Southland s04e03 Episode Script


[ Dramatic music plays ] Clear right.
Jesus Christ.
Where is he? Where is he?! The city of Los Angeles is made up of over 100 separate and distinct ethnic, racial, and religious communities.
cops have to navigate all of them if they want to survive.
What are you doing? Do you mind? No one's gonna believe me.
Oh, yeah? Okay.
- Okay.
All right, all right.
- Enough of that.
If you, um feel like, uh playing rough I'm into it.
You are that guy from the video, right? Do you have it on here? Bookmarked.
- Sammy! - Get your hands off of her! No! Yeah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Get back.
Get back.
Indistinct shouting ] What are you doing?! Down she goes.
Last time that girl ever mouths off to a cop.
Very nice.
Very nice.
Two sugars.
Splash of 2%.
Thanks for coming out.
I mean it.
Good morning, asshole.
Hell, no! Oh.
Oh, hell, yeah.
Parking enforcement on the warpath.
The fact that they just happened to cite every vehicle owned by a Two-Trey, skipped all the rest -- that part's a little weird.
But I don't know.
Hey, you need to fix this! You hear me? - I'm talking to you, bitch! - Hey.
You ain't stupid, Bryant.
Why you refuse to accept it's my hood? Everything you see is mine.
I doubt your neighbors would agree.
Neighbors? Neighbors are scenery.
They trees.
And your visiting rights is being revoked.
I'm not going anywhere.
File enough complaints on your ass, they got to move you.
Yeah, you want to know the difference between me and everybody else in your shitty, little world? I ain't afraid of you, dawg.
Nice eye.
Good shiner, huh? Well, you were right about that place.
Did a great job.
Thing was torn to shreds.
I didn't think they could salvage it.
How you feeling? I could go another 12 rounds.
I'm sore as hell.
That dude was strong.
Yeah, he was freak-strong.
Felt good.
Real good.
So, which "Ben bunny" was it last night? Come on, man.
I got a kid at home.
I'm living vicariously.
You're my -- you're my boots on the ground.
Uh, the brunette.
Oh, man, I got to get a sitter.
Yeah, and some new clothes, a haircut, and a garden-variety divorcée makeover.
You and me in Castaic.
Me as your wingman.
It'll never be the same.
Have you given any more thought to moving out there? My realtor is standing by.
Ooh, the hard sell.
You getting a cut? Well, not -- not necessarily.
Parking tickets for the entire block? You have double-digit complaints on you, and you just keep pouring gas on the fire.
It was a thing of beauty.
Community policing means putting up with these assholes until we have a legitimate reason to put them away, not peppering them with bullshit.
The bastard is robbing from his own gang, raping their girlfriends.
Droit du seigneur.
Medieval kings used to have the right to go at the bride before the groom.
Crawford may be a shit bag, but he's Southwest's shit bag.
He's snitching? Already come through with a few actionable tips.
So, now he makes a few Southwest detectives look good, and the rest of his neighborhood suffers? I don't like it any better than you, but you need to stand down.
Yes, sir.
I'm counting on you to keep him in check.
We've heard hood day for the Two-Treys will be at the old roller rink on Central.
Now, I know hood day is everyone's favorite way to nab a felon or two.
All the rats meeting up at the cheese.
Not today.
We're getting too many complaints.
I'm posting a car across the street -- Bryant, Sherman -- to keep it contained, but we're going to leave them be.
Weber Charter over on Normandie got cleaned out last night.
Everything not bolted down got taken -- computers, smart boards, toilet paper.
Keep an ear out.
And last, every dumb shit in this city has a camera, and they all think they're Spielberg.
Be sure the decisions you make on the street are ones you can live with for the rest of your lives.
Going viral, baby.
- Nice.
Good job! - Classic! Let's go to work! What's that? Practicing my speech for tonight.
Hey, you mind if I Try it out on you? Shoot.
Welcome to Gabrielle's quinceañera.
Angela and I cannot believe that our baby is 15.
Tonight, she steps out as a full-grown woman in the community.
We are so proud.
Yeah? But, um, you should, you know, loosen up a little.
Put a little emotion into it.
I'm so nervous.
You have no idea how important this is to my wife's family.
They are all about la raza.
Maria Marburo, age 41.
- That's her in the weeds.
- Thank you.
That's her chariot.
She was killed somewhere else and moved here in that shopping cart.
Look at that.
" "Always be closing.
" It's the hustler's mantra.
Look at the tan lines.
She wore a lot of bling.
Wasn't quick, and it wasn't painless.
Whoever did this had a lot of rage inside them.
Call about a burglary? Yeah, yeah.
He's still here.
