Southland s02e01 Episode Script

Phase Three

- Get up! Stand back! Stand back! - Got him? Get back! Officer Ben Sherman is halfway through his one-year probationary period as an LAPD officer.
The job hasn't turned out to be exactly what he'd expected.
Cathleen Kerik calls me last night here at the house.
And she tells me attendance for the press conference is mandatory.
Can you believe that? Like I'm some kid, and I'm gonna skip school the next day.
- It won't be so bad.
- Won't be so bad? Come on, Russ.
What am I the poster child for the entire department now? Come on.
You love it.
I do not, Russ.
Well, you can't blame them.
I mean, you look great on TV.
They probably want me to pose with the damn shotgun.
What are you gonna wear? What? You know what? You should wear that black jacket.
Shut up.
You're gonna be on the news.
You might as well look good.
How are you doing? Great.
Thinking about running an Iron Man this weekend.
Hey, I got to go.
I'm gonna stop by later on, all right? Okay Sure.
Take care, partner.
Listen up.
We live in the digital age.
You are always being recorded.
If it isn't a citizen with a camcorder, it's a security camera down the street or a banger with an iPhone.
There's no place to hide.
You will be on TV.
Spoke to Dewey in rehab yesterday.
He's at Malcolm's House in Palm Springs if any of you want to visit.
I'm passing around a card if you want to sign.
Lucky bastard.
Wish I had a drinking problem.
We have a gang abatement press conference today.
The process does work, so if you see dealing at any of the dope houses, document it.
DA's office is pressing hard again.
Here's the stolen cars for today.
All right, Brown, you're with Ferguson, A35.
Cooper and Sherman are working A43.
- Salazar and Chavez - He's sticking her with the Slug.
Slug? Sherman.
Captain wants to see you end of shift.
That's it.
Good luck.
Wait a minute.
Who are you? I'm Rene Cordero, your new partner.
Stop doing that.
Detective Fernandez, there's a guy out there who seems to think he's my new partner.
He is your new partner.
You said I could work alone until Russ gets back.
We're not sure Russ is coming back.
- Who says? - His doctor, apparently.
He's coming back? Give Cordero a few weeks.
I'm sorry about your partner.
- I know this must be rough for you.
- I've got this excuse me.
Captain wants to talk about completing Phase 2 of your probationary training.
He'll ask you some questions he'll look at your book, and he'll stamp your pass to Phase Three.
That means you get to ride in the car by yourself.
But just because the department says you're ready doesn't mean I think you're ready.
Phase Three, you drive.
We'll find out if it's cool.
Those suspects who are not dead or in jail will be in custody soon.
This is ground zero, and we'll not be going away.
Freaking dog-and-pony show.
You have the right to be safe in your beds.
You have the right to be safe in the streets, and we're not gonna tolerate gang violence any longer.
We cut the head off of one of the gangs today.
And you all know what it's like when a chicken gets its head cut off? It runs around a little bit.
And we're gonna chase these headless chickens for as long as it takes.
It's very simple.
You use a gun, you go to jail.
You sell drugs from your house, we will knock it down.
We are here to stay for as long as it takes.
Now, knock it down! Do we handle Missing Persons? Excuse me? This call, it's an old missing guy, right? I thought all missing reports went downtown.
Patrol must think there's something more to it.
Oh, yeah? Like what? - Are you married? - No What?! Why is a fine woman like you not married? You know, let's stop with the "fine woman" talk.
I really hate that.
- I'm just trying to be friendly.
- Don't.
- How you doing? Detective Moretta.
- Good.
Somebody pissed somebody off.
- Who's this guy? - He only has Mexican I.
- Looks like a day worker.
- Day worker? In a Bentley? God bless America.
Who's the car registered to? Platinum Motorsports on La Brea.
Oh, yeah? That's Trinny Day's place.
I put him away back in the '80s a huge dealer, banger.
- Was it reported stolen? - No, we checked.
This is some south-of-the-border shit.
Sinaloa shoot-out.
Phase Two used to be nine months.
Now it's six.
Pretty soon, they'll be sending you boots straight from Academy graduation to raiding ganghouses by yourself in Watts.
