Southland s02e05 Episode Script

What Makes Sammy Run?

- Season 2 Episode 05 - - What Makes Sammy Run?- Previously He was executed in one of your Bentleys with coke on him.
You're back in the game, Trinny? Back! Richter, back! Back! It helps me relax, okay? Next time, I'll take you down to the station.
Get back to school.
What are you doing hanging out with these people? - You lied to me my whole life! - I'm sorry about that! I'm here because I love you, okay? - I have an on-duty back injury.
- You haven't to explain.
That med allows me to stay on streets, or I lose my field certification.
You have any idea how close you all came to fuck up a 6-month surveillance? - What are we talking about? - Trinny Day.
Veteran cops know better than to take work home with them.
Detective Sammy Bryant had to learn this again the hard way.
Hello? Yo, wake your ass up, puto.
You're sitting at home, missing everything.
Tweety Byrd just got lit up like a freaking Christmas tree 3 hours ago.
Trinny Day's right hand? - Where? - Remember our last surveillance? - That's the spot.
- I'll be there in 20.
Don't look at the camera.
Damn it! I don't have time to be one of your little projects.
It's part of "Day in the Life of a Cop" series I've been working on Work.
That's the operative word.
This is my job.
It's real.
But I thought today was your day off.
Well, my phone is ringing cause somebody's dead.
Murders don't take days off.
You were nicer to me when you wore suits to work.
- Don't forget your prenatal vitamins.
- They make me nauseous.
I closed a $20 million sale today.
Come on.
In this economy? So what? I had a few sakes.
In what, a Big Gulp cup? - Hey, Ben.
- Michelle.
How you doing? Your guy any good? Mine keeps staring at my ass.
- I plead the Fifth.
- You better.
You're going after her, Frodo? Sure.
Taller boots have tried and failed.
You can think of a clever comeback on the way to Los Feliz.
Sammy boy! 'Sup, man? Knock the wife up yet? Who's the other guy next to Tweety? Juan Doe no idea.
They ripped his face up pretty bad, though.
We'll need prints to I.
Yeah, what's up, Pop? Are you kidding me? All right, look.
We're gonna talk about this when she gets home tonight.
Estoy trabajando, pap? Come on.
All right.
I'll see you then.
Mercedes never came home again last night.
You remember? You just watch.
This fatherhood thing's a lot tougher than it looks.
This thing's got Twitter on it.
You think Tweety Tweeted before he got shot? I tawt I saw a Puddy.
Come on, man.
You need to work on that.
So, our victim is Marcus "Tweety" Byrd, head of Platinum Motors San Diego, and a former Crip.
Now, even though Trinny is a former Blood, these 2 go back to juvie hall together.
Bloods and Crips getting along, that's nothing new, we've never seen this level of collaboration between black and Mexican.
Trinny's rewriting the rules.
Black and brown make green, bro.
Everybody coming together, making money, bringing drugs across the Tijuana border.
Probably by our friend here, our dead amigo Tweety from San Diego.
So if Trinny is making everybody rich, including the cartels, - why do they want him dead? - Who cares who wants them dead? - You have something to add, Sal? - Yeah.
I got 3 dead bodies in 2 days and one detective available to work them.
I need you to wrap this thing up.
I need my guys back.
Richter! Richter, stop it! Oh, my God.
Richter! Settle down! Settle! Stop it! Stop it! I am so sorry! So sorry! He's a drug dog, so if he sniffs any drugs, especially marijuana, he just goes crazy.
Really? Where'd you get him? My husband brought him home after he had a nervous breakdown.
The dog or your husband? Makes some legit money, drops the Eastside twang from his accent, and all of a sudden we're supposed to think that Trinny's a changed man? With his hat.
He's trying to get all GQ with it.
You got a hat like that.
Juan Doe's name is Joaquin Perez.
Where is he going? Joaquin's the guy we saw with Nate's daughter.
She's on the couch.
Daddy? I don't care what she saw.
She's not testifying.
It might come down to her, my man.
