Southland s01e05 Episode Script

Two Gangs

Southland It's said a recurring nightmare for police officers involves losing their gun.
For Detective Salinger, the nightmare has just come true.
I-I'll be right out.
I thought you just had to pee.
Now you're taking a shower? I-I worked out today, babe.
You're just gonna get sweaty all over again, honey.
Tammi? Unbelievable.
Back! Richter, back, back! It helps me relax, okay? And having sex with me doesn't? No, Sammy, it just makes me forget all the other crap, okay? The way you're looking at me, does not make me feel desirable.
He's a drug dog, Tammi.
Flush it.
Put him out in the yard.
He's gonna wake up the entire neighborhood.
Flush it! I'm your wife, I'm not a perp.
(scoffs) (toilet flushes) Is that all of it? Yeah, that's all of it.
(sighs softly) You used to like it.
(sighs softly) ENID: You're getting in late.
Yeah, the interrogation went on long.
Well I could heat up the salmon I made for dinner, three hours ago.
I should've called.
That's all right; I know you're busy.
Well, are you gonna ask me what happened with the realtor? Okay.
What happened with the realtor? He said that I've maintained the house beautifully all these years, And he's gonna put it on the market for more than I thought.
Well, that doesn't mean you're gonna get that price.
Not in today's crazy market.
Well, I could always reduce the price if I had to.
I mean, the house is paid for, so everything at this point would be profit.
Well, what if you get to Paris, and it's not everything that you thought it was gonna be? You won't have a place to come home to.
I'm taking a leap of faith.
You should, too.
(knocking) Hi.
A man called 911? Yeah.
Uh, it's okay.
It's been resolved.
Who called 911? My friend.
He's fine.
Could your friend come to the door, please? MAN: Okay.
Uh, she didn't, she didn't do this.
I threw the cat.
Excuse me? I threw the cat at him.
He cheated on me You want to press charges, sir? For what? Assault with a deadly animal? No.
I don't want to press charges.
She's-she's gonna move out for a little while.
That's a good idea.
Let's go.
Who takes the cat? I do.
You don't think I'm letting her take the cat.
It's my cat! Yeah, and you-- Thank you, guys.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah, thank you, guys.
You can't care for him.
Look at what you did JOHN: Misdemeanor not committed in our presence.
He doesn't want to make an arrest, we're out of here.
Well, now, today you get to ride in style.
Nice dinner.
Almost felt like a real date.
Come here.
(both moan softly) Got to go.
Can't work some breaking case into the wee hours tonight? No.
I can't.
(door closes) (sighs softly) (over stereo): When it all gets too heavy That's when they come and they go Oh, they go With only one thing in common They got the fire down below (music stops) Get the driver door.
Get the driver.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yo, what is that? Oh, he's five-oh, man.
Oh, he-he dead? Well, we ain't trying to wait to find out.
Yo, check it.
Po-po's MP3s.
(both laugh) (exhales) Yo, I think he's alive.
Oh! (exhales) (groans) They said they didn't see anything, hear anything.
They ain't saying squat.
The radiator's busted, the whole front end's trashed.
That car ain't moving.
Want me to call this in or am I gonna do it? You're kidding me, right? What are you talking about? He was in an accident, Sammy; his weapon was stolen.
It's legit.
Not if you've had a prior DUI.
What the hell you talking He got nailed ten or 15 years ago.
Some crap like that.
That's why he called us.
So what, you think he's under the influence now? You think I'm gonna give him a Breathalyzer? Look, he's a good cop.
He's not on the take, he's not shaking anybody down or stealing dope.
He had a few over the course of a couple of hours.
What's the big deal? He's been a great boss for the both of us.
That still doesn't make it right, Sammy.
Sal, you all right? Sal, you all right? Sons of bitches took it right out of my holster! You believe that?! It's not enough just to take my wallet.
Sal your nose is still bleeding.
Ain't nothing sacred anymore? Tell you, they'll be damn lucky I don't kill them when I find them.
You think it was just kids, local? Or the bangers who T-boned me! It was a black Monte Carlo.
Look, we're gonna handle this for you, all right? Listen to me, the other car was a yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse, recent.
Seriously, you probably have a concussion.
I'm fine! I don't know, maybe I ought to call it in.
