Southland s03e07 Episode Script


Suspect just turned, westbound on Selma from Cahuenga.
Man #2: Air-3, what's the speed of the suspect's vehicle, and what are the conditions? No, no, no, do not call off this chase! Clear! non-residential.
A43, show us as a secondary unit in pursuit.
Approaching a no-fly zone.
Got to back off.
- Primary unit, you have it.
- We got this Clear.
We're clear.
A35, suspect heading northbound now -- Schrader.
We got this son of a bitch.
Clear! Dewey! Even when cops do everything right, things can still go sideways.
Learning to accept this is a big part of the job.
Hold on, hold on.
You of all people, will you please pull over? Oh, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
It gets better.
"Exactly how the grisly photos of the pop star's headless body "got leaked to TMZ remains a mystery.
"But secret sources tell us they were snapped "with Detective Adams' cellphone.
"Doesn't take a genius.
Might be time for her to start scanning the want ads.
" Who reads this shit anyway? Are you kidding me? It's L.
who doesn't? Well, at least the department doesn't care.
Hey, aren't you on your way to a homicide? Yeah, and the dead guy will probably have one of these in his pocket.
What happened to Lydia the optimist? She got her ass handed to her by Lydia the suspect.
You think Fernandez is gonna fight for me with I.
breathing down her neck? Well, look, I mean, you answered their questions.
Okay, you showed them your bank accounts.
There's no proof that you got paid.
I mean, lots of people had access to the murder book where you put the photos.
So there's no proof that you leaked them.
I mean It's gonna be okay.
Maybe you're right.
Petey, come on, breakfast! Tommy, no banging.
I can't find my shoes.
Uh, that's because it's in the fireplace.
We -- we were just horsing around.
God, it doesn't stop.
I guess these two are gonna fix the fence and maybe the sprinklers.
Everybody wants to help out.
You promised me to my face at the last community meeting that you'd get that thing hauled away.
But still one month later, my kids got to watch guys pissing in the alley and strawberries turning tricks.
The city told me that they were gonna take care of that.
More cops.
Just like clockwork.
You gonna pass the buck, too? 'Cause he just keeps on telling me, and somehow, that thing's still here.
I like this lady, but she's starting to get on my nerves.
Still, sucks that her kids got to see this.
You know what sucks is we get the gun, the big stick, and they think we have all the power.
Then when they realize we don't, they get all mouthy with us.
That's what sucks.
- Hey, how you doing? - Good.
What's up? Good.
Hang on a second.
You guys raided this house and this trailer about two months ago, right? Yeah.
40k of rock, all in a day's work.
Excuse me.
This -- this house, it's slated for demo, isn't it? Yeah, that's the word.
- That's the word.
- So what's up with the trailer? You guys having trouble getting that cleared? It's not our call, man.
We're still waiting on paperwork.
Till then, it's private property.
Oh, private property.
So you guys got yourselves a warrant, then, right? You mind if I take a look at that? See, here's my problem, fellas.
You got yourself a little felony bus stop here.
Anytime you need a felony bust, you just drive on by.
Well, like you, we don't make the laws, remember? Excuse us.
We're done, huh? What the hell, Sal? A double murder on Vermont, and you give it to Faloona and Mills? - I'm next in the rotation.
- I took you out.
Why? Because some B.
asshole doesn't want me riding alone? Sammy -- you're listening to these people? The shrink I talked to for 10 minutes, he doesn't know shit about being a cop.
Sit down.
He probably hasn't been south of the 10.
Look, Sammy.
Some git cops came in last night and brought in a suspect in Nate's murder.
S-so, did they raid the guy's place? They did but came up with nothing.
Nothing? No blood? Nothing on his clothes? Lab's still checking, all right, but it doesn't look good.
Look, all they really got is a snitch who'll swear the guy did it, and he's a base-head.
Not much of a witness, you know? Well, when can I I.
him? They're putting together a six-pack, so it's just gonna take an extra beat.
Sammy, we got to make this thing squeaky clean.
You understand? Hey, the varsity team.
