Southland s03e04 Episode Script

Code 4

Aah! Most of us go to work every day with a pretty good idea of what's gonna happen.
As Detective Bryant will be reminded of today, cops never do.
When is he leaving? Soon.
He's looking, all right? He's looking, or he's telling you? Don't start.
I made you breakfast, Sammy.
Thanks, Pete.
You're welcome, Sammy.
Extra crispy, just like I like it.
Mommy wants to know when you're leaving.
You ready to go, partner? Mm-hmm.
Baby! Yeah? Your lunch.
Thank you.
So, are you gonna be joining us again for dinner tonight, Sammy? Um, no.
I-I made plans.
But thanks.
Take care, Pete.
All right.
Have a good day, boys.
He dumped me with a text -- a text.
Not even a phone call, a text.
I'm too old for this.
Mama, you are not too old.
You're just pissed off, and you have every right to be.
Well, how do you do it, going without? I don't go without, mom.
Lieutenant, I don't have time to babysit Manheim and Roche.
I have three open homicides and that testimony tomorrow.
Yes, ma'am.
If they can't handle their own cases, I just don't understand why they're -- yes, ma'am, I have the address.
Mom, take a long, hot bath, and it'll make you feel better.
It always does.
We'll go out for dinner tonight.
What? Hmm? You finally knock up the den mother? Seriously, what's going on? Nothing, I'm good.
Good? Yeah.
You know, if I wanted to ride around in a U-boat, I could have dropped you off at home.
I-I had a nightmare last night, okay? Oh, so you did knock her up.
It was about my dad.
I was at his funeral.
And you know, everyone's expecting me to say something, but instead I just stood there.
Punched him.
I just stood there Frozen.
Nothing good to say.
I looked inside the coffin It was me lying there.
You unraveling on me, Sherman? 'Cause I could swing by BSS.
See why I don't tell you shit? A-43, woman, A-43.
Show us handling.
He must be new.
That address is definitely Rodeo.
Unless Angelina and Jen are duking it out in front of Tiffany's, that's near the jungle.
Hey! Why don't you two knock it off?! All right! You're gonna get it now! Apartment 12.
They at it again.
You call this in, ma'am? Mm-hmm.
And my mama said people used to save their hootin' and hollerin' for Saturday night.
Nowaday, people don't care who all in their business! Come on! You stay right there, ma'am.
Yeah, all right.
Police! Come on! You call the cops again?! Huh?! Are you out of your goddamned mind?! What is wrong with you? You are not goin' to work! - I read it on your smartphone, you dumb-ass! - What is wrong with you?! What is wrong with you?! Sir.
Ma'am! Turn off that stove! He do this to you, huh? Did he put his hands on you? Did you put your hands on her? I didn't touch her, man! I swear to God, I didn't touch her.
Put your hands down.
He stepped out on me with that Ho.
Explain to me what's going on.
Look, sir, calm down.
I just got off of work, that's all.
Yeah, security at a strip club! At least I got a Job! Hey! Come on! Talk to me.
You see what she did to my house, man? I'm done with this.
I'm so tired of it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Calm down.
I'm cool.
Good, right? I'm cool.
Okay? Ben, control her! Turn off that stove! That ho! She's a She's a colleague.
And I'm on my feet all day.
Shut up! Man! What is wrong with you?! Do not tempt me! You got me?! You gonna calm down?! You gonna calm down? Ma'am, I need you -- I told you to turn off the stove! What is wrong with you?! No! Get an R.
Unit! A-43 requesting an R.
Unit at our location.
Aah! Get up.
All right.
Lydia Adams.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You must be the real Detective.
Where are they? Back there.
Trying to hide from me, huh? I'm finding you.
Oh, shit! You're dead.
Step out here, fellas.
- Just a sec.
- No.
You shot me right behind a wall.
That's what happens.
That's what happens to you.
Fernandez send you back down here to check up on us again? What you got? She still pissed about me falling into those footprints? Where's Ochoa? - She's in court today.
