Southland s01e07 Episode Script


Holiday weekends are notoriously busy for the police.
Our officers had made plans for the weekend, but they were derailed.
Daisy and Ben In bed No.
Yeah No.
Play me a real song.
I played you my CD.
That's not the same thing.
Play me one.
You'll hear me tonight.
I don't know.
I might.
You really gonna be there? Yeah, I'm gonna be there.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
Hey, Clete, you make sure you buckle up.
You're driving.
You going to work? Now? Our day starts when your day ends.
You want some coffee? Yep.
That's a great color.
Coffee, dude.
So, how's it going over there? You meet that actress yet? Nah, she's in Toronto making a film.
So, you coming tonight, or what? Got to be here, brother.
It's not the same without you.
Is that Larry and Bridget fighting again? Yep.
I don't miss that.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Hey, doll.
You're bringing the tri-tip tonight, right? I got it.
Don't forget to marinade it.
She says you got to come home, stop all this nonsense.
She misses you.
We all do.
I'll try to make it, okay? Not good enough- you're gonna be here.
I want you to see my new barbecue.
It's beautiful- I got her used, but I can fix her up.
Can you help me grill later? No.
You know, there was a time when you used to love working side by side by the old grill master.
Oh, stop embarrassing yourself.
Attendance is mandatory, Kimmy.
Forget it- I made plans two weeks ago.
Absolutely not.
It's a family tradition; the whole block's coming.
Do you even know what this holiday's about? Huh? We honor those who gave up their lives defending our country.
Like I give a.
Mom! Sal, she made plans.
No So break 'em.
I hate you.
Do you hear that? Do you I'm going over there.
Where's the friggin' respect? It's Memorial Day, for crying out loud.
What are you doing this weekend? Uh, my friend Daisy has a concert tonight.
Daisy? You still seeing her? Yeah.
She your girlfriend now? Yeah.
You know what, I like her.
Yeah, she's great.
She's smart Yeah? So why can't you say she's your girlfriend? Hey.
My car broke down, and I-I got to be someplace and I'm late.
Well, uh, sir, step away from the car, sir.
I just told you, I have an appointment.
I need a ride.
Right now.
We're not a taxi service, sir.
Call me a cab.
You're a cab.
What is wrong with you guys, man? you guys, bitches?! you! You're not gonna believe this.
They let Marta go.
That's not possible, bro- we had her on ten different charges- sales, possessión, gang injunction None of them were "no bail.
" She paid it- a million bucks.
Well, what about I.
? She's freakin' illegal.
The lawyer told the court that if they deported her back to Mexico again, cartel would kill her.
This is so screwed up.
Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses dying to deal drugs.
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Yeah, you think this is funny? Huh? She and her freakin' sons have tried to take out Janilla twice.
Now she's got to wait for trial again while this monster's out on bail? This sucks! Calm down, Sammy.
She's safe with you.
She's not safe with me.
Tammi's out God knows where.
She refuses to keep a gun anywhere near her in the house.
Yeah, says it's bad Karma.
It invites violence.
Um, I finished my homework, so I'm gonna go work out with the Explorers.
Good girl.
Stay close.
Why? 'Cause I said so.
Stupid bitch moved.
There's cops everywhere.
You think it's easy to smoke somebody in the middle of downtown? Man! You can't handle a chubby little girl.
is to get the trial going again as soon as possible.
We need a continuance, sir.
I'm still preparing A continuance? This is bull! I'm sorry.
We were ready to go to trial.
We were ready, and now you're not ready? All right.
How much time do you need? Enough time to kill our witness.
You think you can get it done in a week? Come on, Sammy.
Y- You can sleep at night, you're, like, knocking off kids? Detective Bryant! Or is or is Marta threatening you, too? Enough, Detective! What's your problem? You need to go home sick.
You need to just relax- I'm fine.
Besides, I'm kind of out of sick days.
Okay, so take a T.
I'm out of overtime! I don't care! I can smell the booze on you! From two days ago! I haven't had a drink since yesterday.
I hit rock bottom, okay? I'm taking care of this.
You just said two days ago.
I got a couple of days off coming up.
All right? I'll handle it then, I promise you.
I'm telling you, he is fine, girl.
Mm, I don't know.
Oh, come on, they're not all idiots like Talib.
Hey, I'm cooking, too, mac and cheese.
Mmm! Four kinds of cheeses, just the way you like it.