So, what's the deal with Chickie and that Ferguson guy The Slug? They pissed at Chickie for turning Dewey in? He was drinking on the job.
She shouldn't report that? You got to be able to trust who you work with.
She rode with Dewey for years.
She knew he needed help.
She waits until he flips a car to say something? Your partner's in trouble, you find way to help before it gets out of control.
Yellow does not mean stop.
Okay? You almost caused an accident.
- You got something to be nervous about? - No, no.
- Yes, I mean No, I'm sorry.
- Are you sure? Get the hell out of here.
Hey! When it is green.
Both hands on the wheel it's not your daddy's jag.
Go! Go! Come on! There's no way he'd leave his tools out here like this.
And his cane? - Your brother lives alone? - Yes.
At 82? He's very independent.
I come by to check on him every morning.
- That was last time you saw him? - Yes.
I I help him to monitor his sugar, and I give him his shot, he's diabetic.
Has he ever wandered off before? He hasn't wandered off! Something's happened to him! Does he have any history of Alzheimer's, dementia, never disappeared overnight or for a couple of hours? No! Never.
Anything missing from inside? Nope.
Just his car.
His car? He drives? Can somebody tell me when he's on the road, I can be at home watching TV? Canvass the neighborhood.
Find out if anybody saw him leave.
You know, we should call this in.
Let Missing Persons handle it.
You got someplace else you need to be, then go.
I'm sure Fernandez will find somebody else for you to work with.
Turn right.
Turn right! Turn right! What'd you see? I can't believe this guy.
I'm telling you, Russ, you would die.
He's got a little hanky in his jacket pocket.
He was interrogating this poor woman like he was Sherlock Holmes with these penetrating questions.
Well, he is a detective, Lydia.
I know, but I'm telling you you'd hate him.
He just wants to hang out downtown and wait for something sexy or like a double homicide or a beheading.
Hey I gotta go.
You want me to bring you something by later? No.
You know what? Dina's coming by in a little bit.
You know I have your back, partner right? Detective! You're driving too fast.
Slow down.
You pass Driver Training at the Academy? Yeah, I did, with flying colors.
- How's your back? - What? Your back how is it? Look at this.
Dummy! Look like a public urinal to you? Stop Now.
What's your name? Alan Gaylord.
- What's in the bag? - Beer.
Cite him.
What for? Forty five-six-twenty eight, Open container.
May I see your I.
, sir? Your I.
I'm on parole.
This gonna violate me? Turn around and face the fence.
Hands behind your head.
I don't know, Alan.
If I search your pockets, am I gonna find anything? No.
How about when I put your name in my computer? We gonna come back with any warrants? - No, sir.
- All right.
You know what, Alan? It's your lucky day.
You're just gonna get a ticket and be on your way.
Why don't you have a seat.
The old guy was out front when I was leaving for work.
He's always out there working in his garden.
Guy's a fossil.
He's, like, a hundred or something.
Gets pissed when you park on the street in front of his house.
- Starts yelling and shit.
- Just tell the Detective what you saw.
As I'm walking to my car, there's a guy in the yard talking to him.
- And that was unusual? - This guy, yeah.
He was sketchy, you know? Standing over the old man.
Sketchy how? Big, shaved head.
- Caucasian, Hispanic? - Black.
And I was thinking if the old man was yelling at this guy for parking in front of his house, he was gonna get his ass kicked.
But then they just got in the old man's car and drove off.
Did Mr.
Noyes go willingly? Big guy sort of helped him up.
Had him by the arm.
Did he see something? Did you see my brother? What did he do? Did he seem like he was scared, - intimidated in any way? - I don't know.
It was kind of weird is that they left, though.
The big guy was driving.
I could see the old man in the seat next to him.
I thought maybe he was crying.
Oh, God.
You want me to start the paperwork to get his bank records? I already started it.
Should we call a press conference? Press conference? Alert the media.
Let the public help us find him.
missing a year in L.
We can't run to the media ten, abducted from in front of his nice little house in broad daylight.
We don't know that he was abducted.
All right, thanks.
The coroner doesn't have him.
Makes for a nice story on Channel 5.
You want the media, call the sister.
A distraught family member always works best.
You just want your damn face on TV.
It's a nice face, though.