Oh, you know what? Let's just do it, all right? Let's do the whole nine yards.
Let's just do the Breathalyzer, let's just get it over with.
Sal, if you have any alcohol, any at all, even .
001, this ain't gonna go right.
We got your back.
Garbage calls, hmm? Garbage calls.
After the first one, you know the whole watch is gonna be like that.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Just ride it out.
Usually lasts a day or two.
What do you want to talk about? (chuckles) I don't know.
"Who gets the cat?" That was (both laugh) What are you, a cat lover? (both laugh) Oh, God, "assault with a deadly animal.
" Man, I could've smacked that chick.
(chuckles) Put the squeeze on and I guarantee it'll turn up.
NATE: Zip on the Mitsubishi.
What about the Monte Carlo? Nothing so far.
(distant gunfire) Did you guys hear that?! Did you hear that?! That's my Beretta.
Sal, this is South Central.
It could be anybody's.
It could be a firecracker.
No, no, no.
I know the sound of my own weapon.
That's it.
Listen, whatever the hell it is, it's pretty damn close, Sal.
Sal, we got this.
Go home.
Go home! Go, go, go! This is nuts, you know that? Liquor store.
Glass is blown out.
(car alarm wailing in distance) WOMAN: Over here.
You all right? Yeah.
Are you alone? Are you alone?! Yeah, yeah! (panting) What happened? CLERK: I don't know.
Somebody started shooting, so I ducked under the counter.
Did you see where the shooting started? The parking lot.
That corner there, I think.
Did you get a look at anybody? Did you see any vehicles? Not really, no.
I wasn't paying that much attention.
Does your surveillance camera record to tape or hard drive, ma'am? NATE: No bodies, no blood, no guns-- just a few casings.
Anything from a nine? Yeah, and a .
45, and a .
It's a nice little ghetto load.
Dispatch said shots fired.
Yeah, suspects fled, no description.
We're getting surveillance on 'em right now.
All right, I'll call it in.
You detectives working late? SAMMY: Yeah, we were just doing some follow-up on a case.
We rolled over when we heard the shots.
OFFICER: Yeah, suspects have already fled the scene.
No description Kimmy? Good night, Dad.
Kimmy! What? You didn't hear me when I came in.
So? You need to be more aware, Kimmy.
You need to listen.
Good night, Dad.
Hey, what do you do if you hear somebody inside the house? Get out.
What if you hear somebody outside the house? Stay in.
And if someone got in and tried to drag you out? Go limp, and make myself dead weight.
Good night, Dad.
And if they put their hand over your mouth? You are such a freak.
Kimmy? Dad, I am tired, and I am trying to sleep.
This is serious.
Someone took my wallet tonight, and now they know our address.
(groans) (muffled scream) Bye.
(sighs) Kenny and Andy are coming to help us.
Did you tell 'em why? Mostly.
What have we got? Just like he said, late-model Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Signs they're throwing-- Mm-hmm, got a lot of enemies.
That the Monte Sal was talking about? Yeah, I think so.
That's bold.
Boom! I'll check the local hospitals, see if they have any shooting victims.
Hey, back that up real quick, right there.
Check out his weapon.
It's a Beretta.
MAN: Do you want some? Excuse me? Do you want some? Gee, do I want some? Uh, let me get a closer look.
That way I can make a better decision for myself.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, what are you? LYDIA: What's your name and date of birth, sir? Stanley Sidelsky.
August 20, 1960.
I'm-I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
I One King 54.
Code Six, show me at Burbank and Kenwood with one in custody.
I've got a 311.
Stanley Sidelsky.
Show me en route to the station.
So, Stanley, you the Valley Molester? Oh, God, no.
Nothing like that.
Man, I gotta tell you, I've seen one before, but You do this to a kid? That's very, very bad.
I know.
So, what are we gonna do about it, huh? You ever been to therapy? Oh, I've tried-- lots of different modalities.
(garbled dispatch transmission) (sobbing quietly) No reports of shooting victims at any area hospitals, so in all likelihood, this guy is dead, and dumped in a field somewhere.
KENNY NO-GUN: You guys didn't report any of this? We take care of our own.
We have any blue-suits who can help put some pressure on the neighborhood? Vice, Narco? Call in some favors.
No problem.
Is Sal coming in? SAMMY: Yeah, later.
