Southland s03e05 Episode Script

The Winds

Aah! Southland cops know when the Santa Ana winds blow, you learn just how close you are to the edge.
- Aw.
- Ohh.
Santa Anas are blowing out my 'do.
I had to run halfway down the street to get my recycling bin.
I don't get it.
It used to be just three months out of the year the winds blew.
Now it's like fire season all year round.
The Westside rapist hit another victim.
Are you experiencing any relief from your symptoms? No.
Not really.
Well, if it's not helping by now, it's probably not muscular.
Your insurance only covers 12 sessions.
How many have I had? It could be degenerative.
It could be a ruptured disc.
It may be time for you to look into other options.
Have you thought about surgery? Look, it's your back.
If it was my back, I'd want to at least consult with a surgeon, see what they say.
Every woman's worst nightmare.
Munoz, what do we got? Husband came home early from a business trip Mm.
Found his wife roughed up and pretty hysterical.
Any signs of forced entry? Yeah, we got that torn window screen.
That's all we got.
Witnesses? Middle of the night -- maid wasn't working.
So, did you talk to the victim? No.
I tried, but she's pretty traumatized.
Maybe you guys can talk to her.
Yeah, let's get a canvass going in the neighborhood, all right? Okay, okay.
Wellington, I know this is difficult for you, but we need to ask you a couple of questions.
I'm sure you think you don't have the strength to do this, but you do.
I don't.
You're gonna get through this.
I'll put you in touch with some people that I know at the rape treatment center who can help you.
You know, this never would have happened if I wasn't traveling so much.
Oh, this isn't your fault.
It's nobody's fault.
Look, I know you don't think you can talk right now, but we think that you could be this man's fourth victim.
And there are a lot of other women out there, and I don't want to see the same thing to happen to them.
Do you? No.
Then help us stop him.
It was dark.
I woke up, and he was on top of me.
Did you see his face? Not very well.
It was dark.
What was he wearing? Some kind of uniform.
Did it say anything, have a company name? No, just t-the type janitors wear, people like that.
What color? It was dark.
I Did -- did he say anything to you? Take your time.
He said if I didn't shut up, that he would kill me.
Um, was there anything distinctive about his voice, um, an accent? Actually, yeah, an accent.
What kind? Hispanic, I think.
Do you have an alarm? Was it on? I turned it off.
The winds had flipped the alarm.
Wellington, you did really good.
We just need you to do one more thing.
Please go to the hospital and get checked out.
Here's my card if you have any questions.
Santa Anas are kicking up again.
We got hillsides burning in Calabasas, Sylmar, and Malibu.
Ohh, God forbid America's heroes have to get off their asses and do a little work.
If the winds don't change direction, we're looking at a possible tactical alert.
I said possible tactical alert.
That gang Detective we lost from the Alvarado unit, Nate Moretta -- his funeral's on Sunday.
I want to see everyone there.
If anyone's interested in making a donation to the family, an account has been set up through the police credit union.
Keep his partner, Samuel Bryant, in your prayers.
That's it.
- You all right? - Yeah, it's allergies.
I hate the Santa Anas.
Makes people crazy.
A couple years ago, the city was burning on both ends.
Domestics went through the roof.
You want me to drive? Do I want you to drive? Let's see -- the last shift, you gave a death notification to the wrong person and lost a handcuffed suspect.
Until you can stop stepping all over your dick, I'm driving, you're keeping books.
The exam shows evidence of trauma to the genitalia and inner thighs, as well as other injuries consistent with rape.
Sperm? Uh, no, she showered.
I'm -- I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no, don't apologize.
Victims do it all the time.
Thank you, doctor.
Excuse me.
Listen, uh What are the chances you catch this bastard? Well, we have detectives from two divisions working on the case.
We'll catch him.
I don't -- I don't want to testify.
What are you talking about? This guy's got to pay for what he did.
It doesn't change anything.
It still happened.
Look, you don't need to worry about testifying right now, okay? Just get some rest.
We'll be in touch.
All right, thank you.
What? Look, I understand you're trying to build rapport with the victim, but if we catch this guy, we got to get her to testify.
If she's saying she's not gonna testify now, she's probably not gonna do it.
Doesn't mean we can't encourage her.
She said she didn't see him.
We need to pursue other tracks of evidence instead of just relying on her testimony.
Well, she's traumatized.
As she calms down, she may remember more details.
Hey, the West Valley detectives that are handling the other two rapes -- they called back.