Oh, my God.
Ribs, turkey burgers.
The four-cheese mac? See? We're gonna have to run an extra ten miles.
All right.
Last one has to pay for lunch.
You got that, you got that.
Wait! Hold Wait! I'll try to get an administrative order for her removal.
If that doesn't work, I'll reach out to an immigration judge I know, see about getting her hearing bumped up.
We already tried that.
She got asylum.
Well, ain't that a bitch.
Money laundering, IRS Conspiracy, RICO- you're the Feds, for God's sakes.
And I'm on it, guys.
Look, you know how many years we've been trying to put Marta Ruiz away? She skates every time.
We need to put a case on her ass now.
I'll do my best.
Where's Janilla? She's, uh, working out with the Explorers.
This long? I'll check downstairs.
I'll try the parking lot.
All right, now, remember, observe and evaluate the area.
The footprints the tire prints.
Well, I don't think somebody lost their luggage.
All right, thank you.
All right, hospital said Janilla hasn't been in to see her grandma since yesterday.
Told the watch commander if anyone sees her, call us immediately.
What's her boyfriend's name? Janilla's boyfriend, the one in Grape Street, what's his name? Marquece.
But, uh, she broke up with him, right? Yeah, but she's 15- where else are you gonna go when you're 15, you're scared, you're bored, ripped away from everything you know? I'll check for last known address.
Well, Marta's been busy- they just found the body of an Avenues banger in a suitcase at Dodger Stadium.
That's probably the shooter who missed Janilla at the courthouse.
You need to call me, Janilla, right now.
Sammy, text her; she'll read it.
He got pulled over for a speeding ticket.
Got his last known right here.
All right, we're gonna meet Sal at Dodger Stadium.
Jesus Malverde.
The "narcosaint.
" You know, from Sinaloa.
Patron saint for drug dealers.
Looks like a bad actor in one of those cheesy Mexican films, you know? Matinee idol.
Shouldn't even be sharing the name Jesus.
It's freaking sacrilege.
How are you? Yeah.
Me, too.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll be there.
All right.
There's got to be a bathroom around here somewhere, right? God, I got to take a leak.
Hey, uh Is there a bathroom up here somewhere? ¿Dónde esta la baño? Really? Is that funny? I'm going to go take a leak on second base.
All right, I'm rolling with you, man.
You guys cover me here.
He smells like booze.
You notice that? I've had it.
I'm not doing this anymore.
Bottom line? I'll cover for you as long as it doesn't cost me my job or land me in jail.
I think we're there.
He should have retired.
Turn him in.
You do it or I'll do it.
Stop! Put your hands behind your back.
Why you running, huh? Why you running? You carrying? No, man.
Y'all swooping in like that, makes me agitated, for real.
You got to stop Crippin', Rashad.
You sit on that curb up there.
Come on.
I'm just running from the injunction, that's all.
Let's go, Janilla.
But, I just Janilla! What the hell were you thinking? You gonna do that half-marathon? I'm thinking of doing Baker to Vegas.
Hey! Wow! Hello? Hey, Lydia.
Remember I talked to you about our gang witness, Janilla? Uh-huh.
I remember.
We really need your help.
Now? This weekend? I was planning on going to a barbecue with friends.
So, bring her.
Look, I wouldn't ask you unless I really had to.
All right.
All right.
That's fine.
We can bring her now? Sure.
How long do you think she's going to stay? Couple days, tops.
I can't put her in the system.
So, what happened? He tell you that he missed you, hmm? "Oh, Janilla, I missed you so much.
" "I can't live without you.
" No.
What, though? You felt lonely? You miss your grandma? Your friends? Okay.
Look, I know this isn't easy for you.
It's all going to be over soon.
You're doing the right thing.
You know that, right? Yeah? Yeah.
Where's Kimmy? She already left with Chandler.
She's sleeping there.
At a guy's house? It's a girl, Sal.
What kind of name is Chandler? You see what I'm talking about? The whole worid is going to hell.
I spoke to Dina about Russ.
She really misses him, Sal.
She didn't spell it out, but I think she'd be thrilled if he came tonight.
All right, listen.
I'll call him, okay? Just So, did you happen to get Chandler's folks' phone number or anything? Sal, I can't check up on her every minute.
We have to trust her.
No, you trust her.
Why I got to go inside? Think we got curbside service, homie? Ain't no drive-in, primo.