Look, these guys know what we're after.
Until we get it back, we issue citations for loitering, unlawful assembly, disturbing the peace.
A banger stubs out a smoke on the sidewalk, we bring him in for littering.
Unpaid parking tickets, no insurance, they don't feed the meter? Bye-bye, wheels.
Whatever works.
Got it.
It's not illegal.
My dad's a lawyer.
Why are you doing this? It's for the money, man.
The money? (coins jangling) (chuckling) There's not even any radar up there! They don't know that.
(laughter) Oh, man I got it Here.
Thank you.
That's classic.
Stay in school.
All right? (laughs) BOOKING OFFICER: Are you sick, disabled or on medication? No.
Get some real help, Stanley.
All right? Don't give up.
(Russell laughing) So, wait, he exposed himself to you? That's crazy.
All right, see ya.
(sighs) "His tour ended at 5:00.
He didn't get home till 1:00.
Any ideas, ladies?" You're a dick.
You should consider changing the name to "I Hate A Cop.
" Russ, do you think I hate you? I think you resent me.
Based on what? Based on the fact that you vent to a bunch of women who pretend they like being married to cops.
It's not venting; it's writing.
I majored in journalism, hello? It's gossip and complaining.
SAMMY: Good morning, gentlemen and welcome to California Penal Code Section 408-- participating in an unlawful assembly.
What the hell are you talking about, homie? We're just trying to get some damn food to eat! Say hello to Section 415, otherwise known as disturbing the peace.
See, this is what I'm talking about right here, fellas.
Cuff him.
This is what I'm talking about right here, man.
Cuff him.
This is what I'm talking about right here, man.
But he ain't done nothing! Ma'am your boyfriend's in violation of the conditions of his ankle monitor.
What?! But he lives right next door! That is stupid! Have a nice day, ma'am.
That's all right.
I'm hittin' your mama, I'm a-call your mama! I got Johnnie Cochran's firm on speed-dial, just so you know! Uh, the debit card, too.
No, no, I don't have the little thing with the numbers on it.
Can't you just use my Social? Uh, hey, can I, um can I put you on hold for just a sec? I-I got somebody on the other line.
(sighs) Hey.
Did I wake you? They got me covering an apartment fire.
Yeah, listen, I, um can't talk right now, all right? Oh Is your wife nearby? No, I'm on the line with the credit card company; I lost my wallet last night.
Did you leave it at the restaurant? Listen, I can't talk, okay? (phone rings) (grunts): Damn it.
I can't talk right now! Sal? Hey, so what? Did you find it? No, not yet.
(sighs) All right, well, who've you talked to? Bangers from Grape Street, Rollin 60's, HCC, neighbors, hookers, anybody we can pop.
What about Big Wayne? Listen, I don't give a (bleep) how many "God bless you's" he throws around.
He'll know something.
And if he doesn't, that fat slug can get word out the bangers got something that doesn't belong to them.
Done and done.
How long are we gonna keep this up? As long as it takes.
Look at this place.
Lowlife dealer sues us and wins.
Up is down, I'm telling you.
Yeah, well, he is reformed now.
He put hoses down guys' throats till their guts burst.
Now he's seen the light? No, he just can't get around as well, that's it.
(knocking) (rhythmic sputtering) (sighing) Yes? Is your father home? Big Wayne! There's some men here to see you.
Well, let them in.
(chuckles): If it isn't my lottery tickets.
What up? How you doing, Big Wayne? Well, since the settlement from the city, I've been able to get full-time physical therapy.
How's your youth center going? Oh, very well.
You should come by and give a motivational speech.
Yeah, maybe we should do that, huh? So, what brings you two here? I'll be honest.
One of our guys was in a traffic accident a few blocks from the station.
He was knocked out and had his gun stolen.
(laughs) We just want the gun back.
He had his gun stolen.
So, you're telling me this why? Well, we're telling you just in case you or one of the young people that work with you hear something-- you know, through the grapevine.
Oh, through the grapevine.
Yeah, okay.
You'll keep us posted? Oh, sure! I'm a police supporter, you know? If I hadn't been shot by one, I wouldn't have the money for my youth center or to start my business.
I thank you for it.
Thanks for your time.
No, thank you.
SAMMY: Youth center, my ass.
He uses it as a front for dealing and God knows what else.
