Southland s03e08 Episode Script

Fixing a Hole

You think I'm scared? This ain't shit.
Uncuff me, mother It wasn't me.
I swear on my grandmother, it wasn't me.
Just let me go, mother Sometimes cops find a case can dig them into a hole.
Before sunrise, Detective Sammy Bryant will discover just how hard it can be to dig yourself out.
I'm telling you, this was an airtight case.
It could float.
Yeah, right.
Not in this line of business.
So, this fool killed the guy, and he's standing over the dead body, talking crap to the dead body right here.
Oh, here? So, he drops the gun when he sees a rookie pull up in the u-boat.
oh, who pulled up? Muro? Nick Albert.
Oh, man, Albert -- he could mess up a one-car funeral.
Kind of makes you wonder him or the suspect.
So, Albert asks the guy, "what happened?" And the guy says, "I shot the bastard.
" Wow.
Oh, no, no, but here's the punchline.
Albert doesn't mirandize him.
He just hooks him up, puts him in the car, and starts interrogating him.
Oh, please you got to be kidding me.
Without a Miranda warning, none of it is admissible.
I guess he was so excited to make the murder arrest, he just forgot.
Now the court's gonna throw out Albert's testimony.
Gone, and now all we have is Naomi Chester.
You know what sucks? A cop sees a murder and can't talk about it.
She's supposed to be pretty reliable.
Case still has a chance.
You're early.
Now, what's the call time? And did they send a limo or just a town car? Okay.
Maybe not so reliable.
More coffee? Oh, no, I'm fine.
That's certainly true.
I guess your partner wasn't hungry.
Uh He's not my partner, not fully.
I'm -- I'm still a trainee.
Sound thrilled.
Well, I'm almost done.
He's taught me a lot, actually.
I'm just, uh, ready for more.
Just give me the damn ball, you know? Yeah.
Slow your roll, Keyshawn.
Sure you'll get your chance.
You watch football? Hey, I got two older brothers.
I don't really have a choice.
Kaya, and 4 wanted eggs with onions, not cheese.
- I'm on it! - He sounds angry.
It's not like I even want this job.
- What do you want to do? - Sing.
But, um, criminal justice will probably end up paying the bills, so I'll transfer soon.
- You go to law school? - Hell no.
Are you kidding? My dad would kill me.
He's a cop.
I'll be back.
I hope so.
I was gonna send a search party.
You all right? A drunk and disorderly call came out around the corner.
I already bought it.
You didn't eat.
Um Pay the girl.
Let's roll.
Just, uh, keep the change.
- Oh, you don't want your receipt? - No, I'm all right.
Well, you know what? You might need it.
Uh, yeah.
I gotta go.
Well, be careful out there protectin' and servin', officerSherman.
You tooKaya? Kaya.
Petey, you want to flip one? Sure.
It's really hot, so don't touch.
When do I flip it? Now's good.
Who taught you? My mom.
But the real secret is to Marry a woman who knows how to cook.
My dad said the same thing.
Is mom up yet? UhNo.
Uh, not yet.
She was -- she was up with the baby.
How much longer are you staying with us? I don't know.
A while, I guess.
Is that all right with you? Mom doesn't cry as much when you're around.
Detective Bryant.
See you then.
Something smells good! Pancakes? My favorite! Hey, can you turn on the heat back here? What are you looking at? Nothing.
Why are y'all so quiet? Watching "Cops," all y'all do is drive, yap, talk shit about your wives.
Well, this ain't TV.
Whew! I sense a little tension between you guys.
What? Someone leave the toilet seat up? Aw, come on! Come on! Pay attention! It's colder than a witch's tit, and you are sweating bullets.
Are you high? What did you say? Must be some strong shit.
Can I get some, too? Ugh! My nose! Aah! You broke my nose! Aah! You Broke my nose, you pigs! Aah! John! John! - On the right.
- What's that about, dude?! You broke my nose! Ma'am, what's wrong? You all right? They had guns! Guns! Who did? Who? All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys, guys, guys, come on.
