Soul Eater (2008) s01e51 Episode Script

The Word Is Bravery!

1 Nothing in this world is strange The chosen ones in the chosen place.
The chosen ones suffer defeat and they fall.
There's nothing so unexpected or interesting about something like that.
Because this is reality.
Nothing uncertain exists here.
Of course, that includes fear itself.
A sound soul resides within a sound mind and a sound body.
Kishin Asura, I'm going to take your soul! Stop yelling; it's very annoying.
But for you to return sanely after being taken over by the Black Blood is really something Huh? What's wrong? You're shivering.
Are you scared? I see, so you really are scared.
Fear is the basis for everything: Failure Setbacks Jealousy Crime Betrayal And also, defeat.
Shut up.
Stop lying to yourself.
Heh, you're so pathetic.
Shut up! It's no use raising your voice.
There's nothing fearful about me, yet you still fear me.
If this continues, you will not be able to do anything, least alone fight.
No matter what you say, nothing will change.
The shivering has stopped.
She's finally pulled herself together.
I'll fight you! That's all there is to it! Let's do this, Maka! Soul Resonance! The Kishin is still taking us lightly.
Let's use this opportunity to do some damage.
So powerless.
So the last person to challenge me in my attempt to end this world turns out to be a good-for-nothing like you.
Hey, Maka, hang in there! Even those brats lying around you were able to put up a better fight.
Hey, Maka! So you choose to stand and fight.
Then I'll just have to make you lay down for good.
I'll strip away the armor that you've built around your heart.
Are you sure you can do it, Maka? No problem at all! There'll be no chance for us to win if we prolong the fight.
We'll look for an opening and strike the Kishin with everything we've got.
Our strongest attack.
That'll be- Demon Hunter.
The anti-demon wavelength, the ability she inherited from her mother.
That power is said to be able to eliminate everything evil and purge all impurities, right? You'll charge at me with that? Her opponent is the Kishin.
He's not someone you can beat fair and square.
Damn! My daughter's putting her life at stake fighting out there, yet I can't do anything to help! Maka, I don't care how it turns out, just please come back in one piece.
In this attack, we'll put everything we've got! Kishin Hunter! So this is the anti-demon wavelength.
I'll ask you this am I a demon? That would be a "no".
Is the insanity that I give out something evil? No.
Insanity is an emotion that exists deep inside every individual's heart.
And of course, that includes you as well.
You son of a bitch! What filthy words.
Seems like I'll have to teach you a lesson.
As always, what a foolish move.
Soul? Are you okay? Maka Soul?! The ones who fell before you have laid upon you the burden which they call expectation and responsibility.
And from that burden, you experience agony and anxiety.
That's also a kind of fear.
Shut up, asshole! That was irritation and intimidation.
Those too, are emotions based upon fear.
Didn't I tell you to shut up already?! Impatience and rage, also a kind of fear.
And not to forget, this is pain, the most primitive and unrefined form of fear.
But, it works well enough on weak humans like you.
So the fight has not ended yet? If something were to have happened to the Kishin, we would have detected some sort of change in the barrier.
The only thing we can do now is rely on Maka Albarn's anti-demon wavelength.
You're wrong.
Huh? It's not like that.
That's- That's not all there is to Maka.
It's as you've said, I am a weak human being.
But if I am to compare this, to the pain that I suffered at that time, or the time when I took that punch head on, this is nothing! Then why don't you try and bear the pain that I am about to inflict upon you.
If you were to dodge it, your partner will die.
So this is it, huh? You've stood up once again? Or is it just a faint breath? What?! What's happening? What kind of trickery is she using? Show me what it is you're hiding! So this is what's going on.
The meister turns out to be the weapon.
Wait a minute, it's the opposite! She's one who inherited the blood of a weapon, but decided to take the path of a meister! But why has she suddenly awakened as a weapon? The fear she had inside her until a moment ago is gone Why? Huh? I see.
She casted away her consciousness to make her fear disappear.
And moreover, she's unconsciously unleashed herself as a weapon.
With this, another uncertainty has been cleared up.
For a trick that has been exposed, there is no fear! Gotcha! Pain will not stir up the feeling of fear in me.
But, I wonder how well it'll work on you.
Wake up.
Fighting while you are sleeping is not the way to do things.
Yes, now that's better.
This emotion that you are feeling now is also fear.
It's alright, just relax.
