Southland s03e10 Episode Script

Graduation Day

All cops know and probationary officer Ben Sherman.
Is beginning to understand that sometimes you can't think about it.
You've just got to make that leap.
No, wait, wait, wait.
No, listen.
We need to talk.
I don't like lying.
Nobody's lying.
Well, then, a lie of omission.
I need to tell her.
Tell her what? That we've started seeing each other.
Oh, we "started" seeing each other? Hmm? No, listen, listen.
I'm serious.
And what if she says she doesn't like it, which she probably will? Then we're gonna have to stop seeing each other.
"No"? Yeah.
" Is that yours or mine? It's yours.
It's your mom.
Uh, Adams.
I'm up.
I'm up, too.
Stop it! Yeah, no, I was just Not you Not talking to you.
Give me the address.
I'll call you when I'm five away.
You're bad.
You are very bad.
Wandering granny reported on morning watch.
Daughter was out working the street on Hoover, says granny was gone when she got back home.
And today is graduation day, time to push our little boot ducklings.
Out of the warm nests of their training officers.
They're wheeling out after watch boots no more.
Hey, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that calls 911 tomorrow.
Screw that.
God help those new partners.
All right, listen up.
Wiggins southwest.
Karlson Newton.
Shootin' Newton Don't forget your vest, kid.
Chung Pacific.
Venice, baby.
Sun block, shades, and roller blades! And, Sherman Alvarado.
As is our custom, we're collecting for last day boot pool, the boot who can get someone.
He or she busts today to say "thank you.
" Mm-hmm.
The sign of a truly great cop.
Nobody wins, the pot goes to buying beer.
For the final four viewing party.
All right, training officers, come see me, got paperwork for your next victims.
Boots good luck.
It's been a pleasure.
Yeah, for you, maybe.
Brown, come see me.
Everybody else, that's it.
It's our last day out here, man.
Don't get us all killed.
Good luck.
Way to go.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
You know, you're not gonna win that pool.
It's impossible.
Ah, anything's possible.
Nah, it's just a way for the watch commander.
To pick the probies' pockets for beer money.
Powder that diaper, boot! Powder that diaper! Shit.
Hey! You'll always be a baby to us! Listen.
I wanted the chargers until they got rid of Osgood.
They're not putting a team in LA, they're not.
New stadium downtown.
That we, the taxpayers, get to pay for.
Come on.
NFL owners never met a city they couldn't roll.
Mark my words.
Sal, I swear, I'm almost done.
It'll be on your desk by end of shift.
Warrant's out for Emilio Ruiz.
They found a witness to testify? It's not for Nate's murder.
Our boy leprechaun assaulted some guy.
Outside of a roller rink down on San Vicente.
Assault? Fight was over a girl.
Went after a Guatemalan illegal with a brick.
Listen, it's not a murder warrant, all right? But it does put him behind bars for a while.
He pleads out, he does, what, a couple years? No.
Illegal's in bad shape.
DA Could charge him with attempted murder.
Look, man, Ruiz is an asshole, right? Probably get himself stabbed to death in prison.
Hey, Sammy, no one forgot about Nate's case, all right? Sooner or later, a gangster's gonna need a deal and roll! At least now we know where the shithead lives! Oh, great.
I know! No, you don't! Sir, get out of the street! Sir, get out of the street.
They're supposed to stop! All right, sir, move your wheelchair to the sidewalk.
So we can talk.
I have rights! I'm a disabled American veteran! Sir.
Sir! Jesus! Hey! Get out of the Goddamn street! Sir, sir.
What the hell's your problem, huh? Hey, shut up, bitch! Come here.
[Bleep] You! [Bleep] You! Come on.
I have a right to be in the Goddamn crosswalk! Sir! Sir! I'm a free man! Sir! Sir! I ain't no slave! All right.
All right.
Let go of my [Bleep] Chair! Come on! Gotta get you out of the [Bleep] Way.
You're not kidnapping me.
Ah, shit! Jesus Christ.