Be safe.
What is wrong with what I have on? Oh, you really have to ask? We don't have time for this.
No, listen, we cannot have her testify looking like the fourth Charlie's angel.
I guested on "Charlie's Angels" -- a couple of times.
They didn't have me back, though.
Farrah was jealous.
Look, we have to cover your chichis.
If you've got it, flaunt it.
Who's paying for this? Hey, we get the conviction, Fernandez is gonna reimburse us.
Going on your card, not mine.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This is a 50/50 split partner.
Hey, look, memory is a fragile thing, and you had an incredibly traumatic experience.
Don't beat yourself up about it.
So, now what? We're working several other angles.
Something will break.
Listen, let's get this straight.
A police officer was killed, Detective.
No one in this department is giving up on catching the men who killed your partner.
Uh, um A witness from another case just showed up.
- Uh, can you give me a few moments? - Thank you.
Hey Stealing field-trip money from little kids -- that is some twisted Tell you something, man.
Two 13-year-olds with 9-millimeters? You got to love the ghetto.
Well, makes sense.
Unarmed fourth graders.
What are they gonna do, throw a transformer at somebody? Where the hell's Optimus Prime when you need him? Yeah.
I'll be right back.
I'm gonna grab a coffee.
Sorry about the other day.
You all right? It's like Coop says.
If I'm not out here, who else is it gonna be? Is he all right? Eh, hard to tell.
Not if your eyes are open.
- He's my training officer, Chickie.
- Okay.
Well, rank doesn't matter if you're dead.
You got to be able to trust the guy watching your back No matter who it is.
-Hey, let me out - Shut up! What's up? I don't think that kid was on the bus.
Hey, what's your name? Michael.
Hey, Michael.
I'm John.
Were you, uh -- were you on that bus that got robbed? No.
No? Do you go to school, Michael? Do you know who robbed it? Did you see it happen? Where are your parents, Michael? Gone.
You gonna take me to jail? No.
No, of course not.
Where do you live, though, Michael? What's your address? The magic cave.
Okey dokey smokey makes us hide in the magic cave so they don't take us to jail.
Go get the paramedics.
According to the fingerprint database, Michael Peterson is 9 years old.
Malnutrition probably stunted his growth.
- He was in the system? - Mm-Hmm.
Parents should be shot.
Well, his father's at Folsom, and his mother's dead.
She was a prostitute.
Where's Michael been? No other relatives, so he's been at a Foster home over on 89th.
Went missing about three weeks ago.
Three weeks? What, no Amber alert? We've been looking.
Talked about a magic cave.
Kids at that age like to imagine any small space as a cave.
He's at a pre-operational state of development.
Pre-operational? You just told me the kid was alone for three weeks.
He mentioned two other kids, also.
He's probably making it up.
I've done hundreds of these cases.
I don't need the M.
to tell me Michael's been abused.
But a kid this traumatized will engage in all sorts of magical thinking You know, he was pretty specific.
As a self-protective mechanism.
I understand that.
He was specific, though.
Called them by name -- Tyrell and Andy.
Look, I-I appreciate the great work that you've done in spotting him.
Okay? I really do.
But now it's my case.
And expert care is what this child needs.
Expert care? What expert? You? I have a master's degree in child psychology.
And I got a PhD in street.
Who gives a shit? - And 20 years' experience.
- Oh, 20 years! You know what?! I don't care! That kid is telling the truth, and you're too lazy to do your job! - John! - Do your job! Mike was a good guy.
He didn't deserve to get shot.
You know, what happens between a man and another man's wife is nobody's business, especially her husband's.
We, uh -- we appreciate you doing this.
- When we do this? - It's at 3:00.
I -- I thought it was this morning.
- Tooley was a miss-out.
- What? He missed the bus from jail to court.
There won't be another one till at least noon.
You okay with that? Sure.
You're gonna do just fine, Naomi.
I know it.