- He's still here? - Where is he? - Uh, he -- I -- upstairs, I think.
- There's just one? Yeah, it's just one guy.
Go ahead.
Stop, asshole! You know, my old partner -- he would have jumped.
Oh, shit.
Oh -- my dad.
What's going on? Why are you here, officers? We're responding to a burglary call.
Uh, is this your home, sir? A burglary call? Rebecca, is this your doing? Is what my doing? We just got robbed, okay? I was Standing in the kitchen when this creep walked right through the living room, just grabbing everything in sight -- Bubbie's candlesticks, her menorah, our kiddush cups.
- I -- - Did you flag them down or call? What if he had seen me? I-I could have been raped or killed.
Did you use the telephone or not? I -- y-yes.
Yes! I dialed 911.
A shanda.
How could you do this to us? You have no respect.
I've taken her report, sir, and, uh, you can call the detectives in a couple of days.
Just put it down.
What are you more upset about -- that somebody just stole our family heirlooms or that I broke the Sabbath to call the police? We had no control of the crime that thief committed, but your crime -- I'm not just gonna sit back and be a victim just to honor some allegorical dogma that you choose to take literally.
Okay, he -- he walked right by you.
Did you get a chance to see his face? Yes.
I will never forget his face.
There's been a slew of break-ins in this area, all right? All occurring on Saturdays.
Someone's scoping out and targeting Jewish families.
It would be really helpful if you could take a few laps around with us.
Of course.
Rebecca, you're not going anywhere with them.
I'm an adult.
I forbid it.
Oh, boy.
I think she's free to make up her own mind, sir.
Pop the trunk.
Good luck.
Still don't need your diapers, Bryant.
Man, he's a cute one.
Still ain't buying your bullshit.
Still won't turn on Day Day.
Still won't help you.
You know, it's a good thing that he looks like you and not Day Day.
I g-- I got a little one myself, a little man.
Is that all the game you got? I can't imagine how it feels for you looking at the baby, but you love him, right? You thank God for him no matter how he was conceived.
What's that supposed to mean? You know what it means.
You're not his only baby mama around here.
You're not the only one that has a boyfriend that let Crawford have a crack whether you were willing or not.
You know, I hate seeing you in your lay-around gear on hood day 'cause I-I've seen you dressed up, and you're a pretty girl.
I saw Anya, Jackleen, and Tierra up the block, hanging out, partying before they head over.
Oh, shit.
He didn't even tell you, did he? Of course he did.
What you think? Give me those.
Take care, little man.
Quinceañeras are going out of style with people cel-- with most substituting sweet 16's instead.
But our family has honored our history.
And tonight, we will be honoring our ancestral damas and chambelanes -- damas and chambelanes -- by continuing this tradition.
It's starting to pick up.
- Right? - It's educational.
Looks like our victim's done well for herself.
I'm Detective Adams.
This is my partner, Detective Robinson, L.
Do you work for Mrs.
Marburo? Yes, for years.
I'm legally here.
I can show you my papers.
No, no, no, no, no.
No somos la migra.
I'm sorry, but Mrs.
Marburo's been killed.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
Take a deep breath.
Let's get you to the seat.
Let's get you to the seat.
There you go.
Pater nuestro, que estàs en El cielo, santificado sea tu nombre All of this space Just for one person.
He kill her.
Dios mío.
Who? Dios mío.
Lot of people was angry with her.
There was one guy down the sidewalk at nights, screaming, yelling he was going to kill her.
Did she tell anybody about this person? Yes.
Check and see if she had any restraining orders out on anybody.
You said a lot of people were angry with her.
Do you know who? Los vecinos.
That's the neighbors.
Know why? She was so good to me.
Then why were they angry with her? W-w-what's this? Rube.
There's another key.
Look at this.
"Credit consolidation instruments.
" If I had a year, I still couldn't make sense of any of this.
Me, neither.
But it's still pretty clear -- the commissions.
And see anything familiar about her "clients"? Meza, Cabrera, Orsorio, Velasquez.
She was taking advantage of her own people.
- Exactly.
- Wicked.
This block's been hit hard with break-ins.
Well, it's black-hat central.
What do they call them big black hats, anyway? We call them big black hats.
Really? Okay, so I understand the Sabbath and not working on the Sabbath, right? I-I get that.
But how come you can't use the phone? Phones use electricity.
They can't use electricity on the Sabbath.
Yeah, but people get around, that, you know? They just put their light switches on timers and stuff.
It's a bunch of hypocritical bullshit.
All right, so, Jews are supposed to spend the Sabbath with their families together -- eating together, talking, praying together, reflecting on their lives.
