Southland s04e04 Episode Script


[ Dramatic music plays ] Nicole, stop! Nicole! I ruined everything.
Let me help you.
Okay? I can help you.
Aah! Ugh! A h, shit.
Nico-- L.
officers spend every shift trying to help people who often don't even know they need help.
Some days the trying works better than others.
Breakfast will be ready in a minute.
You want to set the table? Mm, I'm not hungry.
You sick again? Your bras don't fit, and your mood's moodier than usual, so when were you gonna tell me? All right.
You don't have to tell your mother anything.
But whatever you want to do I'm here for you.
Mom, whatever I want to do? Well, you -- you have choices.
And whatever you decide, I'm gonna be fine with it.
I so wasn't expecting that.
Well I'm confused.
I mean, I know that you have always wanted this, but Alone? You did it.
I didn't have a choice.
And I was teaching -- home by 4:00.
Why is it that with men, no one's questioning them? The male detectives, they don't have to make choices.
Well, they're not having the babies, their wives are.
And you're in the world that you wanted to be in.
When the girls you went to school with were dating and having babies, you were learning about corpses and blood-spatter patterns Detective.
So Who's the father? Give me that! Leave me alone.
Stop! I want that! Hey, hey, hey! Okay, fine.
You want it, you take it! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Is there a problem? Oh, my God.
You all right? Thank you.
Wow, thank you so much.
I'm Ben.
I live, uh Yeah, you're in my building, right? Yeah.
I've seen you around.
I'm Cathy.
Nice to meet you.
Is that your boyfriend? - Ex.
- Yeah? Recent breakup.
Shit, what do they want? Hey, guys.
Uh, we're good.
Have a good one, all right? Take care.
Cops, right? Did you hear about that cop who punched that girl Like, for absolutely no reason? Up, right? - Yeah.
- That's up.
Hey, uh, you have a tampon or something? Uh, yeah.
They never fix it when they say they're gonna fix it, you know? Thanks.
You know what? Just take them.
Congratulations? You tell the department yet? No.
Well, put it off until you can't buckle your belt.
They'll put you on a desk job for the duration.
That's messed up, man.
Someone took out lupe.
"Abuelita," they called her.
You knew her? Not really.
I knew of her.
She was one of those old women who knew everybody's business, volunteered at the church, went out with blankets on cold nights, and she was, like, the only person in the neighborhood that everyone liked.
Not everyone.
She was acting like the cop was the problem, not the asshole who tried to Jack her for her iced tea.
What? The woman from this morning I was telling you about.
Boho artiste types painting crappy protest art, living in faux urban squalor until daddy buys them a house Come on, man.
Really? in the Palisades for a wedding present.
I mean, did you talk to my realtor in Castaic? Yeah, I talked to her.
She's showing me a few places.
There was actually one that I liked.
I'm gonna check it out again.
You need to sign on the dotted line, Ben.
You need to get the hell out of Silver Lake before you start worrying about gluten and drinking raw milk.
You need to be with your people -- your people in the high desert, baby.
That's the place.
Land of the blue.
Want breakfast? Mnh-mnh.
- You sure? - No.
No, thank you.
Hey, um, I've got a Doctor's appointment today, so you're on your own for lunch.
Everything all right? You know, with the doctor and everything? Yeah.
It's just a checkup.
What do we have? Guy named Brian Monroe, big downtown real-estate developer, stabbed about a dozen times.
One of the workers found him here when they opened up this morning.
Did she see anything? No.
Came in and here he was.
Girl lives upstairs.
The neighbor says the victim let hard-luck cases stay there sometimes, gave them a job.
Do you live upstairs? By yourself? What's your name, sweetie? Why don't you tell me everything you saw? This coffee tastes burnt.
It's better at grounds for -- No, no, no.
All right? No coffee place with names involving metaphors, jokes, or any wordplay whatsoever.
No "sufficient grounds," no "sacred grounds," no "espresso yourself.
" - Officer Cooper? O-officer? He's back.