- Hey.
- Hey.
All right, so far we got 10 shell casings -- .
22s and .
And this guy was the target? No, doesn't look to be.
I got a witness over there who says that these two assholes went after each other.
Bang, bang, bang.
They get away.
And this poor guy gets caught in the crossfire.
Wedding band, no tats.
I hate these.
You get a statement from him? Yeah, started to, but then you guys came.
His name's Henry Watts.
You want to talk? Yeah.
You take the body? Yeah, sure.
Hey, Mr.
Watts, how you doing? I'm Detective Adams.
Good to meet you.
You sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just when the shooting started, I dove between two cars.
Guess I just banged my head.
You should let the paramedics check you out.
You could have a concussion.
I'd be surprised if that were true.
I'm told I'm very hardheaded.
So, what exactly happened? Uh, well, I came out of there with some groceries, saw two guys arguing.
Next thing I know, they're pulling out guns.
I mean, it was nuts.
They started shooting at each other from like 10 feet apart.
That poor guy there was just trying to get out of the way.
You think you could I.
the guys? I certainly could try.
Uh, hey, guys, can you come over here for a sec? Um, let them check you out, okay? Yeah.
Okay, okay.
Maybe they should.
Hey, Adams.
We think you're a lot hotter in person, if you don't mind us saying.
Munoz, come on, isn't there something else you could be doing, like traffic control maybe? Oh! Lydia, we don't think you did it.
Let's go.
What's going on? This man doesn't have a concussion.
He has a bullet in his head.
No, Ma'amwh When I spoke to you guys last month you told me that the house and the trailer were both gonna be cleared -- ma'am -- Okay.
Well, you got my number.
And we wonder why people go postal.
Now this.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! All right! Stop it right now! Stop it! What are you doing in front of these kids, huh? What are we teaching them? Share and share alike.
They don't got that in Armenia? - I'm Turkish.
- I'm from Jordan.
That's fine! You work it out.
Just switch off days or something.
You guys can do that, right? Fine.
I'll take the weekends.
You stupid terrorist! Terrorist?! Yeah.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
All right, all right, all right, all right.
Hook him up.
Hook him up.
He's selling guns to kids.
And I'm the terrorist? You know what? I need sugar.
You? Hey, everybody! It's your lucky day! Free ice cream, courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Department.
There you go, buddy.
Have a bomb pop.
And furthermore, the investigating officers are deliberately not present, nor have their identities been made known to Detective Bryant.
Taking every precaution, this six-pack I.
Will be handled by Detective Olati Johnson of the domestic violence table.
She has no knowledge of the case.
Olati? The photos you're about to see may or may not contain the person responsible for Nate Moretta's murder.
If you understand this and the rest of the admonitions, please sign here.
Do you see anyone you recognize? Take your time, Sammy.
Excuse me.
You all right? I saw his face, Sal.
I just I just needed some air.
All right.
That's cool.
Just take a little breather, then.
We'll go back in, all right? Tomorrow.
I need a day.
Sammy, you're not sure, are you? I just said I saw him.
I just It's just harder than I expected.
Sammy, this guy has an attorney breathing down my neck.
Without an I.
, we might have to kick him.
Can't we just stall? We do it all the time for shit that doesn't even matter.
Come on, Sal.
What's the big deal? All right.
I'll do what I can, all right? I need you to focus.
We need this, Sammy, all right? Yeah.
We went lights and sirens for this? Dude, are you kidding me, man? I had to get you here before the coroner moved the body.
Check this out.
You know how they always say TV kills brain cells? Voilà.
You got to be shitting me.
What the hell happened? Let me clue you in, Sherlock.
Pussy Galore over there said that he liked to do it while watching porn.
He also liked the bottom.
So he mounted the TV up there, pulled it out over the top of them, but I guess he wasn't too handy, because he used the wrong screws.
Where was she when this happened? She said it missed her head by an inch.
I always say, blow jobs can save lives.
How you doing? For a guy with a .
22 slug in his head? I guess the answer'sgood.
