seems I've overestimated you.
What an arrogant fool! Stop talking like you're better than me! Tsubaki, Ninja Blade mode! On it! Let's go! Speed Star! I'm here! He's fast! So the rate of your Soul Resonance has increased.
My blade and your speed we'll see which is faster.
Infinite One Sword Style.
He's coming.
You're a fake.
The real one is up there! Huh?! Shit! Steel Fangs: Vertical Alignment! First strike! Second strike! Third strike! Black Star! This kind of wound, I wouldn't even call it a scratch.
You have good eyes.
You managed to dodge them the second before they stabbed you.
As I expected I can't beat him without using the Fey Blade.
You've done a really good job.
What you did really helped us out! Welcome! The Demon Tool, if you would.
It's right here.
Before that, I'd like you to tell me everything.
About what this Demon Tool is, and what you are trying to achieve by using it.
Uh, okay.
Eh? But what about all those suspicious movements? And even when I asked, you'd find a way to avoid answering it.
Now you're saying that it's okay to let me now just like tha- Sorry about that.
We couldn't afford to let just anyone know what we were planning.
It's a top secret operation.
More importantly, we can't let those who take side with the Kishin know about it.
What? You're telling me that we were suspecting too much from the very beginning? That's stupid! But now that we have this Demon Tool in our hands, we can say that the hardship we endured wasn't for nothing.
Oh yeah, what exactly is this Demon Tool? Well you see, this, Eibon's last creation: Eibon, the Demon Tool.
Okay, let's follow the plan and barge in! Is it really okay to march in there just like that? Who knows.
But it's our mission to infiltrate this place.
In that case Huh? How about we go in like this? Advance! Their castle is right in front of us! Advance! Damn that Shibusen! They're doing better than I've thought.
Mosquito What is taking you so long? Please forgive me, but the enemies are putting up a tough fight.
If that's the case, then use "that".
Did you say "that"? But our forces are still out there! Just use it! Yes, as you wish.
Who would've thought that it would come to this A new weapon that fires a compressed version of the wavelength released by the Kishin.
Just one hit from this weapon, and not only the enemy, but everything that's caught up in the field will be completely decimated.
Witness the power of this new weapon! What?! Where are you looking?! Tsubaki, Fey Blade mode! Yes.
You can't hold out very long with that body of yours.
No need to worry.
I'll defeat you before that! Soul Resonance! Shadow Star! Such tremendous maliciousness.
Are you going to choose the path of a demon?! I'm gonna win.
That's all there is to it! I'm asking if you'll follow the path of a demon on your own will.
Shut up! I'm not taking orders from you! Those eyes they look familiar.
What the hell is that? Hey, hey.
No one ever told me that the castle can move! Long time no see, Archmage Eibon.
Long time no see?! Then, honorable father and Eibon are really Shinigami-sama.
Sorry, but I'll have to get straight to the point.
I want you to lend me the power of BREW.
You need BREW? Thanks to that coward and that spider witch, the world is in total chaos.
Asura and Arachne? honorable father.
Huh? What is the relationship between you two? Oh, yeah.
It might be necessary to let you know about it.
Long ago, Eibon and I used to fight together.
A member of Shinigami-sama's Squadron of Eight, Kishin, Asura's partner-in-arms.
That was who he was at that time.
Then why did he start research on the Demon Tools? Hmmm Well you see, a lot happened.
Well, that wasn't much of an explanation, was it? How should I put it He loved to play around with machineries, you see He didn't even bother to elaborate.
Yikes! W-Well It was originally intended to protect the order of the world.
Thus, the research on the Demon Tools started.
As many ages as there can be, when there is a tool of great power, there'll always be those would challenge their own fate by taking that tool into their hands.
And the more powerful the tool, the greater the risk when those tools are used for evil deeds.
Even so, he continued to believe in human beings, and continued his research on more inventions.
However, it was at one point that Eibon's research began to focus in on only one particular field.
What was that field? It was the research on immortality.
Huh? Welcome! Huh?! What kind of twisted face is that? What is Excalibur doing here?! Fool! That doesn't matter! Does it really not matter? Why would it matter? Things are starting to look interesting anyway.
Eibon's research on immortality was caused by the intertwining of fates.
And behind all of it, lies an untold sad story the sickness of his wife.
Eibon's research on immortality was all for the sake of saving the life of his most beloved.
The research to surpass death itself.
No matter how great the inventor is, it is still an impossible feat to achieve.
Even for the great philosopher, Eibon, it wasn't an exception.
Eventually the research reach a dead end.
And the one who encouraged Eibon with the sweet words was none other than Arachne.
It's so pitiful.
Is he for real? Why?! Why is it when I'm listening to him, it sounds like nothing but lies?! But that's the truth.
Huh? Huh? Huh? Together with Eibon's research on the Demon Tools, and also Arachne's forbidden research on the creation of the Demon Weapons, the Demon Tool BREW came into being.
Long ago, I had an encounter with a man that had same eyes as you.
He, too, bore the tattoo of a star.
He robbed the life of even those with a good heart.
You, the Star Clan.
Are you trying to stray from the path of the warrior to follow the path of the demon? Path? What a load of crap.
I've come here only to win.
That's all there is to it.
It's still not too late.
Stop while you still can.
I'm done listening to your nonsense! So you're talking about the notorious Star Clan? Well, listening to the story of a clan which got completely wiped out doesn't interest me at all! Even if it doesn't interest you, the child of a demon shall always remain a demon.
It's impossible for you to cut your ties with that cursed clan.
Shut up! Even with all this strength Why? There's no such thing as hardships in life.
Only winning or losing exists.
Are you planning to cut even your own soul with the sword which you used to take so many lives? He was the first to let me know what fear really is.
But even the man, who was feared as the demon itself, feared that he would one day be defeated, and was trembling helplessly deep down in his soul, without being known by anyone.
For a samurai, you speak too much! If it's defeat, I believe you've already got a taste of it.
What did you say?! There was only one reason that had caused that man to lose his path.
White Star, let's end this! You-! You're no longer a human.
He lost the battle against the darkness within himself.
How about you? Would you persist on fighting and choose the path of the demon? I'm not gonna lose.
His soul was weak, that's why he lost! It's that simple! He was strong! No matter where stood, he'd reach up higher, and always pushed himself to the limit.
Eventually, he broke away from the path of the warrior, and fell into the path of the demon! I'll ask you again.
Which path would you choose? Is it the path of the demon, or the path or the warrior? Shut up already, you damn samurai! Stop ordering me around! In the end, he still chose to walk into the darkness.
BLACK STAR!!! The power's overwhelming! I'll enjoy killing each and everyone of you! Hey, Excalibur, doesn't this feel like class reunion? Have you came all the way here to meet Eibon too? Heh.
Well, that's only part of it.
There's still another reason for me to have come here.
Are you planning to help us out? Fool! You're got it wrong.
I'm here to only to observe.
Well, let's begin.
BREW, unlock.
My dried lips are exposed to the freezing sun.
Overflowing tears with its reflecting shine, keep falling down my cheeks.
Hoping to make up, I have been looking for you in dreary places.
When our fingers made contact the only thing that was scrambled was your loneliness The wish we held on in the middle of our heartbeats, if only that was our destiny Although I have lost you, the memories you left behind, along with your image, even now remain within' me The Miraculous Raging Flip ~ : Fly! Our Death City's Robot?~