Sir! Sir! Sir! Don't tread on me, mother [Bleep] You ain't gonna tread on me! Hey, come here.
Come here! Let me go, let me go! Let go of me! Come on! Let go of me! Little help?! What do you think, boot? Think Paco there's about to say "thank you"? You mother [Bleep] What'd the watch commander want? Catch you drilling holes in the men's shower room again? Yeah.
Getting off on the boys lathering up? I have an interview for Metro.
Are you ready for that physical? I hear it's a real bitch.
I passed the agility last week.
Interview is the next step.
What'd you do, give them 10 push-ups.
And bat your baby blues? the minimum requirement.
I did 106.
Did 106 push-ups? Yeah.
I gotta be nicer to your ass.
Yeah, you better.
Have fun last night? That's some hickey On your neck.
I knew something was up.
When you came in smiling this morning.
I smile.
No, you don't.
Not in the morning, you don't.
So, is it anybody I know? Coroner's here.
Me, when I was a kid, I was a Raiders fan.
Let's just head over to main, see if there's anything going on over there.
Trece turf? Yeah.
Sal told me to keep you out of main street territory today.
Yeah, why's that? Leprechaun.
He doesn't want us interfering.
With units looking to pick him up.
"Us"? Us.
Nate was my friend, too, okay? What do you want, Tammi? Jesus, Victor, put Tammi on.
Call me.
Everything all right? My ex-wife's water just broke.
You need to get to the hospital? No, her boyfriend's gonna call me.
When the contractions get closer together.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Her boyfriend? Boyfriend/photography instructor.
World's a complicated place.
I was thinking maybe we'd hit up Molly's.
For lunch for old times' sake? What do you say? I'm buying.
Maybe you could give me some advice before I move on.
I want him arrested! What? What did he do? No, not him Him! Look at this! Look what he did to my baby! My baby's 6 years old, and he gives him a tattoo! Without your permission? I'm his father! I don't need no damn permission! He's a baby, you asshole! Shit, javier ain't no baby! He's tough! He didn't cry or anything! All right, all right, all right.
[Bleep] Sir, sir, sir, come down here.
Put that down.
Ma'am, if you're married Married? Married? Married to this pendejo?! Never! I'd be [Bleep] Crazy! Officer? My son's been begging me for months to give him the tattoo, so I gave it to him.
Oh, yeah? So he asks you to jump off the roof What, you're gonna throw him?! Bitch, I put the food on the table, I put clothes on your back! Oh, yeah?! Who was working two jobs?! Shit, I got rights, too All right, enough! Enough! Enough! Sir, you're under arrest.
For what? Child endangerment and possibly child abuse.
Shit, everybody in this hood gots that tattoo.
He just wanted one, too.
Oh, yeah? A gang tattoo on a 6-year-old? Might be time to take some responsibility.
And start acting like an adult.
Otherwise, we're gonna be back here zipping Javier up in a body bag before he's 16.
That's what you get, mother [Bleep] You hear me?! You [Bleep] My little baby! Now you're gonna have a lot of time to think about your shit! You're gonna have a lot of time, clumsy, up in that [Bleep] Cell! No, is this yours?! You got no right! Go! Go! No! I can be on the [Bleep] sidewalk if I want! You move someplace else! Guess who.
Tell her.
Tell her she have to go.
You called the cops?! Oh, is that how we're gonna play this shit?! Okay, shut up.
Shut up right now.
She in front of my store all day! Customers no want to come in! She take pee right there by door! Bullshit! I never go right by the door! Hey, I said shut up! She try to get men to pay her for sex! Do it right there in alley! Who wants to come in store with scary, ugly whore I ain't ugly, you slant-eyed little mother [Bleep] Stop it right now.
You'd be lucky anybody ever want to [Bleep] Your scrawny ass! All day long with the whore talk! Listen, I think we understand the situation, okay? Do me a favor.
Take his ass inside.
You come with me.
Come here right now.
Come here.