You got to get her prepared for that.
You know? I'm feeling heat from you, Detective Salinger.
You got something to say, just say it.
- You arresting somebody? - We're getting close.
Close? Close? All right, I tell you what.
So, you nail this guy.
Then what? You stop the drugs, stop the violence.
No more bodies.
No more daughters of cops getting caught in crossfire.
It's Whac-a-Mole.
Pop one Trinny, two more pop up.
This whole damn thing is a colossal waste of manpower and resources.
A waste? Listen, man, I believe in aggressive police work.
And to make a case like this airtight, it takes time and finesse.
Don't tell me how to make a case.
I made the case on this guy over a decade ago.
That's right.
I was hooking and booking while you were still fingerpainting son.
That's my point.
A decade ago.
And a case ain't like this made nowadays with you sitting on your ass, waiting for phone to ring.
The phone's ringing.
And I need my men working the streets, not laid out on them.
Point taken.
Take Sammy back, then.
But Nate, he goes with me.
Let's go, Nate.
We got work to do.
All right, put your tie on.
There's a murder on Vernon.
You're with me now.
Let's go.
Hey, Sammy, you know this guy? I was 13 years old the first time my cousin put a gun in my hand.
But this? These are babies, man.
Let go of me, man.
Come on.
It hurts let go.
What's up, man? What did he do? He made me run.
You know, I caught him tagging one of these over a bunch of names.
He didn't catch me, Sammy.
I tripped! Just get him off of me.
You want to end up like your friend over there? You want someone to cross your name out and you end up like that? Can you put him in the car for a second? Get in there.
Sit down.
- Man, what's your problem? - Hey, Sammy.
His grandfather was an ass.
His father's an ass.
- His cousins, allculeros.
- Come on.
He's my problem.
I'll take care of him.
- He's got my cuffs.
- I'll get them back.
Get out.
Come on.
Don't make them run.
The old guys hate that.
If they catch you, they'll be even more pissed off.
Why were you out there tagging, anyway? You're not in a gang.
You checking out that poster? Kind of soft for you, ain't it, vato? You like kids' movies? - I like the book.
- The book? It's a classic, fool.
Where you been? That's beautiful.
Oye huera.
You get lost on your way to Silver Lake? That's a nice camera.
Can I look at it? How can I take your picture if you're holding the camera? Why would you want to take my picture? 'Cause I like your face.
Move your head a little bit toward me.
Yeah, to the left.
That's good.
just be natural.
This is going to be beautiful.
You got to give me your e-mail.
I'll send it to you, man.
Heavy power, man.
Here he comes.
Looks like the freakin' devil.
Trinny Day.
Man, what the hell? What's Sal doing here? - What the hell is he saying? - I'm not a freakin' lip reader, bro.
Wish he was wired.
Twelve years six months, three days, and five hours, every day longer than the next.
But you did me a favor, Sal.
You gave me time to think, time to read.
Read? What, Hustler? Bible.
Malcolm X.
Fourty eight Laws of Power Soul on Ice.
I saw how the system is built to keep us in jail and to keep us divided, but blacks and Mexicans got a lot in common.
You know, we both worked the fields for the white man.
We like the same oldies.
We both can appreciate a thick girl with a fat ass.
And that's why I got into the car game when I got out.
'Cause, I figured I'd bring the street people together in a positive way and stop all of this black and Mexican violence.
Positive way? Miguel Ramos was shanked in prison hours after my detectives talked to you.
You did that.
Prove it.
Tweety? Loco? Tell me something.
Those bullets meant for you, T? The rain pours on the just and the unjust alike.
You're back in the game.
Whatever it is you're getting away with, ain't gonna last.
- You know that.
- I'm handsome.
I'm black.
I'm rich and I'm legal.
And you can't stand it.
You come in, you talk to us man-to-man, all right? Maybe we can work a deal.
Or stay out here and get eaten alive.
It's your choice.
You think I'm scared of some cowboy hat-wearing, accordion-playing fools? You out of your mind? I'm not scared of nothing.