They got any leads? They said that the other attacks happened late afternoon, early morning, and that the victims said the guy was Hispanic, smelled like sweat and dirt.
So they're following up with any day laborers, gardeners that work in the -- you know, in the neighborhood that the rapist hit.
- So they're gonna get us the list.
- Good.
You think there might any workers in our neighborhood, too? Whew.
That would be a break.
Yeah, I got my gate pass and directions.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Where you headed? You know Salazar? Lives out in Calabasas.
He says he was up all night on his roof, fighting a brush fire with a garden hose.
Over here! Over here! Ohh.
It's got my dog! What does? A snake! He's going to kill Precious! Where is it? In the backyard! Come on! Hurry.
All right.
It's under the porch.
Huh? Right there.
Where the hell did that come from? My asshole neighbor.
I didn't do shit.
Wally was outside sunning, and the winds blew his cage open.
Should we tase him? It's a $5,000 snake.
It's killing my dog.
I'll give you the 50 bucks.
- Go to the shelter and buy another dog.
- You! Hey, hey, hey, hey, shut up.
You want me to call animal control? No, it's gonna take too long.
He-s suffocating that thing.
All right, I'm going under.
I'll get the head.
You get the dog.
I-I wouldn't do that.
Wally's pretty hungry.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna sit here while he eats it.
All right, Wally.
No puppy today.
Unh! You gonna help here? Yeah, I'm gonna tase it.
Get the snake.
Such a good dog.
You may want to go give him a hand with that thing.
You know -- Cooper.
All right.
Thanks for calling back.
Dog just got out of surgery -- couple fractured ribs, but she's gonna be okay.
I wonder how much that's gonna cost the owner? A few years ago, my mom spent 7 grand on chemo for our schnauzer.
What a waste.
Can't put a price tag on man's best friend.
Sure, you can.
I didn't know you were such an animal lover.
I like dogs, all right? Pues, llego temprano pero no tan temprano así.
It's too dark to work.
I already told the other chotas.
Yo no estaba aquí esa día.
I was working my other side job.
Es de yo oiga lo diciera anoche de eso mujeres.
Jota -- es jota terrible.
Conozco mis derechos.
No tengo que hablar contigo.
Where'd the scratches come from? Clearing the bougainvilleas.
When did that happen? El otro día.
I get them all the time.
Is that right? Sí.
Yo trabajo duro.
Am I gonna be arrested? No.
¿Me puedo ir, por favor? Of course.
He leave a note? Nope.
Poor bastard.
Wonder why he hung himself.
It's "hanged.
" What? It's "hanged," not "hung.
" Really, genius? Google it, boot.
What? "Hanged.
" Hanged versus hung "Hanged" is correct.
Told you, asshole.
- "Hanged"? - Yeah.
Let me see that thing.
I swear to God -- only during the Santa Anas.
A43, 459 in progress, apartment 7.
Show you handling code 2.
A43, show us handling.
Yeah, I-I got this! Jerk-offs.
Do we have to do this now? I-I don't feel safe here.
Honey, the -- the sedatives are on their way over, okay? I've taken care of that.
Let's just hear what they have to say, all right? We're very sorry to intrude, but we've got some photos that we'd like you to look at.
I -- I don't think I'm ready for that.
If you identify the man who assaulted you, he won't be able to hurt anyone else.
And if you don't see him in this round, it's okay.
We'll keep looking.
Look, I know you want all of this to go away, and if I were you, I'd want the same thing.
I've worked a lot of these cases, and there's a very strong possibility that he may take a plea and you may not even have to go to court.
Please, we need you to look at the photos.
That's him.
Uh, which one? Please point him out to me.
Number 5.
Th-that's the guy, hon? Yes, it's number 5.
Hey! Hey! Put down the pipe! Put down the pipe! Go ahead! Shoot me! I don't care! Come on, kid.
Why'd you break in here? I didn't! I live here! Don't lie to me.
My parents asked me to crash at a friend's house last night.
I got home this morning, and they had moved out! Your parents leave a note saying where they're going? They left two things behind -- me and the trash.
Were you convinced by that I.
? Oh, yeah.
And when we get Sergio into custody, we've got to get her to testify.
Look, I want a clearance on this case as much as you do, but she alone is not gonna convince a jury.
The D.
is not gonna file unless his DNA matches what we found at the crime scene.
Yeah, but the West Valley detectives already said another victim I.
