Southland s04e01 Episode Script


You see this? Shit.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Freeze! Freeze! I got the front.
I'll take the front.
A36 in pursuit of an ADW suspect in the alley off the corner of 113th and may.
Cops wake up every morning different from the rest of us.
Our worst nightmare is just their Wednesday.
I know.
I-I'm sorry, me being here.
But I-I needed someplace safe.
How'd you get my address, Denelle? - Pastor Higgins, at our church.
- Our church? The only time you were there, you were wrapped in a blanket, eating soup.
You gonna let me in? No.
What are you doing back out here? It's my brother's birthday.
Your brother's in Pelican Bay.
Yeah, but I still got to mark it with my "play" brother, Darren.
But, then, Darren's boy J-Mac, you know, says those Treys I snitched on found out I was back.
Now they looking out to kill me.
What did you think was gonna happen? I don't know.
Look, Denelle, when we moved you after the trial, it was for your safety.
And if you want to stay safe, you got to go back to Lancaster.
You can't keep sneaking back into your old 'hood.
Things ain't exactly worked out for me in Lancaster, neither.
You're using again.
Nuh-unh! I swear! Now, come on.
Can I come in? Please? I got nowhere else.
Stay out here.
Thank you.
- So, how is the little guy? - Did he sleep okay last night? Yeah, he slept good, and then he took the whole bottle.
Whole bottle? Wow, you're lucky.
You change him? No, I just like to let him sit in it.
Oh, Sammy.
Come on with the comedy.
I'm just asking.
I know sometimes you're rushed.
I'm taking Nate for his shots on Friday, right? Yeah I still don't know.
River said that Mercury can be damaging.
I know what River says.
But I don't think that your Pilates teacher's opinion should get more weight than the Surgeon General.
What do you think? Besides, all the crap I'm exposed to on the street -- Listen, Tammi.
I'm gonna call you back, okay? What's the matter? You don't remember me? Is there a reason I should remember you? Hey, dummy.
It's me, ramos.
From the Academy, man! I'm working Narco now.
You? You idiot.
I almost shot you in the face.
There's been a spike in GTAs in the North End, so keep eyes peeled for roving Corollas driven by some knucklehead with an "aw, shit" look on his face.
Any questions? All right.
It's time to welcome John Cooper back to full duty.
Whoo! Welcome back, John.
Hey, I pity the fool that's got to ride with his ass.
Show us what you got, Robocop.
At least touch your toes.
Yeah, man, show us your bruised-up knees from being the Captain's office bitch for the past couple of months.
Pipe down.
Come on.
Cooper, you're riding with Tang.
All right.
Let's get out there.
Be safe, okay? Whoo! Hollywood.
What happened, you draw the short straw today and you get stuck with the gimp? Hey, gimp.
- Heard good things about you.
- You, too.
Uh, listen, I know it's your first day back, but I'm not into shoving off late, so I'll meet you downstairs in five, okay? Sure.
I'll grab the keys.
Actually, it's Wednesday, so I'm gonna drive.
I'll juice her up.
I'll meet you downstairs.
Wang, dang, sweet pu tang Dewey, give it a rest, all right? Dude.
Please tell me you've seen her YouTube video, huh? What are you talking about? You haven't seen the video? Oh, oh, do yourself a favor and check that performance out.
It's a mindblower, man.
But, seriously, it's good to have you back.
What's up, officer Sherman? You meet another hot Bohemian chick at a poetry slam last night? No, I'm just soaking it up, man.
Exhaust fumes, the smell of the guns -- just another beautiful day to be a police officer in the city of Los Angeles.
So it was two chicks.
You had a threesome.
What about you? You meet any factory-issue blondes at the outlet store in Newhall? Man, I am so proud of you -- keeping it real, walking in the crappy dog park, buying local art off the wall of the coffee shop.
What's it like living in "The Truman Show"? How much to buy that -- that dump you're living in? $1.
5 million? $2 million? Man.
A quarter of that, you could be living in 5,000 square feet -- leather couch, plasma screen, not to mention the pool, which is like badge bunny central.
Yeah, how does that apply to you? My Uncle Sid gets more action, and he's on dialysis.