843, handle a code 30 at 1601 North Santa Fe Street.
Meet the owner in front of the building.
I guess somebody studied their map book.
I did, actually.
Nobody broke in the front door, but the alarm went off hours ago.
I've been - calling and calling.
- Sorry to make you wait, sir.
We've been out doing actual police work.
Good morning, sir! - How are you today? - Could you just get me down? You know, I can't figure you guys out.
You plan a burglary, I mean, you must have had drivers waiting to come in the front do, right? You go through all that trouble, and you can't bring a rope that's long enough.
You know how many of these dumbasses I've had to cut down? Look, man, my shoulders are killing me.
Can you just hurry it up? - Where are the other guys? - Read me my rights and get me the down! Actually, I don't have to read them.
See, I have them memorized.
- Did you pee your pants? - Come on, man.
You come to me, you legitimately want to turn your life around, you got a job here.
Louis was like that.
He was one of my best workers.
He was executed in one of your Bentleys with coke on him.
Guys slip.
They get back into the life.
They can't cut the ties.
Louis was former law enforcement in Mexico.
When I met him and gave him the job, he was on the side of the road selling oranges.
That's a very moving story, but I still want to know why this poor worker was driving a hundred-thousand- dollar car with narcotics in it.
Did he take the car without your knowledge? That's what I'm saying.
I'm saying that.
But if your man here was listening, you know what I'm saying You're back in the game, Trinny? Is this whole thing just a front? Got your brothers and others dealing for you again? You got your hustle going? Nah, listen, man.
The only hustle that I have going on is between me and God.
And he's so good to me, I got all the ballers, I got all the rappers, everybody want to come over here and get their Trinny on, you know what I'm saying? Money be green.
You know what I'm saying? All I got to do is to stop the violence, increase the peace on the streets, help out my fellow suffering - gang members - Don't you mean former gang members? Y'all got a lot of learning to do.
Y'all should just go talk to y'all boss, man.
I got a lot of respect - for Detective Salinger.
You know why? - You're gonna tell us, right? When I was clean, he let me go.
When I was dirty, I did the time.
Not like some others.
Respect! That's what we got going on.
That's what me and him got going on.
Noyes withdrew $400 from his ATM account last night at 7:54.
He attempted to withdraw another $400 from our branch on North Hill at 8:26, but was denied.
Would you like me to cue it up to last night's transactions? Yeah, that's Noyes, but I can't see the guy next to him.
Were there any other attempts made to withdraw money - last night or this morning? - No.
- Is that the only angle? - Yes.
There are people waiting in line behind them.
Maybe they had to wait, too.
Can you pull up the transaction before? Sure.
Damn, he's big.
Patrol found his car.
Droopy, why'd you go and kill that nice girl for? I swear it wasn't me, Dawg.
It was someone that looked like me.
- I hate when that happens.
- Seriously, fool, it wasn't me.
I wasn't anywhere near there.
There was a shootout this morning on the Fourth Street bridge.
You hear anything about that? That's some wild, wild West shit right there.
The car was registered to your old boss Trinard Day.
Trinny Day, ese.
Feel so bad for being a banger, eh? Gonna make some amends.
Sabes que, that fool's still dealing drugs.
Still selling weapons, only now he calls himself a "interventionist.
" He's getting funded by the government.
Find out what happened this morning.
Then we'll see what we can do for you from our end.
I'll keep my ear to the ground.
Check it out, Dawg.
I got a new tattoo.
- Look at that.
- You always liked this shit.
That's good.
"Mama Tried.
" You know the song? What song? Como que, what song? Merle Haggard, vato.
- Merle who? - "Mama Tried.
" Can you sing it? - Can he sing it? - Check this out.
I turned 21 in prison Doing life without parole No one could steer me right, but Mama tried Mama tried, Mama tried.
This boy always cracks me up, Dawg.
It's good.
I like it.
I like it.
- Keep digging, Droopy.
- I will.
Don't worry about that.
But then you got to get me out of here, all right? We'll do our best, bro.
The security guard found it parked here.
He was gonna call to have it towed until he looked inside.
- Anything in the trunk? - No.
- Perimeter, Dumpsters? - Everything on this block.
You want us to widen the search? I'll call, get a K-9 unit down here.