I'm not scared of anybody okay? They want to bring it, they can bring it.
Look around you, Trinny.
Look around you.
What do you see? Tombstones.
If you're dead, you can't take it with you, T.
It's your choice.
Do the right thing, all right? See this? Perverts upskirt.
- Something's wrong with your iPod.
- What? - Hold on, man.
- No, I don't know.
Hang on a second.
I think it's got a I think they're in Yeah, see, that's not supposed to do that.
It's not.
I just don't even Did you want that? I'm sorry.
You're sorry? Come on.
You know what, if you got a complaint, though, you can call this number right here.
You just explain to them what was on your iPod, and what you were doing with it, and I'm sure they'll replace it for you.
You have a good day.
Look, I told him don't be a fucking culero like your father or your cousins.
But he don't listen to me.
Well, most kids don't listen.
But Juanito is smart.
He's very smart.
Yeah? He is.
He'smuy listo.
Just if you don't mind, I'd like to check in on him from time to time.
Is he in trouble? No, ma'am, he's not, but I'd like to make sure he stays that way.
- Do you have to go right now? - Yeah, it's it's getting late.
- You all right? - I'm good.
What do you think of my mom? She's a nice lady.
- She's not seeing anyone, you know.
- Okay.
I got to go.
Think you can stay out of trouble for more than 24 hours? What are you doing tomorrow? Nothing.
Staying here.
- Here? - Yeah.
All right.
All right.
Great police work, Sal.
I guess sitting behind a desk teaches that kind of stuff.
You just tainted a six-month investigation.
You knew we were watching and you just walk right in.
I could take this to court now? You wasting everybody's time and you know it.
No, what I do know is that you're on the take.
You work for Trinny.
That's why you want to bust up my task force.
You're the one on the take, cowboy.
Grabbing up all my people, wasting money on helicopters, cameras, and for what? You are never going to find Trinny in the same room with - with dope and guns, and you know it.
- Listen, just stay the hell away from my investigation.
Can you do that? You're a fossil, man.
You couldn't find your ass with both hands.
Back up! Back up! Both of you! Sal, you can't afford this.
- You can't afford this! - I'm a D-3.
I can have your badge.
Take my badge! You think I'm scared of you? Take my badge.
It's right here.
This ain't over.
- This is not over.
- Damn right it ain't over.
You're damn lucky he's here.
That's Payaso from Tortilla Flats.
- Do you know Julio? - Julio? Yeah, I met him when I was out shooting in Echo Park.
Are you kidding me? He's a gangster.
You could have been killed.
Sammy, don't be a racist pig.
Tattooed tears, the web on his elbow.
He murdered people to earn those.
His name has come up in about four different open investigations you're taking pictures of him? Do you have any idea what could have happened if he knew you were my wife? My photographs are good, Sammy.
They're actually really good.
Did you even look at these? You take a pretty photo of a loser like that who kills kids and sells drugs, and you want me to admire it? This is my work, Sammy! This is real.
This is what I do.
You might want to check it out sometime.
Amigo, there's no problem.
My wife just have a little too much to drink.
All right, the rest of you on the ground now.
Take your hat off for me.
Get your hat off.
How come you didn't tell me you spoke that much Spanish, Benicio? Dispatch made it sound like a telenovela out here.
Keep an eye on everyone.
We're go take a look at the apartment.
Finished searching him? Why are we going inside? - It's a disturbance.
They're all here.
- See that open door? Scratch on his cheek? We always search the house on a domestic call.
Even if you've already detained the people involved in the dispute outside.
This one guy I knew, didn't search the house after the call, and two days later, they found three bodies on the floor.
Hello? Hook 'em up! How much? They're saying, three, four million in cash.
They're still taking pictures of it.
You found this out because one of these guys was plugging his wife's sister? - I love this job, man.
- Where's the money now? Watch commander's coming in with two more guys to monitor chain of custody.
What's up with that? They don't trust us? - Want to see it? - Please.
Thank you.
Be nice.
