Southland s02e06 Episode Script

Maximum Deployment

- Season 2 Episode 06 - - Maximum Deployment - Previously You're still calling him "partner.
" That can't make him feel good.
I'mtrying to give him hope and let him know I'm still here for him.
I just miss you.
You're a crap cop, okay, Chickie? You used to be a good one, but you're not anymore.
You know, it goes against my business instinct, - but you might have a lil drug problem.
- Let's get out of here.
John! Need a hand! Somebody's pinned! I'm gonna check the legs.
He's clear! - Clear? - Yeah.
Guys, the back.
Push it down.
We're going to lift up.
Okay On three.
One two three.
On this night, Officer Ben Sherman'd learn that a cop's only as strong as his partner.
We got a double.
Who's on it? Me.
I'm up.
You can take the new guy with you.
New guy? Ray's in court for one day and you stick me with somebody else? I like Ray.
We click.
Trust me You'll like this one, too.
Russ, you're out of the hospital.
A week ago.
A week? It's been a week since I've talked to you? He's on light duty.
So, don't go chasing after any criminals.
Surprised? Dina let you out of the house? Yeah.
She's in New York, meeting with publishers.
Publishers? She's trying to sell her blog.
"I Heart a Cop.
" Gonna make it into a book.
But there's not a lot of love between us these days.
So, that means it'll be a work of fiction.
Yeah Exactly.
"I like Ray We click"? The ones I've been getting aren't working anymore, Laurie.
Your dealer is not selling you placebos, John.
You know him? No.
Lis You're building up a tolerance, okay? Even if I gave you something stronger, you'll eventually build a tolerance to that, too.
You are in pain for a reason.
You've gotta start listening to your body or you gonna to wind up in a wheelchair.
I don't know a lot of married couples that can still stand each other after a divorce.
I still think of you as family.
What? You have cancer or something? I'm turning 40 next week.
And I'm thinking about having a kid.
That's good.
A kid.
Who with? I'm checking out options, okay? Adoption and a sperm donor.
I wouldn't laugh.
I used to think that we were going to have a child together once.
You asking to have a kid with me? Will you at least think about it? I'll think about it.
Thank you.
Other end of a black man's gun, you're either gonna get shot or robbed.
And one of these six-toed, banjo-playing peckerwoods points a gun at you, you're going to the desert in a cooler.
Probably make a belt buckle out of your nipples.
You gotta admire their leather-working skills? So, did you, did you get that reservation? - I did.
Thank you.
- Sure.
You taking Captain Sue out tonight? Gonna celebrate her promotion.
Look at this guy.
Married to the bars and stars.
Does she sign your overtime slips? 'Cause that would be convenient.
- Funny guy.
- Does she like to clean your gun? - Shut up! - Excuse me, ladies.
- Sorry, it's early.
I hadn't coffee.
- How's it going? I'm doing a story on the Canyon Rapist.
Three rapes in one month.
Yeah, scumbag Impersonating a cop.
City's in a panic.
- Do you care to comment? - I think I just did.
I want to see you.
I want to see you, too.
All right, listen up.
We're at max deployment.
Everyone knows why.
The Canyon Rapist.
There'll be no days off.
All Vice, SPU and nonessential detective personnel will roll with us until further notice.
This guy's hit our division I take that personally.
I know you do, too.
Now that you got your car assignments, I'm gonna turn it over to Detective Roberts with Sex Crimes.
The guy we're looking for is a male Caucasian.
Six-foot-two Hundred ninety pounds Brown hair.
Blue eyes.
Approximate age, 40.
His uniform is like ours.
His badge is a shield.
This department's had to overcome a lot these past 20 years.
There are people out there who'll think this is another dirty cop.
We can't allow that to happen.
The sooner we catch this guy, the sooner we can all go back to normal.
Max deployment is not the way to go for this.
Care to tell me why? Sure.
The rapist is used to seeing 1 or 2 black-and-whites on the street.
Now he sees 10 to 20.
Maybe that's the idea.
- It'll push him out of our area.
- Force him into hiding.
Five times the amount of boots on the street.
Just makes it that much more likely we're gonna catch him.
You're wrong.
Last guy that dressed like a cop and raped women got caught because of a lone cop with world-class instincts who froze his balls off in an alley for two nights.
Trust me, when this guy gets caught it's gonna be because of a street cop.
Maximum deployment.
Nothing but a hand job for the press.
John John, up on the left.
I locked my keys in my car.
What would you like us to do about that, ma'am? Can't you just use your master key? The "master key.
" That magically unlocks everything.
Every door in the whole city.
John, there's a rapist on the street.
Pop the trunk.
Have a nice day.
The home of Jack and Linda Durand.
Well liked in the neighborhood.
Back window was pulled off.