- What you got? Another dead crack-dealer stick-up.
Fernandez always gives us the shit that can't be cleared.
Single gunshot to the head.
- Find any rock or cash? - Nope.
Steel door with a slot for transactions.
You thinking somebody he trusted he let in, and they ripped him off? Exactly.
"Giz"? Yeah, "Giz.
" Short for "Gizmo.
" The victim had a partner, apparently.
Get a description? Nobody ever saw him around.
How many houses did you canvass? - Seven.
- Eight.
Detective? Well, somebody loved him.
Got a hit.
"Happy Birthday, Rafael.
" Poor bastard couldn't even buy a birthday cake in peace.
Two males in white hoodies capped his ass and robbed him.
White hoodies? Probably a couple of Varrio Blanco peewees trying to make a name for themselves.
I got to take this.
Anybody get a look at their faces? Take a wild guess.
All right, check out these places.
See if they have security cameras.
Maybe they caught something.
A restraining order?! No, I did not threaten Victor.
I did not threaten anybody! I was trying to get in my house to get my stuff! My house and my stuff! Sammy! Sammy! Tone it down.
They're gonna call the cops.
I got to go.
She's threatening me with a restraining order, Nate.
Are you Rafael? Is papi dead? Yeah, Mija, he is.
I'm so sorry.
I want mommy.
Sammy, call S.
Get a crime shield out here and cover that body.
Rodney? Rodney? Baby? Please look at me Rodney.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
Rodney! Rodney, I am so sorry.
A couple of minor burns.
Lucky he just got spattered.
Rodney? Rodney, just l-- please, baby, look at me.
Just please.
Please, I'm so sorry.
Baby, look at me! Shh! Save the chivalry for Buckingham Palace.
There's no place for it on the street.
How many wrong assumptions did you make going in there? - Aggressor, small male, victim -- - I know.
What do you mean you know? You don't know.
I asked you to turn off the stove because I expect you to control the situation, not fall prey to some women-in-peril shit that you got going in your head.
You got to be sure of what you see.
Really see.
Or you -- you're gonna get someone killed.
You understand? I got it.
Artis Hayes.
You were the last arresting officer.
Can you pull up his 5-10 and see if he has any next of kin? All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I'm Chazz.
- Lydia.
Mind me asking a question? It might be out of line.
What's on your mind? So, I caught a couple of scenes with Mutt and Jeff.
I can't figure out which one's the bigger idiot.
You got an opinion? I can't help you with that one, Chazz.
If I knew the Detective test was so easy to pass, I would have skipped the Coroner's Office, joined the force.
I'll see you.
God loves you.
Security camera across the street caught something.
Will you stay with the kids? Be right back, okay? Eat your doughnut.
No, I did not threaten -- Sammy! Did you call S.
? Why isn't that body covered? Manny, no! I'm sorry.
You're sorry? Am I working this shit by myself? Manny, no, Manny! Manny, no, Manny! Listen.
Listen to me.
It's okay.
Listen to me.
Your kids are here, and they need you.
How come my brother's not covered? Why are you letting his wife see him like that? Y-your brother is, uh -- what's his street name, your brother? He never had anything to do with that life.
He never bothered nobody.
Oh, Manny.
I Look, there's flies, man.
Any luck with Gizmo? Gang has quite a few Gizmos in the system.
We're checking them out now.
You know, we really appreciate you going to talk to the wife.
Probably better if a woman does it.
Check out the utility bills and the tax records.
See if a name comes up on that house.
Artis hasn't been my husband since before he went to prison, just couldn't afford a divorce.
He had one of those pictures of your son in his pocket.
Artis gave me money to help pay for Jerelle's school.
He was proud his son went to a private school.
Did Artis ever mention any friends or associates, anyone he might have had a problem with? Anyone by the name of Gizmo? I didn't want to know anything about Artis' life.
How do I get his Golden Gloves Championship necklace back? He promised it to Jerelle.
It's a thick gold chain with a pair of boxing gloves on the front.