Be nice.
Narco bling, baby.
And they were watching us while we were watching them.
- So what do we got? - Mother lode.
I'll answer it.
Diga? Caballeros, the drugs have arrived.
Will they be able to see me? No.
Listen, you go on ahead, and I'll be there in a minute, okay? So the guns, the ballistics, they all match 100% both shootings, - the Bentley and the nightclub.
- So we got him.
- She points him out? - Yeah, got him cold.
Sounds like you liked it.
Nah, man, it was all right.
Oh, man, you should have taken me to see this.
I'm not taking you to an R-rated movie.
It's a bestseller by Cormac McCarthy, the same dude who wrote "No Country For Old Men".
I saw it on cable.
I didn't know it was a book before.
You should read more.
It was a good book.
Don't tell anybody I read it, though.
I'm serious.
Don't screw with my street cred.
Crap! - Does your phone have a camera? - Yeah.
Why? Take a picture of me.
Make sure you get all the colors.
- I want to show my mom.
- All right.
Here we go.
The duck.
And our last one.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? I don't.
I bet you're the type who saw Lord of the Rings, then went back and read the books.
I read the books long before I even saw the movie, ese.
That's my point.
You can read thousands of pages, but you can't stay in class? We don't read that in class.
Guns are gonna replace the spray paint cans soon.
We both know that.
Do you really want to join a gang? Do you really want that kind of a life? We got a lot of kids in the Explorers that are going through the same thing, and they got through it.
You're smarter than that, Juanito.
So joining your gang is better? The Explorers are not a gang.
The cops are the biggest clique in L.
Yout got choices.
Rich people got choices, but everybody else, you do what you gotta do.
Wait! - You see anything? - Yes, sir, he's rolling in right now.
You sure it's our boys? All right, guys, we got a blue and white rolling in right now.
Gonna wait till she docks, all right? Hold tight.
Let's move.
Suavecito, suavecito.
It's just kids, bro.
Yep, rich kids.
The name of the boat: Marado.
Heading in right now, guys.
Just hold tight, guys.
When I say go.
Yeah, yeah! Go, go, go! Hands in the air! On your knees! On your knees! Good accent? Let me guess.
Prep school? Take your daddy's boat down, come back with a bigger catch? How we lookin', Nate? - Smells like Teen Spirit, bro.
- Teen Spirit.
He doesn't want that now.
The question of the night: which one of you two white boys is gonna bitch up first and tell me everything I need to know? What was that, an olly? Yeah.
How'd you know that? I know a lot of stuff.
Are you gonna have your dog attack me again? Depends On what? You holding? Maybe.
They aren't talking.
Their women aren't talking either.
We got all the evidence we need.
Everything matches.
No crack.
We got his wife, the pregnant girlfriend he really loves.
We send both their sexy asses back to Mexico.
They ain't gonna like that.
Cartel's gonna caught and kill those women.
They'll flip.
These guys are dying to flip.
They just don't know it yet.
See what's up.
Hey, man, get out of my way.
- What's up? - Where you from? Come on, Drew.
We used to kick it.
Why you playing? Where you from, fool? Get him! Beatdown! "We're gonna talk man-to-man.
" "Cop-to-cop.
" "So Trinny was smuggling drugs for the cartel?" "To get the drugs in is easy.
The hard part's getting the money out.
" "That's why when you find somebody you trust, you stick with 'em.
" "A lot of people like Trinny.
He's smart, focused, very detailed.
" "All right, you haven't answered my question: What does Trinny do?" "Trinny doesn't deal with guns.
He doesn't deal with drugs.
" "Real money is in the money.
" "That's what he smuggles for us.
Everybody wants money.
"Bankers, politicians, and everybody has their price.
" "So Trinny had his price, right? Let me guess.
" "He was skimming money off the top.
" "Stealing from the cartel, right?" This is what I'm talking about! - Like that, huh? - Nice! "There has to be honor amongst thieves.
You can't steal.
Those are the rules.
" "When you break the rules, there will be consequences.