Kid tried to call 911, and wasn't able to get a line out.
Phone is dead.
Which is consistent with the grandson's story.
- How old's the kid? - Four.
Where's little boy now? Down the street at his preschool.
Ran to nearest place he can recognize.
School administrator's called it in.
- You want me to bring him here? - No.
We'll go to him.
Could you get a photograph of this? - Is that a homemade silencer? - Yeah.
Jewelry's gone.
No pro would turn a simple home invasion into a double homicide.
Jack was shot first.
Silencer blew off and hit the headboard.
Forgot that you did that.
Call the murder victims by their first name.
Linda must've heard the shot and woke up.
You got a time of death? Lividity puts it between midnight and 2:00.
Come look at these defensive wounds.
Who knows what the grandson saw? I'll go to the preschool.
I'll find out.
The car needs repair work sooner or later.
Go ask some questions.
Stay here.
Hope you've given some thought about the conversation we had a few weeks ago.
What? Communications Division.
I've never worked a desk in my life.
You want me to start out all over again on the bottom? How's that different than what you do now? - What's your problem? - Look, I know this sucks, all right.
But people don't always get better with practice.
You're not a street cop anymore.
Cause I disagreed with you? Not cause you disagreed with me.
It's cause the way you see things.
The way you carry yourself.
Maybe it's scause you worked - with Dewey for so long.
- The way I carry myself? Fuck you, John They haven't worked on any black Crown Vics.
Good, let's keep moving.
I don't know that much about pearls.
So, how do I know? Natural pearls, the best.
Only from the Red Sea.
Yeah? How much? You help after robbery, Sal.
Wholesale for you.
All right, I'll take this one here.
She will have for the rest of her life.
- Good choice, my friend.
- Yeah, let's hope.
I'll be right with you, all right? - Hey, what's up? - I'm at a press conference.
Your wife is here.
She's prettier than I expected.
You didn't talk to her, did you? God, Sal, what kind of person do you think I am? The mayor's here.
He says he watches me every night.
Yeah, I'll bet he does.
He was really nice.
He actually invited us to party at his house tonight.
Are you crazy? Us? That's not gonna happen.
Well, he invited me.
But I'd love to have you there.
Yeah, I can't.
I got plans.
With the family? Listen, I gotta go, all right? He's my child.
I want to take him home.
Is this how you treat your parents of your children? - Is this what you do? - Detective Clarke.
Is that a detective? Detective, I need to speak with you now! I'll be out in a few minutes.
Have a seat.
And they look around.
So, Michael, this is where your granny and grandpa sleep, right? Where's your room? Show me with this guy.
Where's your room? Is this your room? Cool.
Is this where you were when you heard the boom? Close your eyes.
The green dragon is coming.
Green dragon? The one that made grammy melt.
She walked right down from the hill Who did this to you? He he was a cop.
A43 Code 6.
Just occurred at our location.
You're safe now.
Suspect being described as a police officer.
Where's Max? - Max? - Where's my baby? Ma'am, you had a baby with you? Where's your baby? Where is he? In my car! Wefollow you to the hospital.
We won't leave until you're joined by a counselor, okay? You understand? Is he okay? A43, advise all units, we found the child.
A43, copy that.
It didn't seem real, you know? I'd seen something about it on the news.
I almost didn't stop the car.
But then I saw the police lights.
He had a uniform and everything.
Is he a police officer? No, ma'am.
He wasn't.
Take this.
It's for your shoulder.
Hey, Kathleen.
- How've you been? - I'm good.
How are you? I almost didn't recognize you.
It's been a while.
- Excuse me, my sister - Yeah, hi.
My sister-in-law, - Misty, is here.
- Okay, have a seat.
Michael! Hey, kiddo! - How you doing? - I'm good.
Good, everything okay? Where's Michael? I don't want him going to one of my sisters.
He's mine.
Why can't I have him? Child Protective Services has him.
It's up to them where he goes for the time being.
If you love him so much, why did your mother have custody of him? She was keeping him for me for a while.
How long have you been doing meth? I'm not gonna lie to you.
I own a 12-gauge.
You got priors.
You got domestics.
I called the sheriff's station out in Palmdale.
And they say that they're out at your place twice a week.
Misty, man.
She's kind of a force of nature.
So, it's her fault that there are holes kicked in all the walls of your apartment? Would you blame a tsunami for being a tsunami? Where were you last night between midnight and 2:00 am? Driving - in Arizona.
- What were you doing in Arizona? I was delivering cold rolled steel for the industry supply house I work for.
We're going to have to test that shotgun.
You know, I I hurt my leg once poppin' wheelies a few years ago.
I never been the same since.
So excited to see you.
High-five, buddy.
Thank you.