I know what a Golden Gloves Necklace looks like.
We just didn't see one.
Artis always wore it.
I'll let you know if we see it.
There's no good way to tell someone a loved one's dead.
The news should be given in a slow, controlled manner.
Gives the survivor time to adjust emotionally.
Am I boring you? We spent a lot of time on the procedure at the Academy.
Oh, they did, huh? Yeah, they brought in actors to play the parts -- angry man, hysterical wife, crying woman.
Must have been very instructive.
No, it was kind of silly, really.
Some of the cadets were really bad at it.
But not you, though, huh? I was okay.
You know what? You've been in nine months.
Let's see what you learned.
Today, you are in charge.
I'm just gonna ride along and observe.
Who knows? Maybe I'll learn something.
I'm Detective Adams.
I'm looking for Brian Hayes.
I'm Brian.
Um, are your parents home? Yeah, my mom is home.
- Can you go get her, please? - Yes, ma'am.
Mama? It's the police.
I'm Detective Adams.
What do you want? Can we speak in private? No -- whatever you need to say, you can say it in front of him.
Unfortunately, your brother Artis has been killed.
I'm here investigating the murder.
Someone killed Artis? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
- No, you ain't sorry.
He's just another crackhead who got himself killed.
It don't surprise me.
Your son Brian's name was on the utility bill of the house where Artis was killed.
He stole my son's identity? Don't surprise me either.
He stole my Playstation, too.
Did Artis have a friend or business associate named Gizmo? Look, look, I don't know a damn thing about his friends or his business associates.
"Business associates"? Please.
Did you know if he was threatened or maybe somebody wanted him dead? I don't know.
He was a crackhead.
I mean, you figure it out.
Can I -- can I get my Playstation back? - Why aren't you in school, Brian? - He's sick.
So that mean the police gonna start harassing my son? No, Mrs.
It doesn't mean that.
I will try to get your Playstation back.
That all? His body's been taken down to county.
You can go down there -- Nobody's gonna spend any tears crying over that man.
Let the county bury him.
He spent more time with you than us in the last 10 years.
Get in here.
Williams, apartment 12.
Williams: What do you want? Police, ma'am.
What do you want? I need to speak with you, ma'am.
Go ahead and speak.
It would be better if we spoke inside, ma'am.
That's your opinion.
Ma'am, it's very serious.
It's very important.
Please open the door.
Not unless you've got a warrant.
Ma'am, open the door.
Go to hell.
Ma'am! Ma'am, open the door.
No warrant, no entry! Go to hell! - Ma'am, I need you to open the door! - No, you don't! - Ma'am, I need you to open the door! - Just go away! Mrs.
Williams, your son is dead! I'm sorry, ma'am.
Doug was in a car accident.
Doug? Who's Doug? You don't have a son named Doug, ma'am? Hell no.
My son's name is Bobby.
What the hell is wrong with you?! You scared the shit out of me! Are you a damn moron?! I mean, what kind of shit-for-brains weasel are you?! You don't have any training?! Swear to God! Go to hell! Damn it.
What if you'd been looking for some fugitive, some guy hiding in his squat with a shotgun? You bust in the wrong door, you scare some old lady into messing her drawers and give the asshole with the shotgun time to shoot you in the back.
How come Moretta didn't make you a lunch, Sammy? Ah.
Because he didn't make the lunch.
What you got? Got video from the strip mall.
Here are our shooters now.
That short one look like White Avenue Spider to you, with the funny walk? Yeah.
Could be.
You got a witness right there.
Zoom in on that license plate.
There you go.
See anything? Right in front of you.
What about him? He hasn't moved a muscle since we pulled up behind him except to keep checking us in his rearview mirror.
And his tires look bald.
Anywhere is good, asshole.
Sit up straight.
Put your hands behind the wheel.
Top of the wheel.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
All right, get out of the car.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
Hey, why you doing this? Where you from, hmm? I ain't from around here.
Ah! Hey, can you tell me what I did wrong? You got any drugs in the car? Huh? No.