Can you, uh, excuse me for a moment? Counselor, can I speak to you, please? Oh, man, man.
That is four hours from now.
I cannot go that long Without my medication.
That woman's a straight-up drunk.
I don't think she's gonna make it.
Well, she better.
She's gonna need to get something soon.
Look, legally, I can't make any suggestions.
But a happy witness is a cooperative witness.
Catch my drift? Hey.
Mariella? Calm down.
I'll be right there.
McBride from sex crimes has it covered.
So what? She's good at taking tests, right? That's all it takes to be a Detective.
She doesn't know the streets.
A-43, possible 459, suspects there now -- A-43 -- unable to respond.
Show us code 6.
We're not buying the call? Nope.
We're not gonna respond to a burglary call? You questioning my instincts, too? - Yes! - Oh, really? Now you're the man, huh? What we're gonna do, Boot, is we're gonna roll around all day, and we're gonna show the kid's picture to everyone -- anyone who'll look at it! We're not gonna chase the goddamn radio! So, you respect my stripes, or you get the out of my car! - Obviously, he's dead.
I'm his wife.
- I understand.
- And I'm his wife.
- Yes.
Ma'am She won't transfer the money from Nate's savings account into our checking account.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
I've explained the situation as clearly as I can.
Well, explain it to me.
I need an original copy of Mr.
Moretta's death certificate.
And what's that right there? It's a printout from a pdf.
Can you wait outside for a second? That's the wife of my partner.
Okay, he was killed protecting your right to give her shit.
I'm a reservist.
I didn't lose this finger in the kitchen.
So, then, you understand what it's like to see a friend killed.
Your world stands still.
The rest of the world moves on.
No one seems to care.
I sympathize with Mrs.
I do.
But rules are rules.
I respect your rules.
I do.
I respect your rules.
But I'm asking you for a favor, from one servant to another.
I'll do the transfer, but I'll need an original copy by morning.
Thank you.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna go downtown, get his documents together, and I'll bring the paperwork back here.
Okay? Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I'm gonna get this guy.
I promise.
What? We're gonna get him.
- We're gonna get him.
- Okay.
- I promise.
- All right.
I promise.
This lady has got stories for days.
She looks beautiful right there.
I bet if we gave her that drink, it would really get started.
2:12 -- we got to get back to court.
You get lunch.
Oh, what happened to "50/50, partner"? How long has she been in the bathroom? Shit! Shit! Oh! I'll bet she went out back! Hey! Hey, Naomi! Shit.
Okay, look I'll get the car.
Señor, señor.
¿Has visto este niño? Hmm? No? Excuse me.
You seen this kid? Can't say that I have.
Is he okay? Yeah, he is now.
Thank you.
What are you looking for? He was found in the area.
We're just trying to backtrack, find out a history.
With all the gangs out here, you don't really see kids much anymore.
I wish I could be more helpful.
Thank you.
How long are we gonna keep doing this? They're gonna start looking for us.
Oh, come on.
What the hell are you doing? What does it look like? Getting my swerve on.
Ugh! Aw, what the hell, lady? Look at this mess.
Ahh! Damn it! I'm calling the cops.
Hey! We are the cops, okay? Come on, get out of here.
- Sorry about that.
- Yeah, sure.
How long you need it? Couple of days.
We need another decoy for a surveillance.
It doesn't matter to me.
Everything you see in here is gonna get crushed in the next few days, anyway.
It's a waste of American ingenuity, if you ask me.
They'll be ready for you any minute.
Oh, God.
I can't do this! Oh, listen, listen.
Look, he can't hurt you.
We're right here.
Tooley shot Mike down like a dog.
Tooley did that to make a statement.
Well, he made a statement, all right.
I get the message.
Okay, listen -- God, I don't know what the hell I was thinking.
You know what? You don't strike me as the type to get scared very easily, so why now? I was flattered when they asked me to testify.
Silly, ain't it? It's just been so long since Anybody wanted anything from me.
But I didn't think I would really have to really do it.
