Southland s04e08 Episode Script

God's Work

[ dramatic music plays ] Cops are often asked if they believe they're doing God's work.
Officer Ben Sherman is just trying to do the job without losing his soul.
Something was just wrong about the way she was hovering over that kid.
Do you think she's a good cop? She's squared away.
So you got to trust her to do the right thing.
You don't regret not blowing the whistle at Rampart? Why you think I started using? We had a lot of good cops at Rampart.
A couple of them started cutting corners to get the job done.
Fellow officers, friends.
I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
You sure that was the right decision? Hell, no.
But you only got two choices.
And guess what -- they both suck.
[ Ducks quacking ] Hey.
Did you catch a case last night? Mm.
I couldn't sleep.
Gas and peeing every five minutes.
Am I ever gonna get my iPad back? No, I like reading on this thing.
Steve Jobs was adopted.
He forgave his mother for giving him away, and his biological sister became one of his best friends.
And? He never forgave his father -- never got to know him.
Children need to know where they come from.
That baby's gonna want to know his father.
I never should have downloaded that book for you.
Rucker: L.
gives you a gun, partners, and air support -- everything you need to survive.
But we don't teach you how to cope when you get home.
All cops burn out Get to the point where there's no one you feel you can talk to -- not your pastor and definitely not your spouse.
This book will help you stay in touch with what's important.
Stearn, Haspel, take the damn book.
[ Sighs ] What's next, mandatory cop book club? Are we all gonna get together, drink herbal tea, and read Proust? [ Sighs ] Where are you going? Got my Sergeants oral.
I'm gonna try to catch a few minutes here and there to study.
It's your lucky day.
Ben: "When you hear the phrase 'Scout Beader,' what comes to mind?" "If you answered 'pedophile,' you're a burnt-out cop.
" Book's outdated.
"Coach" is a better phrase.
[ Police radio chatter ] "After you get home from work, do you have a magic chair where you like to sit to decompress?" I had a magic hotel bed once, but it took quarters.
[ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] See? See, I knew you couldn't keep this stoic crap up forever.
Welcome back, Bryant.
Welcome back.
Hey -- hey, check it out.
[ Brakes squeak, car doors open ] Sir? You all right? Yeah.
I just got mugged.
Yeah? Yeah.
What'd they take? My phone.
What's your name, sir? Father Greg Carmichael.
People call me Father C.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] Ruben: Here's my card.
Give me a call if you hear anything else or you have anything else you want to tell me.
You've been really helpful.
It's a long way down.
She must have dropped this before she jumped.
Is there anything on it? Unsent text message.
"You can't keep ignoring me.
" Who was she sending it to? She hadn't entered in a number yet.
Think it's a suicide? Mm, they didn't find a note near the body and doesn't look like there's one in the purse.
Maybe she left it at home? Kicked off a shoe before she jumped? Yeah.
Yeah, it's a robbery.
Robbery gone wrong, huh? No.
Wallet's in the purse with cash in it.
You know the officer below called her a splat? [ Scoffs ] Gallows humor.
Whatever gets you through it, I guess.
Yeah, well, I pray.
I'm a little prayed out.
[ Cellphone ringing ] Give me the phone.
No, I got it.
No, no.
They're expecting to hear a woman's voice.
You don't want to spook them.
Oh, right.
And hearing you won't do that.
Hello? I'm Detective Lydia Adams, Los Angeles Police Department.
Who am I speaking with? Ma'am, I need you to calm down.
Just breathe.
Do you own a Mercedes S.
? Ma'am, please just breathe, okay? I'm gonna send a patrol unit to you.
I've got it.
Ma'am, calm down.
We'll talk as soon as you get here, okay? All right.
[ Sighs ] Our victim was a nanny.
She had two kids with her.
Let them know.
Yo! Guys.
[ Siren chirps ] Candace is 6, and Tyler's 4.
And you're sure they were with Miss Juarez.
I spoke with her a few hours ago.
Have you noticed anything unusual about her lately -- mood swings, depression, anything out of the ordinary? Never.
The more stressed out at work I was, the calmer she was.