Chink asshole! Hey, what'd I tell you last time, huh? What'd I tell you? You can't be pissing on the street.
And turning tricks in the alleyway.
You understand me? Hey! You don't like shit, huh?! How'd you like it if I put a big pile of shit.
On your doorstep in the morning?! Aah! Let me tell you something.
You going to your meetings? Huh? Are you going to your meetings like I said? You stay right here.
You stay right here.
You see this box? You understand me? This is your box.
You do not leave this box, or I'm gonna haul your ass to jail.
I don't got to stay in no box.
You stay in this box.
In the box! This how it's gonna be all day? The silent treatment? Oh, light them up.
A-43 show us in pursuit of two vehicles, heading South on Burlington, East on 18th.
Hey! That [Bleep] Fool hit my car! Pull over! Pull over right here! We'll be back! Call for air support.
A-43 Request air support, heading East on 18th, just past Union.
Clear, clear, clear.
Past Toberman.
Put your hands up! Inside the van, put your hands up! Passenger's side clear! Driver's side! Put your hands up! Shut the back! Dewey! Driver's on the run! A-43 Suspect's vehicle.
TC'd at 17th and Oak.
Requesting an RA Unit.
It's gonna be okay, ma'am.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Stay right where you are, okay? Anything? No, nothing.
All right.
They're calling us off.
I'll pick you up at the corner.
Roger that.
In the warm embrace of the grateful populace we serve.
It'll help with your stress.
What? Sex.
Hey, it'll take your stress level.
Down to seriously intense.
From your normal rubber-band-about-to-snap level.
I'm not stressed.
Help you sleep.
What is that beeping? Uh, it's my cellphone.
I forgot to charge it last night.
You see? That's what sex does.
Takes your mind off the little things.
Thank you.
Hey, what do we got? found bound and gagged.
In the back of the van.
Driver was involved in a hit and run, then got into this accident fleeing from us.
How's the girl? She's unconscious.
Looks like a sexual assault occurred, as well.
Is the driver in custody? He ran.
We're looking for him, but we don't even have his description.
Do we at least have a name for the victim? Found a Burroughs middle school ID in her backpack.
Van's registered to a Daniel Brolin.
That's next door to her house, according to the ID They taking her to Good Sam? Yeah.
All right, listen.
I'll get a uniform.
In the ambulance with her, all right? Thanks.
What was the address you had? [ Beep ] Hello? Hey, baby.
You miss me? Where we going? Just gonna cruise through, see if anything is going on.
You know? Sal's gonna have our butts if we get out of this car.
If we find out anything about where he is, we'll just pass it on.
What's the big deal, right? So, you gonna be in the delivery room for the birth? I don't know.
I don't know if she wants me in there.
Well, if you have a choice, skip it.
Watching my first one pop out.
Put me off of sex for the whole first part of the year, man.
I mean, that thing gets like uff.
I mean, not that Charlene would let me near her anyway.
For the first few months.
What are you gonna do? Hey.
Hey, Jimmy, what's happening? Fellas.
You seen leprechaun today? Anybody Seen leprechaun today? I'm watching my son play soccer.
Yeah? Which one's your son? He's the one with the Chivas jersey on.
Looks like a [Bleep] girl.
You're still on parole, right? What are your conditions? Lot of known gangsters hanging around here.
Your conditions say anything.
About hanging around known gang members, Jimmy? Look I don't believe in leprechauns.
I ain't seen no leprechauns.
I'm here to watch my son play soccer.
If you're gonna violate me, violate me.
'Cause right now, all I see is a bunch of this.
And nothing coming out.
All units, shots fired, officer down.
Hollenbeck park.
North entrance.
You find him, Jimmy! Your phone rang a couple of times.
While you were charging it.
I'll check the messages.
When did you start screwing my son? WeJust started seeing each other.
What, last night? That hickey? I'm s-sorry.
IShould have told you.
It was stupid.
My son's 28.
You're, what, 40? Driving around with a child molester.