" "Justice must prevail.
" There you go.
All clear.
There's no Trinny.
No nobody.
Let's take the office.
Maybe we should get the dogs to sniff it.
What's wrong? You scared? - Scared? - Come on.
Open it up.
Richter, chill! Just chill right now! I'm sorry, man.
He just goes nuts.
It's chill.
It's chill.
Hey, slow your roll.
"Hey, slow your roll!" What are you, like, one of these white kids who thinks he's black? See, you're smoking kind of fast.
That's medical marijuana.
Blueberry Kush will knock you on your ass.
How old are you? Seventeen.
Son I been smoking Chronic since beforeThe Chronic came out.
That was like eight years ago.
You think I'm talking about The Chronic 2001.
You must really be a youngster.
I thought you got the bacon-Swiss.
No, no, no, mushrooms.
That's what they call innocent bystanders that pop up in the way of stray bullets during drive-bys.
- They pop up like mushrooms.
- That's dark.
- You think this is a stray bullet call? - Does it matter? I can't even keep cases straight anymore.
Yo, Mrs.
Bryant? Later.
Later, man.
Streets are talking, man.
Well, what are they saying? You ain't hear it from me.
But they saying it's that kid that's always hanging at the center.
What? Li'l Casper.
Sammy? Get in the car! Damn it.
Excuse me.
Hey, you can't just walk in here I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Why?! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! It's only 2.
5 million so far.
That's probably just Monopoly money for you, isn't it? The Assistant Chief, he knew my name.
He gave me his card with his private cell phone number.
People are gonna start knowing your name.
Lot of units are gonna be looking for you once your probation's over.
Special Problems Unit, GIT, Narco.
This whole place- it's gonna be wide open for you.
Just like it was for me.
Half this job is luck.
But you won't stay lucky unless you stay sharp.
You better enjoy this.
These victories and good days on the job, they're far out numbered by the bad ones.
I didn't mean to lie about smoking.
It's just, Sammy, I have nothing to do out here.
It just gets so frustrating.
And I know I said that I wouldn't if we got pregnant, but Sammy, we aren't pregnant.
I got my period this morning so I figured it wouldn't do any harm.
It was it was medical marijuana.
I didn't know it was that strong.
Look, I know what that kid looks like.
We can talk to somebody at your work and maybe make a sketch.
We will get the camera back.
He won't be able to sell it.
And if we don't I'll, I'll get a job.
I'll work it out, okay? I'll get you the money back, Sammy.
Please talk to me.
Sammy, please, just say something, anything.
Sammy, please talk to me.
I'm so sorry.
Please talk to me.
It's not the work of one individual, but of a team.
The chief gave me a list of names.
I would like to personally thank Detective Gil Puente, Detective Danny Salinger Detective Nate Moretta and patrol officers John Cooper and Ben Sherman for their excellent The D.
just said your name.
No longer will the gangsters operate It sounds better when you say it.
- The king is dead.
- Long live the king.
He was a worthy adversary Trinny.
Had a good head on his shoulders, right? A head is a terrible thing to detach Yo, the United Negro College Fund is gonna whup that ass for that.
- Why, you gonna rat me out? - I ain't rattin' you out.
It's all you, man.
Yo, you all right, Sal.
You still tussle like a little bitch.
I'm a boxer, okay, not a wrestler.
- I see.
- You're playing that card.
Yeah, I'm playing that card.
I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid.
You know, Sal, we're going to go to El Cholo's for enchiladas, bro.
Nah, you guys go ahead and go without me.
Tomorrow shave that crap off your face, put on a tie.
You're back on my table.
Welcome back.
A tie? So, what do you think, man? - Is this thing really over? - What'd Sal call it? A Whac-a-Mole? One goes down, two pop up.
It's never over, man.
It's never over.
The Road, that's a good one.
Do you have a Borders Rewards card, sir? Would you like to get one? Sign up today, you save 40%.
- I don't read much.
- Are you sure you don't want one? I'm sure I don't.
Just keep it.