You ask us to come to these community meetings, and you act as though you care, and then three weeks later Okay, what seems to be the problem? He's the problem.
You said you got him housing.
And he's back again, pissing in my doorway.
He's scaring away my customers.
Okay, all right.
We're on it.
Okay? Thanks.
What's your name, sir? Stan.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, you remember me -- Officer Cooper? You took me to the shelter.
I did.
I did.
We got you a place.
What happened? Yeah.
I-I had to leave.
They stole my I.
, stole my cart.
I lost everything.
They -- they wouldn't let me back in.
All right, I understand.
But you can't sleep here, all right? This is private property.
I-I'm not hurting anyone.
How about if we, uh, give housing another try, huh? They -- they -- they -- they won't let me in wi-- without I.
You -- you a Marine? Yes, ma'am.
So, if we get you a new I.
, will you give housing another try? Another try? Give it another try? Another try? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll -- yeah.
What's your name, sir? Yeah, yeah.
Tom? Tom Smith.
Okay, Tom Smith.
Tom Smith.
Where were you born? That's Tom Smith.
Where were you born, Tom Smith? L.
November 25th I talked to Ferguson.
He's talking? Uh, he's better.
Still a little hard to understand.
Getting better -- all new teeth, plastic surgery.
It's really an upgrade.
Whoa, whoa.
Hold on.
Hold on.
See this? Whoa.
Hey! Stop! Stop! Freeze! Back, back, back.
Stop! Freeze! I got it.
I got it.
You all right? You okay? Come out with your hands up! Police! Um, how did you end up living here? Well, Brian used to come around to where some of us kids was camping out.
He'd bring us food and blankets.
Said if I wanted to get off the streets, he'd give me a job and I could stay here.
This is Tiny.
Tiny, this here's the cops.
You live here, too? Did you hear anything this morning around 5:00? Maybe see somebody? Did Mr.
Monroe live here with you guys? No, uh, he lived over in Venice.
No, I-I need a refill on her pills today.
Nicole and her mom, Melanie, they live here all the time.
Yeah, I-I-I know.
She lost them again.
Yeah? Yeah, I'm Detective Adams.
This is Detective Robinson.
You're Melanie, right? Whoa.
Wait -- wait a minute! Wait! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! - Come on, come on.
- Kill her! I'll cut your throat, bitch! What's going on?! She killed him! She killed Brian! No, I didn't! Don't you say another word.
I did it.
I killed Brian.
You shot a dog? It came at me from behind the dumpster.
I called the ambulance.
They killed a dog? He's not dead.
Stand back.
Nothing to see here! Go! Don't ask.
Just help me out, all right? Okay.
Call the sergeant for me? Oh, no, no, no.
You're the one who shot man's best friend.
You see what you caused by running, huh? You see what you caused here?! - Punk.
- Look at this.
In the P.
What is that? "Peruvian Conquistadors.
" Is that a gang? Oh, yeah.
They wish they were a gang.
Bunch of losers and geeks trying to be tough guys, right? Trying to be tough guys? You know who the Conquistadors were, right? They're not Peruvian.
I ain't need you to tell me that.
At least I didn't shoot no damn dog.
Yeah, you got a problem with me?! Huh?! Sammy, chill out, man.
Is he gonna be all right? I'm not a vet, Sammy.
There's a clinic on Beverly.
You should take him there.
No, we -- we -- we got to wait here for R.
to show up.
We have people we're supposed to be saving.
What about animal control? Oh, really? Hill for a -- for a stray? They're just gonna put him down.
You want me to put him down? Come on, man.
You can take him for me.
Just drop him off and tell them that we'll be there as soon as we can.
All right.
Two Lakers tickets.
Oh, come on.
All right.
I'll tell you that much.
When did you figure out your daughter was sleeping with Mr.
Monroe? I didn't know about Nicole and Brian until last night.
I didn't plan on killing Brian.
I-I just saw red, and I grabbed the closest thing to me.