If you give up your body to insanity, you'll be liberated from fear itself.
Pain and anxiety will all disappear.
In any case, you wouldn't have been able to do anything, nor could your friends, nor your anti-demon wavelength.
Everything you've been doing up until now had no effect on me.
Now that you've lost your partner, and the capability of moving your body as you please, there's no way you can defeat me.
There's nothing left for me Yes, there's nothing left.
I'm relieved.
Eh? I don't get what you mean.
In this kind of a situation, are you saying that Maka Albarn has some strategy other than the anti-demon wavelength? No There's something even greater about Maka that's in her heart.
It's just like Crona said.
Resurrection! But you look kinda pitiful to me.
Eh? E-Eh? What did you just say? I just said that I felt relieved.
Eeh? W-What was that? R-Relieved? All this time, it's not like I had this power because I liked it.
Relieved? Relieve-? Relieved? Huh? Because the adults had such high expectations of me, I felt I had to do my very best.
But I'm really not good at those kind of things, huh? Are you an idiot? You asking yourself, you bastard? I think everyone should already know She might not have the talent I do, but she's got something in here that's really amazing.
Maka's strength has nothing to do with her special ability! You got that right.
Maka's strength lies in her courage to face her fears! Courage? Fear What's wrong with her?! Why does she depend on something so uncertain? Fear Stop it! Don't look at me with those eyes! How can you make that face in this kind of situation? What the hell?! Exactly who the hell are you?! My name is Maka Albarn, a scythe meister.
That's not it! I didn't ask about your name! That's not what I meant! I meant who the hell are you?! I am myself, and not anyone else.
This is getting really irritating.
It feels like having an itchy spot on your body that your hands can't reach.
Like you're caught up inside a cloud of cigarette smoke in the middle of sleeping.
It feels just like that! I don't care anymore.
I'll just erase all of you! There's no other choice! Shaja'at.
Huh? What did you say? Who knows.
Some kind of good luck charm, I guess.
But whatever it is, it has nothing to do with you! I wanna know! Why did you even bother saying it out loud in the first place?! You make me sick! I'm gonna puke.
Just stop it already! No, I will not stop! If I stop here, I will not be able to face the ones who have given me their full support and also my friends who have always fought along my side.
It's because of them that I'm here right now.
I've received from them all the courage I need.
What's left is for me to strike you with this courage.
Strike me with your courage?! What the hell are you talking about?! I'll bundle them all up, and wrap them around my fist! You idiot! Just what can you do with that weak little arm of yours?! It won't make any difference! It won't be of any use, let alone cause pain, or even make me itch! I really don't get what you mean! Ah-! I don't get it? I don't get it.
Why do you put hope in such a thing? You're weak! And you've got nothing! Moreover, you're just a petty little human! To not understand = To fear What is this "courage"? Kishin Asura, prepare yourself! Don't come near me! What will happen, even if you do that?! Even if you defeat me, insanity will not disappear! Even if you defeat me, there'll be those like me, just with different names like, "The Second", or "Junior", or "Number Two", or "The Genuine", or "The New", or whatever more there is gonna be! Insanity will be born anew with all kinds of reasons! It's useless, I tell you! Such useless things Who gives a damn?! That didn't even hurt one bit! I'd already anticipated this much, you idiot! How can it be possible for me to lose to such a weak pwunie wittle human like yo- What? What the hell?! Even if you wrapped your courage around your fist, it was still just an ordinary punch! You're right.
That wasn't anything special.
That's why, everyone has it in them.
So that's how it is It's the same as insanity then.
The barrier is failing.
They finished the job? Fool! Can't you calm yourself? Maka! It's alright.
She's not that weak.
Somehow, it seems like it has really ended.
Defeating the Kishin all by yourself You're really amazing.
The sky is clearing up! Then it's goodbye to the damp, cold weather! Yahoo! The sky is so blue! Hurray! Are you okay, Soul? I guess this is the end, huh? Too bad there's still a lot of problems for us to deal with.
The return journey of Death City and Shibusen's repairs.
Well, at least now that the Kishin's gone, we no longer need to worry about him.
It's still too early to feel relieved.
As long as humans continue to live in this world, those negative emotions will never disappear.
This time, because of Maka, we made it through somehow.
If another Kishin were to emerge Don't worry.
Huh? When that time comes, we'll still be here, right? Besides, negative emotions aren't the only thing inside a human's heart.
Courage resides in everyone's heart!