Southland s05e06 Episode Script

Bleed Out

You in there! Come on out! Hey! Drop the knife.
Sir, drop the knife! Stop! Hey! Do not take another step forward! Sir! Drop it! John Cooper's learned, in the streets of Los Angeles, a single step can separate life and death.
Ohh! Okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
All right, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Gotcha, tough guy.
I got to go to school.
See you tonight? El Carmen -- 8:00.
If you're lucky.
As a horseshoe.
My friends are gonna booze you under the table, Officer Sherman.
I thought your friends were afraid of cops.
Not anymore.
I got to go! I know! "At which point, Officer Bryant grabbed my arm "and started hitting me.
"I tried to defend myself, but he proceeded to choke me, "nearly unconscious, "while slamming my head against a generator.
"Not only am I concerned for my safety, but the safety of our son and the citizens of Los Angeles.
" I got physical because I was attacked.
In the moment, I relied on my training, followed protocol, and subdued Tammi with minimal, yet necessary force.
Did you or did you not choke Ms.
Bryant and throw her head against a generator? I-I did not.
Her boyfriend, Victor Sifuentes, is claiming there's a video of the incident, which shows you, in uniform, losing control.
Says you seized his camcorder before departing.
Is that true? No, I did not lose control.
Sifuentes shoved a camera in my face, and, feeling threatened, I took it away from him.
So, where's the camcorder now? Well, I assume it's in their possession because I dropped it on the street before we left.
Listen, I appreciate it, but no.
Look, the 405 is a mess, all right, especially after the 10.
No, I spend my entire day in the car.
The last thing I want to do is spend my night, too.
All right.
Sly Johnny Cooper, beating the women away with a stick.
Huh? Yeah, something like that.
Come on, give me something vicarious, something I can take home to the old lady.
Come on.
Trust me, you'd both be disappointed.
After 10 years of domestication, it doesn't take much to excite me.
Or her.
Come on.
Officer Sherman, it's good to see you under a different circumstance.
Yeah, no problem.
Happy to help.
We'll be brief.
All right.
On the afternoon of February 27, 2013, you and Officer Bryant left your division while on patrol? That's right.
Can you tell us what you saw? Be happy to.
Uh Officer Dudek, how you feeling? Ah, ticker's better than ever.
Thank you, Detective Adams.
How's, uh -- how's your little one? He's good.
Thanks for asking.
Yes, uh, what do we have? Uh, mother and father fell asleep last night watching television.
Mother woke up this morning about 7:00 a.
Found the D.
in the master bedroom -- wasn't breathing.
Father called 911, reported a window had been open that was previously closed.
Hmm, there's no visible puncture wounds or bruises.
Nothing looks broken.
Um, did anybody check the base of the window for footprints? Yeah.
Um, have S.
dust the trash cans for fingerprints.
I'll cross-check every sanitation worker in L.
If that's what it takes.
And the A/C unit, too.
Uh, it looks like a case of co-sleeping or SIDS.
What do you think? Hmm? Lydia.
What happened? Told 'em what you said went down.
No Biggie.
They ask if I roughed her up? You pushed her off when she went after you.
Nothing more.
What about the camcorder? You threw it in the street before we left.
You worried? Look.
Tammi's a junkie and a pathological liar, dating an unemployed burnout.
She's also my son's mother.
And a bad one at that.
You're a cop.
It'll be fine, Sammy.
What, you think this is funny? Right? Watch your head.
Stay put.
All good? Yeah.
Asshole was graffitiing.
I roll up to cite him.
And then he rabbits like Usain Bolt.
And then -- he looks back to showboat.
Right into a palm tree.
Yeah, lucky for you.
I had him, all right? - Right.
Yeah, asshole gives new meaning to the word "face plant.
" Hello? Don't move.
Don't move! You in the car, stop moving! Stop moving! I got him.
I got it.
You're kidding me.
- You're kidding me.
- You idiot! Do you know what you just did? Yeah, blue ribbon pat down! Idiot.
A57 -- request a supervisor at my location.
Have F.
respond, as well.