- No? - No.
- Sure about that? Ain't got shit, man.
Yeah? Sure? Ain't got shit, man.
All right.
Right here.
Stay here.
Check this out.
Where's the suspect? Hey, shithead! Yeah, you got my partner's cuffs! Get up.
Why run when you can drive? One more thing they didn't teach you at the Academy.
- Cooper.
- Hey.
Lakers-heat Thursday? What's, uh, what's the line? Uh, Heat by four.
Take the Lakers.
Hey, Watkins, where'd you get this? We should grab Spider first, then bring our witness down to make the I.
in person, make her feel safe knowing we already have the asshole in custody.
We don't have enough to bring Spider in.
I'm Detective Moretta.
This is Detective Bryant.
Is my daughter in trouble? Why you always got to think I'm in trouble? Uh, no, Mrs.
Montoya, your daughter's not in trouble.
May we come in for a minute, please? Sí, claro.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
We just have a couple questions about a shooting that happened this morning.
The, uh -- the man they shot had just bought a birthday cake for his 5-year-old.
They killed him in front of his two kids, watching from a car.
Oh, my God.
Why don't you talk to them? They didn't get a good look at the shooters' faces.
You did.
I didn't really see them too good.
It looks like you were staring right at them.
These little kids aren't gonna have a father around because of these guys.
Rosie, que diría tu padre? I don't know.
Why don't you go ask him? Mrs.
Montoya, may I ask for a glass de agua, por favor? Sí, claro.
¿gusta water? I'm all set, thanks.
Okay, gracias.
You know, my mom tries to run my life all the time, too, always telling me what to do.
Would you just take a look at these photos right here, please, and tell me if you recognize anybody? Their homies will come after me.
We'll protect you.
I can't get involved.
You are involved.
You were there.
You're involved.
You can I.
these shitheads, okay? You're in-- excuse me.
I got someplace to be.
Montoya: Okay, thank you.
Forgot to turn off your phone? We're wasting our time here.
Look, I was getting somewhere with her until you lost your shit.
We got to work Spider.
She recognized him from the six-pack.
- You saw it.
- Oh, yeah.
Work Spider.
I can work Spider.
Might as well call his lawyer.
I can work Spider.
We tried it your way, and now we're gonna do it my way.
We'll see how that goes, huh? You know, I'll be glad when this day is over.
Yeah, he's, uh, starting to think he knows what he's doing.
So I've been letting him step on his dick.
They always do.
What's up? Hey, um, Cooper was just telling us how you let some asshole run away with your handcuffs.
- It's a very common mistake.
- Absolutely.
That ever happen to you? Never.
Me neither.
You know, super boot -- he may lose control of his prisoner, but there's never a hair out of place.
What's this? There he is.
Slow down.
Down on your knees.
Hands up over your head.
What, do you run Ironman? No, Spider, this is what happens when little gangster shitheads smoke cigarettes.
You got anything on you I don't know about? Nah, fool.
I want to believe you, Wendell.
I'm trying really hard.
And that isn't even the really bad part.
Here comes the bad part.
Wendell, we found a handgun in your bedroom the same caliber as the one that killed Artis Hayes.
And ballistics is running tests.
Want to guess how that's gonna turn out? Mm.
You got nice veins, Wendell.
Really nice veins.
That needle ought to slip right in.
- What if I want to make a deal? - What do you got to deal? The one who paid me.
He's just as guilty as me.
That's got to count for something, ain't it? Maybe if we believe you.
Gizmo paid me to cap him.
It was Gizmo's house.
Artis worked for him.
Took care of Artis when he got out of prison.
But Artis -- Artis, he treated Gizmo like a punk.
You know, took his Playstation -- big mistake.
Gizmo is Brian, Artis' nephew? Yeah.
Little dude with glasses.
He cold.
Got you and your homie on a security camera.
So? AndWe got a solid eyewitness.
So you want to tell me what happened before your homie comes in, cuts a deal, lays it all on you? Can I ask you a question? Here it comes.