They said if you're feeling up to it that we can ask you a couple questions.
That'll distract me.
Please, shoot.
I mean You're an artist? Uh, computer graphics mostly.
Got to eat.
But every now and then, I go old school.
Nothing like a pencil and pad.
This what you want to know? Wow.
That's amazing.
So the guys were black? Light-skinned, yeah.
One of them had a tattoo.
I couldn't see it clearly.
And they were dressed like this? Wife-beaters and bling? Yeah.
One of them wore an Angels cap.
This is amazing.
Did either of them have a car? Not that I saw.
Um, doc wants to see us a sec.
I think we're about to get the "leave him alone and let him rest" speech.
Ah, before neurosurgery? Probably smart.
Is there anyone I can call for you? Oh, my fiancée's in Rome for work.
I called her.
She'll be on her way back soon.
I'll be back in a bit.
I'd get what you need from him as soon as possible.
Yeah, I was kind of trying to do that.
He doesn't have long, okay? I'm just giving you the heads-up.
What? The bullet entered the skull and settled posterior of the optic chiasm.
He's got increasing intracranial pressure.
In English.
The thing is small and really deep in his brain.
Any operation to remove it will most likely kill him.
But he's -- he's -- he's talking.
He seems fine.
That's not gonna last.
Well, are you gonna tell him? Not yet.
We're waiting on Keith Black, the top guy at Cedars, to take a look at his scans.
Maybe he'll have a different take, but I doubt it.
I got to go.
Um, Fernandez wants us back now.
Of course she does.
It's not just you, okay? You, those R.
guys, and the six patrol officers that were first on the scene are now suspended from duty.
You've been assigned home pending an internal investigation.
Are we getting paid? Are we getting paid? Yeah, with all benefits.
That's good with me, 'cause I didn't nada.
I'm just gonna get caught up on my Internet shopping.
Am I supposed to just sit home and do nothing? "Assigned home" means that during working hours, you are to stay at home.
Well, are you gonna put an ankle bracelet on me? 'Cause if not, I'm gonna do as I please.
You have my cellphone number.
You can reach me.
Oh, no.
You took my cellphone.
I'm gonna have to note that on the file.
Oh, I'm really worried now.
What's up? Pulled a traffic warrant on him.
It's bullshit, but it'll hold him till tomorrow.
His attorney saw the video of your six-pack I.
Now he's demanding that I do a lineup with his client in it.
Better than looking at mug shots, you know? The asshole's standing right in front of me.
Get a good night's sleep, all right? The lineup's tomorrow, SoThe doctor read you the riot act? Yes, but I charmed her.
The nurses brought me some art supplies up from the kids' ward.
Figure as long as I can draw, right, how bad can it be? Definitely, yeah.
Everybody seems really optimistic.
They got this famous neurosurgeon coming in to review my CAT scan.
Then they're gonna settle on what to do.
The surgery's tricky, obviously.
They just want to do their homework.
Look, Mr.
Watts -- Henry.
About the case -- Oh, yeah, I remembered -- the guy in the hat yelled the other guy's name.
Leon, Dion, something like that.
No, I needed to tell you I'm no longer on the case.
There will be two new detectives, and they'll be coming around soon.
I see.
You're that Detective Adams.
Lydia, I guess.
My fame precedes me.
I saw it on TV.
On an endless loop.
So, did you leak the photos? No.
I believe you.
I appreciate it.
So, I guess you're gonna be going, now that you're off the case? I'm gonna stay a bit and brief the detectives when they get here.
Might as well.
Avoid the paparazzi? Hmm.
That too.
And listen, um In case I go into surgery before Jessie, my fiancée, gets here, could you, um Could you let her know our dogs are with the neighbors? Or could you get the detectives to tell her? Sure, sure, sure.
I will make sure she gets the message.
I'm feeling kind of tired.
Gonna try and catch a nap.
I'll check in in a bit.
I've called three times today.
I've spoken to five different clerks.
Sure as shit, the windows are blacked out.
I know you keep saying that, but I need to know when.