I'm sorry, Josie.
Yeah, whatever.
They assign you a new boot? For tomorrow? You got a migraine or something? You got your sunglasses onAgain.
Washington OrJefferson.
Some founding father.
You like being a training officer? Depends on the boot.
Hey, I hope I'm not bothering you, but would you mind posing with my kids for a picture? My son here wants to be a cop.
Yeah, sure, no problem.
Come here.
Go on.
Get the star in the picture.
Got it.
Got it.
Yeah? All right.
Wait a minute.
Can I get one more? Just one more? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
All right.
Thank you.
Sure, no problem.
Good luck, man.
See you in school.
Thanks so much.
All right, thanks a lot.
Thank you.
- They said "thank you.
" - Doesn't count, numb-nuts.
It's got to be somebody you bust.
You're paying, right? Where's shooter? We were trying to serve an assault warrant.
Guy just started shooting.
Where? Holst and Gomez are in pursuit.
Anybody else get hit? Oh, man.
Holy shit.
Ruiz? Yeah.
You all right? Stay with me.
Look at me.
It's all right.
Nate moretta, leprechaun.
Nate moretta The last thing you hear before you die.
Look at me.
Hey, stay with me.
Come on.
Nate moretta, mother [Bleep] You can hear me, right? Huh? Come on! Nate moretta, mother [Bleep] Okay.
So we'll probably call you to get more information.
All right.
Family's heading to Good Samaritan.
To be with their daughter.
The van owner said he was at work, and the foreman said that one of his guys.
Used the van to run an errand this morning, and he never came back.
They give you a name? Yeah, Tomas Martinez.
And an address.
Did anybody see the girl going to school this morning? She left a couple minutes before Martinez.
Some of these guys said she came over.
To practice her Spanish for school.
Josie, um, I'm gonna call Rodrigo.
And just let him know it was a mistake.
Oh, the hell you are.
And have him blame me.
For you dumping him? Unh-unh.
It's not like I'm dumping him.
We just started seeing each other.
Yeah, well, don't.
You hungry, man? You want some thai food? Nah, I feel like a salad.
Salad? Come on, man.
Let's get some beef satay.
And some pad thai noodles.
No, thanks.
Look, I got to check on Denise anyway, man.
We're right next to the Phuket Express.
Denise? What is up with you? You're looking after crack whores now? Hey.
Working the steps is her only way out, man.
Besides, it's not her fault.
It's a sickness.
It's deep down inside her genes.
Well, she's deep down inside someone else's jeans right now.
Son of a bitch.
Aah! Aah! Denise! What step is this, Dewey? Get off of my hood! He owes me 10 bucks! I don't care! Get off the hood of my car now! You dent the hood of my car, I'm coming out with a shotgun! I'm gonna tase that bitch.
He owes me $10! A-35 Roger.
En route.
I'm coming back for you, Denise! I want my money! I think you're really getting through to her, don't you? Shut the [Bleep] Up.
He pack some things and go! How long ago did he leave? Not long.
He was hurt.
I told him he need to go to the hospital.
You are police? Yeah.
How was he hurt? His head bleeding.
What did he do? He kill somebody? Did he say where he was going? No.
He was very nervous.
I think it was the drugs.
He does drugs? Yes.
And sell them to the kids, too.
I call the police They say they try to catch him, but they never do.
Mal hombre.
Bad boy.
He took the bus.
Had a bag and that jacket.
What color was the jacket? Like flag The Mexican flag.
Green, white, and red.
Thank you.
De nada.
You ever miss it? Miss what? Uniform.
Hell no.
Regular hours, extra pay.
Hard to beat being a detective.
I miss it sometimes.
I miss the simplicity.
Yeah, thank you.
The baby's coming.
Boots are throwing an off-probation party tonight.
At port hole.
Some training officers are gonna stop by.
If you want to come, you're welcome.
Not likely.
What was the description on that suspect? A jacket, suitcase? Uh Tomas Martinez, Dark hair Wearing a Mexican flag jacket, carrying a brown suitcase.