I had to travel so much for work and my husband, too, and she would stay at the house with them when we were gone.
She was wonderful with them.
So, what about your husband or any other family members or friends? Did she maybe drop them off, do some shopping? No, she knew only to leave the kids with me or with Eric.
And Eric's your husband.
Have you been able to reach him? Not yet.
He's not answering his cell.
But when he's on deadline, he gets like that.
Okay, we're gonna do everything we can to get your children back, okay? Thank you.
[ Sighs ] These kids could be anywhere by now.
Sure you don't need a doctor? No, I'm fine.
If you guys could just take me back to the rectory, that'd be great.
Maybe we should drive around a bit, see if we can find the punks that jumped you.
No, I'm not gonna press charges.
Maybe we could find your phone.
I can buy another phone.
Not the point, father.
Ben: Are you new? I haven't seen you around Blessed Sacrament before.
Yeah, I just got transferred down here from Modesto.
Different kind of flock down here, Padre, eh? Ask you a question, father? Yeah, sure.
Why don't you wear a collar? You know, sometimes that collar keeps people away from the church.
Sometimes the church keeps people away from the church.
[ Chuckles ] You religious, officer? JewIsh.
Observant? Try to keep my eyes open out here Father.
[ Chuckles ] You should wear your collar in this neighborhood, Father.
That will keep you from getting mugged.
Think so, huh? Got to wear a uniform down here.
Blood, Crip, Vato, priest, cop.
If people don't know what gang you're from, you're just a victim down here.
Got to show your colors.
That's right.
He was the NBA's sixth man of the year last season.
You don't just let a guy like that get away, you know? Nail in the coffin is when he went Kardashian and then just got all pissed when they tried to deal him.
Bitch move.
Anything about that kid you shot? Yeah, still not awake.
I don't blame Lamar for, you know, demanding a trade.
Couldn't trust them.
They should have just ignored him, kept things the way they were once they lost out on Chris Paul.
Dispatcher: A57, shots fired, Capitol Records building.
[ Sighs ] A57.
Show us responding.
[ Siren wails ] Tank: See, back in the day, oh, wasn't about no gun play.
You had to fight.
Look, sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
But you live, homey.
You live to fight another day.
[ Clapping ] Sammy: That is touching.
King -- he would have tears in his eyes from that.
What's going on, man? What's this about? I got a question for you.
When did the Five Tres start beating up on priests, huh? What? Sammy: Oh, yeah, yeah.
One of your guys beat up Father Carmichael over there and took his phone.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Not none of mine.
You're a goddamn liar.
No? I know one of y'all has a warrant.
I just know it.
I toss your pockets, one of you all is holding.
Ask the question, Sherman.
Who wants to go to jail? Who wants to go home? Hmm? I get a phone, and we leave.
No harm, no foul.
One-time hail Mary because of Father C.
He's more forgiving than I am.
Bryant, ain't nobody stole no phone, man.
Recognize anybody, Father? I don't know.
I don't know.
No? Found this on the ground.
[ Scoffs ] Jesus Christ.
Sammy: A miracle.
Divine intervention courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Come here, homey.
What's up with you, man? Oh, shit.
I mean, hallelujah.
[ Siren wailing ] Drop the gun! Drop the gun! Man: She shot me! He was coming after me! Back up.
Face forward.
She shot me! Back up.
You got anything on you? I got nothing! Put your hands behind your back.
[ Moaning ] A57.
Need an R.
Unit, our location, victim of a gunshot, parking lot behind Capitol Records -- corner Argyle and Yucca, southeast corner.
Hang on, buddy.
He attacked me.
[ Coughs, grunts ] Okay.
Keep your head down.
Keep your head down.
Permission to say this is a waste of time? Lydia: Who are you telling? Wouldn't even be here if the mother wasn't too busy to be a mother.
Oh, so she's supposed to be mopping floors and baking cakes for her hard-working husband? Look, this is not a sexist thing.
That's not what this is about.
I'm just saying what's best for the kids.
Okay, so if a woman wants a career and a baby, that makes her irresponsible.
You've never used a nanny? A what? Cops don't have nannies.
We have babysitters and mother-in-laws.