I guess it was a knife.
You got kids? No.
God gives you the test you need.
So Nicole was that test? Since the day she was born, Nicole was howling like a demon.
Sitters couldn't handle her.
Schools kept kicking her out.
I got thrown out of one apartment and then another.
Between taking her to doctors and picking her up when she was in trouble, I-I couldn't keep a job.
When Brian found us, we were sleeping behind a 7-Eleven up on sunset.
What's wrong with Nicole? Every doctor's got something different -- you know, attachment disorder, defiant oppositional disorder, ADHD, borderline personality.
Taken every pill there is.
One makes her sleep all day, another makes her see things.
Brian was the closest thing to a father she ever had, and I never -- I never thought -- he was -- he was kind, he was gentle.
Nicole had never had a man like that in her life before, and I And I trusted him.
And he I should have known, you know? I guess I just didn't want to see.
What else can be used to establish it? You want me to drive? Just while you're on the phone? No -- okay.
So he does that at the social security office? No, he does not have a birth certificate.
Oh, God.
Crazy Bob.
Crazy Bob.
This is my car.
Hey, buddy.
Can you just -- can you please get on the pavement? Yeah, you need to get on the curb.
This is my car! Hey.
What -- calm down.
Oh, God.
Social secur-- You need to calm down.
All right? He does not -- you calm! You calm! No, I said he does not -- please step on the curb! Bob.
No, he's a homeless man, not a-a dog.
Why would he have a -- if you don't calm down, I'm gonna have to bring you in.
He does not have vaccination records.
You mean you wish you could.
I'm invisible.
You can't see me.
Aah! Oh! You can see me! I can see you, Bob.
I love this car! It smells like apple pie! Oh, your hand is so smooth! My hands? No, hers! Yours is totally calloused.
Like your soul.
No idea who he belongs to? No collar.
I figure he's a stray.
He gonna be all right? Not without surgery.
You shattered his femur and nicked an artery.
But you can fix him.
Surgery's expensive.
No owner So What's gonna happen to him? Well, he's an elderly mixed-breed dog with a history of violence.
So you're just gonna let him die? We'll make him comfortable, then put him to sleep.
He won't suffer.
Make him comfortable by sticking a needle in him, then murder him? How much? What was I supposed to do -- let them murder him? So what are you gonna do? You gonna take him home? Maybe.
I don't know.
What are we animal control, man? The mutt was attacking you.
No, R.
already investigated it.
Officer Bryant responded to the threat appropriately.
, F.
-- I shot a kid last year, those didn't show up that fast.
You remember that? Down on Alvarado Street? Last year? Yeah, man.
I was on Alvarado Street, this shootout.
Kid comes running out in the middle of it -- "aah!" I blew his thumb off.
He got a nice settlement, too.
Believe me.
He's now going to one of the best private schools on the West Side, compliments of the L.
Shit happens to all of us, man.
How long ago was your last period? Three months.
Your first pregnancy? Second.
I had a miscarriage a few years ago.
Cause? Nothing in particular.
My doctor at the time said it was normal.
It is, but it means you have an increased risk in miscarrying, especially given your age.
Are you planning on carrying to term? Uh, is abortion still an option? Terminating a pregnancy's still pretty straightforward up to 16 weeks.
I can make you an appointment.
Um, I was just wondering.
If you decide to carry to term, know that after 35, you have an increased risk in birth defects, down syndrome being the most common.
Given your low levels of body fat, I'm surprised you were able to conceive without help.
It may be difficult to do again.
With your risk for miscarriage, you might want to take a leave of absence.
It's unlikely it will be this easy to conceive again if you lose this one.
Well, I'm not planning on taking any time off.
Okay, then.
Let's get you up in the stirrups.
There's that.
What are you trying to prove, living in that dump? I pay 2 grand a month.
You pay 2 grand a month to live in that slum? I will have you know I live next door to the girl who plays bass on "The Conan Show.
" Thought you already had a dog.
Well, my ex has him Along with my kid and everything else.