That bullet was an inch or two left or right, we could have been listening to bagpipes in a pine box! Hey officers! Hey! Hey! Come on! Hurry up, guys! Come on, man, look at this!! Look at this mess the guy made.
He just took off, too.
He just took off.
Please, come, come.
He just -- just -- What's going on? Look, look, look at the mess he made.
Oh, my God, this is my whole life, and now just -- just gone.
All right, all right.
Give me that, give me that.
All right, outside.
Go, outside, outside.
I'll get this.
Oh, yeah, way to put that fire out.
It would be up our ass if we didn't.
Yeah, good work.
Shut up.
So, he jumped over the counter, he ripped my cash drawer out of the register, throws it across the store.
I tried to stop him.
He started throwing alcohol bottles into it, then lit my money on fire.
And the just runs off screaming, "Attica, Attica!" So, what did he look like? Crazy -- he had, like, wild eyes, some kind of stupid-ass mohawk hairdo.
So we're looking for an angry, drugged-out asshole with an affinity for Pacino movies? Please.
Maybe Tammi knows him.
Please, you guys got to help me.
I-I-I-I have no insurance.
This is all I have.
The detectives will be here.
They'll take your statement, sir.
Okay, sir, we'll -- we'll do everything that we can, all right? A36 -- we have a suspect description.
How does a baby just die? Ma'am, we're -- we're trying to figure that out right now.
I checked on Javi at 11:00.
He looked happy.
He even smiled at me.
I know this is difficult, but was there anything out of the ordinary? No.
There wasn't.
But you did lock the window? I don't remember.
Do you remember it being closed? I think so.
Um, if there's anything that you can remember, it really would be helpful.
I -- are you sure? I don't know.
Get the out of here! What are you guys looking at?! Officer, up here! Hey.
You got to help me! This bitch is crazy! She burned my clothes, and now she's holding me hostage! Sir, I need you to calm down and step inside.
- Calm down?! - calm! She's already whipped me -- twice! Please! What the are you waiting for?! Now! Just hang on a second.
Police! Open up! Hi.
Ma'am, please cover yourself.
Maybe you should cover me, General Cooper.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Hey! Come on! Open it! God, it's about freaking time! Sir, are you injured? You bet your ass, I am! Look! Look at this shit! Did you assault this man? No.
Okay, yes, a-a little, but he liked it.
That's a lie! She told me she was a librarian.
We met at the book fair last night.
And, yeah, we screwed, but then she wouldn't let me leave until we did it again and again and again! You said you the read the Marquis de Sade! Howard said he read it and he liked it! I did! As fiction! All right, shut up.
Shut up.
You tell her to -- Shut up! She's -- Be quiet.
Cover yourself.
Ma'am, turn around.
Hands behind your back.
My cuffs or -- yours.
Ooh! Well, at least someone's in charge in this room.
You're going to jail.
At least you've got something to take home to your wife now.
You all right? What if I.
believes Tammi, and the whole situation just starts spinning out of control? Quit torturing yourself, man.
Lieutenant Russo is gunning for me.
Nate could end up with D.
who knows? Dude, it'll work out.
What if you're wrong? Then Nate comes to live with Uncle Ben.
Oh, yeah? You and your harem? Sure, we'll get the little guy started young.
So, what's the deal? You're not ready to give up your Hugh Hefner lifestyle? How many girls are you seeing? Eh, you know.
I tell you what.
For you, I'll cut it off.
I'll send 'em your way.
Oh, yeah.
Have 'em bang me out of my misery? It'd take the whole harem.
Yes? We had a young nanny from El Salvador.
We fired her about three weeks ago.
I found her trying to breast-feed our baby.
When I confronted her, she made a pass at me.
Said she loved me, she wants to marry me and have a family.
She's not stable.
And how come you didn't tell us this inside? I had an affair two years ago.
Reya never forgave me.
I was afraid she would misunderstand.
Do you have an address? Hey, don't knock it till you tried it.
My whips and chains? My old lady's got some friends, all right? Fat ones, skinny ones, brown ones, white ones, freaky ones -- freaky ones.
All 31 flavors.