You know what? I got my hands full with Nate.
But, trust me, I will be back in the game before you know it.
You got your glasses, grandma? I do.
I look good, don't I? Geez.
Look at this.
Hey, Sarge.
Can I see something? Ferguson switched cars with us.
Hey! Hey! Ferguson! Whoa! - What? - What the man.
You get assigned a dirty car, you just pawn it off on us? Early bird, man -- I got here first.
You don't want any of that shit, you just toss it.
Let's go.
Still feel like it's a beautiful day? Let's go, baby.
Jerry, I-I know it's not a revolving door.
Can you just see, you know, as a favor for me, if she can be re-relocated? All right.
My wife always starts baking after we fight.
That carrot? What is it with you women? Women? Okay.
Look, when I was on patrol, I wasn't making enough money.
So what do I do? I jump through hoops so that I can become a Detective trainee.
Now she's always complaining because I make shit money and I'm never home.
I'm tempted to re-enlist in Afghanistan -- do another tour.
But, then again, I'm scared she just might call my bluff so she can get that signing bonus.
What? Something wrong? Old C.
of mine showed up at my house at the crack of dawn.
The hell did she want? Out of Lancaster.
That's where we relocated her when she testified.
So, in the meantime, what? I was hoping maybe she could stay with you guys for a while.
You got a basement, right? Relax.
Maybe a motel or something.
I'm driving, so, obviously, I'm contact.
I carry a Glock .
40 -- extended magazines are in my war bag.
I carry a backup on my right ankle.
It's a Ruger .
You? Smith 9.
Stopped carrying a second weapon when my back went out.
Used to pinch against a nerve every time I sat down.
I'd feel better if you carried one.
How long you been out of rehab? Rehab.
For your back surgery? Eight weeks.
Light duty.
You'll start carrying a backup, then? I'll think about it.
So, what nickname are you gonna use? "Hollywood," "Pu Tang," "Joy Luck" -- pretty much heard them all.
How about, uh Jessica? You see it? What? - The video of me.
- Nah, I haven't had a chance.
Look at this guy.
Light him up.
This dumbass.
License and registration, sir.
Why are you harassing me? I didn't do shit.
License, registration, and proof of insurance.
And if I don't just give it to you? Sir, are you refusing to give me your license? Damn right, I am.
- Get out of the car, sir.
- You get me out.
Get out of the car now! You get me out, bitch! I ain't getting out! Hey, numb nuts! You want to go to jail? All right, you can go home with a ticket or you go to jail with my foot in your ass.
Your choice.
Now get your ass out of the car.
Damn it.
Reginald! What the hell you do? - Ma, stay out of this! - Get out of the car.
Get out of the car! Okay! Don't you back talk with me.
You almost smacked that lady back there and then I almost hit her making a u-turn coming back here! - He's giving you attitude? - A little bit, ma'am.
Give his ass a ticket.
You always talking about -- I told him to stop texting while he was driving, and he's gonna pay for it, not his mama or Tirelle.
You got that? He refused to exit the vehicle, ma'am, and he was extremely disrespectful.
Well, I'm sorry about that, officer.
I have truly done my best.
That's the last time you drive that car, you hear me? Why you taking the car from me? All I've done for you -- all I didn't do because of you.
It's gonna take Jesus and two more white folks to keep me from kicking your ass! Do you not understand anything I say? Ma'am.
Ma'am, if you just stand aside, we'll get him that ticket and be on our way.
You have such a hard head.
Now, look at you.
Thank you, ma'am.
We got it from here.
- No, just look at you, now.
- I see why you preferred jail.
Back up! Back up! The alley! A36 -- shots fired in the alley off Hay Street and Concord.
In pursuit.
Man down.
Man down.
Suspect fleeing on foot.
A36 in pursuit in an alley off Concord and Hay.
Heading southeast.
Clear right.
Clear right.
You got him? Yeah.
Get out of my way! Kids, out of here! Everybody out of here now! Get out of the way! Back! Back! Back! Back! Get the kids out! Back, back, back! Get them out! Go.
Hey! Hey! Hey.
Out the door.
Go find your teacher.
Right now.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Get out.
Go outside right now.
See there? The trail leads right here.