And if you don't have a mother-in-law? I don't give a damn if it's the father or the mother, but somebody has to stay their ass at home.
Bottom line, don't have a kid if nobody has time to raise it.
That's all I'm saying.
[ Door closes ] Hey.
It's okay.
Hey, kids.
It's okay.
Lydia: Are you Candace? Yes.
Is this your brother, Tyler? Those are you guys? Are you hurt? No.
You think you can tell us what happened? I was asleep, and I woke up when I heard yelling.
Was Veronica yelling at someone, or was somebody yelling at Veronica? The man was yelling at her outside.
Did you see who he was? Did you recognize the voice of the man who was yelling? I don't know.
That's okay.
You think you can tell us what happened after that? Veronica screamed And then it got real quiet.
Veronica didn't come back.
This is it right here.
You think the good Father has any idea what he's getting himself into moving down here from Modesto? Probably rented the "Gridiron Gang," figured he got it covered.
You the one that called us? Yes, sir.
I got people in my house, and I want them out.
So ask them to leave.
I don't live in it.
I'm renovating right now and trying to sell it.
Every few days, people break the lock and sneak in, sleep on the floor, start fires in the fireplace, mess up the bathrooms.
So there's people in there now? The lock's broken again.
I didn't go in.
Last time, somebody took a swing at me with a broken bottle.
All right.
We'll check it out.
Stay here.
Police! We're coming in! [ Clattering ] Hear that? Okay, wake up.
Crystal? Wake up, Crystal.
Get your ass up.
All of you.
[ Indistinct shouting ] She's just a kid! Ben: You're okay.
You're all right.
You're all right.
You're all right.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Come here, baby.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ grunts ] Tang: Hey, Cooper! You see a weapon? No.
Are you sure there was a weapon? Did you find anything? Did you -- did you see him throw anything anywhere? What? A knife or a gun? He -- he was yelling, and he was running up behind me.
I saw him chasing me when I was crossing the street.
But he was in the store, too.
He was behind me in the checkout line.
He was watching me.
This yours? Those are my k-keys.
Where did you find my keys? OhOh, God.
What was he yelling when he ran up behind you? I must have -- I must have took them out of my purse to get my checkbook.
Do you remember what he was yelling? Ma'am? "Yo.
" He was yelling, "yo.
" Yeah.
[ Crying, sniffles ] [ Police radio chatter ] Sammy: No, I was not late.
Listen Ben: That didn't take long.
Misdemeanor trespassing.
Nobody's doing time in Pelican Bay.
It's cheaper to post bail than it is to pay for an apartment for the girls.
Got to love a pimp.
Always watching out for the bottom line.
Where's my kid? You gonna take Daniela back out on the street with you? No.
Where is she? We're holding her until Family Services can get here to do an evaluation.
How long is that gonna take? County services, you know, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
She needs to be with her mama.
Out on the streets? I doubt it.
You don't know what my baby needs.
I'm the only family she's got.
I got to go.
You don't got to go.
We can help take you and Daniela off the street.
He doesn't own you.
He protects me.
Yeah? So why do you look so scared? Tell Daniela I'll be back for her.
[ Rap music plays ] Sammy: Nice to know American nuclear families aren't in decline.
[ Music continues ] Sister's coming down to see us and I.
the body.
Awful lot of calls from our victim's phone to the husband's.
He still AWOL? Wifey said she'd let us know when she got in contact with him.
Guess he's too busy for wifey and the kids.
Yeah, but not too busy for the nanny, though, 'cause there were a lot of texts, too.
But they were all password-protected by some app.
The lab's gonna have to crack it.
Well, it could be pictures of the kids.
Hey, I know my babysitter.
She does that all the time.
[ Telephone rings ] [ Both chuckle ] Adams.
Lab results came back negative for drugs, positive for baby.
You ask the sister about a boyfriend? Yeah.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, she said that Veronica worked too much to have a boyfriend.
Said she spent more nights at work when the wife was away than she did at her own place.
Little Candace couldn't identify the male voice that was arguing with the nanny.
Think that daddy was getting busy with the nanny while mommy was away on business? Little kid was scared.