Yeah, but here we are, and you speak for Mike.
And everybody wants to hear what you have to say.
This is the biggest show imaginable.
And they're gonna be hanging on every word.
Not only is this the role of a lifetime, but there's no way that they'll ever, ever be able to cut you out.
And if you don't talk, Tooley skates.
They're ready for you, Ms.
Sharpshootin' Dave.
How are you, man? Johnny.
Hey, kid.
How's the dynamic duo? Uh-oh.
Someone pee in your cornflakes? Hey, it all right, man.
You know how it is.
Kid's salty -- used to hang on your every word.
Now he's smelling his own piss, looking at you like you're the asshole.
Fatherhood, man.
Natural course of things.
You know, if he didn't chafe and buck up against you, you wouldn't know you were turning him into a good cop.
Now you know.
You all right, man? Why don't you lay off that shit? You don't look so good.
You should come with me to a meeting.
You should kiss my ass.
Mike had his -- his hands in the air.
He was shaking.
He was pleading with Tooley, "come on, look, man, I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry.
" But Tooley just walked closer to him.
He put the gun to his head, and he blew him back.
Mike was laying on the ground.
His -- his legs were twitching.
Tooley stood over him, laughing.
He still had the gun in his hand.
He looked at Mike, and he said, "guess who just got fu--" oh.
Excuse my language, judge.
Is it okay if I say that in court? You may continue.
"Guess who just got " Damn.
She does have presence.
You did good, kid.
All right, where do you want to go to dinner? My pick? It's on the state.
Pacific Dining Car.
Snap! Go home, Ben.
Just tell me why.
What about this kid makes it worth losing your job.
Kid's telling the truth.
I feel it.
So, what's the plan? There is none.
Just gonna go out and canvass until I can get some answers.
I'm going with you.
No, if I get caught, I'll just get demoted.
They'll fire you.
If I'm gonna get fired, might as well be for doing the job the right way.
There is something on your mind by the way you look at me there is something on your mind, honey by the way you look at me Kill those damn lights.
Brings happiness oh, and it brings misery no, no, please What you want, ese? You don't remember me? What about my partner? You remember him? Understand Huh? No, no, you don't have to tell me, pretty baby I think I understand you want me to try and forget you well, I'll do the best I can This is James Elroy's favorite restaurant.
I had a callback for "L.
" Then I heard Kim Basinger was interested.
Story of my life.
You know, you come here with with such promise.
And it grinds you up and spits you out.
And Kim won an Oscar.
But you were great today.
I was.
You know, something strange happens.
When everyone's looking at me I go into this -- this zone.
I-I-I'm outside of myself.
It's like I could see Tooley kill Mike.
Like you could see him? Yeah.
Wait a minute.
You did see him, right? Pfft! Of course not.
What?! What? I was in my apartment.
It was that Matt -- uh, Matt Johnson across the street.
He's the one who actually saw what happened.
I don't believe this shit.
Why didn't Johnson come forward? Meth.
He's not all that dependable.
You know, Mike was a nice guy.
And that Tooley was a piece of shit.
Oop! Excuse me.
Mike was just trying to help her.
Wasn't his fault they fell in love.
All right, so you lied in open court? Hey, everybody on that block knows what happened.
And when you people came around asking questions, I told I'd seen it.
I was flattered -- this is true.
But there was more at stake than my ego.
I mean, somebody had to stand up.
I mean, it's the truth.
He killed Mike.
Your cop saw him with the gun.
He is guilty as hell.
Unfortunately, so are you.
- Hey! - You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
- Hey! - Excuse me.
Can I get another vodka on the rocks? Oh, for Christ's sakes.
Double, please.
I do not believe this.
Yeah, well, it's gonna be a long time before you get another drink, so you might as well get your swerve on.
You think I'm scared? Uncuff me, mother Hey, you that white boy, huh? I heard about you.
Crying like a bitch, falling all over the ground.
Everybody in the hood was talking about it.
But I wasn't there.