Hey, you guys live around here, right? Yeah.
You see anybody using a Beretta? Trying to sell one, anything like that? What's a Breaduh? It's a gun, dipstick.
A very expensive one.
(laughing) Oh, I see.
It's gonna go like that, huh? Oh, well, thanks for giving a (bleep).
It's a traffic cam across from the mini-mart.
It doesn't get the store, but it gets this image right after.
We get a clear shot of the plates? Oh, it's better.
Just Is that Little Eddie? The one doing the driving? No, just keep watching.
Oh! Hello.
What is this, Night of the Living Dead? The guy takes a bull's-eye to the chest, and he's walking away like he scraped his knee? Kevlar.
It's the only explanation.
Bangers are wearing bullet-proof vests.
(knocking) (footfalls approaching) Ma'am, is everything okay? (gasping) See? You dialed 911, and these nice men came to help us.
That's how it works.
If you ever have a problem or anything bad happens to you or mommy, you just dial 911.
So, let me get this straight.
You just dialed 911, so you could teach your daughter how to use it.
Of course.
How else is she going to learn? Well, no offense, ma'am but you have your head up your friggin' ass.
(door slams) We just got screwed.
What? Call 911.
Make a cop come.
(crowd shouting angrily) Calm down! You need to calm down! One at a time, people! Listen up! Listen up! Hey! Hey, listen up! Quit hassling the sergeant and settle down, all right? Who the hell are you? Yeah, who are you?! I'm Detective Salinger, and I'm going to explain something to you, all right? We're here because you need us here.
You need us to protect you! And serve! What about "serve"?! That's the way it works, people.
It's the way it works, all right? You bring this on yourselves because you enable them, all right? There are.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There are rules to this game, and there are lines that cannot get crossed.
(shouting angrily) DESK SERGEANT: We're not getting anywhere if you I'm as black as you are.
Now, step back! Here's all we've got on it so far.
Got a little carried away out there, huh? (sighing): Sorry.
How's your nose? It's better.
Gone a little too far, hasn't it? Shots fired, possible assault rifle, abandoned building, corner of 88th and Rosecrans.
Gang members seen fleeing the premises.
You guys go, I got to talk to someone, all right? Ready, sweetie? Let's do it.
Captain? Got a second? 'Cause I was hoping you could explain to me why, in the middle of the night, your detectives put together a misdemeanor task force to harass the neighborhood.
Bryant and Moretta are just doing what they're told, sir.
By me.
They're good men with respect for authority.
I got into a TA last night.
I was run off the road by some bangers in a chase of some sort, They sent me into a light post.
When I came to, my gun was gone.
You file a report? I got my best men on it.
They're canvassing the area, hoping to retrieve my weapon quickly.
You file a report? No, sir.
(sighing) Where's your service vehicle now? I had it towed.
Fixing it on my own dime.
Was alcohol involved? I had a couple of drinks.
I was not drunk, though.
The bad judgment that I exercised happened after the accident, not before.
You got 12 hours.
Otherwise, full report and investigation.
Thank you, sir.
Sal? Don't ever let anything like this happen again.
Or else I'll have to see to it that you lose your badge, too.
Yes, sir.
How you doing? Good.
How are you? This way.
Bangers usually like to hang out here, party, smoke dope, get laid.
This time, it looks like it was target practice.
Any IDs? Half a dozen male blacks.
That's it.
Look all the way through.
SAMMY:: Are you kidding me? It went through two walls? FEMALE PATROL: Mm-hmm.
What caliber are we talking here? Belt-fed, armor-piercing rounds.
What the hell takes a bullet that size? Definitely nothing that's legal here.
What are you doing here? What, are you stalking me now? Am I what? Hi.
I'm Mia Sanchez.
I'm a reporter.
Yeah, well, there's nothing to report here, so take your camera man and go find some real news.
I'll be right back.
What the hell is wrong with you, huh? Why are you acting like such a jerk? Why am I acting like a jerk? Yeah.
This is where I work.
You've got no business being here.
Are you kidding me? There are people practically rioting downstairs.
Shh! Keep your voice down.
The entire community is in an uproar, and you guys are cracking down like some kind of invading army.
Well, maybe there's a good reason for that.
Oh, yeah? Like what? I don't want to do this.