Maybe she just didn't recognize the voice.
Maybe she's too scared to say it was her dad.
And he's still missing.
We need to find him.
[ Police radio chatter ] I was raped two years ago.
[ Sniffles ] Going back to my car after a party.
After that, I told myself Never again.
Guy who raped you was black? [ Voice breaking ] Oh, God.
He was just trying to give me my keys.
[ Crying ] [ Sighs ] [ Sniffles ] I'm going to jail.
You're gonna be talking to detectives back at the station.
It's really important that you tell them the truth about everything, okay? Tell them that you were raped, how you felt scared, how you felt threatened.
Don't leave anything out, okay? She managed to get some very interesting angles with her iPhone.
Have my wife try this one tonight.
You need to stop by the bathroom? You think the wife knew that the nanny was sending her loving husband such exquisite photos? What do you think? Think hubby was getting his full Schwarzenegger on.
We show her these photos, I bet she figures out a way to find him fast.
You're finally getting the hang of this leverage thing.
I'm learning from the best, partner.
My daughter's got to eat.
They'll be feeding her in foster care you keep this up.
You arresting me again? Every time you turn a trick, you got enough money for two bus tickets.
You and Daniela could be halfway across the country before anybody knows you're gone.
And go where? You want her in the life? That's where she's headed.
It's her father.
[ Rap music playing ] Who? Ronnie.
What's up? Ronnie: What's up with you? Got a problem? What you want to be up? What you want to be up? Got a problem? Man, you ain't scaring nobody.
What's up your ass, mother [bleep] What you want to be up? Stay right here.
Just leave us alone, all right? We're doing fine.
Okay? Come on.
Big guy.
Cooper: Big black guy.
Big any guy.
who've been raped, some guy run up to them, screaming "yo," if they've got a gun, they're gonna shoot.
In broad daylight in the middle of Hollywood with all those people around.
She had a million options.
Instead, she pulled the gun, plugged the guy in the gut.
[ Sighs ] Well, I guess she felt better safe than sorry.
[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah, it's Tang.
Thanks for letting me know.
That was Hill.
Kid I shot woke up.
Looks like he's gonna make it.
Hill wants me back at the station right away.
[ Siren chirps ] [ Police radio chatter ] What in the hell did we call DCFS in for if you're just gonna release her back to her hooker mom? Don't yell at me.
I just got here.
Who was it? Deedee Cole did the evaluation.
And she just let her go? Daniela's 13 years old.
Her mother had her living in a squat.
Says here she was signed out to her father, Ronald Watkins.
No warrants, no priors, has a permanent address.
[ Sighs ] She was released into his custody.
He's a pimp.
So arrest him.
Then we can try to remove her from the home.
That's it? You're just gonna throw her on the street? She was released to a parent.
She was in a vacant house in the middle of the day.
If we pulled every kid we found trespassing from their parents, half the kids in the city would be in foster care.
Try doing your job before you start complaining about how I do mine.
I'm trying to do my [bleep] job, lady.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm trying to do my [bleep] job.
All right, listen.
You did your best, Mother Teresa.
I honestly don't know where he is.
When he's on deadline, he can disappear for days to write.
Why protect him? I'm not.
I swear.
I would tell you if I knew.
I want to kick his ass.
I'm glad she jumped.
If I'd have found these, I might have pushed the bitch myself.
Did I say that out loud? Yeah, you did.
Dispatcher: All units in the vicinity of 51st and San Pedro, ADW in progress.
Show us responding.
Handle code three.
[ Siren wailing ] [ Tires screech ] Damn it.
A36, 51st Street and San Pedro.
Need an R.
Unit now.
Dispatcher: Roger that, A36.
Her dad.
Keep that mouth open.
Keep that mouth open.
Okay, thank you.
Got to love cellphones.
It's like a LoJack even when you turn it off.
We got a 20 on the husband? Yeah.
We will.
Judge approved it, sending it to Verizon now.
Who do you think started the affair? Does it matter? I had this babysitter.
It was a crazy friend of my wife's.
Just come by the house andI don't know.
I used to get real strange vibes off of her, like she was sending me a signal, you know? Signal.