You see? See that blood? We're clear here.
We're clear.
Come on.
A36 requests R/A Unit at our location.
Suspect down -- gunshot wound to the neck.
Man, that is one big hole in a very important spot.
Wouldn't you guys agree? You are definitely not gonna make it.
Just head into the light, brother.
Oh, that's right.
There is no light where he's headed.
Any last words? You want to pray for forgiveness? You.
Now, that's an appropriate resting place for that piece of shit.
I'll go check on the kiddies.
You know, the guy next to me in post-op in the hospital broke his neck like that.
Just hold on.
Flipped over a fire hydrant.
Truck Norris will be on Franklin at 1:00.
Truck Norris? Yeah.
I eat there on Wednesdays.
Filipino-Hawaiian fusion.
You're gonna love it.
How's the pastrami? Just try not to embarrass yourself.
Why'd you get this crap detail, babysitting the guy just back from humping the pine? I requested you.
Yeah? Why's that? I just got tired of getting hit on.
Heard you wouldn't be a problem.
Really? Yeah.
Knew you were squared away.
Why? You plan on groping my thigh? Maybe.
This thing is hard as a rock.
Sir, calm down, or I'm gonna call over those cops.
Someone's had too much coffee.
You seeing this? Disgusting habit.
He's screwing up the crime scene.
It's not that big of a deal.
Just let it go.
What are you talking about? Hey! Hey.
Get out of here.
Get out of here! Just letting the animals be animals.
You sure we're handling this right? Excuse me? I mean, shouldn't we, uh, you know, secure the area -- keep it free of debris? What, this is a whodunit? 'Cause I thought, uh, "Pookie" did it, or whatever that asshole's name is you just found facedown in the potty.
And "D-Rock" here -- whoever he was -- "D-Rock" did it to him.
Well, I think we just solved it.
How about leads in other homicides? What's with your boy? He's on the job 30 seconds, he's in my face? Oh, you know, he's just a little enthusiastic.
Cut him a little slack.
Hey, man, I'm just asking questions.
Not to mention, you know, he'sHe's right.
He's right 'cause he quotes a manual? Danny.
Come on, man.
Not here.
Not now.
Columbo, you want to tape off 10 blocks, you knock yourself out.
Show us code 6 in the alley off Concord and 8th.
She was always real organized.
In high school, she was President.
That was Letitia Maguire.
And, ooh, was she hot.
Oh, especially when she ran track.
All the guys wanted her.
But they was worried, too.
You know, she was gonna break them right in half.
We barely even spoke in high school, and that's not the way it was.
You get me smokes? Yeah.
I got you smokes.
Look, Denelle, don't leave here for any reason.
You're supposed to stay right here until the D.
says where he can move you.
Tell him I want far away this time.
Maybe even tropical.
Not gonna happen.
Don't need to be a postcard or nothing.
Just want to finally see that ocean.
You've never seen the ocean? Nah -- except on TV.
You know, I got half a mind to go to the Watch Commander and try to get Ferguson off the unit.
For what, bad hygiene? The guy's done.
No, he's just done too much.
He knew that the detectives weren't gonna waste any time on that case.
Well, yeah, the way he handled it, why would they? Listen, you got to take it back a notch, okay? There's only 10,000 of us, and it takes all kinds, okay? He's -- he's a pretty great cop in other ways.
Yeah, right.
Seriously, man.
About a year ago, we served a warrant -- had a bunch of assholes in custody -- when this baby gangster, little punk, gets all up in my face.
And, you know, I wasn't in the mood.
I was seriously about to pop him.
And Ferguson just looks at me.
He uncuffs the O.
and has the O.
shut him up instead.
And you're okay with that? I mean, it's better than me getting into a scrape or having one of these punks file a complaint.
A57, show us responding to unknown trouble call.
Southwest corner of Hollywood and El Centro.
Is that Cooper? Is he back on patrol? Yeah.
I heard he's riding with pootie Tang.
Get out of town.
Hey, what do you say we go say hey to Coop? I haven't seen him in a while.
All right.
It's all fun and games until someone's roadkill.
All right.
Fun's over.
Let's go.
All right.
Who's responsible for this? Anyone? Hey! Hey! It's empty.