I hope she burns in hell for what she did to our parents.
The jewelry was missing.
Meth addicts rob their families all the time.
You said it yourself, you and Dennis got high.
Maybe the two of you got carried away.
What were you wearing? - What? - Your clothes.
Your son saw the killer.
Oh, God! I'm serious, Chloe.
Just promise me that if a cop pulls you over you're go keep driving to a public area.
Yeah, I already called Mom and Olivia.
I'm calling you last because you're more stubborn than them.
Just, just don't be stupid.
I'm your big brother.
I love you.
How long are we gonna have to hang around before we get back on the street? We're just waiting on the rape crisis counselor.
They should be her in the next few hours.
You really want to get this guy.
My mom was raped.
Because they're Nazis and my life is Auschwitz, that's why.
Dad! What? What! Can I sleep over Melissa's house tonight? That's why you're yelling? I said no.
Just like the last 12 times you asked me.
You know the rules.
I have to meet Melissa first.
Look, there's your girlfriend.
Kimmy? What is it? Well, can I? Yeah.
- Sweet.
He says I can go.
- Wait a minute.
I thought we said no.
I changed my mind.
She was at the press conference today.
We gotta get going.
Come on.
Can you, do me a favor, Kath? Look, I hate to ask, but, I hurt my back early in the shift and - I have some Motrin.
- I took some already.
It's still killing me.
- Here's a sample pack.
- Great.
- Does the trick for my migraines.
- Cool.
It's good to see you.
And the plaster cast? I see.
Yeah, I'll hold.
I had to kick Dennis loose.
He had a rock-solid alibi.
Well, Misty's going downtown.
If she knows anything, she'll roll.
You're so good, it's bad.
Allergy-free? Thanks, Mark.
I appreciate you guys rushing it.
So, the material that we sent out to the lab that he made the silencer out of is a hypoallergenic quilt stuffing.
It's bought in bulk, and it's only sold in one place.
In the City of Industry.
- Good tacos out that way.
- Yeah.
You're doing good, Russ.
Apart from the limp.
Do I look pasty to you? You always look pasty.
You never look pasty.
I'm getting my first gray hair.
See that? - That's from worrying about you.
- Bullshit.
This could be the guy.
You're contact.
I'm cover.
You get everyone out of the vehicle.
A43, show us Code 6 on Winston between Main and Los Angeles.
Requesting warrants on 3-Ocean-Edward- Boy-0-5-8.
Could you shut off the engine and get out of the car for me now, please? Why? Why? Put your hands on the wheel now! Sir, put your hands above your head.
Keep 'em up.
Turn around.
Face the car.
Slowly walk back towards me.
Passenger, open your door, and step out of the vehicle.
That's enough.
Put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers.
You got me? Get to the back of the car.
- Where'd he pick you up? - Down on Santa Monica.
What you doing in a black Crown Vic? - It's my car.
- Yeah? How long have you had this car? - Five, six years, bro.
- Five, six years? You guys been hearing about this rapist running around? This is not the guy.
Black hair? Short? - Is he a regular date? - Yes.
I know him.
- Still a 647a.
- No.
Come on.
No way.
Car checks out clean.
No warrants.
You want to kick him loose? We take him in on a lewd conduct, we're off the street for, what, another hour at least? Mr.
Petrosian, it's your lucky day.
You have the right to get out of here.
I suggest you exercise it.
- Third row from the top.
- Thank you.
Do you guys sell hypoallergenic quilt stuffing? Yeah, alpaca.
We sell a ton of that stuff.
- You do? - Yes.
World's a very toxic place.
Do you recognize this woman? No.
We're wholesalers.
People are in and out.
You know, interior decorators, upholsterers.
They pay cash mostly, or they buy on account.
- How far back does that thing go? - Few weeks, maybe months.
We're going to need to see your tapes.
All of them.
- Who the hell is Melissa anyway? - One of her friends.
Have you met Melissa's parents? I work, Sal.
You're the one who gave her permission to go.
I know.
Who's that? Just the guys.
Nate and Sammy will have to make do without you for two hours.
Ten years of marriage, my wife lets me have sex with her three times a year now.
A toast.
To the best new captain in the department.
I don't know what took them so long.
You deserve it.
- Thank you.
- To you.
I'm a good cop.
Right? Yeah.
I mean, a street cop.
What is his deal with me? I don't know.
You should ask him.
Possible traffic collision.
The vicinity of Fountain and Hayworth.
Show us en route.
Sure it doesn't bother you? What, you making captain? Why should it bother me? Do you remember that, Bill? Because I outrank you.
Come on.
You must be catching a lot of crap from the guys.
Yeah, a little bit of ball-busting.
How embarrassing.
Yeah, so, all right Listen, Susan, you saw something, and you went after it.