Your balls.
Look at this.
Two more little geeks think they're in a gang.
Probably came here when math club let out.
Same gang? Yeah.
There's got to be a reason they're all out.
Ready, grandma? Now.
Hey, fellas! Where's the other girl? In the bathroom.
There's no bathroom in there! How -- Hey.
Yeah, I don't think it was the mother.
And I think I really screwed up.
You got the same on you, huh? Huh? Nah, he's clean.
Yeah, set him free.
All right.
Looks like you're the catch of the day, kid.
I don't know whether to grill or fry you.
Come on, man.
Give me a break.
Why would I do that? It's a pretty serious crime.
That's a lot of weed, man.
It's a lot of oregano.
That still sells.
It's still a crime.
You want to get out of this, you're gonna have to give us something right now.
I ain't got nothing.
You ain't got nothing? Three of you morons out on the same day? Something's going on.
What are we looking at here? We're looking at jail time, right? Oh, yeah.
Get in the car.
Okay, wait, man.
I'll tell you who shot Abuelita, man, or whatever they call her.
Kid named Jose Rafael, man.
We were supposed to be shooting at MS-13.
We got beef with them.
You ain't got beef with nobody 'cause nobody cares enough to have beef with you.
Yeah, well, now they know.
Everyone knows.
We no joke.
No joke.
No joke? Your boy shot grandma Moses, you idiot.
So what's gonna happen to me? Let's see what she says.
We found that item of clothing with blood on it.
We think it's your daughter's.
It's mine.
We also pulled prints off the knife.
Those weren't yours.
Nicole ran away.
Do you have any idea where she might be? Melanie, you're not doing her any favors.
If you know where she is -- you don't need to find her.
I did it.
We also talked to people at the café.
They said that Nicole can be unpredictable, violent.
They don't know anything about my daughter.
Yeah, but we know she has problems, and the judge will take that into account.
A judge? My baby is not going before some judge.
She has a future.
You see the paintings in the apartment? All hers.
See, a lot of artists are -- are -- they're troubled, temperamental.
An art teacher in her last school said she was good as anyone twice her age.
She's 15, out on the streets.
Don't you think we should find her before something happens to her? Well No, I don't know what unit he served with.
You're the Marine.
I thought that you would have that information.
What can we do for you? D.
-- Figured you'd want to secure for your detectives.
Our detectives? Looks to me like he's on county land.
You guys still handle the rail, right? You guys still handle everything else.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Right? I don't know, pal.
People lose arms all the time.
If we're going by percentages, the majority of them's on L.
Well, sure, but you really want to compare limbs to a torso? You think that's wise? No one's living too long without a stomach, okay? No, if he -- no, if he had a birth certificate, I wouldn't be needing to call you, would I? Cousin donated a kidney to this kid in Wyoming -- still going strong.
I assume your cousin had two kidneys, right? No, ma'am.
I didn't think you had a big list, to be honest.
One head? I don't know.
I guess I thought you'd give a damn.
I guess I thought that because he served his country and it left him a wreck that you would want to do something.
I guess I thought that because he's a human being living on the street like an animal that you would want to help, but I see now that -- that you have no interest! You know what? I hope that when you're old, you're alone living on the street - You know what? We got this.
- Begging for food on some doorway, and someone just like you is there to help! All ours.
Yeah, well, you have a nice day, too! Did we decide on anything? I think they're gonna handle it.
We got it.
I got patrol officers out there looking for her, and I also have special Agent Jamaica on the case.
She thinks she knows where Nicole might be hiding.
I thought the patrol officer was watching her.
I should have kept a closer eye on her.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Mom just won't give up.
Still keeps saying she did it.
That's no surprise.
Really? Sure.
You have kids, you do whatever you need to do for them.
Even admit to a murder you didn't do? Yeah, admit to a murder, you know, commit a murder -- whatever it takes.
They're your responsibility.
You want to make sure they're safe.
That's what moms do.
