Soul Eater (2008) s01e50 Episode Script

Sink or Swim?! The Men Who Transcend the Gods?

1 What's gonna happen next? Who knows.
But one thing's for sure.
It'll be the same no matter where we go.
As long as the Kishin lives, the world will be controlled by madness.
I'm beginning to wonder if it was Medusa's intention to bring down an opponent like that.
Are you talking about the Kishin? Or Shinigami? No matter who that is, it'll still be impossible, right? What's happening inside? You do understand, right, Black Star? Huh? This is where we must hold out.
This has nothing to do with holding out.
Because the one who is going to defeat him is none other than ME! Maka.
Soul? Yeah.
It's me, Maka.
It's Soul.
Hold your breath Deadly Night awaits us You desired it, the world like that to reflect in those eyes Even if those dreams will be scary For your sake, Fairy Blue Breaking of stars was decorated by So don't stop believing! As long as I'm looking at the brightly shining moon.
I'm so glad to see you.
It's still too early to be glad.
I've relied too much on the Black Blood.
Thanks to that, I'm now locked up in this room.
Most of my soul has been consumed by the insanity of the Black Blood.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm here to get you.
Hurry up.
Let's get out of this place as soon as possible.
We can't.
Huh? The door disappeared the moment you got in.
Any other way to get out? I would've been long gone if there were any.
Well, you got a point there Hmmm Any windows? Nope.
Let's break through the wall.
That won't do.
We'll rip out the tiles and dig us a tunnel! Suggestion dismissed.
Then what should we do? Actually, there is one way.
Huh? The one and only way Sink or Swim!? ~The Men Who Exceed God?~ Sink or Swim?! The Men Who Exceed God? Death Cannon! Thanks for the massage - I'm all refreshed now.
I think even my voice has gotten clearer now.
He's so tough.
If this continues, we'll lose our foothold.
Did I hear you say "foothold"? Such things as footholds never existed! When facing an overwhelming power such as mine, it's impossible for unpredictable things to happen.
As of the question of what is to become of you, it had already been decided when you came inside this barrier.
I'd hate to admit it, but with this level of attacks, I don't think it's possible to put even a scratch on you.
If that's the case Huh? Then we'll use attacks of higher levels! Father, I was unable to understand your true intentions.
And I doubted Shibusen's every move.
I'm responsible for your defeat against the Kishin.
Pathetic So useless! If there was a hole somewhere, I'd hide in it.
If only If only I wasn't so distrustful, then things would've surely played out differently.
To call me a God might be no more than an overstatement.
But Even so, Kishin Asura! In the name of the Shinigami, I'll purge you! Liz, Patty, let's do this! Yessir! Resonance of Souls! Take a look at Kid's soul.
Black Star, follow my lead and back me up.
That's dirty, Kid! Are you going to steal my spotlight at a crucial time like this?! This is no time for you to fool around! We must make sure that my next shot hits him.
Until I'm ready, I'll need you to hold him back.
That means I'm going to give it my all with this next shot.
And there'll be no second shots.
I'm counting on you.
Hell no! What?! I don't like the way you put it.
First, I'll charge right at him, and you'll go on with your preparation and back me up when you're done! Huh? Black Star I'm going to be the main character until the end! Have it your way! Kid!!! That way you mentioned What should we do then? That's a box? The keyhole's empty.
What's that? Hey, hey.
I'd appreciate it if you could handle it with care, cuz that's my courage that's in there.
He's lying! It isn't my courage that's in here.
Can't you hear me, Maka? It's myself that's in here! Don't you get it?! Maka, I'm here! I'm inside the box! Due to the effect of the Black Blood, my courage has been sealed up inside this box.
By opening this box, I should be able to get us both out of here.
That's a lie! I sealed myself in right before the Black Blood could completely take over my soul.
If you open it, my soul will be completely consumed by the Black Blood! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it open.
He's just trying to trick you into opening this box so that he can get in and consume what's left of me! Please realize that! That's not me, it's that small demon! Hey, Maka! Maka!! But Maka, I believe you're the one who can open it.
Really? If I open this, then you'll be able to get out of here, right? That would be correct.
The key is in your hand.
Huh? You idiot, don't listen to him! Do not open it! Just read the mood, Maka! Kid Damn you! That's not right of you, blaming it on me.
It was you who came butting into my barrier.
Don't forget that! Huh? What's going on, Kid? Why did your soul turn into something like this?! I don't really know what's happening, but this is kinda cool! Whatever.
Guess we'll just have to do whatever we can for now! Here we go! Huh? That's- Based on The Sanzu River (三途の川 Sanzu-no-kawa), or River of Three Crossings.
The Lines of Sanzu.
I remember it now.
Most Japanese people believe that on the way to the afterlife, the dead must cross the river.
You're the son of that Shinigami.
Allow me to get rid of you before things gets ugly.