They can have sex.
Dated a couple of Jews.
I don't know, Rebecca.
That -- It s-sounds pretty good.
Oh, my God.
That's him.
Shalom! Thinking about running, ain't you? Huh? Pretty fast.
And those Spider-Man moves? You should run.
I mean, just because you shit all over these families' sacred day doesn't mean we're gonna arrest you with any more force than necessary, does it? Well, it's all in how you define "necessary.
" That's true.
But you'll probably get away.
Go on.
- Uh, I don't think so.
- Turn around, asshole.
Why don't you come out, see if you recognize anything? - Can I? - Sure.
H-how ridiculous is it that I'm crying? Is there anything else in there? Yeah.
Yeah? Why don't you go through and pick it out? And, umOh, God.
If I crossed the street right now, I could probably take him down for God knows how many felonies.
But, no, we got to sit here all day while -- while he rubs it in our faces.
Let me ask you something -- living in Castaic, you ever feel like you're out in the boonies? Are you crazy? It's like the center of the universe.
I mean, we -- we got everything.
We got shooting ranges, bike paths, it's a stone's throw from lake have-a-brew, and it's straight-up convenient, man.
I-I mean, it's -- it's -- it's easy to live out there.
Listen to this.
I got a Costco, a Walmart, and a Kmart all within a square mile.
Ray velasquez? That's right.
We need to speak with you about Maria Marburo.
You finally investigating her loan fraud? It's too late -- for me, anyways.
That "For Sale" sign? You can blame her.
No, we're homicide detectives.
She was murdered.
We understand that you were the lead plaintiff on a lawsuit that you and your neighbors filed against her.
Threw it out of court.
I tried everything I could, but she got away with it, anyway.
Until now, I guess.
Velasquez, where were you last night? Right here.
Packing for the movers.
I got to put all this stuff in a one-bedroom place.
You know, I was born on home plate.
Dodger Stadium? Chavez Ravine.
I lived there till May 9, 1959, when they bulldozed my neighborhood to make room for Dodger Stadium.
Stole our homes with a piece of paper.
Now Maria's trying to do the same thing here.
Said I could lighten my load with a debt-consolidation plan.
She spoke Spanish, came from the neighborhood.
She was one of us.
Didn't read the fine print.
Now I don't own my home no more.
Is this your son Danny? Handsome boy, huh? He don't really look that way no more.
Are you aware that Miss Marburo took out a restraining order on him? You don't understand what she took from us.
We need to speak with Danny.
He's on the street now.
Tent city.
Downtown L.
City of the Angels.
Only time I ever see him is once a week when he comes home for his assistance.
Where's he gonna come home to now? Huh, Detective? Hey, guys.
Drea showed up.
Here we go.
Looks like you got spotted.
Hello, ladies.
You the one like to smack girls around.
Young little things.
Pick on someone your own size.
'Cause I'll knock your bitch ass out.
All right.
Come on, girl.
Hip-hop music plays ] We got company.
Why don't you come in, Bryant, get your drink on, huh? Shit, maybe I can dig up a ho sloppy enough to get with you.
Maybe Drea will get with you since you done gave her them diapers.
That the Six-Four Hustlers rolling up on you? Can't be fun having bigger, badder enemies, huh, Day Day? What y'all even doing out here, anyway? Didn't they tell you back up off my shit? Somebody robbed a charter school last night.
Now, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Crying shame.
You know, I want to know what kind of man robs his own neighborhood's school.
You want everybody around here as ignorant as your ass? You know what? Time for you to go, dawg.
But you have a nice day.
Don't you mean, "have a nice day day?" Keep your pimp hand clean, boy.
Any available unit, unknown trouble.
Stranded motorist in the You know what? That sounds pretty serious.
I'm buying it.
Show us responding.
What are you doing? Rucker told us not to move.
Ah, t-they d-- they don't need us here, you know? If we leave, there's no presence at all.
That's the point, Officer Sherman.
Get in.
Good luck, asshole! Where you want to eat? Third Saturday of the month? I got nothing.
You like dim sum? - I know a place.
- Bar's pretty high.
- Officers! - I was assaulted! I know who did it.
All right.
- Get on the sidewalk.
- I know his name.
I know his address.
Get on the sidewalk.
I know who did it.
- You got anything on you? - No.
Sir, you said you know who did it? I know his name.
I know where he lives.
Can you please remove your hood? Can you please take off your hood, sir? Okay.
All right.
Take us to him.
This guy.
Hello? Oh, thank God.
How you doing? We -- we were looking for 3rd Street, and Mapquest took us to 3rd Avenue.
And then we couldn't get a signal, and that guy starts circling us like a shark.
