Southland s04e07 Episode Script


[ Dramatic music plays ] All units, A-25 reports they have a suspect fitting the description in custody at 2nd Street and Manhattan Place.
officers start every shift knowing they might only have a fraction of a second to make a difficult choice.
The ramifications will last their whole lives.
Good to know.
Doctor say when the bandage is gonna come off? A couple days.
They check you for rabies? Never know.
Well, if I start frothing at the mouth, you can just call an ambulance.
I was gonna call animal control.
It's too bad your neck mobility is compromised.
I was gonna let you drive today.
- Oh, is that right? - Yeah.
Missed my lucky day.
- Jessica Tang? - Yeah? I'm really sorry.
My dad's a cop -- 25 years, N.
You've been served.
Sorry again.
Good morning! Need a nap already, Sherman? We were both up half the night, John.
Only difference is, I was with a girl, as opposed to looking at one online.
Hey, you didn't go to that country-girl bar again, did you? That dump is STD Central.
I met her at the gym.
At Curves.
She's a yoga instructor.
Let me tell you, her downward dog is amazing.
The best part is, she works for Princess Cruises, so, uh, she's not gonna be back for the next three weeks.
Binge and purge.
You are my guru, Sherman.
Let's roll, man.
What's up with him? If my partner was getting laid like that, I wouldn't want to hear about it, either.
You're right.
Breakfast of champions.
Got a call.
Lincoln Heights.
Uh, step into my office before you head out.
It will only take a sec.
You want to tell me why you've been here, burning the midnight oil? There's no approval for overtime, you know.
I'm not gonna sue the city, if that's what you're worried about.
I just got a little behind.
I'm catching up.
You feeling any better? What? You've been dragging.
Heard you weren't feeling well.
It's just a bug.
You can level with me, Lydia.
Woman to woman.
I'll let you know if something comes up.
I got to go.
That traffic is gonna be a bear.
What's up? We got a body in Lincoln Heights.
Let's go to Lincoln Heights.
You hear that shit about Cooper? It's crazy, right? Some asshole latched on to his neck like a Pterodactyl.
The R.
got to him just in time.
I signed, you know.
Closed the deal on the house.
Signed all the paperwork last night.
I'm all in.
Even got my Costco card.
Can't get much more "all in" than that.
What's up, Ben? Merkle.
Thank God we got that thing with the pipe worked out, right? Oh.
Dodged a bullet there, didn't we, chief? Imagine how many of these assholes are telling the truth.
- Kind of scary, isn't it? - Get lost, man.
What's your problem? Little lovers' quarrel with your girlfriend there? I'm glad you guys got to catch up, but me -- I'm sick of paying little Nate's babysitter overtime, so let's finish on time today.
What do you say, Benji? We, uh -- we in a hurry to get somewhere? Not doing anything to dispel the, uh, Asian-driver stereotype.
Got an invitation to my, uh, Academy reunion.
Kind of hoping they wouldn't get around to it.
Started out with 90.
There's 21 of us left.
Rather do shots of battery acid than spend the night with some of those guys.
Look, a subpoena's a real rough way to start the day, all right? I know a lawyer downtown.
Helped me with some legal matters once.
He's a piece of work, but, uh, the kind you don't mind having on your side.
I'm not getting sued.
Black S.
Roll up on him.
I'll have him move.
You gonna write him a ticket? Yeah.
Jerks like this -- they cause bottlenecks.
Sir, you realize you're backing up traffic all the way around the block? I'm sorry.
I'm picking up my wife.
She has a broken leg.
I'm gonna issue a citation.
I'll -- I'll just move the car right now.
License, registration, proof of insurance, please.
Oh, here she comes.
License, registration, proof of insurance, sir.
My license.
I'm sorry.
I -- All around the block! I'm sorry.
I Let me get that for you, ma'am.
Thanks, officer.
You got it.
Honey, just hand me the crutches.
Hey, you.
Sign here, please.
I'm really sorry.
We looked for a spot.
You know what? Apology's just not gonna cut it right now.
C-can you just make sure that the girls don't tape over it? Especially not with that Kardashian garbage.
Thank you, baby.
That is why I love you.
See you tonight.
It's the game tonight.
What the hell did we do before DVRs? You a hoops fan? You say something to Fernandez? About what? Me not feeling well.
Oh, you mean that Looking seasick, making 20 bathroom breaks a day? Look, I'm sorry.
I know it's a touchy subject.
Somebody's saying something.
Hey, it ain't me.
It ain't my business.
How you doing? Robinson.