Call it in.
A-43 Show us code-6 possible.
Kidnapping sus A-43 in foot pursuit! Broadway turning up 7th! [Bleep] Cooper, Cooper? Where are you? I'm Do you want to be with your daddy? Come here.
There you go.
You're gonna be a great father, Sam.
What are you doing? Securing the evidence.
Stand up.
Stand up! Stand up! I'm getting up.
Where were you?! [Bleep] Where were you?! I needed back-up! You [Bleep] took off like John Wayne! What the [Bleep] Was I supposed to do?! And now you're stealing pills?! I'm collecting edence! You can barely walk, much less run.
You're stoned out of your Goddamn mind half the time! And now you're looting evidence?! I am collecting evidence.
I'm [Bleep] collecting it! I got a bad back! I can't [Bleep] Chase after you! You're a [Bleep] Goddamn useless training officer.
You may have been a great cop once, but you're a [Bleep] menace out here now.
There's no way in hell I'm letting you take a new boot out tomorrow.
To get shot or killed! You got two options when we get back to the station.
I drive you to rehab tonight Or I go to the watch commander.
And tell him to give you a piss test.
Come on, dude.
We were end of shift over 30 minutes ago.
It's only gonna take a minute.
Subduing and booking a combative crack whore.
Isn't gonna take just a minute.
Let it go.
Have you taken a look at the hood? Huh? We're gonna be filling out a damage report.
For a freakin'our.
It's just a couple of dings.
Nobody is gonna notice if you don't call attention to it.
Come on.
You see her somewhere, man? I don't see her.
Then we can go in.
Just shut up.
Where is she? Do you see her? There she is.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Denise! I told you I'd be back, man.
You give me any shit, and I'm gonna tase your ass.
God damn it.
Thank you.
Call if you need anything.
Thank you.
Whew! Did you ever get in touch with the rape treatment center? They're sending over a counselor.
So what are we gonna do? Are we still gonna be able to work together? I don't know.
How'd it go? Holy shit, I'm a dad.
It's a boy, so There you go.
You got a name? Nathaniel.
All right.
See some photos.
I just keep staring at it.
Ugly little bastard, huh? Yeah, he takes after me.
You know, you didn't have to come right in.
You could have taken a couple of days.
Well, tammi took him home, and You know, I-I'll probably go by tomorrow.
Listen, give me Give me a few minutes here.
I'd like to buy you a beer.
I-I want back on patrol, sal.
Um I talked to The captain, and, uh I told her I wanted to be back in uniform.
You know, Sam, we can't bring Nate back.
You know that.
All right, well, you sure you can take the pay cut? I mean, you got a new baby at home There was a new cop shot today.
He's only been on six months.
I think that I can make a difference out there, help train 'em, keep 'em safe.
You're sure about that, are you? All right, Sammy.
Just keep a desk warm for me.
You kiddin' me? Absolutely.
Congratulations, man.
That's really cool.
He's a beautiful kid.
It's so cool.
I still want the beer.
You got it.
Give me 10 minutes, all right? You want me to go in with you? No.
Couple days, when I stop puking my guts out, if you can bring me a change of clothes? Okay.
Thank you.
I'mJohn Cooper.
I've got a Back problem.
You on any medication? Vicodin Oxycontin Percocet.
They won't be able to operate.
You need a medical detox first.
You ready for this? Yeah.
Any other narcotics? Heroin? Cocaine? Marijuana? No.
I'm a cop.
Two things get you killed out here The left hand and the right hand.
This isn't Hollyweird.
Alvarado is the real deal.
Gangs down here They take time You got to be patient.
Where the [Bleep] do you think you're going? You got about five minutes on the job, you still smell green to me.
All you guys think you're hot shit 'cause you finished your probation, but you're still just a P-2 pup.
And until I know you're squared away, you keep books, I'll drive.
Cool? Yes, sir.
What the hell are you waiting for, pup? Get in the damn car!