Southland s01e06 Episode Script


MAN: Officer Ben Sherman knew that it was against police policy to get involved with a victim.
But he did it anyway.
(humming tune) Daddy, my car is ready.
Can I have a ride to the dealer? If you can wait one hour, sweetheart.
I'll be in my room.
Just let me know when you're ready, okay? Okay.
(kissing sound) (humming tune) Hey! Hey! (screaming) (muffled yelling) First officer secures the area, takes down the contact information of every person on the scene for the detectives.
Remember you're the gatekeeper, all right? It's your responsibility to safeguard the evidence.
I don't care who the hell it is.
Nobody gets in, unless they have a legitimate purpose.
would be on death row if those guys hadn't (bleep) it up.
(indistinct radio transmission) I thought tempered glass was shatterproof.
Not when you whack it at full speed.
Check the perimeter.
Find out how these guys got in.
Nobody gets in unless they have a legitimate purpose.
I was downstairs.
They taped me up.
I was terrified.
Daisy was upstairs.
I I I had no idea what was happening.
Does your insurance company have the serial numbers and photos on all the jewelry? Most of it.
Honey, I'm just so happy that you're all right.
You always keep your garage door open? What? Your garage? Oh, I usually remember.
All the windows and doors are secure.
Probably came right in through the garage and entered the house through the laundry room.
Going to need the contact information and the numbers on your security company.
Also your insurance agent.
Daisy can get you anything you need.
No, I'm going with you.
No, no, no, honey, you stay here.
I need you to stay here and take care of things, okay? Thank you.
(chuckles) (pager chirping) Let it go.
No, I got to answer it.
Let it go.
No, no, no, no.
I have to answer it.
I got to go.
Is it your mother? Is she okay? It's work.
Can you help me out with this? Another excuse to put your hands on me.
There you go.
(sighs) I swear Bel Air must have a direct line to the police chief.
Security company numbers, gardeners, maids, handymen.
Anybody who may have had access to the house.
Daisy, hey.
This is this is so weird.
That that Why are you here? I'm really glad that it's you, but this is You're a cop? Yeah.
It's like You okay? You okay? Um This is-- this is crazy.
I mean, I thought New York was scary.
Um, did you-- did you move to New York? Yeah.
Really? Five years ago.
My mom wanted to move there when she and my dad split up.
I noticed you weren't around.
You did? You, uh (chuckles) You talk to Jenna? Um, no.
No? Turns out we didn't have so much in common.
Me neither.
It took you long enough to figure that one out.
What can I say, I'm loyal.
Another home invasion.
The suspects hit the place when the father and daughter were at home.
Pretty ballsy.
Any serious injuries? Nothing life-threatening.
What's the problem? Well, you called us in on our day off.
I just kind of figured it must have been a homicide.
That's what we're trying to avoid.
We got to catch these guys before things get out of hand.
So we can't get overtime to work homicide cases, but now suddenly there's money to fund Bel Air break-ins.
Residents here don't feel safe.
And the residents in South Central don't either.
But these residents don't just bitch.
They invite the chief of police over for cocktails.
How convenient to have money.
(camera shutter clicking) Detectives are here.
How are you doing today, man? Is it cool if I take your picture? It's all right.
Hey, thanks.
(noisy chatter) Excuse me.
Hey, you're that cop, right? Yep.
You want to get high? (scoffs) No.
I don't want to get high.
You just bought something.
So you think I'd risk a $90,000 a year job, my pension and my belief system for you? Now get away from me before I bring a whole barrel of ass-whupping down on your head.
Described as a white male in his 30s, armed with a box cutter.
Okay, I'd like to turn the floor over now to Detectives Adams and Clarke.
Where's your partner? Called in sick again.
LYDIA: Good morning.
There have been a string of home invasions on the Westside.
Until now, the suspects have only hit unoccupied residences.
That changed yesterday.
A father and daughter were attacked and duct taped in the 10000 block of Bel Air Road.
(clearing throat) There were two male suspects-- the age and race unknown.
And there was no vehicle identified.
It's a sophisticated crew.
They're targeting homes and high-end jewelry-- Harry Winston, Cartier, Bulgari, among others.
So we need your help.
Check with your informants.
If you hear anything about fencing, or any other talk, give us a call, all right? Thanks.
And last but not least this morning, the department psychologist Dr.
Meryl Matthews.
Thank you.
Um, good morning.