It wasn't me.
I swear on my grandmother, it wasn't me.
Just let me go, mother You seen this kid? Why don't you take a look at him for two seconds? It's a little kid.
Have you seen this kid before? Have you seen this kid? This little boy? Have you seen this kid around at all? Place is awful.
You know how many registered sex offenders live around here? Yeah.
You get anything? No.
You? No.
Nothing glamorous about being a Detective.
Why do you think I stayed in patrol? This cave Could be anything.
We got to think like this kid.
I mean, how far could he get? You know, akid that young, alone for so long? He couldn't have gotten far.
Someone around here has seen him.
You guys seen this kid? Let you know if we find something.
Appreciate it.
All right.
I don't know.
Sometimes the only satisfaction you get in this job is knowing you tried your best.
- You know what? Just go home.
- I'm staying.
All right.
You take the east side.
I'll take the west.
All right.
I'm gonna free your wrists.
You move too fast, I'll blow you up.
All right.
What you want me to do? I want you to dig.
Are they gonna let Tooley go? I don't know.
It's gonna be a mistrial at the very least.
Everyone was so scared.
Nobody was gonna do the right thing.
Yeah, well, sometimes doing the right thing is the wrong thing.
Can you give us a second? You're gonna have to dig deep to get through this.
You don't need that liquor crutch.
You're stronger than you think.
Thank you.
You guys have any spare change I can have? Hey, shitbird.
Hey! You feeling okay, buddy? You seen this kid? I think I have seen this kid.
Yeah, he goes around saying "okey dokey smokey" all the time.
Remember where you saw him? No.
No idea.
But I do remember seeing him at the New Lofts.
There was a skate park there.
- What -- what Lofts? - Yeah.
- I know the skate park.
- Yeah.
You think this is fair? You ain't shit.
You can't do it, can you? I don't put in no work no more! It was one of the pee wees! They don't know no better! They don't respect nothing! It was you.
I was there! It was you! I never said I wasn't! I stopped doing dirt a while ago, ese.
You've obviously been following me.
I got a job.
I got a life.
I got a kid on the way.
I want to see my son get born.
You're that dude on the other side of the glass.
My lawyer told me about you.
You couldn't I.
me then.
What makes you sure you're so right now? Nate had a family.
You hear me? Nate had a family! Well his family! And yours, too! If you're gonna do it, do it! Turn around.
Turn around! I ever see you again, I'll kill you.
You're just gonna leave me out here? Hey! Hey! What do you want me to say? You know, no one believed me when I told them my dad was molesting my older sister.
It wasn't until he raped and murdered my 16-year-old girlfriend that anyone paid any attention to anything I had to say.
That's the power of the badge.
When we say something, people listen.
We got to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves.
Yeah, but, John, the guy was a basehead.
How many lofts did we hit? - Coffee's on me.
- We're gonna need it.
You sure you're ready to go back to work? Yeah.
Think we have a choice? Cooper.
Yeah, we'll be there in 10.
Okay, Tyrell and Andy, right? I'm officer Brown.
Why don't we get you guys something to eat, huh? John Cooper.
Ben Sherman.
I need a drink.
I was surprised you called.
What happened? Couldn't get what you said out of my head.
So I went down the sex-offenders list one by one.
Stopped here, I talked to him, and left.
Magic cave.
Okey dokey smokey.
The letter mentions encountering police officers in the park with Michael's picture And my subsequent visit.
He said the walls were closing in.
How'd you find the body? He called it in before he hung himself.
You were right.
Was wrong.
Petey, what's going on? Ask mom.
What's going on? UmI'm I'm moving back to El Paso, with my parents, just until we figure things out.
You're selling the house.
Yeah, um Every time I look around, I just -- I see Nate.
And I'm driving myself crazy.
I just.
Things are moving so fast.
I just -- I need to slow down.
You understand, right? Mmm, Mmm Mmm, Mmm Yeah.
You want me to try and forget you Yeah.
Well, I'll do the best I can