Not here.
Not now.
Okay? Take your cameraman and get out of here.
Are you a member of the HCC gang, Mr.
Marshay? I'm a member of the earth.
That's about it.
Well, do you have any earthling friends who drive a black Monte Carlo? 'Cause we've got some surveillance tape that puts you in said vehicle.
Not that I know of.
Listen, Keto, have you noticed all your boys being cuffed lately? (chuckles) Huh? Have you? That's going to keep happening until we get what we're looking for.
Well, what you looking for, then? A gun.
A very special gun.
Like, uh, rare special? Sort of, yeah.
Put holes in concrete walls special? Yeah.
It's a big gun.
So big, a little guy like yourself probably couldn't handle it.
I'm strong.
I lift.
Oh, yeah? Really? What, like five-four? Hell, no.
five-six, man.
And that thing gave me no trouble whatso Yeah, I got that.
So, HCC is involved in both the mini-mart and the warehouse shooting.
Yeah, it's looking that way.
All right.
Tell you what.
Let's get association warrants, smoke every one of them punks out of their rat holes.
All due respect, Sal, you do know the brass is going to ask about that, right? He knows.
He's giving me 12 hours before I have to go through proper channels.
How did he find out? I told him.
I don't know.
You guys are good, all right? You're golden.
All right, man.
Hi, yo, Mr.
Policeman? Yes? So this is how I'm repaid for my cooperation? Top of the morning, sir.
How can I be of service today? Look, man, I had to have six men lift my ass up into my mother's minivan just to come here.
Just the six? Big Wayne.
How you doing? There a problem? Yeah.
Y'all impounded my Escalade right out of my driveway.
Gee, I'm sorry about that.
I don't know how that happened.
Look man, it had my ramp and my Bible in it.
Except, we are getting serious about unpaid parking tickets.
Do you have any unpaid tickets, sir? Look, man.
Damn them tickets, all right? I want my damn car back.
Let's get up out of here.
I'm guessing the man's got more than one ride.
But that one does have his Bible in it.
I love the smell of impound yards in the morning.
How much you think a CD weighs? Not much.
Why? This guy's record company must be doing brisk business.
He's got about $10,000 in shipping receipts here.
Not a one.
Where is everybody? They're laying low.
We'll find them.
Just keep looking, all right? (engine starting) All right.
Excuse me, sir? Sir! We're looking for Casper Tillman.
What? I got a warrant for Casper Tillman.
Any idea where he's at? Place fool's gonna be himself, if he keeps it up.
Can you tell me where it's at? What? Who's (bleep) Dennis? Who is that? Hey.
What's up? Come in for a (bleep) tattoo, this is what he does.
So, what? I told him to put "Denise.
" He mumbled it.
Shut the (bleep) up.
So, you wanted Denise and he put Dennis.
This is why you called the police? I look like a faggot to you? I don't know.
What's a faggot look like? You (bleep) with me? Kind of.
(groans, slaps floor) (panting hard) Where'd you learn that? Summer camp.
(wry laugh) (pants, grunts) Told you whew! The whole day-- nothing but garbage calls.
(sighing): Yeah Whose funeral? PFC Derek Thompson.
Enlisted right out of high school.
Thompson? Isn't that the gangbanger used to go by the name of Pook? I busted that piece of crap on five different misdemeanors.
SAL: Who's that sitting down? NATE: I'll be damned.
Looks like Big Wayne hitched a ride.
SAL: Big Wayne.
NATE: At least we know where all our bangers are.
Big Wayne is sponsoring these guys to go into the military? What's going on with that? What's up? I don't feel comfortable with what we're doing Don't feel comfortable with what we're doing.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? We're doing our jobs.
Our freakin' jobs? Dragging people in on (bleep) charges? That's our job? We're onto something big here.
If hadn't been looking for Sal's gun, we never would've stumbled on to this other thing.
We're gonna hit the jackpot here! And that justifies everything we're doing, right? Busting up the freakin' neighborhood 'cause Sal messed up.
We're better than that, man.
This isn't Rampart.
We're not planting guns and-and-and shooting people! It's a slippery slope, bro! Whose team are you on? What teams? There are teams now? Maybe we went a little overboard.
But put yourself in his position.
I wouldn't be in his position.
I forgot who I was talking to.