'd him, so that's two out of four.
But it was a weak I.
It's still an I.
, man.
And he's got two priors.
I mean, shoplifting and battery during a bar fight? Come on, once a criminal, always a criminal.
Even with DNA, I still don't think that we should push Katherine.
She's a mess -- popping pills.
She's not going on that stand.
No, I care about the victims.
I do.
She's but we're not counselors.
Our job is to catch the rapists.
So that's why you made up that B.
story about her not having to go to court.
You have no idea if he's gonna take a plea.
I've been doing this a while, okay? Creating a ruse to get a criminal to confess is one thing, but to coerce a rape victim into I.
'ing somebody? That's wicked.
- Ugh.
- Bless you.
Thanks for the burger.
It was good.
You inhaled that thing.
It's been a couple of days since I've had anything to eat.
Mom never cooked.
My parents were assholes, too.
I didn't know cops talked like that to kids.
Well, what are you gonna do, arrest me? What's gonna happen to me? Well We're gonna take you down to the station.
Social worker will come by and put you with a new family.
What if they're whack? They won't be.
Trust me.
Check out the roses.
Hola, yo soy detectivo Ochoa con la policía de Los Angeles, y es mi compañera, Detectiva Adams.
¿Podríamos pasar, por favor? Sí.
What is this about? Sergio Moreno.
¿Qué pasa? We have a warrant for your arrest.
I didn't hurt that woman.
Manos atrás.
Por favor, you have to believe me.
Sergio, ¿qué mujer? Get your hands back.
Cálmense, niños.
Watch your head.
All Units.
in the vicinity of Griffith Park, respond to the ranger station to assist the fire department with evacuations.
Hope they get these fires under control.
Hate cleaning the ash out of my pool.
It clogs the filter.
God, look at this asshole -- driving by braille.
Well, light them up.
A43, request wants and warrants for 49926.
How you doing? Did I do something wrong, officer? License and registration, please.
You want to step out of the vehicle, please? Sorry.
I got a bad knee.
There's no odor of alcohol.
You want to explain to me why your eyes are dilated? Sir, step over here, please.
Face the wall for me, please, sir.
Xanax and oxycodone.
They're prescription.
I'm on the waiting list at Kaiser for a knee replacement, but it's gonna take six months.
Cost me 30 grand if I pay out of pocket.
You're not supposed to be operating heavy machinery on these.
What makes you think you can drive? I'm not an addict.
I've got chronic pain.
I take just enough to get me through the day.
Yeah, just enough to maybe get into an accident, get somebody killed? All I did was take some pills my doctors prescribed.
Is that a crime? Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is, numb nuts.
You're under arrest -- driving under the influence of drugs.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
- Ohh.
- Let's go.
He's still waiting for the social worker? Yeah.
He's better off here.
The system sucks.
What you got? Log from the alarm company.
There's no record of the alarm going off like Katherine told us.
Oh, she's been through a lot.
She probably just got confused.
Sergio's out.
How the hell did he get out? Some rich lady he works for posted his bail -- says he's a good man, thinks he's innocent.
Ohh, Katherine Wellington ain't gonna be happy.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Anybody really care if Mel Gibson's compound burns down? Not me.
Guy probably has three other houses where he can beat up his girlfriends.
Yo, Cooper, good luck tomorrow.
Hope they throw away the key, man.
Go process the suspect.
I'll finish up the property report.
- You sure? - Yeah.
It's not a problem.
- I can do both if you -- - Just go.
- Hello.
- Hi.
and Mrs.
Wellington around? They went to a hotel.
Katherine is too scared to stay here.
Do you know what hotel? It's really important that we speak with them.
The man that was arrested has been let out on bail.
- Sergio? - Um, you know him? Sí.
Katherine used to yell at him.
For what? Uh, parking his truck in front of the house and leaving trash on the curb.
Recently? Please.
I have a lot of work to do.
Oh, of course, of course.
- Um, the hotel, please? - Yes, of course.
Katherine tangled with Sergio a couple times.
He has a motive.
Well, rape's about power, not sex.
He showed her who's boss.
I don't know.
We've got conflicting stories with the alarm.
She knew her attacker, but she didn't I.
him until we showed her the six-pack? You really think a woman like that pays attention to the gardeners in the neighborhood? They all look alike to her.
He said he didn't do it, and we don't have any physical evidence to prove that he did.
Yeah, not yet.
DNA takes a few days.
And what about that house? - What about the house? - The roses.