You -- you okay? Well, yeah.
Why? Well, just, the doctor and everything.
I'm fine.
Just been sick a lot lately In the mornings Not hungry.
Next time, don't take any chances, all right? Find another way to get the witness to stick around, okay? Okay.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
You want to sleep with some girl who smokes hash and works in a thrift shop, be my guest, but if you want my advice -- Do I have a choice? Find yourself a nice, normal girl who wants to settle down, wants to stay home.
Don't find some chick We're clear, we're clear.
you think you're gonna change.
Go, go, go.
We're clear.
Because you want to know what? They don't change.
I don't care what they tell you.
They do not change.
Here we go.
Here we are.
She's gonna kill him.
She got a knife, and she's gonna kill him.
Where? Inside! Whoa, ma'am, ma'am! Put down the knife! Put down the knife!! Put it down! I don't need a knife.
I can take him out with my own bare hands.
It's not even illegal.
Actually Whoa.
Aah! Adam-36.
I need an R/A at my location.
I got a child, approximately 6, in a pool, not moving.
Come on.
Come on.
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Okay, let her breathe, let her breathe, let her breathe.
You were supposed to be watching her, you fat shit! Probably not even mine, anyway! Hey! Cool off with your kid here.
Yeah, I know he needs a driver's license for that.
What -- no.
You're the fifth person I've been transferred to.
Yeah, well, you've been incredibly unhelpful.
Thanks for nothing.
Going pretty far out of your way to help this guy.
Yeah, well, I'm not getting anywhere.
So, what was it? Charming demeanor, the smell of cheap wine on his clothes, those milky-brown bloodshot eyes? He's a Marine.
You in the service? Me? No.
My dad.
Semper Fi.
You know.
You're not gonna make us rescue every marine we come across, are you? Never leave anyone behind.
Take a left up here on Las Palmas.
What? Take a left.
Why? Just take a left.
Hey! Tom? Hi, Tom.
Hey, buddy.
Yeah? Hi.
How are you doing? Hey, we're gonna take your picture, okay? I'm gonna help you up.
Come on.
Let's sit up for a little bit.
There we go.
All right.
I'm gonna take your hat off, okay? Mm.
It's all right.
I'm just gonna comb your hair.
All right? Yeah.
Just for the picture, okay? Okay.
There you go.
You hold onto it.
There we go.
Look at that.
Looks good.
You're a good-looking man, Tom.
Just a second -- I'm just gonna wipe There we go.
Yeah, that feels good.
Yeah, get this up in here.
Yeah, that feels -- smells good.
Hmm? All right, Tom.
Look at me.
Give me a smile.
There you go.
All right, let's have one more.
Are you serious? Serious Tom? Let's get some serious -- serious marine Tom.
There we go.
Better get me for this.
What is that? Right.
Very funny.
Nice, nice, nice.
Get out of here.
That's funny.
I'm gonna call again and see if he's out of surgery yet.
Hey, I didn't punch the dog in the face, at least.
Well, that's funny, actually.
You really going through with this? You want to put him down, go ahead.
Put the needle in.
I'll drive you over there myself.
" Asshole.
"Rammy!" Rosa! The police! How's it going, fellas? All right.
How's the fake I.
business? Still going strong? See that? Old school.
Hope you put that bitch away for life, killing my man.
Your man was 50 years old.
So? Look, told you so.
Knew I could do a better job of finding her than you all.
Nicole? Wait.
Wait! Oh, oh.
I'll get in the car.
King 54 requesting backup at Wilshire and MacArthur Park.
What's your location? Headed south on Park View.
Nicole, stop! There they are.
There they are.
Here we go.
Here we go.
I'm going north on Coronado.
Nicole! I ruined everything.
Let me help you.
Okay? I can help you.
Aah! Ugh! Ah, shit.
Hey! Stop! Stop! Nicole! Nicole, stop the car! Stop! Stop the car, Nicole! Nicole! Shit.
You okay? Yeah.
Call an ambulance.