Yeah, the, you know, "you can have it if you want it" signal.
You get a lot of signals, huh? Being so irresistible.
[ Laughing ] I'm just saying, maybe she was luring him in, you know? I mean, she is an illegal living in a dump with her sister down on Union, taking care of the man's kids.
Perhaps she thought she was more of a wife to him than his own wife.
Perhaps she was crazy.
Perhaps it was a suicide.
So, then, who got her pregnant? Who knows? Point is this.
He was married.
She knew he was married.
No matter what he promised her, he should have been off limits.
So it's all her fault.
Hell, yeah! Either way, he has to live with it.
All her fault.
Freaky ho's working in his house.
He just slipped and fell in the pussy, right? [ Laughs ] [ Both laugh ] [ Tires screech ] Sammy: Good afternoon, sir.
Get out of the damn car! Get out of the car! No! Get out of here! [ Tires screech ] Ronnie put you up to this? Let me go! Did Ronnie put you up to this? I can't go to jail, okay? Please, I've got to do this.
Please! All right, nobody's going to jail.
Daddy will kill her.
Okay, you don't understand.
Please, that's why they fought, over me.
I have to do this.
[ Chuckles ] I know that look.
Somebody's going into the principal's office.
I hope it's juicy.
Did you finally get caught playing grab-ass with Cooper? Huh? Snatch a couple of kilos off the last drug bust? Come on, you can tell me.
It's Uncle Dewey.
Did you leave your gun in Mickey D's bathroom? Somebody use it to shoot up the mayor? Kid I shot's stable.
That's supposed to be bad news? Shit.
I've been in front of the board of rights three times, man, and I'm still here.
You want to know my secret? Not really.
I don't care.
They're gonna say whatever the hell they're gonna say.
You can't change what happened.
It's between you and God.
If you can live with it Nobody can stop you.
[ Chuckles ] [ Sighs ] [ Door opens ] Hill: Tang? Yes, sir? You wanted to see me? Yeah.
The Captain on your oral boards has to fly to New York on a personal matter tomorrow, so he wants to push up your interview a day, get it done before he goes.
Yeah, if you're ready.
Yes, sir.
All right.
I'll tell him.
What the hell are you doing, man? We still got an hour left on the shift.
I told rucker I was feeling hyper-vigilant and needed some down time.
Mom's not talking.
No surprise there.
DCFS just showed up.
Yeah, Deedee what's-her-name again? No, it's the one you yelled at -- Oliver.
But she promised to put the kid in foster care.
Should have done it the first time.
[ Locker door slams ] I know that look.
Just got to let it go.
Head home, shoot hoops, go to the gym, do whatever it is you got to do, but just go home, man.
I'm fine.
There's a magic chair at home with my name on it.
Doesn't even need quarters.
Just a TV remote.
Might even read a book.
Tang: I've worked with a number of excellent sergeants during my time on the job, and I feel I've learned valuable leadership lessons from all of them, sir.
Deputy Chief: As a sergeant, what characteristics do you believe are essential for effective leadership? Effective leadership is about making quick, informed decisions and standing by them.
I feel I can bring this type of leadership to any command where I am assigned.
I'm sure you've all been briefed on the recent shooting I was involved in, and it may have given you pause.
Rather than disqualifying me from promotion, I think it shows why I'm an excellent candidate.
I was in a hot-foot pursuit.
The suspect turned, and the replica gun he pointed at me looked real.
I feel terrible about this teenager being shot.
But if I was in the Academy in the simulator, I would have done the same exact thing in the same exact way.
I can live with the consequences as long as I know that I was preserving the safety of those who I'm sworn to protect.
That's the job.
You can't do it right unless you're prepared to make those decisions.
[ Door closes ] Eric Hanson? [ Keyboard clacking ] Detective Adams and Robinson.
Are you Eric Hanson? Eric: Yes.
We've been trying to get in contact with you all day.
You check your messages? Oh, no.
Are my wife and kids okay? They're fine.
But your nanny, Veronica Juarez, is dead.
Oh, my God.
And she was pregnant.
She -- what? She was sending you some very provocative pictures and texts.