I'm here to tell you about a book that is being made available to members of the department.
It's called Looking Inward: Spiritual Survival For Law Enforcement.
This book deals in very real terms with the difficulties that many officers face at one time or another: social isolation, marital problems, addiction, both substance and sexual-- Anyway, I have given several copies to your sergeant, and I would highly recommend that each one of you take a look.
Thanks very much.
What are you thinking? There might be gang ties? When is it not? Well, I don't think it's gang-related.
I've worked in gangs for two years.
Believe me, they're getting smarter all the time.
Can't just be dumb luck that every place they happen to hit is a jewelry jackpot.
I don't know.
Isn't that a prerequisite for living in this zip code? You got a problem with the west side? 'Cause I like it.
I think the air's cleaner.
And the people are whiter.
True that.
Hey, did you guys check out the pawn shop detail yet? No, that's our next stop.
Excuse me.
See you.
See you guys.
(cell phone ringing) Hello? with-with beams and-and wood and windows.
Tons of light.
It's close to your work and to mine.
We're not buying a loft downtown, Tammy.
You said that we need more space for kids.
You said it would be a good time to buy.
Go to a window.
Why? Just do it.
Go to a window.
Are you in front of a window? Yeah, I am next to an enormous, beautiful window.
What do you see? Do you see a school? A supermarket? Do you see a newsstand? No, you do not.
You see homeless people, junkies and concrete.
I hate where we live.
It's killing me creatively.
(laughing): Creatively.
Tammy? That Kimmy? You looking at her Facebook page? Yeah.
She's got over 100 so-called "friends.
" Tell ya, it's an abuse of the word.
You're Stacy from the OC? I'm 16 and I love to party.
You're kidding me, right? Sal, you can't spy on her like this.
Like hell I can't.
You're pretending to be somebody you're not.
Right, like this 17-year-old kid named Dirk actually drives a Porsche? You're invading her privacy.
You know what, Sammy? When you've got a kid that's Kimmy's age, you can talk all you want.
Until then, leave me alone, all right? Legit jewelers here melt the gold down, reset the gems.
New jewelry.
We know who's doing that these days? Nah, they usually don't hang out a sign.
Well, how many jewelers are there in the city? Over 1,000.
Wear comfortable shoes.
DISPATCH: So, you grew up around here? Bellagio and Stone Canyon.
Still got people there? Just my mom.
She live alone? Gonna stop by after watch.
Make sure she sets her alarm.
She's a little dippy that way.
We could stop by now.
Uh, yeah, that'd be great.
She's going to ask you the same questions I did, okay? There's nothing to be nervous about.
That's easy for you to say.
You're not living out of a suitcase.
It'll be over soon.
And where are we supposed to go? The gangsters done shot up our house.
What? Do you mind joining me outside, please? Thank you.
So, Janilla, do you know why you're here today? Yeah.
You want me to tell you what I saw the day that boy got shot.
That's right.
Hi, Daisy.
Thanks for agreeing to see us again.
Were you able to find those insurance records? Yeah.
They're all right here.
Um, I'm not sure if you can see this, but it's a necklace my dad had made for my 18th birthday.
Were there any recent purchases? I don't know.
Um, I mean My dad likes watches.
Well, that's a great start.
How's your father doing? He's coming home in a couple days.
It's so strange being here without him.
It's hard to feel safe when you're alone.
But things will get better.
You'll be okay.
Thank you.
Her grandmother knows it's the Marta Ruiz gang after her kid? You want her to testify or not? I just think she has a right to know who's coming after her grandchild, don't you? Doesn't work that way and you know it.
(chuckling) Too late for me to get adopted? All right.
You want to come in? Uh, no, I got a call to make first.
(indistinct radio transmission) Hey.
I'm going to need you to get me some more.
I can't, John.
You got to come through for me, Laur.
Look, they are really starting to crack down around here.
I could lose my job.
Just one last time.
I can't anymore, John.
I'm sorry.
BEN: Mom, why is the door open? Wait, don't Mom? (whispering) Hi, sweetheart.
Hello, Ben.
What the hell is he doing here? I guess I won't be getting any hugs, huh? Leave.
Leave? I bought this house.
I said get out.
Honey, honey, please.
He has no right to be here.
You're looking very sharp.
Sweetheart, calm Get the hell out of here.
You're going to blind me with that badge.
Get out.
What? Get out? What are you gonna do, pull your gun? Get the (bleep) out.