Victim's over here.
He just got out of county last week.
For what? Eight months.
Possession with intent.
Word is he went right back to the streets, working out of the alley.
Drugs still on him? - No.
- Robbery? Maybe, or a deal gone south.
Any witnesses? No.
How many hits? I counted eight.
Whoever put him down did not want him to get back up.
So, did you, uh, have to dust off this citation book before you wrote that ticket? Jerk knew he was breaking the law.
Well, you know, it is a slippery slope.
First it's double parking, then it's triple homicide.
Got to really keep your eyes open for them jaywalkers.
I need coffee.
What? Nothing.
Got a problem with my caffeine intake? Nope.
Knock yourself out.
My husband's divorcing me, in case you were wondering what was in the envelope.
I didn't even know you were married.
Six years.
In sickness and in health, till irreconcilable differences do us part.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Deadbeat's gonna get half my pension.
I guess that year of couples' counseling was time well spent.
Any available unit, neighbor dispute at 660 Barton Avenue.
A-57, show us handling.
A-57, Roger.
Yoga instructor has a friend.
Teaches Pilates.
I talked you up.
I got her number for you.
There it is.
Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Calmate.
Calm down.
What happened? Hey, don't worry about it, bro.
I'll make sure they don't go hungry.
We had a truck together.
He steals my molé negro and starts his own! I didn't steal nothing, bitch.
Now he takes space? You snooze, you lose, bro.
He ain't even Oaxacan! He's from Glendale! Okay.
Whose truck is this? That's mine.
I put everything I had into it.
I'm here every day.
Those are my customers! Okay, listen.
I am very sorry, but he was here first.
There's nothing you can do.
As long as he keeps the meter full, you're gonna have to move your truck.
Sorry, bro.
Hey, you should call la migra, man.
That bitch ain't legal.
This isn't Arizona, pal.
And you know what? For the record Yeah? I didn't steal that fool's molé, man.
He's high.
All right.
No, no, no, no! Not my truck, man! Oh, son of a bitch! Hey! Ohh! Son of a bitch! Get back! Oh, man! Turn it off! Turn off the car! Demolition derby's over! Get out of here! Come here.
Come here! He made me do it.
Bitch, you wrecked my truck for molé?! - Back off! - I'm pressing charges! I'm gonna sue his ass! Good luck.
All my money's back in Oaxaca.
What?! Come on.
Let's go.
- We were supposed to be partners.
- Idiot! You thought you knew the guy, huh? Never expected a knife in the back? He took everything from me.
Yeah, well, some guys you just can't trust.
All right, look.
I get it, okay? I shouldn't have accused you of anything, all right? Mea culpa.
My bad.
I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.
I'm sorry, all right?! - Officer.
- Hey, not right now, buddy! I paid for my burrito, but he rammed the other little guy's truck before I could get it! Yeah.
You know what? There's a Taco Bell across the street.
A-36, requesting a traffic unit at our location -- Boyle Avenue and 1st Street.
You know who shot him? Not yet.
Someone trying to steal your boyfriend's supply, maybe.
I asked Cam to stop dealing, but he just wouldn't give it up, even after I told him the news.
Brenda, when's the last time you saw him? Couple days ago.
Did he mention anyone after him or getting into any arguments? Too many arguments to count.
Cam said the only way to survive on the streets -- never let anyone push you around.
I never would have made it without him.
I was 15 when I left home.
He dealt.
I shot up.
Just the way we got by.
What about when you got pregnant? I gave rehab a try when he went to jail.
Been clean eight months.
Good for you.
I work at the Vons now -- full time.
And I get benefits for my baby.
I turned things around, but Cam just He just couldn't.
Things have been tough for you.
And you're gonna get through this, too.
Brenda, can you think of anyone he might have gotten into an argument with? Easy cream, easy sugar? Jess? Hispanic male by the Chevy.
Hey, let me see your hands! Hi.
Hey, put your hands, both of them, on the top of the car.
Let's go.
What? What are you doing? Turn around.
Kick your legs open.
Kick them open! What are you doing? I wasn't doing anything.
Following directions? Huh? What were you doing near the vehicle, sir? It's my car.
Yeah? Let's see the registration, then.
I can't.
My keys are locked inside.
I can't get in.
I'll go get the slim Jim.
Did you get lost? Where were you? Courtyard behind the bank.
They got benches over there.
Tried you on the radio.
Yeah, I don't know.
You ready to roll? You didn't want to eat lunch with me? What are you, in the 3rd grade? Look, I said I was sorry.