What are you doing, man? Just waiting for some samples.
Put that shit out with some stoli, and you're on your way.
You know what I mean? Not today.
Get lost.
- Take a hike.
- What are you waiting for? A36.
Show a Code 4 on 3rd Avenue.
There's no crime here.
Hey, we got to get back, man.
We got to go babysit hood day.
You heard Crawford.
He doesn't need us.
The Six-Fours come back, it's going off.
You know it.
You guys want tacos? Yeah? Hey, you -- you recognize my partner? He's famous.
Ben Sherman from, uh, YouTube a-and the news.
Right on.
If you just go up, uh -- just take a right on -- on Temple.
Take a right here.
It's the next -- it's the next street on your right.
- It's 431.
- All right.
On the left.
This is where we live.
Who's "we"? Me and my housemates.
Other people like me who have been run off from everywhere we've tried to stay.
Those things on your head true? You know what? I've paid my debt to society, so all I ask is to be left alone.
You might want to relocate.
Relocate w-where? Where were you think-- I mean, we can't live a child-safety zone, I mean, n-Napoleon, they had the decency to exile to Elba.
For us, there's nowhere.
That's -- that's him right th-- in the ponytail.
That's him up there on the fence.
Okay, sir.
Sir, just stay behind me, okay? Sir! I'm just telling you that he's there.
All right.
All right.
Just stay -- calm down, and stay behind me.
What's your name? Bob Harp.
Harp This guy says you took a permanent marker to his head.
I won't let our neighborhood be destroyed by subhuman sexual vermin, if that's what you mean.
I was born again for this purpose.
Okay, well, it's not very Christian to be tormenting fellow citizens, huh? That's no citizen.
He's a monster.
Stick him in the middle of Hancock Park.
See how the mayor likes it.
He's a time bomb.
We see him around the playground.
On the way to the store.
That -- Then, you go another way! Get out of here! All right.
You guys, take it easy.
You got a problem with him, you think he's breaking the law, you call his parole officer.
Otherwise, you keep your hands off.
You got it? Yeah.
That's it? It's just a warning? I mean, what about this? What do I -- I -- what? You might want to get a hat.
Mmm, good.
Rucker told us we got to get back to hood day.
We got to get back.
This is the best taco in Los Angeles, don't you think? Unknown trouble.
Football field, A36.
Show us responding.
What are you doing? We're gonna answer that? Milton Lee Aiken.
Doesn't ring a bell, does it? Why would it? Community was too afraid to come forward and report it.
You see, Milton was a 13-year-old.
He was a student.
He was a choirboy.
And he lived on Crawford's block.
Crawford wanted him to bang.
The kid refused.
So, one day, Crawford pulled him into an alley on his way to church, sodomized him with a garden hose, packed him full of peanut butter, sent him on his way again.
Now, it turns out the kid's second or third cousin -- whatever -- he's down with the Six-Four.
If today is payback day, I'm not getting in the way.
Neither are you.
Let's go.
Come on.
More tea? I'd have carved it in his head.
Used my knife instead of a sharpie, taken my time.
Yeah? Is that what you think should be done with them? Executed or locked away in some dungeon? Well, unless you have a crueler, more unusual punishment I've overlooked.
What about rehabilitation or -- I don't know -- you know, monitored release into society? Oh, why not let them teach the first grade while we're at it? No amount of mood stabilizers, no group therapy, no finding God is gonna rewire what's wrong with them, all right? - At the very least -- - Can I steal At the very least, these guys should be castrated the day the guilty verdict is read.
And I am not talking chemically castrated.
Chop, chop, problem solved? Absolutely.
What about that guy convicted of flashing -- first time, only time? Lost his head, got drunk.
No? No.
I'm not talking about that.
You know I'm not.
You know, there's got to be some innocent people serving time.
You can't really tell me you're defending this.
Me? God, no.
I'd be the first in line with a butcher's knife.
Will you pass those turnip cakes? It would blow your mind how many D-1 and NFL studs played on this field.
We left hood day for this shit? Stakes are pretty high.
You're kidding, right? No.
You think you Bobby Bowden?! Running every goddamn down, maybe sprinkle in a shuttle pass now and then?! You got to spread the field! All the scouts up in here on Saturday, and you don't throw to my boy once?! Your boy got no feel for the game! You got to calm down.
- Whoa.
Gun! Gun! - Hey! Hey! Whoa! How's your feel for the game now?! - Jesus, lady.
- It's just a game.
- No, sir.
This is life and death.
- Any available unit.
Shots fired, multiple victims down, Central Avenue.
Central? big Agoura white boys.
Hey, shut up! Shut up! A36.