Banging around on the inside.
So finally I get the door pried open, and -- bwah! -- this frickin' vulture comes flying out with an ear hanging in its beak.
I look inside, and the guy just blew his head off with a 12 gauge.
How'd the bird get in there? It got in through the hole in the roof that the gun made, man.
It scared the shit out of me.
Shit, beats the hell out of mine.
Just some poor old guy, ass up in the air, next to the toilet.
Blah, blah, blah.
That's a dime a dozen, man.
The extra pressure caused a heart attack.
I heard it a million times.
Speaking of shotguns, you heard this one? So, Koreatown, one of those rooms you rent by the hour.
- How much you pay for that? - Hey, relax.
We find this dead guy, right? He's completely naked, chest blown out, lying on a bed, shards of mirror sticking out of his stomach, his neck, his face.
I got this.
I got this.
He's laying on the bed next to his shotty, right? He killed himself with his legs up in the air.
He's got a pencil through his toes crossed through the trigger guard.
He pulls the trigger with his feet.
The recoil of the gun kicks it up into the ceiling, smashing the mirror.
Am I close? Huh? I heard that one, man.
You're gonna have to try a little bit harder, hello? But I'll still buy your dirty ass lunch.
What? Shit.
She just hung up on me.
Why do you even care, man? I find it novel, Dewey, every once in a while to give a shit.
You know, when you called me and said you were at the hospital, I thought you'd gone 51/50 on me.
Trust me, I am this close.
Nozick and Chavez? Left them three voicemails, and neither one of them will call me back.
Yeah, they're working a stabbing in Lynwood, probably got their hands full.
Yeah, but this is priority.
The witness may not last.
It's not your case now.
Why are you making it harder for yourself? 'Cause it's not just about me, and I don't want to see them screw this up.
Fernandez told the cap that you weren't gonna go home.
And I thought her head was gonna explode, you know? So she sent you here to convince me? Well, her language was a bit stronger.
Yeah, well, snap a picture and leak her a photo of this.
Thought you might feel that way.
I cannot believe this is happening, Russ.
All my hard work, my rep.
It's all going to crap now.
Leak cases are hard to prove.
Once the dog-and-pony show's over, everything will settle down.
So you just got to wait it out.
If you're wrong, will you at least be my lead rep? Go through all of this with me? Don't they assign guys to do that from the league? Yeah, but I don't trust anybody else.
No, I-I don't have any experience.
Yeah, but you've got my back.
Of course.
It's late.
Yeah, just about done here.
You been coming around a lot.
You know, doing what I can.
Just trying to help her out, you know? That all you want to do, help her? What'd you say? You heard what I said.
You accuse me of trying to move in on the widow? You're the one living in her house, asshole.
You don't know shit about what's going on, so I suggest you keep your mouth shut.
I know you sleep here now, don't you? Doesn't take a genius to figure out what that means.
Nate was my partner.
I'm looking after his family the way he would've wanted.
Yeah? You got that? Yeah.
Is that clear to you? Yeah.
Get the Out of here.
You know what? You need to get some help.
Do I? Yeah.
See ya.
It's called trephination, or burr holes, to relieve the pressure.
Okay, but if you're gonna drill in my head, why not just dig the bullet out? You're still bleeding, Mr.
This has to happen now.
Then we can pursue our options.
- Like what? - Dr.
Bernheimer will be talking to you.
Why can't you tell me? And what about the guy at Cedars? We're all still reviewing things.
Please lie back.
All asleep.
Pretty amazing, actually.
You're good with kids, Sammy.
I don't know about that.
I think they just sense that I'm one of them.
You went at Stiles pretty good back there.
I thought you were gonna deck him.
That -- I'm sorry.
I'm an idiot.
I'm sure you're just stressed about the lineup tomorrow.
Everyone's talking about it, how it's all up to you.
Well, if I recognize him -- I mean, if it's the guy, I'll recognize him.
AndIf I do, we'll take him down.
I promise.
What are we doing, Sammy? Hey, buddy.
I'm thirsty.