Oh, Lydia, you gonna tell me that we've got the wrong guy because he's got pretty flowers? He is a gardener.
Sergio didn't show up to his meeting with his lawyer.
You think he skipped town? I don't know.
What's this? It's a copy of the property report on those pills.
Do something wrong? How many did you count? How many did we book into evidence? I've been on the job since before your balls dropped, so you want to start passing judgment on me, you try wearing a Sam Browne for 19 years.
Working day watch tomorrow.
Be here early -- 0500.
¿dónde esta Sergio? No sé.
Look, if you do know, you've got to tell us right now.
You don't want your boys to have a mommy and daddy in jail.
Do you? I think he went to the bus stop.
You still here? Think they'll come soon? Well, if they don't, you're gonna spend the night in jail.
You gonna play with me? I am gonna kick your ass.
Ugh! Man, your shot is whack.
Yeah, well, there's a gangster with a limp doing 20 years who would strongly disagree.
You shot him? Yeah.
Man, that's cool.
Come on! Oh.
Well, it looks, uh -- looks like it's time to go.
You know what? I'm gonna give you my number.
And if you need anything, don't hesitate to call, all right? Good to meet you.
It's gonna be all right.
Okay? Check it out -- Jean jacket.
That's him.
That's him, isn't it? All right, let's just -- yeah, I'm just gonna leisurely park here.
No! Whoa, watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Ugh! Whoa, damn! Sergio.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Back off, please.
Back off.
Back off, please.
You guys, get back in your cars, please.
Back off.
Back off.
Yes, this is Detective Lydia Adams.
King 54 is my code.
I have a pedestrian that's been hit.
It's hot.
We're not buying any bullshit calls today.
We got to clock out on time.
There's somewhere I got to be this afternoon.
Doctor said Sergio has a fractured pelvis and a shattered leg.
He's gonna need a few surgeries, and he'll probably be in the hospital a couple months.
Taxpayers' problem now.
Wonder what his family's gonna do.
He shouldn't have run -- looks guilty.
Another woman was raped on the Westside last night.
They caught the guy, and he confessed to the other rapes.
- But not ours? - Nope.
All right, so, Sergio's not our guy, but that doesn't mean he didn't rape our victim.
We're here to investigate a child-abuse complaint.
I didn't call the police.
I did.
She hit me with a belt.
Is that true, ma'am? I found out from Daniel's teacher he's been cutting class, and when I asked him about it, he lied, so I hit him.
Come here, kid.
How long ago did this happen? A few hours ago.
How many times she hit you? Three -- whacked me right on the butt.
- She hit you anywhere else? - No.
She hit you with her fist or another object? No, just the belt.
- Has this happened before? - No.
All right, I'm gonna need to take that belt and put it into evidence.
He's been acting out a little, and I felt like I had to -- Am I going to jail? You called the police on your mom because she disciplined you for ditching school? That's child abuse.
I've got rights.
- Who told you that? - My friends.
Hit him again.
You know what? You got some bad advice from your buddies on the playground, pal.
You don't ever call the police on your mom.
Had that been my mom, you'd be calling me from the floor.
I got to be back here again because you were ditching class, I'm gonna peel this big belt off, and I'm gonna hit you myself! You got it?! John.
Get inside.
Have a nice day.
Uh, is Katherine here, please? We have some additional questions.
UmShe's asleep right now, so -- It's important.
Our lawyer has, uh, advised us not to talk to you unless he's present.
Your lawyer? She's fragile right now, and with Sergio in the hospital, I thought it would be a good idea.
I'm -- I'm sure you understand.
Thank you.
Rape victims don't usually lawyer up - Mnh-mnh.
- Not even on the Westside.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, you're telling me that the kid called the cops on his mom because he was cutting class? Yeah.
Can you believe that? Anything's possible when the devil winds are blowing.
have been hitting their kids.
That's the trouble with society today -- two kids get into a fight on the playground, they go to counseling.
Getting a beatdown builds character.
It worked for me.
Oh, yeah, you're the picture of mental health.
Hey, boot, how did your parents punish you? Did your daddy pick the marshmallows out of your hot chocolate, or did he just get really, really disappointed? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, Coop, what's wrong with you, man? Where's your sense of humor? All right.
We still on? He's sick? Well, is the commissioner gonna postpone, or is it gonna happen? What the hell's wrong with him? I think the Santa Anas blew a stick up his ass.
