South Park s14e10 Episode Script


So then the guy hits the paint ball bottle with his stick and it goes right in his mouth.
Stan, I have a note for you.
Wendy said to give you this.
I'm like a mail man.
What's it say? "We need to talk.
" Eh, when a chick says, "we need to talk" you might as well start punching yourself in the balls, dude.
Are you sure he has a problem, Wendy? Yes.
I read all about it.
It's a real disease called hoarding.
People who can't throw anything away.
They keep living in deeper and deeper filth and the folks around them can't take it anymore.
Is something wrong, Wendy? Stan, we need to talk about your locker.
My locker? Every time I see the condition it's in, I want to cry.
It just keeps getting messier and messier.
I think you have a problemment are you serious? It's so full of junk, it takes you forever to find something and lately you have been asking to keep things in my locker.
It's just a little messy.
No, it's called hoarding and if you don't get help I don't know how much longer I can be with you.
Can we throw stuff in your locker away? All right.
I've hired experts to help you.
We'll make this as easy as possible, Stan.
My name is Dr.
I'm a hoarding specialist.
We're going to help Stan clean out his locker.
We're going to go ahead and see inside your locker, Stan.
What? Come on.
It's not that bad.
As part of Stan's therapy, we need to make sure we don't throw away anything he doesn't want us to.
Stan needs to feed like he's in control or his psychosis will come out.
My psychosis? It isn't that big a deal.
I'll throw some stuff away.
How about we start with this? That's my pencil box.
I need my pencil box.
We'll put that on the floor.
How about this.
Broken toothbrush.
It's good to have that because sometimes I really want to brush after lunch and I but it's broken.
But it works perfectly fine.
Ok, broken toothbox goes right by the pencil box.
How about this.
Old sandwich in a baggy full of maggots.
I might need it if I ever have to the maggots are crawling down my hand and bietding my wrist, Stan.
Can we throw this away how about this empty aspirin bottle? No, don't throw that out.
Can we throw up one of these wadded up papers? Something could be written on them.
Give me back my sandwich.
Dude, what's wrong with you? I don't know.
Maybe you should talk to the counselor.
Stan, as your counselor, I'm here to help you with whatever problems you might have, ok? What is the matter? Well, my friends are worried that I'm showing signs of hoarding.
Hoarding? Ok.
What's that? Well, apparently it's when you don't throw anything away and soon you find yourself living with a bunch of junk.
I haven't heard of that but it definitely sounds bad, ok.
mackey, is there anything maybe you want to talk about? Me? Like what? Well, like you've got an old milk carton here from a month ago don't you touch that, that's not something to throw that away.
If you throw that away I will rape you in the mouth, I will rape you in your mouth, ok? There is no doubt about it, the school counselor here is a class five hoarder.
As for your son, Mr.
and Mrs.
marsh, he's easily class three.
Why is Mr.
mackey doing this now? Our son has always been fairly clean.
We don't know a lot about what causes hoarding but we do know it relates to a psychological trauma.
If it's ok with you we would like to run tests on both of them.
Is that necessary for Stan? It's just his locker.
I don't know if you realize how serious locker hoarding is.
It can lead to room hoarding, house hoarding and in some cases people hoard animals like cats.
Like that weird guy on burgess road, that guy, Mr.
yelman, he's been hoarding animals for years now.
Oh, no, really? Mr.
yelman, we have heard disturbing reports that you might be hoarding sheep.
Well, that is, a it's ok, Mr.
yelman, I'm a hoarding specialist.
What you have is an illness.
Don't worry, Mr.
and Mrs.
marsh, Dr.
chinstrap is a professional at memory regression.
This should prove very helpful.
All right, everyone, we are all here to face the disease of hoarding together.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
Everyone here has the same problem whether it's office hoarding, or in the locker, or even the hoarding of animals.
Excuse me, but I am a sheep herder.
It's pronounced hoarder, and yes, you are.
But I'm actually herding sheep.
You are hoarding sheem by herding them, aren't you? we're going to be doing regression therapy.
I'll take you deep into your memories.
Into your past.
That sounds like it could be bad.
Trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
I want the three of you to relax and think about a cloud.
A lone cloud.
Cool air.
Blowing the cloud.
Float what? Sorry, I've got a weird gas bubble for a second.
Anyway, a lone cloud.
Wisps of cool air.
Now the cloud is near you.
You reach out to it.
It's the cloud of your memories.
Of your past.
Your childhood, perhaps.
What do you see in the cloud? Who is in the cloud? Really Billy, Billy Thompson? There he is.
Here, mackey.
Oh, hi, Billy.
Nice to see you, ok.
Come here.
Actually, need to get home.
You snitched and told the principal I was smoking.