Come on.
Ya voy.
Esta bien.
Where's the girl at? I had her.
Just like I told y'all I would.
Where's she at now? Po-po came and got her.
How much you make off me? We rock that up, and it sold itself.
Now, I got a lot of respect for y'all, selling us like y'all do.
It don't usually work that way.
That's right,.
And for that reason, plus the money you still owe me, you get me that girl.
I got no problem with that, all right? I'm tired of that bitch anyway.
I don't like no kind of snitch.
Hold on! Hold on! Easy, cuz! I want to show y'all something.
"Trust no bitch.
" I'm a bitch, and you trust me.
You'd better find that girl and make sure she stays there.
No more games.
I can do that.
She already texted me.
They're moving her.
Just give me a little time.
Let me settle in.
And I'll let you know when you got your window.
You up again, your whole family's in trouble.
Everybody goes.
That's him.
Camilo "Chuco" Salazar.
"Maria's child.
" We have to go tell Maria her little buster's dead? Yep, we do.
Well, they can "funeralize" him.
What is "sexting"? Is that what I think it is? Yes.
It's what it sounds like.
I'm going to kill her.
I'm going to freaking kill her.
What are you doing this weekend? I am building a decorative retaining wall around my agave garden.
at 2245 Van Ness.
Code 2, incident 1349, RD671.
Could they be any more vague? I also got cactus, too.
And they will take care of this.
You know I am right and you are wrong.
You should have it! What's going on? Every day for 15 years! Ma'am, what's the problem? They're out of chicken nuggets! I've eaten them every day for 15 years! And you called 911 because they're out of chicken nuggets? What am I supposed to do? I don't know what you're supposed to do, but right now, you need to bring it down! No, I won't! Yes, you will! for the watch commander.
It's a private channel, must be important.
Ma'am? Have you tried the fish sandwich? What? The fish.
It's pretty good.
WATCH COMMANDER We have a witness staying with one of our detectives at her home, which is in your area.
We're putting together a security detail.
Roger that.
Work it out with the other units, but we want the house covered around the clock.
Will do, sir.
Looks like you might be missing your girlfriend's concert.
I got that.
Yeah, well, we'll see how it goes, who else is working.
Well, are you hungry? Not really.
We're invited to a barbecue later.
Is there anything I can get you, anything you may need? No.
Come on, Janilla, help me out.
I know this isn't easy, but at least let's try to make the best of it.
We can have our own barbecue, I can run to the store and grab some burgers, throw them on the grill.
Rent some movies? Okay.
Are kids still saying "cool"? So you're building this wall by yourself? You nuts? Got a friend working with me.
That's good.
What kind of concert she doing tonight? Ah, it's a club in Silverlake.
She played me a CD; she's-she's good.
What kind of stuff? I don't know how to describe it.
Um K.
Lang meets Joni Mitchell.
I got to take a leak.
Again? Yeah.
What are you, my mother? What's going on in here? Nobody move.
Six A 37, is Six L 20 available for a meet? Copy that.
Stand by.
Where the hell have you been? W- Whoa, whoa! What are you so upset about? Are you joking? I had to hand Janilla over to another detective because you couldn't be bothered to watch her.
On a holiday, no less.
How do you think that made her feel? I was gonna see if you wanted to meet me for an early dinner at Church & State, but I think I just changed my mind, Sammy! I'm sorry.
Uh, I'm just worried about her.
It's not your fault.
Damn it! She's going to a rave! You know how dangerous those things are? They actually have ambulances waiting there to handle all the overdoses.
I'll go with you.
Me, too.
Yo! Hey! ID, please.
I ain't got no ID.
Um, he's my boyfriend.
It's okay.
Uh, not really, sweetheart.
I live here.
It's fine.
Call the station, tell them what we've got.
Put your hands in front of you, please.
Six Adam 43, request L 90 Why don't you guys come sit on the porch.
switch to TAC frequency.
Copy that, Six A 43.
God, I was out for a minute.
Want to go get something to eat? No.
Huh? We're gonna wait here for a little bit.
What, you turning me in? You're damn right I am! You could do that to me? I told you again and again, Dewey, you've been acting like a cop.
Sergeant's meeting us here.
You ain't turning me in.
You ain't turning me in.
Dewey, stop the damn car! Stop this car right now! All right, I can taket from here.
Look, you're gonna have to leave.
It's not personal, but if you care anything about her, this is for her safety.