You going to Nate's funeral on Sunday? You? Am I what? You gonna go to Nate's funeral on Sunday? Yeah.
Another happy day.
That's my favorite chile to make pozole with.
Sí, es lo mejor.
Look, Mrs.
Wellington is too upset to talk to us, so we thought you'd help us out.
Um, I don't know if you've heard, but Sergio's been in an accident, and he's in the hospital.
Is he hurt very bad? Yeah.
She didn't want to file a report, didn't want to make an I.
, but you just had to push it, didn't you? I was just doing my job, Lydia.
She didn't want to call the police in the first place, remember? Her husband did.
We had a crime, we had a suspect, and we had two I.
And we had a rapist out there with not one victim, not two, but four! No, no, no.
We had a reluctant victim, an appearance of a crime, and a convenient suspect.
Yeah, reluctant victim.
I've had a reluctant victim before who didn't come forth, and you know what? The asshole went on to rape and kill somebody else.
And I had a 14-year-old girl whose Uncle raped her repeatedly.
And we pushed her and pushed her until finally she hanged herself with nylons.
What is your problem?! There is a man lying in a hospital bed right now whose family is gonna go hungry because of us! That is my problem! Hey, Cooper.
Social services called about that kid they picked up yesterday.
Richard? Yeah.
He ran away.
You've been through a lot Katherine.
We really appreciate you coming down.
Well, she's hanging in there.
The rapist responsible for the other rapes was caught and confessed to the assaults.
What does that mean? Nothing.
It still doesn't clear Sergio Moreno for what he did to my client.
Normally, I would agree with you, but Sergio's DNA wasn't found in your client's home.
Neither were his fingerprints.
Well, he was wearing work gloves, like I said.
Oh, no, you never told us that.
I don't like your tone, Detective.
No, Peter, it's okay.
If I didn't tell you, I meant to.
I'm -- I'm sorry.
I was just so upset, and everything happened so fast -- we've spoke to people in the neighborhood, and they said there's a man that visits you often.
Is that right? Lots of people come in and out -- my yoga instructor, the florist, the interior designer.
I run a really busy household.
What about this man? He come in and out, too? It's, um, Ken, my tennis instructor.
He gives private lessons? Yes.
In your bedroom? She doesn't have to answer that.
We found his prints all over your room -- your night stand, mirrors.
You weren't raped, were you, Katherine? Katherinetell them it's -- that's not true.
You lied.
You were supposed to be gone three more days.
Got home early.
Ken went out the window.
Oh, my God, Katherine, with -- with k-Ken? Yeah, it doesn't feel so great, does it? I know what goes on during your business trips.
Ken has been with half the women in the club! Yeah, and what about you? Everyone's -- Whoa, wait.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.
Sergio Moreno is in the hospital, he almost died, and all you two can do is argue about who's banging who? I never thought you'd actually arrest anyone.
You're under arrest for filing a false police report.
What? Stand up, please.
- N-- no, you can't do -- - Stand up! Well, do something! You still want to keep this case? Officer Cooper! What happened? Another kid punched me at the place they took me to, so I left.
You can't do that kind of crap.
You mad at me? No.
Y-you should have called.
I'm not going back there.
Where you gonna go? With you.
You can adopt me.
I can't.
Why not? I got to go.
Please take me with you.
Come on, man.
I don't want to go back there.
Look, kid.
I did all I can do.
Man you.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
Hold on a second.
I'm surprised you're happy to see me.
Usually you look like you want to slit my throat.
Not this time.
We just want you to do what you do best - and help Sergio sue Katherine Wellington.
- Yeah.
Hey, leave your phone, radio, handcuffs in the car.
Check your taser and weapon here.
You've served 20 years for rape and murder.
You've attended A.
, earned a college degree, and successfully completed anger management.
What have you learned from your counseling? That God is gracious And that everyone is worthy of forgiveness Even me.
Officer John Cooper, son of Mr.
Cooper and a victim's representative, would like to speak.
I am here today Not seeking retribution.
I'm here to safeguard the lives of the citizens I'd sworn to protect and to demand accountability for a murderer and rapist.
A family lost a daughter A daughter that never had the chance to go to college To get married To have children.
I grew up in a household with this man.
And I want to ensure that he is never given the opportunity to inflict this kind of pain on another person ever again.
Monica's last moments on this earth were filled with torture, suffering, and pleas for mercy.
My father should stay in here until the day he dies.
Aah! Aah!