I'm far from perfect, bro.
How was your day? Not bad.
Yours? Mm mm.
Alarm company came out.
Said there was a spider stuck in the hall motion detector.
Really? That's all that was triggering it? Yep.
MAN (in distance): just shut the hell up.
WOMAN: I'm not the one doing the yelling.
You're the one who's always slamming around this place in a crappy mood.
MAN: Because you won't stop bitching! It was a lot more pleasant when I worked nights, huh? For you, maybe.
Trying writing when you live next-door to that.
Guess it'd be kind of hard to concentrate.
(argument continues indistinctly) You know, it's gotten worse lately.
Between them.
Sal, we finally got detail on these shipping statements we got out of Big Wayne's Escalade.
They're all paid in cash.
(Sal groans) Look like shipments from every major company.
Originating addresses North Carolina, Texas, Georgia NATE: What cities? Uh, Kileen, Fayetteville There are two Columbuses? NATE: One in Ohio, the other's in Georgia.
Fort Benning.
These are all cities near U.
Army bases.
SAL: We got a dozen local addresses here, gentlemen, and they're receiving shipments from those cities.
Looks like Big Wayne didn't want anything sent to him direct.
Kenny, come with me.
House right there Yeah.
belongs to Miss Sally Hightower, 90 years young.
Outlived all of her relatives.
Told me the secret to a long life is prayer and a good rocking chair.
Problem? Yeah.
She's almost always in it.
(knocking on door) Yeah? SAL: Miss Hightower here? No.
Seems a little strange, being that she lives here and all.
You mind if I come in? She's a good friend of mine.
Actually, we kind of busy right now.
Hey! Don't you got a search warrant or something? No, just a badge.
Back off.
KENNY: All right, that's it.
That's it.
Come on.
No get down on the ground.
Sit down.
Hands behind your back.
Both hands.
Come on.
requesting backup at 433 Estrella.
Stay still, right where you are.
Call in and get a warrant for the boxes.
Miss Hightower, can you hear me? (weakly): I'm here Miss Hightower! Don't you move Miss Hightower? (weakly): I'm here SAL: Miss Hightower, are you here? HIGHTOWER: I'm here with the brooms.
Oh, my God SAL: All right Go slow, go slow.
I got ya.
Stay steady.
I got ya.
You gave her a can to crap in? SAMMY: We have a record of shipments from Alvin Carter and Dalane Morris, both alleged HCC members who are currently in the Army.
Stationed at Fort Hood and Fort Bragg, respectively.
Looks like Big Wayne's creating his own damn army.
Do we have enough? Hell, yeah.
Let's go get 'em.
Do it.
Everybody down! (officers all shouting commands at once) Drop! On the ground! On the ground! (shouting continues) Down! Down! Down! Get down on the ground now! Down! Down! Now! Get down! Down! Do not move.
Don't move! Don't move! I can't (bleep)! I'm paralyzed! Hands on top of your head! Face the wall! Face the wall! Search warrant.
(knocking on door) LYDIA: I've got it, Ma! Stanley? I was processed and released on my own recognizance.
I see that.
At least I hope that.
You were very kind to me today.
Treated me with real dignity.
(latch clicks) Stanley, what are you doing here? I am getting help.
And with medication, it's controllable.
No, that sounds wrong.
No the drugs won't impact my romantic capacity, just my behavioral compulsions.
Stanley Anyway, I was just thinking do you want to have a cup of coffee sometime? Got a present for you.
(sighs) Where'd you find it? Kid turned it in.
The pressure worked.
Thanks, guys.
I owe you.
What happened here? A UFO crash-landed, ma'am.
Now we're gonna need you to keep moving.
I left a message for you.
I know.
Mia, we can't do this anymore.
Sorry? We're done, okay? I I don't understand.
It's just There's lines; lines that just can't be crossed.
You take care of yourself, all right? You and Mariella have big plans? What, for tonight? Mm-hmm.
Just gonna sleep.
You a cop when you met her? Nah, I was a private.
I was a stoner when I met Tammi.
(laughing) What, are you serious? Stoned all through high school.
Just hanging with my friends.
Was Tammi part of that group? My wife is not a group person.
She doesn't get the team mentality.
That's her loss.
You ever smoked weed? No.
(laughs) Yeah, I didn't think so.