Oh, well, smokey's Smoking's bad, you're going to die, mackey.
Hold his legs.
Come back here.
Ok, ok, ok, let go, it's ok, it's ok.
Xxx wait.
What am I doing here? Be quiet.
Excuse me.
Where are we? You've got to be quiet.
Billy Thompson's out there.
What the hell is going on? What the hell is going on? The counsel's flat up reader's calculating with the boy's and the sheep hoarder's.
Xxx ooo it means Mr.
mackey's childhood regression dream is so vivid it sucked the other two patients into it.
I'm afraid your son has gone into his counselor's dream.
That's stupid.
How is that even possible? It's not stupid at all.
Pinkerton, you explain the logic and I'll describe the background.
it is possible to enter into someone else's dreams.
Send dream trackers to go into a person a subconscious like a spy seeing their dreams as they see them, perhaps even planting ideas.
If one person is regressing deeply enough, the dream can envelope those dreaming around the first person I talked about who is dreaming and then everyone in the dream would be in danger of never coming back.
My bedroom.
That's my happy place.
Xxx what rhymes with lab rat? Aaa this is a lab ratment like a bird, ok, clown, ok.
Xxx my evel knievel doll.
I take the motorcycle, put it on the thingy like this, crank it up, let it go.
This might be fun for you but it totally isn't for me.
Look what's on.
It's zoom.
I need to get back to my sheep.
I'm working on it.
Write zoom z double o.
Box 350, Boston, mass, 02134.
you can hide in your house for now, mackey, tomorrow it's a field trip.
Xxx and I'm going to do things to you you will never forget.
Xxx I'm sorry about the smoking thing.
See you in the woods tomorrow, dead man.
Oh, Jesus.
Is that why we're here what kind of hoarding specialist are you? You trapped our son in his counselor's subconscious and now you're saying he could die in there? Believe me, this is the last thing I wanted to have happen.
That does it.
What are you doing? I'm going in.
If they're locked in his regression maybe I can be too.
Xxx mackey is in a difficult state.
Ooo aaa it's a dream world where mackey can imagine himself to be anything.
It's dangerous.
I said, get me in there.
All right.
You want to risk your ass, fine.
You see a cloud, a Fluffy cloud, happy, Fluffy cloud.
You reach out to it.
All right, kids, everyone on the bus.
Where are we now? It's the day of the big field trip.
Come on, mackey, we're waiting for you.
Xxx Mr.
mackey, I have to wake up.
Aaa I need to have my own regression therapy.
On the bus now we're running late.
I'm a sheep herder.
It's pronounced hoarder, young man, and if you are then you should talk to the school counselor about it.
Xxx ooo son.
Dad, is that you? Yes, it's me, Stan.
Where are you? It's me, up here.
I'm a butterfly.
What the hell are you doing, dad? I'm flying free with my beautiful butterfly wings.
Did you come here to help me? I was but this is fun.
You've got to stop mackey and bring us back to reality.
Butterflies have no concern for such things, Stan.
I'm going to go find me some butterfly poon.
Something is wrong.
What is it? The father.
He's gone completely off chart.
Off chart? What does that mean? We don't even know.
I told him not to go into the dream after his son.
He should have waited for the experts to get here.
Who are the experts? Get that door closed.
Keep me covered.
You're here.
What's the sitch? Four people stuck in his dream.
We need to move them to the next dream level.
Xxx what next dream level? They're trapped in a dream, we need to put them under so they can go into a dream within a dream.
Because in the dream within a dream we can protect them from getting to limbo.
Xxx ooo like a nightmare win a nightmare.
Why can't you wake up from that? You can but someone inside has to wake you up from the nightmare.
That sounds difficult.
It is.
Aaa zzz you're going to take my son to a dream within the dream and then what? Then we go into your husband's dream.
Your husband will go to hasselbeck street.
Who is hasselbeck? I am.
Why do we need a football player? are you saying you can go into a dream and take people from that dream into their own dream? Not this time just once.
Xxx it's so complex and cool.
Just because an idea is overly convoluted doesn't make it cool.
you don't get it because you're not smart enough.
Let's move.
Will they be able to wake mackey up? If they don't, it will be the end of Europe as we know it.
Why? Because.
Hello, kids.
My name is ranger Pete.
Hi, ranger Pete.
Today we're going to be learning all about the amazing evergreens and the fabulous ecosystem.
That should be fun, mkay.
First we have a very special guest.
It's woodsy owl.
Oh, boy, woodsy owl.
Who is that? Give a hoot, don't pollute.
I'm woodsy owl reminding you to pick up your trash and keep our forests clean.
In the city or in the woods help keep America looking good I love that sound.
Time to split up and go into the forest, divide you up into groups of six.
We want to be in mackey's group.