Gonna shoot out the tires, T.
Hooker? I'd have to deal with F.
and all that paperwork.
No, thank you.
Hang onto these.
Let's hope the pins hold.
Nice work.
That's how you stop a car.
"Someplace tropical.
" Man.
Would the Club Med in the Bahamas be okay? She's a piece of work.
Sorry to drag you into this.
Hey, I go where you go.
Now, that's refreshing.
Tough partnership last go-round? You could say that.
So, you were hot in high school.
She was high in high school.
And so was I.
So was I, but I could still spot a pretty girl.
Oh, oh, now you're gonna bore me with your stories of the glory days.
Trust me, they're not boring.
What? No.
No, no, no.
Give me half an hour.
Denelle just got grabbed up at a drug bustin Compton.
She's claiming she's there as my C.
What? I hear they're interested in you for "Fast & Furious 6".
Hey, Bryant.
How you doing, man? Great to see you.
Heard you had a baby.
Yeah, a boy -- six months.
Good to have you back.
How's the back? Never better.
Hey, boot.
P-2 now.
Well, I heard the department had lowered their standards.
So I should probably write this up.
Okay, uh, we'll see you.
All right.
Keep an eye on the kid, Bryant.
He could still step on his meat.
All right.
I almost teared up back there, watching you two have that reunion.
He looked good.
He looked -- he looked clean.
You hear stuff -- rumors.
You see this? Shit.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Freeze! Freeze! I got the front.
I'll take the front.
A36 in pursuit of an ADW suspect in the alley off the corner of 113th and May.
Heading southeast.
Yo, what the Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Back up! Back up! Back up! We ain't done shit! What the you doing in my yard? Go around That dude just raped a little boy.
Broke into his room -- did it in front of his little sister.
That suddenly okay in this neighborhood? We good? You gonna let me through so I can hook this asshole up? Let him through.
Sir, stay right there.
Sir, stop.
A36, requesting an R/A Unit All right.
It's all right.
at 113th and Compton.
It's gonna be fine.
Sir, just have you sit on the curb for me, please.
It's gonna be all right, sir.
Oh great, 7 after, a few more minutes, the line will be around the block.
Why don't you just take a left on Yucca? Never turn left on Yucca.
On Wednesdays or every day? It bottlenecks at Hudson.
You want to sit in traffic? Got to be kidding me.
Ignore it.
Ignore a possible D.
So you can be first in line at a taco truck? Yeah.
It's Hawaiian-Filipino fusion.
I'm lighting him up.
Sir, you've been, maybe, doing a little partying this morning? Nah.
No? Nope.
No drugs or alcohol for you today? Nope.
- You sure about that? - Yes, I am.
You want to step out of the car? You okay? Yes, I'm -- I'm fine.
Step to the curb.
Did I ask you to sit down? No, you didn't.
No, I didn't, did I? No.
All right, sir.
UhYou got any tampons on you today? TamHuh? Uh, you're not maybe, you know, transporting them for a friend or something? See, the reason I ask is, in that case What's this? Um That's my girlfriend's? Yeah? Your girlfriend's? Yeah.
Your girlfriend's tampon? It's weird, I know.
She lets you carry tampons behind your ears like that? In emergency situations.
Can we see your I.
, please? She's 14 years old, and he's her mom's boyfriend.
She stayed home sick from school.
Her mom went to work, and then this prick jumped her.
Another innocent wrongly targeted.
She fought him off before he could rape her and then he ran into the street, andYou know.
Yeah, it hurt his feelings, sure.
Who wouldn't pound the hell out of her? Where's the ambulance? If this was Beverly Hills, it'd be here by now! If this were Beverly Hills, this would be a big deal.
Step back, please.
Come on, man.
Don't make it worse.
Help him! CPR or something! You want to give him mouth-to-mouth, step right up, huh? He's gonna bleed out before the paramedics get here.
And your point is, Columbo? I don't think we should let him do that.
Dalai Lama with a gun and badge.
Every life is precious.
I'm getting the kit.
Every life is precious.
Yeah off.
Hey, he's just figuring it all out, you know? I'm just busting his chops.
Really, officer Sherman? Doing all we can, ma'am.