Can I see my lawyer? Damn it.
Shit! Want to tell me about that man you killed in front of his two little kids, you piece of shit?! You want to tell me about that?! Bryant! Right in front of his kids! Huh?! Bryant! Bryant! You.
Come on, man.
We're done here, buddy.
We're done, bud.
Sit the down! Sit down! Shut the up and sit down.
I'm not gonna hurt him.
Doesn't work that way.
Come on, back off me! Come on! Aah! Come here! Come on, back off me! Aah! Come here! - PCP? - Oh, yeah.
Hit me! Hit me one more time! - What are you guys waiting on, Sarge? - Hit me one more time! I don't know, like 50 more cops.
Aah! Come here! Aaaah! Come here! Come on! Boryoku-tekina kodo o hikaeru! Boryoku-tekina kodo o hikaeru! Boryoku-tekina kodo o hikaeru! What the hell did he say to him? Beats the hell out of me.
Kid's only 14.
Wendell could be making it up.
Wendell's not smart enough to make it up.
Man definitely swims in the shallow end of the gene pool.
So let's go pick this Gizmo up.
We don't have any witnesses.
We sweat him, he'll roll.
Yeah, and if he doesn't, then we've let him know that we're onto him and it's a crackhead killer's word against a 14-year-old.
You know what? Let's have Wendell make a phone call.
Hey, you.
Where's your friend? He's mad at me.
Told him he was being an asshole to you.
You didn't.
Yes, I did.
No, you didn't.
I did.
Where you going? To go see my boyfriend.
Your boyfriend.
Can I give you a ride? I'll be good.
I promise.
She thinks because my brother's a priest, I should be a nun.
She's always in my shit, always trying to keep me away from my boyfriend.
Even my brother tells her to leave me alone.
You and your brother pretty close? Very close.
Frank's a priest, but he's cool.
He even likes Pacqui.
You know, I've got a daughter about your age.
You're too young.
I was too young, and she suffered for it.
I'm still trying to make it up to her, you know? Hey, what are you doing? You forgot to turn.
I know a little shortcut.
Studied karate when I was a kid.
My Sensei had us repeat that mantra at the end of class.
I forget the exact translation, but it's something to do with refraining from violence.
Anyway, it worked.
Get into a lot of fights at Harvard Westlake? Actually, it was Crossroads.
Ooh, Crossroads.
Even meaner.
I heard one kid one time threw a notebook at someone.
Yeah, yeah.
Where'd you go? Dorsey.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
For a year anyway.
After my dad went to prison, we moved in with my Uncle, off Jefferson.
All the white people were leaving, but he refused to move.
- How'd you stay out of trouble? - Oh, I didn't.
Sometimes you just get sick of running.
I think that's why my dad had me take karate.
He was from Brooklyn, and he thought it would toughen me up.
Well, that worked.
You try breaking a 2x4 with a hammer fist.
Not easy.
I can just imagine you and your cute little white robe, your little stance.
Let me guess.
Everybody got a trophy, and you all went for Sushi afterwards.
Yeah? Uh, Dorsey is a little It was a little different.
Nah, if they didn't see in your eye that you were willing to go all the way, just kill or be killed, you might not make it home.
You're not gonna start rapping now, are you? 'Cause I think Eminem already made that record.
Aah! Oh.
- Aah! - Shit.
You guys all right? You didn't secure him to the gurney? Paramedics strapped him in.
Those cuffs should have been tight.
What's Japanese for "I screwed up"? Shimashita.
Yeah? Giz, it's Dell.
What up, Dell? Hey, we need to talk about that thing I did for you.
- What thing? - That thing with your Uncle.
We good, though, right? I did what you -- lady, I did what you said! Manuel Garces worked hard to buy this house so his kids would have a yard to play in.
That's Manny's widow and his kids.
That little one just turned 5.
Today was supposed to be his birthday party, but instead it's gonna be his father's wake.