What do you want me to do, get down on my knees? I'm not really in the mood for a blowjob, but thanks.
You gonna do this passive-aggressive shit all day? Can we talk about this? Talk about what? What happened! All right.
Let's start with the fact that every day, I got to watch my back -- guns, knives, people with camera phones, hoping that we, uh, screw up.
This car's the one place where somebody's supposed to have my back.
Instead, you question my integrity.
My partner.
You know what? I'm glad you did it, 'cause now I know where we stand.
Don't sweat it.
He's not gonna file a complaint.
He resisted.
Resisted? You slammed him up against his car because he misplaced his keys.
Look, I get it, all right? Most people, when they get blindsided by bad news, they just hide behind their computer and phone their job in.
We don't get that luxury.
I wasn't blindsided.
What? Divorce -- it didn't come out of the blue.
I think he only hung on as long as he did because I got the shit beat out of me.
Yeah, he would have been a real bastard if he had dumped me while I was in traction.
Let's go.
I really jacked someone up, huh? For locking himself out of the car? Pretty much.
We'll, uh, go get drinks tonight.
You can bitch all you want.
Your parents home? What took you so long? I called over an hour ago.
You called a noise complaint in on yourself.
Hurry up.
Come in.
This your party? Yeah.
Mazel tov.
Where are your parents? I told them they were cramping my style.
So they left you here alone? For a couple hours.
Look, I need you to shut it down.
What? Shut the party down? You saying you want us to end your Bar Mitzvah party? Could you throw me up against the wall and cuff me, too? That would be so badass.
I-I'm trying to work this girl, and I need to do something epic.
How 'bout you turn the music down now before we call the parents of every kid in here and epically embarrass you? S-she's way out of my league.
Wait a sec.
Which one? Red dress.
Sure you can handle it? I'm a man now.
I can take it.
Yeah? Yeah.
Hey, turn that music down! Turn the music down! Up against the wall.
You're under arrest, okay? Whoa.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you do or say can and will be held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to speak with an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.
Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you? Huh, punk? I'm not an idiot! Yeah? I think you are an idiot.
I think you're trouble! Nothing but trouble! We'll drop him off down the block, make his year.
Let's go! Oh, the liquor store down the street from the murder scene -- they have a surveillance camera.
You catch anything? We're checking.
An energy bar for lunch? Come on.
Have half of my sandwich.
Peanut butter and jelly? No, thank you.
What's wrong with -- my wife made this.
Did ballistics check those shell casings? They were .
40 caliber.
I put the word out, but there's really no shortage of lowlifes willing to put a bullet in a dealer for his stash, you know? Not a bullet -- eight, at close range.
That doesn't sound like a robbery to me.
That sounds personal.
Well, I'll check with narcotics, see if our victim was stepping on anybody's turf.
Maybe it's payback -- like, he pissed somebody off in jail.
It's a damn shame, too, 'cause I bet he probably would have been father of the year.
You know, back in the '30s, some prisons used to sterilize their female prisoners to prevent them from having babies? Mm.
That's screwed up.
Not saying it's cool.
I'm just saying -- addict mom, dealer dad.
Chances are, this kid is just gonna follow in his parents' footsteps.
I wouldn't give up on the mom quite yet.
She was barely holding it together.
Yeah, well, after living a life like that, she's got to be pretty tough.
All I'm saying is I've seen it too many times.
Clock's ticking till this kid ends up in foster care.
Be right down.
Surveillance caught a car on camera.
We got a plate.
All units, home invasion in progress -- A-57, show us responding.
Roger, 57, handle code 3.
He's going.
Gun! A-57, requesting backup! Blue Toyota headed south toward Wilshire! License plate I'll cut him off! A-57 in foot pursuit eastbound towards Western! Aah! Way! Go in the house! Lock the door -- now! A-57, we now have shots fired.
All units, A-25 reports they have a suspect fitting the description in custody at 2nd Street and Manhattan Place.
A-57, I need an R.
Unit at my location.
Victim of a gunshot wound.
Jess! Saw a gun.
The ambulance is on its way.
What are you doing? Triage.
He's breathing, but it's shallow.
We need to stop the bleeding.
You apply pressure.
I'll start CPR.
Stay with me, all right? You okay? Yeah.
He had a gun.
I just Well, gray hoodie.
I just came back, turned the corner, there's a man pointing a gun at me Yeah.
It was a clean shooting.
Was something down by his feet? What? When I came in, you were down by his feet.
I was securing his gun.
I mean, who -- who, you know, hears sirens and runs out with a toy gun? Coop, Tang.