We'll get him stabilized.
Not too tight, all right? Huh? All right.
Thank you.
You came back here to score.
And I told you to stay put.
I just wanted a little taste.
I ain't hooked on it, Lydia.
And that's "needing protection"? When -- when they busted in, I was headed back to that motel.
You told them you were my C.
So that everybody here can hear you.
Think, Denelle.
Think! I know.
I -- I screwed up.
Twice, I tried to help you.
I'm the only reason why you're not going to jail.
I know -- and appreciate it.
That's what friends do.
We are not friends, okay? But, then, the trial -- you were paid for information.
You weren't a citizen coming forward.
You weren't my friend.
Hey! Things been rough on me, okay? Denelle, I grew up 10 blocks from here, same as you! So don't you tell me about it getting rough around here! You know what? Here's money for a bus ticket back to Lancaster.
If I find out you spent it on crack, I'll make sure you go away.
And it's not gonna be someplace tropical.
If the D.
decides to move you, which I doubt, I'll have him be in touch with you.
Now get on the bus.
Lydia! The bus, Denelle! Hey, look what the cop dragged in.
Fools should have been here a little bit ago.
You wouldn't be staring at a 30-minute wait.
First time here, I'd go for the pork belly.
They soak it all night in lemon, and they stuff it with sesame seeds and cabbage.
- It's unbelievable.
- Hey, pootie! Get your ass to the front of the line, man.
You're a celebrity.
I'm sure they've seen your YouTube video.
You could just jump the line.
Sends a bad message to the community.
You think they'd rather have us wait 20 minutes while their houses are being robbed? We'll wait like everybody else, okay? A57, employee reports a possible jumper at the Nytex corporation, Available to handle? - No.
- It's our area.
What? It's not a crime to kill yourself.
A57, show us responding.
The truck will be gone by the time we get back.
That's all you, kid.
Sayonara, 57! You come back next time for happy ending! I'll show you a happy ending.
What are her injuries? Broken nose, collarbone -- not great, but she'll be okay.
Don't quit your day job.
These bandages on this guy are about as tight as an old lady's nightie.
I didn't want to move him too much, you know -- risk of paralysis.
He wakes up en route, he might just need an emergency spinal tap.
Yeah, with an aids-infected needle.
Hey, hang on.
I got to cuff him to the gurney.
Keep your cuffs clean, man.
He's dead.
Milsap, come on down, buddy.
No-- nobody leaves, come on or I will jump! M.
says he's got a history -- extreme paranoia.
He likes to go off his meds.
Shrink? On the way.
She said to keep him talking.
Oh, there he is.
Been trying to fire this guy for months, but no.
I've been fired for years.
No, lawyers keep saying we need a paper trail in case he sues! Sir, I need you to calm down, okay? I found their office pool in the printer.
Every time Sandra goes out with me, they put another 10 bucks in.
More dates, more dough -- until Sandra wins the pot.
That's why she's seeing me! Where is this Sandra? Could we get her to talk to him, maybe? Materialistic bitch! Yeah.
If she existed.
The truck's long gone by now.
Hey, okay.
Milsap, listen to me.
- All right? - Yeah, all right.
Listen to me.
All right.
Okay, I'm sure that Sandra likes you.
Okay, she is a woman.
They like to play games, okay? But I'm telling you one thing that I know for sure.
She is not gonna be impressed if you hang yourself with pantyhose.
Milsap? Is he okay? Yeah.
He does that sometimes.
We miss that truck, I'm gonna go up there and push him off myself.
Well, no complaints so far from the good citizens of Watts.
Looks like your shoddy first-aid skills did the trick.
Nice work.
Hey, give it a rest, Danny.
What do you say? What? No hard feelings, by the way, huh? Hey, man, no problem.
You want to let kids play with a dead guy's body, deliberately taint a crime scene, go for it.
You act like an asshole, though, we all look like assholes.
'Cause all people see is the uniform.
Hey, you know, spare me the A.
leftist bullshit.
That might play on the West Side.
But this is the South End.
You miss the memo? Huh? It's time to pick a side.
Oh, I have a side.
I earn what they pay us.
And I do the damn job the way they taught us.