Please repeat the last.
Adam-36, it's 11,000 block of Central.
Show us responding.
Where the hell were you people?! Where the hell were you?! What's going on? Get him over here.
Piece of shit sucker-punched me.
Told me -- he told me I looked at him wrong.
He only made it half a block thanks to these guys.
You need medical attention? No.
But I -- but I want a free hit.
You want to hit him back? I would like to, sir.
No cameras.
All free and clear.
I-I can live with that.
I think I can, too.
But I didn't even do anything.
Nobody asked for your version of events.
All right? Hands behind your back, your chin in the air.
What'll it be? Take your best shot, bitch.
You want to lead with your shoulder, you want to pivot, and then you want your arm to follow last, okay? Thanks, officer.
I-I can handle this.
All right.
Hang on a second.
Here's the rules.
You flinch, you go to jail.
You duck, you go to jail.
You got that? You ready? I'm ready.
All right.
On three.
One - Ooh.
Nice one.
- Two, three.
Nice punch.
- Thank you, officer.
- Have a good day, sir.
Appreciate it.
Feel better? Much better.
- Thanks, guys.
- Appreciate it.
Who's the bitch now? Have a nice day.
Not the guy.
What a setup here.
Good morning.
He's looking pretty loaded.
Danny Velasquez? Maybe.
Yeah, we need to talk to you about Maria Marburo.
Who? All right, come on.
Let's get you out of here.
Can you stand up? Yeah.
There we go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
So, a picture came across our pawn desk.
It's of you trying to sell Maria Marburo's jewelry.
You remember that? Oh.
Oh, God.
Oh, please stop.
It's terrible.
What was I supposed to do? Just sit around, watch my father's heart break again? Watch him get tossed into the street? That lady took the shirt off my father's back.
All right? I took the shirt off hers.
- Step away from the fence.
You got him? You sure this is the place? Yeah, Drea said this is the place.
Right here.
Right here.
Oh, shit.
I got black! You got Crawford! Get up.
Give me your hands.
You mother your hands! Come on.
Let go, man.
Get off me! - Aah.
- Shit.
Aah! Get -- shit.
Aah! Shit! Stay right here, dawg.
Stay right here.
Hey, yo! Help me out! Someone come let me loose! Get the out here, man! Look, if somebody don't come out here and free me up, I'll take it out on all you mother Partner?! - Lost him.
You lose Crawford? No.
Where is he? Jesus.
How much manpower you think they'll use up on this? Detectives burning the midnight oil, searching for the killers? What a waste.
Anyone deserved to be tied to the whipping post, it's Crawford.
You two follow policy? Absolutely.
Looks like we found the charter school.
Not every day a murder scene turns into a block party.
No true crime today.
So, you want to run through that speech again? Uh Nah.
I won't put you through that again.
Cannot believe my girl is turning 15.
Gaby's birth was rough, too.
By the time Angie delivered her, she was out like a light.
Only thing I did know, though, was I loved my baby more than anything I could ever imagine.
Finally, right before dawn, she moved.
I almost forgot I was holding a living, breathing person.
She started fidgeting and trying to get comfortable, and finally She opened up her eyes, looked right at me.
She still looks at me like that.
I kissed her, and I said, "your mommy and your daddy will always love you.
It's my duty to protect you.
" Tonight.
That's your speech right there, Ruben.
Thanks again for the ride, partner.
You got it.
It's me.
Can I come over? I'll be there shortly.
Oh, look at this.
Look at this.
You ask.
He gives you what you want.
- Okay, okay.
- Hold on.
Hold on.
Everybody, hold on.
Quiet down, everybody! Listen up! All right.
Now, listen up.
The ballots are in, the votes have been cast, and I'm proud to announce that we have a new winner of the D.
Whoo! Listen up.
Listen up.
Listen up.
The "Dumbest cop alive" is awarded to that copper who displays, uh, stupidity above and beyond the call of duty.
And the winner is My partner, Officer Ben Sherman! Thank you! [ Crowd chanting "asshole!" Come on up here, Einstein, and be recognized for your award of punching a female teenager on camera! Give me that hat.
Give me that hat.
All right.
Hey! Looks good! Hey, I just want to say, uh, to be honored as the dumbest cop in a roomful of dumb cops -- it feels pretty good, so thank you very much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Any available unit, respond to back up the fire department at 431 Westlake.
Multiple victims.
Show us responding.
That's the same street that child molester lives on.
And the lynch mob.
Where is he? Where is he?! Right here.
It was me.
I set the fire.
I did it.
I'm the one.
Come on! This is on us.
It was gonna always end this way.
Show us Code 6,