We could fix you up.
No, you know me.
The streets -- they've always been my significant other.
You can't make love to the job.
My wife's chicken mole, on the other hand You'll wish it had legs.
You could walk it down the aisle, and, you know Yeah, all right.
You said "all right"? No, I didn't mean all right.
You said "all right.
" No, I know I said, "all right," but I didn't mean all right.
Okay, I'm gonna call my wife right now.
I'm gonna call her ri-- Help me! Please help me! Please, please! I didn't even -- please! I didn't see her.
What's going on? Help me! Please, hurry! Please! Please! I didn't see her.
Okay, back up, back up.
She came out of nowhere.
Back up.
Back up.
I've got a woman pinned under a bus.
Request a R.
Unit at my location.
She came out of nowhere.
I swear to God.
Send additional black-and-whites, as well.
I'm so sorry.
Yo, Texas, get the hell off the bus.
How are you doing? What's your name? Rebecca.
Hey, Rebecca.
I'm John.
We got an ambulance coming.
You're gonna be okay.
My dad's name is John.
He told me never to ride the bus in L.
I bet he never thought the bus would be riding you, huh? Is there somebody we can call? Your dad maybe? No.
He lives in Massachusetts.
Anybody else? I-I just moved out here.
I followed my boyfriend, but it didn't work out.
He said he couldn't be tied down, that L.
's too big.
His loss, I bet.
He's an asshole.
Most guys are.
Please don't leave me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Police! Police! What happened? Son of a bitch destroyed my bar, stole my taser.
I tried to fight back, but dude's like incredible hulk.
What happened? Can you describe him? Describe him? Asshole shot me, point-blank! He looked like Bruce Willis on crack.
He tried to take my cash, start a fire.
Let me guess -- he's screaming, "Attica, Attica"? Yeah! Somebody help me! A crazy guy -- he attacked my cab driver.
He's across the street! Right over there! He's there! Attica! Attica! Hey! He's going.
He's going.
A36 -- show us in pursuit of a code 37 vehicle.
Attica! Attica! Request backup and an airship.
You're clear.
So, we're thinking this sneaks in the window, suffocates the baby, then hops out undetected? You heard what Miguel said.
Yeah, but he sounds like a man grasping for straws.
Either that or -- No.
There's more to it.
Lydia, it's not hard.
There's no blood, no visible trauma, no forced entry.
It's -- it's a co-sleeping case or SIDS.
We're checking every lead.
At the expense of everything that's obvious.
Carmen Martinez? Oh, damn! Okay.
Here we go.
Hey! Stop! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
What are you running for? Come on, now.
Let's take it easy.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Don't make it harder than it has to be.
Let him go.
Let him go.
He's on the left.
Now he's back.
He's taking the left.
He's got the left.
Shit! Clear.
What the Shit.
Flip around.
Got him.
I got it.
I'm gonna bail.
It's dangerous.
You got him.
Got him! You got him.
Clear! Shit.
I got to go.
The hell are you doing? Shit.
What the are you doing?! A36 -- we fell out of pursuit.
Nick, let's get this cop out of here.
Coop! Coop, they need to get in there, man.
I'm not going anywhere, all right? I'm right here.
You don't worry about them.
You just look at me.
They want you out of there, man.
Coop, get out of there, man.
I'm good.
I'm good.
They need to work.
Go ahead and shut off the red.
Got it? I'm right here, Rebecca.
Right here.
Nick, you need any help down there? We're gonna log roll her to her left.
Medics, do you have your gurney? I'm right here, sweetheart.
Get the head blocks.
All right.
Rebecca, can you wiggle your toes? she said she thought we were from I.
Ask her about Reya and Miguel.
Uh, she said she worked for them as a nanny for a couple of months, and then Reya got jealous.
How come? Miguel was in love with her, but -- Did he say that he loved you? Not exactly.
Not exactly? Oh.
Detective Robinson.
So, what, you decided to just remove the obstacles? Miguel.
Slow down.
Slow down.
Where are you? Wreak havoc, and then be waiting with open arms? She did what? You waited until Reya and Miguel were sleeping.