Ex-Mexican federale gets executed in broad daylight in the middle of Silver Lake.
- This is freakin' major, guys.
- The Bentley comes back to Trinny? Yeah.
The victim worked at Platinum.
You have any idea how close you all came to up a six-month surveillance today? - Gil, what's up, bro? - What's up? What's up is that we've been on this guy for months and you guys almost blew it.
- Who are you? - Who am I? I'll tell you This is Gil Puente; he's one of us.
- What are we talking about? - Trinny Day.
I see you guys march in, it's like a freakin' nightmare.
I'm like almost pissed my pants.
You guys are set up over at Platinum Motor Sports? - Yes, we are, for the last six weeks.
- How were we supposed to know that? - We're working a homicide.
- That's number two.
Gil, we didn't know, dude, all right? - We never step on your toes like that.
- who is this guy, man? This is my partner, all right? Sammy Bryant, Gil Puente.
We used to work narcotics together back in the day.
- Anyway, man, how are you? - I'm I'm pretty good.
We had another baby.
What? Come here, man! That's beautiful, bro! Congrats! You got a factory? - How about you, man? You got any kids? - We're trying.
Try harder, man.
Anyway, man, the shootout with the Bentley, the driver was my snitch.
- What's Trinny up to? - He's running coke out of Mexico.
Laundering the money, bringing it back in.
Hey, man, why don't you guys come hang out with us? We got ATF, FBI, DEA on it.
We could fold in your homicide.
Hell, yeah, man.
Yeah? That's of course, you know, Big Papa over here says it's okay to come run with the big dogs.
Henry Noyce is 82 and was last seen accompanied by this man.
If you have any information about either man, you're asked to contact the Los Angeles Police.
He's diabetic.
He doesn't hear very well, so If you've seen him, please, please, help us.
Not a dry eye in the house.
We missed out getting some nice face time on that one though.
All right, thanks.
K-9 unit didn't find anything.
- How'd you know? - What? The call from patrol.
Why didn't you just hand it off to Missing Persons downtown? Instinct? Cono, that's why I picked you.
I mean, I knew you were a star.
I just didn't have any idea what level.
- You picked me? - Yeah, girl.
I called in some favors, got some hook-ins, people looking out for me.
And you got to do the same thing.
You got to start using that star quality you got.
There's no telling where we could go.
You know? Excuse me.
That looks like one of the stolen cars from roll call.
Run the plate.
I don't like using the computer.
Call it in then.
What unit are we? A-35.
Need wants and warrants on - What? - We got a hit off the picture.
Alan Gaylord.
Can't be sure it's him.
- The picture is kind of grainy.
- He one of your guys? Yeah, paroled two weeks ago.
I only seen him a couple of times.
- You know where he is now? - You mean where he's supposed to be.
He was paroled into a residential drug treatment facility.
I called.
He walked out yesterday, hasn't come back.
Can he just walk out? They gave him a day pass to go to the DMV.
Supposed to call me first to get permission.
- And did they? - No.
We're under a federal court order to release 40,000 inmates this year to relieve overcrowding.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
A-35, you got a code 37 vehicle.
What's your location? 372 Coliseum Street.
What he's doing? I'm contact.
You're cover.
Sir! Pull over! Put the car in park! Take the keys out of the ignition now! Stop the car now! Sir, stop the car! Stop the car, sir! Stop! Stop the car.
Take the keys out of the ignition! Sir, step away from the car! Sir! Step away from the car! Back up! Back up! Just back up! Why don't y'all leave him alone! Don't move! Ferguson! He shot him! He shot Kadeen! A-35, officer needs help.
Shots fired.
We've got an unruly crowd.
Turn it around.
A-43 responding.
A-35, shots fired, officer in trouble.
- I'm gonna be sick.
Can you pull over? - Code three.
Come on.
Get out of the car! Turn around! Turn around right now! He's not shot! Put your hands above your head! Get back! Get back Get away! Get away! Back up! Bryant, need some backup Bryant, I need backup.
Get off of me! Clear right.
- Can you pull over, please? - Shut up! God, man.
Stay back! Back up! He is not shot! He's just cut from broken glass.
Get out of the way right now.
We will run you over.
Get out of the street.