Oh, no, man.
Hell, no.
No, I know what you're implying.
I never slept with her.
You sure about that one, player? [ Sighs ] Look, I made a mistake once, when she was staying at the house when my wife was gone.
I let things go a little too far, but we never -- I mean, I never She started sending pictures, calling me all the time.
So why didn't you fire her? [ Sighs ] Cheryl -- she loved her.
The kids.
Firing her would have made Cheryl ask why.
I thought we could phase her out.
Listen, you can DNA me if you want.
It's the truth.
[ Cellphone rings ] I can be tempted like any man, but I love my wife.
I kept -- I kept it in my pants, you know? Adams.
What? Has my wife seen these? Yep.
All right, thanks.
The security guard from the parking garage this morning -- he just tasered a guy who tried to assault a woman getting out of her car.
They just brought him to the station.
Uh, thank you for your time, Mr.
You might want to get a room for tonight.
[ Door closes ] Just warning you, brother.
[ Turn signal clicking ] [ Rap music playing ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunting ] Get up.
Get in the car.
[ Grunts ] Get in the car.
Okay! [ Car door closes ] [ Car door closes ] [ Tires screech ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunting ] Aaah! Aaaaah! [ Breathing heavily ] Ruben: He went back to the same garage in the same day? Thank goodness for stupid criminals, huh? He was so tweaked that he told the uniforms what happened as soon as they hooked him up.
They mirandize him? He waived his rights.
He said he went to grab the Hispanic lady's purse.
She got scared, backed up, and flipped over the railing.
He still could have pushed her.
Well, the woman died during the commission of a felony, so it's still murder two no matter how the D.
slices it.
What about Mr.
Hanson? Showed his wife those pictures.
He ain't even do anything.
He didn't, huh? Oh, you still think he knocked her up.
Who knows? It's his mess now.
Cold blooded.
[ Mid-tempo music playing ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Sighs ] Interesting place for a meet.
Testing your willpower? Oxy has always been my drug of choice.
Well, how 'bout a little compassion for your sponsor? [ Sniffs ] I already ordered you an overpriced fancy water.
[ Sniffs ] I used to bust dealers in here when I was working narco.
[ Sighs ] Come down here to score? Thinking about it.
Still thinking about it? Every minute of every day.
You ever get over that? Nope.
But it gets easier, slowly.
[ Sighs ] So, why back here tonight? Tang's kid woke up.
He talking? Don't know.
Well, you told F.
the truth, right? Told them what I saw.
Not what I thought happened.
What might have happened.
You weren't there, and you're not clairvoyant.
They call you back in, answer their questions truthfully.
No more, no less.
That simple.
All the hard things are.
Come on.
I know a cheap Mexican joint on Lincoln.
I'm buying.
God grant us the serenity to accept the things we can't change.
Right? [ Sizzling ] Mmm.
[ Lock clicks ] Smells good.
[ Keys clatter ] I'm gonna take a shower before dinner.
Your child needs to know where he comes from.
He needs to know his story.
He's gonna hate you if you don't tell him the truth.
And Terrell -- he's gonna hate you, too.
Do think it's fair to do this to him? I'm not doing anything to Terrell.
He's married, has babies.
You were raised better.
He doesn't even know you're pregnant, does he? Not gonna bust up his family.
So that's how you plan to put a noble face on it.
You didn't marry him when he was free and clear and wanted to, and then you go back around and get what you want, even though you know better.
Mom, it's not that simple.
Yes, it is that simple.
It's all about you, not him.
It's always been all about you.
[ Sighs ] Got to go to the bathroom.
Watch the chicken, please.
[ Clank ] [ Scoffs ] [ Glass clinks ] [ Sighs ] [ Taps foot ] [ Rustling ] Left my car.
What? My car -- I left it there.
Just pick it up tomorrow.
[ Scoffs ] He's not gonna report it.
How's he gonna manhandle his girls if he just got manhandled? You're my partner.
I'll back you up punch for punch, bullet for bullet.
But I'm not giving you my house.
I'm not giving you my pension.
And I'm not gonna give you my freedom.
Don't ever do anything like that again.
[ Door opens ]