You know, I still got those pictures in the back if you want to take a second look.
Take me to my boyfriend's, please.
Tammi, put Victor on the phone.
I'm serious.
Put him on the phone.
I promise.
I promise.
Yeah, I was out of line.
I was out of line breaking the window.
I'm fine now.
Y-you've got nothing to worry about.
My word.
Put -- put her on.
It's good.
No, we're good.
No, I'm glad, too.
Now will you please, please do the DNA test when you get the amnio, please? Because it's important to me to know if it's gonna be my kid.
Hey, I got to go.
Why are you crying? I got to go.
I'll call you later.
Miss Montoya? Is Detective Moretta here? My sister would like to give a statement.
UhW-why don't you have a seat? Can I get you something? You want some water or something? Sit down, please.
I'll -- I'll go find him.
Um, will you watch them for me? Hey, Spider.
What's up, ese? What's up? You here to waste more of my time? Actually, we're here to arrest you for the murder of Manuel garces -- stand up.
You guys get the hell out of here.
Leave your beers.
Get out.
Turn around.
Face the wall.
Hands up behind your head.
I want to call my lawyer.
My mama's not home right now.
Oh, I didn't come to see your mother.
I brought your Playstation back.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I hope you enjoy it.
Heard your Uncle died for it.
Feel like I'm just getting to know you, Gizmo.
My name's Brian.
We may not be able to prove right now that you had your Uncle killed, Gizmo, but we have plenty of time.
You already messed up once.
Now Gangs and Narcotics know who you are, Homicide Patrol, and we're all gonna be watching and waiting for you to screw up, like we know you will.
What do you want now? Oh, I just came by to let Gizmo know that we may not be able to prove right now that he had his Uncle killed -- What do you mean, had his Uncle killed? Oh, you didn't know? She's lying, mama.
S-she's -- You got a warrant? No, but you're more than welcome to come down to the station and talk to the shooter.
Unless you have a warrant, get off my property.
Catch you later, Giz.
You know what you've done? I-I didn't do it! Shut your damn mouth! How we gonna do anything with the police watching us?! Tough day for super boot.
You know what, man? I get it.
All right? I got some things to learn.
But this fraternity hazing shit's getting pretty Old.
Some things to learn? You're not even close to being ready to be out here on your own.
You boots, you're all the same.
Nine months in, you start to believe you know what you're doing.
What, you think you were most dangerous when you first got out of the academy? No.
No, it's now, right now, when you are more likely to get me or somebody else out here killed.
So get your shit tight, 'cause in 90 days, I'm not gonna be here to cover your ass.
And whoever draws the short straw and gets stuck riding with you is gonna be counting on you -- you -- to keep them alive.
So, is Tammi gonna take that DNA test? Yeah.
That's good, man.
I'm gonna move in with Sal.
Sal? Really? Yeah.
One minute, he's chewing my ass out.
The next, he's telling me he's got an extra bedroom in some house he's renting in Van Nuys.
You and Sal, huh? Time for me to get off your sofa.
Ah, man, we're gonna miss the hell out of you.
Your wife won't.
You know my wife loves you.
But she sure doesn't want to share a bathroom with me, and I can't say I blame her.
Just let it go.
We can't let it go, man.
Nestor, Luis.
You guys gonna make us work tonight? What's up, man? We didn't do it, eses.
It came from the roof.
The roof? Hey, we know you guys.
Hey, that's right.
You know us.
Heard you got some new tats.
How you like it? Not bad.
All right, Nestor, you guys be good.
You too.
Wipe that lipstick off your face, boy.
All right.
Get back! All of you! Stand back! Back! Back! Get the Back! Get back! Get back! Get back, all of you! Get back! Aah! Nate! Officer down! Need an assist! Shots fired! Need an assist! Shots fired! Officer down! Let's go, Sammy! We got to get him out of here! Let's go! Let's go! Come on, Nate.
God damn it! Come on, Nate! Nate! Aah! Sammy.
Oh, God.
Help me! Help me! Help me!