Okay, baby, I'll get you water.
So, you're gonna be my dad now? Okay.
Come on.
Let's go inside.
If you want me to come back, I can.
Come in.
Come in.
They, um -- they tell you about I got Two new holes In my head.
Ease the pressure, I guess.
Beyond that, I don't know.
Seems like no one wants to operate.
Or no one knows how.
You heard about Jessica? Uh, no, just, um, she's on her way.
Yeah, I know.
You know what she does for a living? Writes children's books.
Really good ones about a lizard named Fig.
- You have any kids? - No.
Then you probably never heard of a lizard named Fig.
It's really good.
It's how we met.
I did the illustrations for her second book.
And we just Fell in love.
Just jumped right into it.
Still can't believe how lucky I got.
What would you do If you were me? Would you go under the knife for the 1% chance at living, or would you try to hold out for a chance to say goodbye? Oh, I don't -- I -- I was in love once.
Yeah? Yeah, it was my second training officer when I just joined the force, and He was married with kids, and when he decided to leave his wife Things got ugly real fast.
What happened? We figured it out.
We figured out a way to be together.
And then he was killed on the job.
A shootout at an auto-parts store.
It was senseless, but But I had been reassigned.
So I wasn't there to say goodbye.
And that If you love her Hold out.
That'd be my answer.
I'm gonna let you get some rest, okay? Don't -- don't.
This was set for 9:00.
It's now going on 11:00.
I don't work here, sir.
You're gonna have to take that up with the sheriff's department.
And don't think I don't know the irregularities with my client's traffic warrant were a direct result of your stalling.
I'm just a cop, counselor.
Fewer words would be good.
Now, if you could just stand the over there, please? Thank you.
So, we good to go? Sammy? Yeah.
Detective Bryant, do you recognize any of the individuals standing before you? Right before he hit Nate, he said, "toma puto.
" Could I have number 2, 3 repeat that for me? Number 2, take one step forward and say, "toma puto.
" Toma puto.
Step back.
Okay, now number 3.
Toma puto.
S-- can 6 take his hand out of his pocket? Number 6, take your hand out of your pocket.
Number 3.
You're saying you recognize number 3? It's number 3.
Okay, we're done.
Number 2.
Number 2.
I meant number 2.
It's number 2.
Okay? Let's go.
Number 2 is an inmate here, Sammy.
He got extra food for standing in the lineup.
That's -- that's just great.
Thank you.
Okay, you too.
Well, good news.
Some desk jockey just forgot to sign a form.
So they moved the crack trailer this morning.
All right.
So now we're going to double-check.
You trust anything the city tells you? No.
Geez, that sucks.
Okay, bye.
Nate Moretta -- that cop who got murdered? Yeah.
His partner picked the wrong guy in a lineup.
Ouch! Notify the suicide hotline.
I'm just saying, man.
You know how it is.
They're gonna be watching his ass.
All units and A35, Light them up.
Freeze! Drop the knife! Drop it! Follow me in the car! Stop! Stop right now! That's it.
Thank you.
I'm gonna borrow this.
Hey, jag-off.
Not rampart? You're learning.
Give me a hand.
Muchachos Venga ayudarnos, por favor.
Stop! He's getting in a car.
Right behind you, partner.
Gold Ford.
License plate -- Victor-4-7.
Go! Gracias, amigo.
Yeah, this is John Cooper with the Los Angeles Police Department.
Yeah, how you doing? I got an abandoned vehicle blocking the alley behind 226 Vernon.
All right, I appreciate it.
A35, we're in pursuit of a gold Ford Contour, now westbound on Florence at Brighton.
A43, show us en route to back.
Suspect just turned, westbound on Selma from Cahuenga.
Man #2: Air-3, what's the speed of the suspect's vehicle, and what are the conditions? No, no, no, do not call off this chase! Clear! non-residential.
A43, show us as a secondary unit in pursuit.
Approaching a no-fly zone.
Got to back off.
Primary unit, you have it.
We got this Clear.
We're clear.