So you're gonna have to go.
Right now.
Look, I'm sorry, Janilla.
But this is for your safety, and that has to be my number one concern.
Okay? Okay.
We're here if you need us.
Thanks, guys.
Dewey, stop the damn car! What the hell are you doing?! Dewey, cut it out! Dewey, stop! You're being like a kid! You ain't turning me in.
Stop the car right now! What the hell?! Don't do this! Listen to me! Stop this car right this minute! The hell are you doing?! Officers need help! We have been in a T.
! Car is inside the L.
River, just north of the 1st Street Bridge! Requesting an ambulance! That sounds like Chickie.
Inside the river? Must have gone off the bridge or something.
Call for backup.
Request security backup our location.
A 54, on our way.
How far are you? Copy.
He's going to the farm.
He can dry out.
This sucks.
Hey, he could've killed you.
Hey, he'll be fine.
All right? He'll get the help he needs.
I'm sorry.
I- I should have asked.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
Me, too.
Me, too.
It's gonna be okay.
Is it? "Rave all day and night.
DJs will play till you go home.
" That's a nitrous oxide tank.
Don't worry, if she's here, we'll find her.
Kimmy, where are you? Daddy, I called to tell you I love you.
And I love Mommy Kimmy, Kimmy, listen to me.
Where exactly are you? Are you at the rave? We left.
Kimmy, listen to me! I- I'm downtown, okay? I'm here to get you, sweetheart.
Okay, I love you, Daddy.
Kimmy, don't hang up! Drink water.
Kimmy? Kimmy? She's as high as a kite.
Be all right.
It'll be all right.
Those are really pretty.
Yeah, my mom grew them.
And I'm trying not to kill them.
I don't exactly have a green thumb.
It's really quiet out here.
You know, it's also 'cause it's a holiday.
What is that about again? Memorial Day? Mm-hmm.
It's meant to honor those that died fighting for our country.
My granddaddy, he died in Vietnam.
Really? Mm-hmm.
That counts.
Yo, you better send some help.
An officer just got shot.
I'm right here on San Fernando by the park on Sun Valley Road.
Hurry up; I think he's dying.
He's over here convulsing.
WOMAN All units, citizen reports officer down, needs help.
Shots fired, San Fernando Road near Sun Valley Park.
Hey, boot, you want me to call that girl? Can, uh, explain why you're late.
No thanks.
I'll write you a note.
Have a good weekend.
You, too.
There's an officer needs help call that went out in North Hollywood.
Just being paranoid, Sammy.
Traveling around sure gets me down and lonely Nothing else to do but close my mind Sure hope the road don't come to own me There's so many dreams I've yet to find But you're so far away Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore? MAN Harry! Harry! Harry! Your wife- she's wrecking the town looking for you.
Come on, I got to get you out of here! If she sees me out there, she's gonna kill me! Janilla, I'm going to the kitchen to get something.
Do you want anything? Oh, no, I'm good.
MAN Harry! Harry! I think everything is fine, okay? I just thought I saw something, and I need to make sure.
One-King-54, requesting assistance.
Possible men with guns.
Come on.
Okay, I want you to get into the tub.
Use this only if you have to.
Take it.
All units now, all units.
Come on, man, go.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Jeez.
You gonna shoot me,? It's okay, it's okay.
You're okay.
Lock the door behind me.
You get a good look at them? Yeah.
Got somewhere to go tonight? I don't know- call a friend.
Is there something you need me to do? Hey, you okay? I think so.
Can I talk to you for a moment? The U.
Marshals are on their way.
She'll go into witness protection tonight.
Now you have the money.
That's the way it is, Detective.
Ben, I've been, I've been trying to call you all day to-to talk about this.
Then I realized, we can't talk, like.
You know? Yeah.
I'm going back to New York tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
I just I was seeing someone there, and I thought I was done, I did, but, um, we've been talking the past couple of weeks, and I think we need to give it another shot.
You sure? Yeah, I am.
That's not what I expected, you know.
Uh yeah, yeah, I do.
Come on, come on.
I'm, I'm sorry.
I love you, Daddy.
Susan said he lost his job.
Oh, really? Mm-hmm.
You know what, I'm going to see if they want to come over and have a drink, you know? Make a little peace for the night.
See you later.
Hey, Larry, how you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't, don't! I told you we shouldn't keep a gun in the house! What are you Put the gun down! What the?