Hey! Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm-I'm (bleep) How much longer do I have to wait? It depends on how it goes with the other witnesses.
I thought she was the only one.
She's their only only eye witness.
I'm bored.
You just got to hang in there a little while longer, okay? What you're doing, it's important, Janilla.
It's real important.
That's my girl.
(imitates explosion) I blew it up.
So you have no record of recent sales to any of these individuals, right here? Not that I recall.
Well, according to Mr.
Milliard's records, he purchased a diamond necklace from you within the last year.
That's possible.
Can we take a look at your sales receipts? Not without a warrant.
What, do you have something to hide? No.
But in my business, privacy is paramount.
Customers are buying for their wives, girlfriends, significant others.
I can't afford to breach a confidence.
You, uh, want to talk about what happened? You're kidding, right? You want to talk about my problems.
Figure I'm going to keep you from killing your old man.
And what were you doing in that bathroom yesterday? You're sweating, you're nervous, you're practically jumping out of your skin.
I've got a bad back, okay? Go see a doctor.
And get it reported to the department? Look, I experience pain every once in a while, okay? I'm not going to bitch about it and I'm not going to get desked over it.
It's not a big deal.
I'm dealing with it.
Why do you always grab the keys? What is that, like a guy thing? You drive.
I haven't in a week.
You want me to pull over? No.
Hey, it's me.
Just thinking about you.
Give me a call when you get a chance, okay? Bye.
Going to be another 45 minutes, tops.
Then she'll get you in.
I just spoke with the prosecutor.
Grandma, do you want anything? You want something? My treat.
Here you go, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Look at this.
Tammy won't stop sending pictures of this loft downtown.
It's a lot of money, man.
No kidding, right? It's ridiculous.
Look at this one.
(gunshots firing) Down! Get down! Get down! (sobbing) So, you sold to Mrs.
Milliard? I did when she was married to Mr.
After they got divorced, the jewelry buying stopped.
You ever sell to these individuals here? They got things stolen, too? Look at the list, please.
Doesn't look familiar.
I can check my records.
Could you? Of course.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
How much does something like this go for? $30,000.
That's Art Deco platinum, diamonds and sapphires.
You shopping for someone in particular? No.
Just curious.
So, how many employees do you have? Um, mostly it's just me, I have two sales associates and a setter.
Do they have access to your customer database? Honey, it's the information age.
Everyone has access to everything.
(doorbell rings) This has got to end, kid.
Don't call me "kid.
" So, I don't have any rights? I've forfeited all rights as a father? Mm-hmm.
Why so much anger? Uh, you ruined her life once.
Remember? Now you want to do it again? I just bring over a little weed.
We have some laughs.
We act like a couple of teenagers.
I'm moved to tears.
My liver's shot.
You're unbelievable.
Is that supposed to make me feel guilty? No, no.
I just don't want you to have to regret it later.
Good night.
(quietly): Sam.
Car was stolen yesterday in Echo Park.
Patrol unit found it in the lot at Union Station.
Marta thinks she can do a drive-by at the courthouse and get away with it? She'd try and whack the freakin' president to get her kid out of jail Local newscasters are all over this, man.
Sal's getting You'll have to call DCFS, get her into foster care.
She needs to be in protective custody.
Marta's not gonna stop till one of her boys takes her out.
She will be safe in state custody, okay? They just tried to kill her in front of the (bleep) courthouse.
I'm not putting her through the system.
She can stay with me.
You're not her legal guardian.
I will be after I speak with her grandmother.
Tammi? This is us.
Why do you live way out here? (chuckles): Now you sound like my wife.
Um Did you tell her about me? I didn't, but I will-- and she'll be cool.
That's, uh, Richter.
Richter! He's not supposed to be up on the couch (laughs) You cool with dogs? Yeah.
Tammi! Hey.
Is Jimmy there? Look, just tell the scumbag to come to the damn phone, all right? (panting) No (groans) No.
No, no, I don't want to leave a message.
(exhales) (shuts phone) (drops phone to table) (Velcro ripping) (exhales) (exhales) (exhales) Scheduled an appointment with Dr.
Milan for next week.
(exhales) You want to do in-vitro again? You know, we're paying off the last one.
So you want to just give up? No, we tried it, Dina, over and over again.
So what are you gonna do, trade me in for someone with fresher eggs? I'm not a fool, Russell.