All right, sweetie.
I'm in trouble again, huh? Yeah.
He told me he loved me.
What happened, sweetie? Did you and Brian have an argument? I caught him with Jamaica.
He denied it.
But I know what I saw.
It's all over now, isn't it? Why don't they just let me die? Everybody would be better off without me.
Nobody wants me.
That is not true.
Your mother is out there right now claiming that she's the one that killed Mr.
She's willing to go to prison for you.
I ruined her life.
She hates me.
Have you ever seen your mom's eyes when she talks about you? Nicole, her entire face lights up.
It's like her life started when you were born.
She's not afraid of anything as long as she knows that you're okay.
Nothing in this world matters.
Nothing matters to her but you.
I promise you, sweetie.
You matter.
- Hmm.
- Hey, Tom.
How you doing? Good.
Look what I got you here.
You have a video membership now, you've got a gym membership, and you've got a membership to yoga om.
Huh? Not bad, right? That ain't me.
Well, sure it is.
I don't know who this is, but that ain't -- that ain't me.
Okay, Tom.
That ain't me.
I don't know who it is.
Tom, hang on one second.
Hang on, buddy.
Hey, Tom.
That -- that ain't -- no, no.
All right.
Tom, Tom.
Hang on, buddy.
You know what we're gonna do? I'll get that for you.
I'll get that.
That's not me.
That's not me.
That's not me.
Okay, look, Tom? That's not me.
We're gonna move you down the street, all right? That's not me.
This guy's trying to run a business, and we want to be fair to him, all right? That's not me.
It's okay.
That's not me.
That's not me.
It's okay.
Okay, so we're just gonna move you, all right? Tom? Look at me.
Look at me.
Hey, buddy.
All right.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna take some of your stuff, okay? We'll come back.
We'll get it all.
That's not me.
That's not me.
You know what? I don'.
I think you're right.
I don't think that's me.
You okay? Who's that? Who's this? Who's this? Who's that? Something happen? No.
No, he's fine.
Uh, Sammy, this is Juan Alvarez.
He's Paco's owner.
Paco? Señor.
Muchas gracias, señor.
He says "thank you.
" He said "thank you.
" It's his granddaughter's dog.
She's always taking his collar off to wash him.
So, uh, he can pay the bill, right? He look like he can pay the bill? What? I've prepared the bill.
Uh, will you be paying by credit card or check? Muchas gracias.
What?! Is she okay? Yes, she's gonna be fine.
They just took her off to surgery.
You arrest her? Yeah.
When can I see her? They'll come and get you as soon as she comes out.
You gonna arrest me for lying to you? No.
Did she hurt you? It's nothing serious, just a few stitches.
My baby was not born with the stars on her side.
And she's gonna make it.
Sometimes life deals you a tough hand.
You'll get through it.
Me? I got the best hand there is.
Like I said, God gives you the test you need.
Nicole has been good for you? Before I had my daughter, I was floating through life.
I was like a -- like a little bird.
Different outfit every day, getting promotions, keeping up with the movies and magazines.
That's what was important to me.
What are you now? Hmm.
I'm a rock.
I know what my life is about.
And I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.
Officer Sherman, hi.
I hope I haven't kept you waiting long.
Just got here.
Okay, well, let's show you around.
So, what are you thinking? Huh? Covenant House? Yeah.
But I'll take her.
You go and have dinner with your family.
Well, thank you, partner.
I'm glad you're feeling better -- the doctor and everything.
I thought maybe with you being sick in the morning and all, that you might be, uh, you know Pregnant.
That's you being a Detective? Deducing and intuition.
You may want to work on that intuition part.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Jamaica, can I ask you a personal question? Go ahead.
What happened to your family? I have a mom, but she don't want to Well, she likes to party.
I mean, I see her sometimes.
When she's got some money, she'd take me shopping For clothes, makeup.
She likes to look good, have fun.
You ain't into that stuff, are you? No, not really.
You got kids? Soon.
They gonna be lucky kids.