Is he for real? The job is to shovel this city's shit so the good people in this Metropolis can pretend it ain't there.
That is what they pay us for, all right? You're gonna figure that out, junior.
Or, trust me, you ain't gonna last.
Yeah, well, hopefully, by then, you'll be working security at Rite Aid, so - You! - Hey! Hey! Knock it -- knock it off! Get back! Get the out of my face.
Both of you, spread out.
Come on.
Shrink says maybe 10 minutes.
You tell her he's getting more agitated? Yeah.
She said only give him answers that we think he wants to hear.
- Hey! - Was that Sandra on the phone? Is she coming or what? Listen, Mr.
We told you.
It's Sandra's day off.
Yeah, I know her schedule, all right? I just want to know, is she coming? I know you know her schedule.
Yeah, yeah.
She's coming.
It's just gonna take her a little bit in traffic.
Hey! Hey! Did she say "sorry" on the phone? Is that what you're waiting for -- for her to apologize? Then you'll come down? Yeah.
So, was she sorry? Yes, absolutely -- very, very sorry.
She said that? She did.
She did.
Sandra's always been a liar.
Oh, shit! Oh, my Oh, Jesus.
Hang on, Mr.
Milsap! Oh, man, this thing is slow.
Hang on, Mr.
Milsap! Truck just left downtown.
Going to Rancho Cucamonga.
You think I was too hard on Denelle? She have any family you can talk to? Maybe they can help.
Her mom's dead, and her brother's upstate.
Her dadwho knows.
No kids? No, thank God.
You think she'll go back to Lancaster? I hope so.
I tried to scare her, you know? Hell, you scared me, and I fought the Taliban.
You know what, man, people have a choice, no matter what hand you're dealt.
You can either rise above or drown.
The choice is yours.
Can't nobody make it for you.
Big party tonight in Castaic -- coker from shooting Newton.
You should come check it out.
Yeah, mostly cops, right? And girls -- that's the beauty.
Yeah, I think I'll pass, thanks.
Why get drunk and laid when you can hear a guy play a zither and maybe drink some turkish coffee and sniff some Patchouli or whatever the hell you do.
Gun! Gun! Go! Hey, asshole! He's down! He's down! You're all right.
You're all right.
We've got an R/A Unit on the way.
- Over here! - Got officers down! Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Need assistance! Hold on.
Hold on.
Bryant! Bryant, you okay? Yeah.
You? Yeah.
Need assistance! Need an R/A Unit! You're okay.
You're all right.
You're all right! Got an R/A Unit on the way.
You all right? Want a towel or something? - No, I'm all right, man.
- I'm all right.
You all right? Yeah.
My neck -- it's, like, in a vise.
Like I hit it on something.
Oh, man.
I pissed myself.
Me, too.
Did you hear about Ferguson? His vest saved his ass, man.
The face shot went through-and-through -- kicked out a couple of teeth.
But he's gonna be all right.
Yeah? Faloona and Alcala? Kang? Yeah, Alcala definitely took the worst of it, but I don't know.
They're all in surgery right now.
You know how that shit goes.
Ferguson, man.
That was crazy.
He's brave.
You'd have done the same thing.
Sure about that? Hey, this F.
guy wants to get your statements and your guns, blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll get right on that.
All right.
Any word on who the shooter was? Some guy, man.
Sir, license and registration and proof of insurance, please.
License, registration, and proof of insurance, please, sir.
Please step out of the car, sir.
Step out of the car now! Step to the back of the trunk.
Put your hands on the trunk and spread your legs.
Spread them wider.
Get off! Officer -- officer needs help! Screaming continues ] Grunting ] You really hadn't seen it, huh? Guy was big, Jessica.
And I was stupid.
I should have kept my distance.
Kept him in my sight line.
- I'm gonna drive tomorrow.
- No.
Not yet.
You got nothing to prove to me.
It's not about you.
How'd I do today? What do you mean? I'm sure they told you to tell them if I was still fit to be out there.
Any conclusions so far? We'll see how tomorrow goes.
All right? Some narcs busting a crack pad around 114th reported a woman getting shoved into a blinged-out Escalade.
This one matches her description.
Guess she finally got a chance to see the ocean.