I need you to separate.
Shuman from F.
is on his way.
All right, you know the rules.
Separate corners until after the debrief.
Let's go.
See you later.
There's our silver Ford Focus.
Rhonda Owens? I figured you'd show up here eventually.
He's a good boy.
He didn't mean no harm.
Cam Huggins.
Who? No, my son.
Stealing the cable TV so I could watch "Monday Night Football.
" Oh.
Is that your car in the driveway? Yeah.
When's the last time you drove it? When I went to vote for Obama! Have you lent anybody your car recently? If five years ago is recent.
It's not.
This is not about the cable TV? No plates.
Uh, no, ma'am.
And, uh, we're sorry to have bothered you.
Thank you.
I came through the driveway and around the corner.
I saw a dark-dressed individual here with a gun.
I fired one round from my service weapon, aimed for center mass, saw the suspect go down.
And when you saw it wasn't the suspect? I radioed for an R.
Unit, and I immediately tried to stop the bleeding.
Kid has a record.
Three months in juvie.
Broke a teacher's nose.
You believe that? You want some coffee or something? Something to eat? No.
Come on, man.
I hate babysitting as much as you hate being babysitted, but that's the rules.
At least put me to good use.
Stupid kids, running around with toy guns.
When they gonna take them damn things off the shelf, anyway? I mean, how the hell are you supposed to tell the difference between that and a real Sig 9mm From here? Cooper.
We're gonna be a while.
We'll talk back at the station.
My car's out front.
What happened?! Is it Derrick? Where is he?! He's at Mercy.
We'll take you.
He was doing better, back in school.
He swore he wouldn't take the tip off that toy gun.
Promised me.
Shooter was smart.
He used the old lady's plates just in case his car was spotted.
At least we know he drove a Focus.
We can cross-check it with other dealers and ex-cons in the area.
Detective Adams.
Hey, Ross.
How's your mom? In remission.
Doing good.
Listen, were you on the lookout for a .
40 caliber? Yeah, for a murder in Lincoln Heights.
Well, we just picked up a punk -- had three baggies of heroin and a .
40 caliber Ruger on him.
Know what part of town he worked? Or if he ever spent any time in county? No.
Claims he bought the gun this morning.
Well, take the gun to ballistics, and we'll see if it's a match.
What? Uh, says he bought it off some pregnant lady.
Thanks, Ross.
Hey, John.
You almost done in there? Yeah.
I'm just, uh Finishing up.
They're ready for you.
Look, you have every right to be pissed off, okay? I would be, if it were me.
For what it's worth, I've been beating myself up about it.
Crazy Carol.
Tried to get her help, but they're not gonna take her at St.
Joe's again.
She's got a hell of a right hook.
She's only a danger to herself.
Carol! Officer Bryant.
Remember me? You raped me.
No, I did not rape you, okay? Let's -- let's get you out of the street.
No, don't come near me! No! He raped me!! Ohh! Carol, don't do that to yourself.
Should we take her in? There's no law against beating the crap out of yourself.
She's got to do it somewhere else.
Come on, man! I got a meeting! If you're important, they'll wait! Keep your taser in the holster.
Give me that can.
What? Just do it.
I got an idea.
Hey, Carol, now, how many times we been over this? Look at this.
You want this? Now, you know the deal.
I give you the can, you get out of the street, right? Carol, do we have a deal? We got a deal? Okay.
You raped me.
Carol, get your stuff and move along, okay? Get your stuff and move along.
See? Now, that's how you handle it.
You raped me!! Sammy! Don't touch me! Drop it.
I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything! You'll be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be okay.
Damn it, Carol.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
All right, I'm gonna need to get you up.
I didn't do anything -- anything at all.
Can you stand up? No.
Can you stand up? I didn't do anything.
You need anything before we get started? Water? How's the kid? Critical condition.
How's it look? He's in surgery.
Let's get started.
So, what did you observe when you got to the scene? We got a radio call.
He raped me! You all saw it! Getting pretty desperate there, Bryant.
She's not my type.
He said, she said.
Just search her.
Put her in the holding tank.
We'll, uh, we'll book her when we get back.
Do you need to go to the hospital? I need a tailor, not a doctor.
No stitches necessary.
So, you ready? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm ready.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, no need to thank me or anything.
For what? Saving your life.
No Biggie.
She could have sliced your carotid artery.
You're lucky I don't tell the guys you got cut by a 60-year-old homeless woman.
Let's go! Hey.
You find who did it? Think so.
We just need to come in and ask you a few follow-up questions.