You're in love with her, aren't you? Who? That teacher.
You've just got it all figured out, huh? Admit it.
Why? So you can post it on your blog? You need to leave, Russell.
What? Leave.
Just leave.
(knocking) Hey.
I found your address in the phone book.
You think that's a good idea for a police officer? (chuckles): No, no.
I'll have to change that.
Come on in.
Thank you.
(laughs) My house is freaking me out.
Every time I close my eyes, I see that guy with a gun.
Can I get you something? Uh, water, coffee? Yeah.
Water would be great.
Water? Why did we never hook up? Uh (exhales) Because I was seeing your best friend? Oh, that.
(chuckles): That.
(laughs) Uh Did you always want to be a cop, even in high school? Eh.
What about you, you you play the guitar? Yep.
Yeah, and I write music.
Yeah? Yeah.
That's why I went to New York.
It didn't work out.
I'm glad you're back.
Yeah, me, too.
You look tired.
(laughs) I mean, you look great.
I haven't slept in two days, so All those noises at the house.
That's natural.
I'm exhausted.
Well, why don't you crash here? You take my bed.
I'll sleep on the couch.
Really? Mm-hmm.
(laughs) Thank you.
Okay, um Oh, I'm sorry, it's, uh I wasn't expecting company.
(chuckles) Um, go ahead, sit down.
Uh make yourself at home.
Uh I'll be right there.
So if you need anything, just Okay? Uh No.
Stay with me? Please? I don't want to be alone.
LYDIA: It's understandable, considering the way you've been acting lately.
Oh, okay, you got a new boyfriend and you're an expert on relationships now.
(chuckles): You really don't get it.
What don't I get, Lydia? Russell, you can stay here tonight, but tomorrow, go home and make it right.
No, it's over.
"It's over.
" You can still come home and apologize.
I'm not going back.
You're not staying here forever.
No, I got it worked out.
Bobby, uh-- you know Bobby-- you know, he found me a place, and it's a, uh, client who wants on-site security, so, uh, I'm just gonna stay in the guy's guest house.
(opens bottle) Can I have one of your beers? All right, how are we gonna catch these guys? Well, what do we have so far? Well not much.
In order for them not to stand out in those neighborhoods, they got to be driving some kind of commercial van or truck.
LYDIA: Right.
And they're only hitting wealthy homes, homes that are gated estates, hidden from the street.
RUSSELL: So how are they getting in the gates? LYDIA: I guess they're using, what, like some universal remote or something? RUSSELL: Sure.
They sell those on the Internet.
They wear workman's clothes and masks and gloves.
And in the composer's house, they went in through the garage.
And in a few of the others, they just pushed in the door.
LYDIA: Right, and then that one, they went in through the second story-- they used a ladder.
So what are we talking, three guys, at least? One in the car, one supporting the ladder, and then one making the entry.
They know what they're looking for.
High-end jewelry.
LYDIA: Mm-hmm.
And they don't care if there's anyone home.
(laughter) Come on, clean 'em out.
Don't miss nothing.
(laughter in distance) Excuse me, better go check on the kids.
MAN: We should all be so fortunate.
And don't let her drink all my wine.
Oh, right.
Hurry up.
Check the dresser.
For our anniversary, he had my wedding ring reset.
(whispering voices) Hey! (gunshot, gasps) I am fielding calls from the city council, from the media, from the mayor.
They want answers, and you know what? I want answers, too.
Look, we're gonna solve this case, but not because we're getting spanked.
You wanted a homicide, detective.
Now you got one.
(siren wailing in distance) Where's the body? (indistinct conversation) What'd they leave behind? Left in a hurry.
Ladder's still at the window.
Dusting for prints.
Recover any slugs? Pulled a .
45 out of the wall; pierced the guy's heart.
Got another call-- they're dropping like flies.
Got another homicide ten blocks away.
All right.
It's temporary, Tammi.
Really? So you're just gonna move her in, just like that? Don't want to ask me first? You're the one who always says how much you love kids.
Richter loves her.
Look at him.
Where's she gonna go to school? I don't know.
How's she gonna get there? I don't know.
Um guess I'll drive her.
(quietly): I am an outcast here, Sammy.
Imagine how it's gonna be for her.
Look, she's a good kid.
She needs a safe, stable place to stay for a few days.
(sighs) So, what do we have? Female, white, 40's.
Slug to the back of the neck.
Neighbor called it in.