Where're you looking at? Don't underestimate me, Kishin! It's not him, but me who's gonna kick your ass! Look at me! Don't even think of taking your eyes off me! Just stop it already! Didn't I tell you? Don't take your eyes off me! Black Star's Big Wave! Damn you! Just where're you looking? I'm here! I'm here, you slowpoke! Didn't I just tell you that I'm right here?! Stop it already!! There! That wasn't so hard.
Huh?! Yahoo! What?! To defeat you, I must at least be capable of doing this! Now! Fire away, Kid! The lines on Kid's head- They connected! Resonance rate at 2000 percent?! Impossible! No noise detected! Feedback completed.
We're ready to fire! Fire away! We did it! We did it! Unbelievable, we really got him! We did it! We did it! We did it Huh? Kid! Kid-kun! But that was really one hell of a shot.
But, Kid is- Don't worry.
He's the Kid we know.
He's not going to die from just that.
Black Star? No way! Tsubaki, don't give me that shocked look.
This can only mean one thing, right? As I thought, it's really my destiny to surpass God! Any movements? The only thing that we know of, so far, is that there is now one more crack in Shinigami-sama's mask.
Are you okay, Deathscythe? Yeah, but not looking very well, I must say.
Azusa, can't you use your Clairvoyance to take a look at what's going on inside? I'm afraid it's not possible.
It's just impossible with my ability.
Then, it's also possible that the battle is already over Fool! Nothing is over just yet! The battle is still going on.
Are- Are you serious? Fool! Of course! Then you can see what's going on inside? Fool! That's I'd like to have a cup of coffee before answering that.
Mandheling? Fool! I drink Kopi Luwak.
Kopi Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world, selling between $120 and $600 USD per pound.
Damn, he's demanding Hey everyone, what's the commotion? Stein! You- Oh, I'm so sorry.
It seems that I caused everyone a lot of trouble.
Do you think it's the right time for that? He's right.
Maka, Kid and Black Star are battling with the Kishin inside that barrier.
Maka I see, Maka's in there So I was right to say that the key element is going to be- The anti-demon wavelength.
The anti-demon wavelength Well, open it.
Open it, right now.
Hurry up.
Don't do it! Don't open the box! What are you doing? Just open it already.
But, before that, Just hand it over! If you're not going to open it, I'll do it myself! I'm not going to give you this key.
Huh?! Hey who are you? Maka What are you talking about? I'm- You're not Soul.
Stop that bullshit! I'm Soul, inside and out! Liar.
Soul would never ask me something like that! It's because there's no other way that I'm asking you to do it! Then why did you close the door when I came in? Soul would never do something like that! He would've asked me to turn back if he knew we'd be locked in here.
I'll say it again You're not Soul.
Yes! Nice one, Maka! You're not the idiot I thought you were! Yeah, you're right.
Certainly, I'm not the Soul that you have always known.
The imp Yeah, but I'm also a genuine Soul Eater, you know.
I'm a part of Soul, and he's a part of me.
We're the same, Soul and I, in a single body.
It's like partners that you can't separate even if you cut us in two.
That's why, when you say that I'm not Soul, you're correct, but at the same time you're incorrect.
Like you've made a mistake, but at the same time you haven't.
Soul's inside this box, right? Yes, that would be correct.
Don't you find it funny? To think that some one as arrogant as him ends up inside such a small box.
He's just getting in the way.
As things are now, the whole world is almost in my possession already.
Like the time when you let yourself go berserk, just let me take care of everything.
Not only the size, nor the outside or the inside, but everything! Oh, wait a minute.
It won't mean anything if you don't open it now.
Because if you don't, Soul and I will die soon enough.
There's only two choices to choose from.
Either you keep the box closed and watch him die, or open the box and meet the Soul who has been completely taken over by insanity one more time.
So which will it be? Soul is really in here, right? He sure is.
I see.
Then I'll open it This box What?! Are you crazy?! Haven't you paid attention to anything he's said?! That's right.
As I thought, you're not the type to abandon your partner, right? Just open it.
Open it already.
But I'm not going to let Soul be taken over by insanity.
I'm definitely going to rescue him! I mean it! Soul! Maka! Impossible! How could it be?! You're really an idiot! So much of an idiot that it makes you the coolest partner I can ever have.
Damn, so I'm brought back into this good-for-nothing world? What are you getting so worked up about? Soul.
Geez You thinking of getting rid of me?! Who would do such a thing? You're part of me.
So, I'm just going to accept you as you are.
We're back.
Yeah, thanks to you.
Where are Kid and Black Star? Kid! Black Star! There's nothing for you to feel strange about.
The chosen ones in the chosen place.
The chosen ones suffer defeat and they fall.
There's nothing so unexpected or interesting about something like that.
Because this is reality.
Of course, that includes fear itself.
My dried lips are exposed to the freezing sun.
Overflowing tears with its reflecting shine, keep falling down my cheeks.
Hoping to make up, I have been looking for you in dreary places.
When our fingers made contact the only thing that was scrambled was your loneliness The wish we held on in the middle of our heartbeats, if only that was our destiny Although I have lost you, the memories you left behind, along with your image, even now remain within' me