I'm proud of you.
Very proud.
Open it.
They're beautiful.
Put 'em on.
You got to stop spilling things when you get drunk.
My bad.
Not to me, you idiot.
To the lady.
"My bad" is not an apology.
Let's go.
Baby-sitter, go.
Traffic accident.
The corner of Homewood and Cahuenga.
Two vehicles involved.
Multiple victims.
Roll me an RA unit.
Look out.
I got these two on the left.
It's all right here? Need a hand! Somebody's pinned! Come here! I'm gonna check the legs.
- Legs pinned.
- Hang on! Hang on! - He's clear? - Clear? - Yeah.
Get him.
- Okay, the back, push it down, we're gonna lift up.
- Okay? On three.
- Ready.
I got him.
All clear.
Just keep your arms down by your side.
We got you.
We got you.
Come on.
Let's go.
So, you want me to swing by your place later and make you a grocery list? You know, I can take care of myself.
Well, have you even tried to work things out with Dina? How about you? - How about me what? - Well any forward movement with the reporter? Or the guy who had to check with his pastor for everything? Or the guy that married the woman he impregnated when he cheated on you? - Terrell.
- Terrell.
I always admired his commitment to family values.
My hero.
You were so great back there.
It's like old times.
Ought to do that more often.
- It's Kimmy.
- Of course.
Hi, sweetheart.
Mom? Kimmy? What is it? What's wrong? I don't know where I am.
You don't know where you are? Give me the phone.
Give me the phone.
Kimmy, it's Dad.
Where are you? I was leaving a party and got a ride with some guys.
- Pull over.
- You what?! Daddy, don't yell at me.
I thought they were just going to the next party, but they threw me out of the car when I - when I wouldn't - Kimmy, where are you? - Somewhere in the hills.
- Describe it to me.
I don't know.
It's got weeds.
Oh, my God.
Daddy, I see headlights.
Is that you? How could it be me? You haven't told where you are.
What if it's them coming back for me? Kimmy, do you still have the mace I gave you? Okay, take it out, and get off the road.
Daddy, well, he's slowing down.
- What color is the car? - Black.
It look like Daddy old police car? - I don't know.
- Listen.
Oh, my God.
he's stopping.
Do you need help? If he's that bad, we need to take him to a hospital.
We can't take him to a hospital.
We take him to a hospital he's done.
- He's out of the field.
- What do we do? I got some pills at my house.
- You need a doctor.
- Just take me home now! Russ, Russ, the aunt and uncle.
- Where are you going? - Child Services just placed Michael with two murders.
I messed up.
I missed it.
I can't.
- There she is.
- Okay, we see you.
Oh, my God.
You all right? Honey, you showed poor judgment.
Poor judgment? What kind of a friend leaves you at a party? - Dad, stop.
- Let's go.
You used to be on top of these things.
We talked about this.
Talked about what? You promised me that you wouldn't let anything fall between the cracks.
- You're the one who said she could go.
- No, we made a deal.
Hang on.
Why don't you just say it? You resent me for going back to work.
That's a nice bait-and-switch you pulled.
How stupid could I be? I actually thought you would be proud of me.
Work does not give you a free pass from being a mother and a wife.
Dad, you are such a hypocrite! You're the one who's screwing that news reporter! Mom.
I'm sorry.
Take your fucking pearls.
Who is that? A friend of his, I guess.
- You all right? - Yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna I'm gonna call in and deduct out.
I'm not finishing the shift.
Who is that, John? It's one of my dealers.
Let's go.
I want you out of here in the morning.
He said that was his dealer.
He was just messing around.
You know what? Your partner's in trouble.
You'd better get him some help because if you don't he's going to take you down with him.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
That was a long day.
They're all long.
Did you make the arrest? Financial problems.
The parents weren't rich, but the house was paid for.
I guess somebody wanted their inheritance early.
I can't do this.
I thought I could, but I think I'm done.
Russ, there are other jobs in the department.
I know.
I just I got a lot to handle right now.
You know I love you, Lyd.
I love you, too, Russ.
I'm so sorry I couldn't get off, but I, I picked you up some Epsom salts and a cold compress and Ten milligrams, Yeah, if you take more than two of those at a time, you are gonna screw up your liver.
All right? Did you give any more thought to what we talked about this morning? The answer's no.
Yeah, I'm an off-duty police officer requesting backup on Mulholland and Laurel Pass.
Possible rape suspect.
I've got a black Ford Crown Victoria with bull bars, vehicle license: Thanks.
- Look, listen.
- Put the rock down right now! - Drop it.
- I'm a cop, too.
Look, I'm a cop.
Get down on the ground.
All right, okay, all right.
You think you're a cop?! You're no cop.
I'm a cop.
I'm the cop.