What kind of questions? What kind of car do you drive? I don't own a car.
Your boyfriend owned a silver Ford Focus.
You ever borrow it from him? No.
There's a silver Ford Focus parked down this street.
Are we gonna find your prints at the wheel? Unh.
Be my guest.
Whoa! Hey, hey, hey.
- Come on, come on.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Easy, easy, easy.
Let me go! I didn't do anything! Easy! I didn't do anything! Easy.
Book crazy Carol.
I got to go change and pick up the kid.
That's it? I had your back.
You want extra credit for doing your job? Just cut me some slack, man.
What do I have to do, take a bullet for you? What you did back there is what you're supposed to do.
It doesn't win you a get-out-of-jail-free card.
Hey, is there an E.
on when you're gonna get past this? What do you want, a mulligan? No, I'm not asking you to forget what I said.
Just move on.
we ride together.
In that time, I'll do everything in my power to make sure we both get home safe.
But when the shift ends, this ends, okay? Don't expect me to go out and eat up your stories of female conquest over burgers and beers.
Nate never made a mistake? I'm sorry I don't live up to the standards set by your former partner, but I'm just about out of sorries.
Savor this one.
It's the last you're gonna hear.
Take off the cuffs.
I'm not going anywhere.
We're gonna take you to county, have a doctor check you out.
So what if I took his car for a spin? I didn't do anything wrong.
We have the gun.
Ballistics matched.
So? So, the guy you sold the gun to I.
'd you.
If you did your job, people like me wouldn't have to protect ourselves.
People like you? How's that? Ones trying to live right.
You don't care if Cam jumped right back into dealing If he brought guns and needles and thugs into my house, where my child's gonna be.
You should have kicked him out.
You think I didn't try? I changed the locks.
He knocked out two of my molars.
Doctor at the clinic said I could have lost my baby.
Call 911.
Press charges.
So he'd serve what -- a couple of months? What were you gonna do to protect me when he got out -- protect my baby? Restraining orders don't work.
I didn't want to kill him.
Had to, for my girl.
What's gonna happen to her? She'll be given to a relative.
And if I don't have any? Foster care.
I could use that drink.
What about you? How was, uh, F.
? I've known Larry 12 years.
He's fair.
What'd they want to know? What I saw.
What'd you tell him? Came in on you doing triage.
What were you doing when I caught up? I was managing the situation the best I could.
His or yours? It was an accidental shooting.
You didn't need to do anything.
The department -- they wouldn't have thrown you under the bus.
It's an accident.
It could have happened to any of us.
You go back in to the investigator.
You tell him you were served with divorce papers, and you had a bad day.
- Had a bad day.
- Yeah,bad day.
I had a bad day.
You go back in there, and you tell him the truth.
Or what? You will? What happened today was a tragedy.
But I am a first-rate officer.
Go back to F.
Stick to what you saw! I assume you're waiting for me to tell you you were right.
Oh, the anticipation is killing me.
You were right about Brenda's baby.
Happy? About another kid entering foster care? No.
I don't know if "happy" is necessarily the word I'm looking for.
The kid wouldn't even be in the system if the mom didn't pull the trigger.
She shot her ex so many times, she almost had to reload.
All right.
I hear you.
I hear you.
Look, don't worry about it.
I don't mind staying late.
Permission to give you some advice? When you worked patrol, you remember the surest way to find out if someone was carrying? Roll up on them and see if they ran.
Look Fernandez rolled up on you this morning.
Stop working late, drawing attention to yourself.
Just act normal.
Then people won't wonder why you're notfeeling well.
Unless, of course, you can't fit behind the steering wheel anymore.
I thought you had a game to watch.
I saw the news downstairs.
I already know who won.
Oh, that's too bad.
There's another game tomorrow.
And, boss If there ever was something that you felt like you wanted to tell me, it will never leave this desk.
Good night.
See you tomorrow Partner.
I need something now.
Oxy? Vicodin? Doesn't matter.
I just need something.
Just I feel like I'm losing my grip.
Rough day? It's cool, man.
I got something for you.
You know what this is? You expect this to be easy.
You got to earn this.
You got to go through hell to get one of these.
You did the right thing, calling me.
That's the way this program's supposed to work, John.
I've been where you are.
I doubt that.
Well, what's eating you? I saw something.
I just can't shake it.
On the job? I thought you'd seen everything.
Well, whatever it is, it's between us.
You got to tell somebody.
When you ready.
Tonight, you can just listen.
Come on.
The meeting's about to start.
It's good to see you.