Get off! Get off! Get off! Stay back! Stay back! Get back.
Come on.
Get him out of here.
Let's go! Get off! Get out of here! Get the hell out of here! Back up! Back up! Watch your head.
Get out of here! Get him out of here.
Get him out! Go! Move! Move! Back the up! - What happened out there? - I don't want to talk about it.
- Ferguson fired his weapon? - I've got to get him inside and notify Force Investigation.
Let's go! I'm driving.
All units be on the lookout for a male black, Alan Gaylord.
Six-two, 200 pounds, bald.
Last seen in the 800 block of South Kenmore yesterday evening wearing jeans and a dark blue windbreaker with yellow stripes on the sleeves.
Wanted in connection with a possible kidnapping and vehicle theft.
We had contact with an Alan Gaylord earlier today.
Who's handling? We cited him on Garvey, north of Third, at about 10:00 this morning - He give you an address? - His I.
said Bakersfield, but he was staying at a drug rehab house in Koreatown - I've got the address.
- We've been, and he's not there You search him? No drugs, no weapons.
Had a couple hundred in 20s on him.
Said he got it from a relative.
He's an addict.
If he got high last night and this morning, he's probably looking to cop by now.
Maybe we'll find him in a box.
Where'd you learn to drive like that? BMW School when your daddy bought you your new car? Tonight with the Captain.
Be all right.
Just answer his questions.
At least I won't have to do paper on you every night anymore.
Why don't we leave this to patrol? He's got cash burning a hole in his pocket.
He's gonna keep coming out to score until he runs out of money.
Or he bought everything he needed last night and he's somewhere holed up getting his high.
Do me a favor.
Let's just not talk.
Think there's any chance the old man is still alive? Department's got an awful lot of units out there.
Stop talking.
We have suspect, Alan Gaylord, in sight.
I got him.
I got him.
Suspect fleeing on foot.
All units, A-43 is in foot pursuit of a kidnapping suspect Eastbound on First Street and Main.
K-54, show us responding to A-43's location, code two.
Where is he? Where is he?! Can't breathe.
Hey, you all right? Where is he? Got him.
Did you carry him down here by yourself? Detective? We may have a pulse here.
Trinny Day says hello, you little snitch! You wait for me? You all right? Couple of cracked ribs.
It's gonna put a crimp on my handball game.
How's our old guy? We won't know for a couple of days.
He lost a lot of blood.
You're pretty fast.
I'm impressed.
What? Chasing Gaylord you must have ran that last 40 in what, five flat? I ran track in college.
So did I.
Distance, mostly.
So want to buy an injured colleague a drink? - Maybe two? - No, I have someplace to be - Hot date, huh? - No, nothing like that.
Hope you get lucky.
So - how is your back? - Fine.
We're gonna process you here, but you're gonna get booked down in juvenile hall and that's where your mom's gonna be waiting for you, okay? Okay.
You want to find a minute, talk about what happened out there? Thank you.
Sherman, Captain's waiting.
You sure you want to do this task force thing? Yeah, man, it's going to be great.
It was a freaking blast.
You two go way back, huh? The academy.
Patrol down at Newton.
Way back, man.
We good? Que onda, brother, huh? How are you? Come on, man.
Hey, this is my brother right here.
Everybody say hello.
I'm Nate.
Nice to meet you.
All right, don't be shy.
Don't be shy Hey, Mickey, right? No, no, some water.
Water, water.
Que water, no water, man.
Whiskeys all around.
So when I get there this morning the dude is putting all your stuff in a box.
You know I told him immediately to stop.
You know what else he tells me? That he asked to work with me.
He has some hookup with upper management, can get whatever he wants.
Like that's supposed to impress me Lydia, I talked to Fernandez.
I told her to box it all up.
I didn't know that.
Well, I guess he did okay later.
You know, he chased the guy down pretty good when he had to.
I guess.
I'm, like, pretty tired.
I'm sorry.
I've been going on.
I'm going to go right now.
I just miss you.
Captain signed my book.
Finished Phase Two.
Almost four months to go.
Want to grab a drink, help me celebrate? Thanks.
I think I'm just going to head home Captain was right to sign your book.
You're gonna be a great cop.
Later, bro.