A35, suspect heading northbound now -- Schrader.
We got this son of a bitch.
Clear! Dewey! Damn! God damn.
Damn it.
We got to keep going.
Woman down.
She just came out of nowhere! Shit! Hey! Freeze! Let me see your hands now! Get your hands up! Get your hands out of the car! Put your hands up! Let's go! Hands up now! A43, show us code 6, corner of Yucca and Argyle.
Does she have a pulse? Oh, God.
Oh, God! God damn it! One, two You got him? Yeah, I got him, I got him, I got him.
All right, we got two pinned.
You okay, ma'am? Somebody's coming, ma'am.
No, I can't move my legs! Okay.
It's okay.
Come on, come on.
It's over.
It's over, man.
It's over.
She's dead.
Can I get you something? I forgot them at the store.
How could you forget that? Weren't they on your list? Yeah.
Yeah, but Henry.
God, baby.
How do you feel? Jess.
When are you having surgery? What's -- uh Oh, I told them I was gonna wait for you to get here.
So Dewey told me already, John.
All part of God's plan.
Don't make me tell you to off, too.
Look, what happened was tragic, all right? But we did what we were supposed to.
We lost air support.
We were primary.
It was my responsibility.
I could have called it off.
She stepped right in front of you.
There were sirens, lights flashing.
You know the funniest part? I wasn't gonna be a cop.
I was just gonna surf.
I don't know.
But then getting pregnant, my marriage blowing up.
I had a kid.
I needed a job.
That was all this was supposed to be.
How many surfers run toward gunfire? Hmm? How many? Teachers, bartenders -- they just jump in their car and go after these assholes? No.
No, and until they do, you cut yourself a break.
I-I got to go pick up Tristan.
If not you, who? Who, Chickie? Who deserves to be wearing that uniform? Um, Detective? She was right there with him when he died.
I knew you'd want to know.
And, Detective I couldn't help hearing what you said to him.
It was It was beautiful.
I'm just sorry that you had to go through that.
I just made that up, actually.
Just wanted to give him strength, you know? Really? It felt so honest and heartfelt and Cops -- good storytellers.
We agreed that you would not come here.
I got no place to go.
Well, you can't stay here.
Jesus! Wh-- What is it? I up.
Everything I touch Everything just turns to shit.
W-- what -- what did you do? It's what I didn't -- it's what I couldn't -- it's what I couldn't do.
Hey, hey.
I couldn't.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you doing? You came to check on me.
Come on.
I need a drink.
You all right? Have you, um Heard the news at all lately? Do you that they kicked that guy in the Moretta case? Yeah, man.
I guess when it rains, it pours.
You heard a patrol cop killed a pedestrian in the 77th? High-speed chase.
She just walked into traffic.
Yeah, I heard that.
And now I'm about to lose my job for leaking photos of a dead celebrity.
All these years of being a good cop, and that's my Google hit.
No, it's gonna happen, Russ.
I can feel it.
Just all the rage I feel, you know? Just I'm up all night.
Who could do this? Not just to me, but to us.
I did.
Come on, Russ.
It's not funny.
I, uh, gave them a couple photos, and they paid me half a million bucks.
What, was I gonna be a secretary the rest of my life? Scrape by on disability, if they even gave it to me? It, Lyd.
I saw my chance, so I took it.
If I had known that the photos were from your phone, I wouldn't have done it.
I just told Fernandez an hour ago, got my ass reamed by the chief.
Took them all of a minute to fire me.
At least it hurts a lot less with cash in the bank.
You did it for the money? No.
No! I wouldn't -- it looked like that asshole actor chopped his girlfriend's head off.
I mean, especially celebrities -- they have those lawyers and those fancy handlers, and You know, the public has to know when vicious shit like that goes down.
He was innocent.
He shot himself.
I know.
I couldn't have predicted that.
But the bottom line is I'm sorry.
I know you went through a lot for that and it messed you up.
And I wish -- I should've told you sooner.
That was wrong.
I don't even know you.
I don't even know you, dude.
Lydia, please.
Come on.