Do we have a name? Lana Schmidt.
You knew her? Yeah, that's one of the jewelers we interviewed yesterday.
They also took the safe.
Any signs of a struggle or injuries to her body? Not that I can tell, but there is a hole in her septum.
It's probably from a cocaine problem.
A heavy cocaine problem.
So, all our victims purchased jewelry from the deceased within the last year.
Including Mr.
Milliard? Uh yes.
That necklace for the daughter.
Jeweler must have got in over her head and started trading customers for coke.
Wait, right there.
That white van.
You really think these idiots are stupid enough to use their own van? They were stupid enough to drive into a garage with a security camera.
Here, I'll run it.
(men speaking Spanish indistinctly) RUSSELL: You know, the tags are expired on this thing.
The address is probably no good.
The owner's an 80-year-old woman, right? Could be her grandson or nephew.
Or she's too old to notice it's gone.
What's the address again? Should be right up here.
at 2926 Euclid in Boyle Heights with 187 suspects He's going, he's going! of a white van 6-Boy-289-David-6 going southbound in the alley west of Euclid, off of Barano.
Oh! (tires screeching) Two other suspects on foot.
OFFICER (on radio): Requesting backup.
Northbound (engine starts) (siren wailing) Relax and enjoy the ride! PILOT: Okay, white van.
I got a white van.
Here he goes, here he goes.
AIR-11's over the pursuit.
Eastbound on Whittier, coming up to the overpass.
I'm gonna lose him over the overpass, guys.
(siren wailing) PILOT: And he's back now, westbound Suspect's continuing westbound on Whittier.
PILOT: There he goes, guys, right turn, guys, right turn.
He's gonna be northbound on Camulus.
DISPATCH: We've got him northbound Back up! Back up! Go! PILOT: He's northbound on the street Ormay.
(siren wailing) PILOT: Continuing eastbound Barano Street past Evergreen.
He's moving.
He's not stopping.
He's not stopping.
Clear right.
PILOT: Now, gentlemen, coming up to Fresno and it dead end's here at Fresno.
He's slowing down, guys.
Get ready for a bail.
Get ready for a bail.
I got officers in foot pursuit.
It's gonna be southeastbound (grunting) Stay down! Stay down! I got a male black, wearing black over black.
Stop fighting! (yells) Yeah, I'd say we got a Code 4.
Did you see that? Get him up! Let's go.
(suspect roars) (bleep) There's no loyalty amongst thieves.
He folded before I had my second cup of coffee.
What kind of deal did you make? I didn't have to make one.
He gave up his boys because they left him holding the bag.
Hey Lydia, you remember my witness, Janilla? Yeah.
There was a shooting yesterday and her grandmother took a bullet.
Is she okay? Yeah.
Yeah, she's tough.
While she's recuperating, Sammy's kinda playing daddy dearest.
She's living with you? Yeah.
I didn't want to, you know, let her go through the system.
I know the feeling.
Anyway, I don't know how much longer I can take care of her.
My wife's not too happy with the arrangement.
I got it, Sammy.
If you get into any trouble, just give me a call.
You know, my mom's out of town and I've got the space.
Hey, Mom, what is it with you? You left the door open again.
I did? Yeah, you did.
Geez, I'm sorry.
Will you relax? There's a lot of bad people out there, all right? I see it every day.
How sad for you, sweetheart.
You need to protect yourself, Mom.
From what? (sighs) You want me to go into detail? Why are you seeing him again? Why are you letting him back? Can we just hang out and not argue? Please? Yeah, sure.
You want to smoke a joint? For God's sakes, we did it a couple of times.
So what? You're so uptight.
I'm I'm "uptight"? Yes, you are.
What kind of life can you have if you close every door? (doorbell rings) Hey, stranger.
I thought I'd stop by and maybe we could go to dinner.
I can't.
Well, how about tomorrow? I don't think so.
What's going on? Lydia, I don't think this is going to work.
Look, I been wrestling with this.
You know, I even went to see my pastor and I tried, I just can't get past the fact, you know, that you lied.
You know, that you lied about being a cop.
Are you serious? Yeah, I mean how can you start a relationship based on a lie? Well, you knew that before we slept together.
Did you tell your pastor that? (scoffs) (loud rock music playing) Corona.
Sorry about last time.
I shoulda known coke wasn't your thing.
It's pharmaceuticals, right? Get out of here.
(knocking at door)