That's ok.
Xxx you can team up and be our first group in.
Oh, here it comes, mkay.
Is this the dream? Or the dream within the dream? I think it's the dream inside the matrix inside the dream.
What's shooting? What the mommy, mommy.
You're saying that all those people in there are somehow trapped in one person's dream? Yes, so that's why I called the fire department.
I don't know where else to turn.
But wait.
If those people got stuck in there why wouldn't we? It's very simple.
When the dream experts go in they attempt to take the subject to a dream within a dream.
Like a taco within a taco? A double Decker taco supreme.
But only dream spies have the ability to go deeper into dream levels and firemen have the ability to bring ladders into other people's dreams.
How can you take a ladder into a dream? Because the firemen dreams aren't like dreams at all.
They're more like a dream within a matrix within a dream.
Somebody order a pizza? No.
Probably one of them in the dream.
All right.
I'm going in.
If we can get the fire department into the counselor's dream, then we can jump everyone down a little six dream level, that way we'll be in the counselor's deepest level of sub and it will be like a taco inside a taco within xxx not again, mkay? Mr.
mackey, stop running itary going to kick my butt, they're going to kick it bad.
Whatever happened with those bullies, you have to stop running and face it.
Autojust a dream, dude.
You can control what happens.
Stand up to them this time.
I don't remember what they did, I just remember this field trip being really bad.
There he is.
Xxx Mr.
mackey, go and face it, please, so we can get out of here and find out why we're hoarding.
But I literally herd sheep.
Shut up xxx I'm going to stand and face what happens, mkay? Somebody.
Order pizza? Pizza? Mr.
mackey must be dreaming about something extremely traumatic.
All right.
That does it.
Get your coat.
Where are we going? Wineed to get help from the most powerful dream infiltrator in the world.
You don't mean.
Hello, Freddie.
You're looking healthy.
What happened? You run out of stoolies to do your work? Look, we're in a pickle again and we need your help.
Got some people trapped inside a dream.
Told you a long time ago, I gave that up.
There are some good men stuck in there.
I said I'm done with it.
Everything all right, Fred? It's fine, babe, get back in the house.
Wife and kids.
No thanks to you.
We need you, Fred.
Like you needed me to kill those teagers to stop the Russians? We had a country to protect.
Protect it yourself this time.
I'm not working for the military anymore, krueger.
Then you should have no problem covering it up.
Some of those trapped are firemen.
Public servants.
Innocent in all of this.
All right, fine.
All right, Billy, I'm not going to let you hurt me this time.
This time I'm going to stand up for myself.
You're going to fight back? I don't think so.
You can do it, Mr.
Go ahead and do your work, Billy.
I'm facing you head on.
All right, mackey, take this.
Get the perimeter secure.
Make sure they're dead.
What the hell? We got them, the bad memories are dead.
This is the fire department.
Do not panic.
Who are you people? We came to rescue you from the bad guys in mackey's dreechlt wouldn't it be better to have mackey face them on his own? No, as long as the source of the drama is wiped out, the counselor can wake up.
Why aren't we waking up? Unless the bullies aren't the source of the counselor's bad memory.
Dude, that's right, the bowely it is didn't even beat me up that day.
I ran away from them.
I remember.
I ran and I ran and I hid in this building here and somebody was in there, somebody who talked to me and then touched me somewhere.
Xxx don't touch me, I'll give a hoot, ok? Woodsy owl, no, I'll never litter again, I'll keep all my trash, no, woodsy, no.
What's happening? Dream conundrum.
This is bad.
Xxx the bad memory is manifesting itself.
It didn't want to be exposed.
Our dream bullets don't hurt it.
No more woodsy.
mackey, you have to wake up now.
He can't.
Don't you get it? We're all going to go to limbo.
There is a real hoot for you, woodsy.
It's dead.
It's finally dead.
Something's happening.
I'm getting bogart levels.
They're waking up.
They're coming to.
You're back, everyone.
Damn it thanks, Freddy.
If only I could have saved the sheep herder.
Did you find the source of your hoarding problems? I sure did.
Turned out he was molested by woodsy owl.
I completely blocked it from my memory, mkay.
He was hoarding because when he tried to throw things away his conscious would remember woodsy's voice saying give a hoot, and touching his penis with his wing.
That is so complex, it's cool.
Now we've uncovered his source of hoarding we can move on to yours.
Are you ready for your therapy? I think I have a better idea.
Stan, did you find out the reason you have been hoarding? Whatever it is I don't want to know.
Am throwing this crap away like I should have to begin with.
But dude, there must be something in your past you're not dealing with.
Don't care.
After going througha all that crap and seeing what happened to mackey, I don't want any part of therapy.
How do you know that wasn't your therapy?
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