So, where is she now? And then you snuck in and you killed javier, didn't you? Hold tight.
We'll be there.
¿Qué? How'd you do it, huh? Did you use a pillow? Por favor.
What? No.
She's delusional, and she thinks that Miguel is in love with her.
Lydia, let's -- What? Just -- just for a second.
We have a motive.
She didn't do it, okay? She didn't do it.
I just got off the phone with Mike, and he said that Reya admitted it.
Yeah, and she's in the wind.
Best food truck in L.
? It's no chicken mole, but it's all right.
Next time, we flip a coin.
Loser's beneath the bus, okay? Sounds good.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Lady's pretty horny, huh? No.
It's my old F.
He's been calling me all day, desperate for me to come visit his houseboat.
My old buddy had a catamaran.
A good place to relive the glory days, get out of the grit, talk, laugh, shoot the shit.
Could be worth the drive.
I doubt it.
All ex-cops go a little stir-crazy.
Dude could probably just use a little company.
What, like a pinochle partner? Any unit can handle -- reports of unknown trouble, Come on.
A57 -- show us responding.
Thanks, Sarge.
Airship lost him in a parking garage.
They boxed off a perimeter, but still no sign.
This whole day's turned into a one-man asshole -- Unbelievable.
What? We were lead car.
- Could have had him.
- You quit.
The situation with Tammi -- it's screwing with your head.
It's affecting your ability to do the job.
Shit got crazy out there.
Lives were in danger.
I-I handled it.
I got a kid at home.
Don't you forget that.
When you were cheerleaders behind the bleachers, I was out here on the streets.
Don't you forget that, either.
I'm driving.
Let's go! P-2.
Get in the car! L.
! Hey, buddy.
We're coming in! L.
! Police officers! Coop.
You in there! Come on out.
Hey! No! Drop the knife! Sir, drop the knife! Stop! Hey! Do not take another step forward! Sir! Drop it! Mr.
Daniels! Please, don't hurt him! Stop! Don't hurt him! Freeze! Get down on the ground! Please, don't hurt him! Get on your knees! Mr.
Daniels! Get on your knees now! Don't shoot him! On your knees! Hey! Get your hands behind your head! Don't kill him! Hands on your head.
No! Call an ambulance! Mr.
Daniels! Okay, come on.
It's okay.
No! It's okay.
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
Aah! Come on.
Daniels! It's gonna be all right.
Wait here.
Mike said we'd find you here.
Said you liked to bring Javi to watch the carousel.
I'm a new mom, too.
And I know how hard it can be.
Believe me, I know.
Sleepless nights, stressed out about the baby, worried if you're doing the right thing, or, even worse, if something's wrong with you.
My gut tells me you didn't intentionally hurt your baby.
It's every parent's worst nightmare.
I want to help you.
But I can't unless you tell me what happened.
I haven't slept in two or three weeks.
I'm always arguing with Mike.
And Javi -- it felt like I was constantly feeding him.
And when I wasn't, I was checking on him, terrified something was wrong.
He screamed all hours of the night.
He never stopped.
So I started bringing him to bed with me.
I took an Ambien.
I-I just wanted a few hours.
And when I woke up, Javi was laying beneath me, not breathing.
I tried to revive him, but it was too late.
Please, fourth floor.
Fourth floor -- he's up there.
All right, shut up.
He's ruining everything! Put her down! Put her down! Put her down! Put her down! Shit! Shit.
Hey, you all right? Yeah.
Go, go, go! Go! Freeze! Damn it.
Suspect heading north in the alley! Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica! Attica! A36 -- I need an R.
Unit at Crown Hill Avenue and Union -- now! All right, thank you.
Asshole died.
Incisor to the carotid artery.
Crrk! That's not something you see every day.
You just had to prove me wrong, huh? pissed-off K-9 as backup sure beats your scrawny ass, Sherman.
Yeah, thanks.
Maybe we should give Spot a gun and a badge.
Hey, uh, I was thinking.
Maybe you were right.
All this crap with Tammi, I.
coming after me, making me feel like I did something wrong.
Maybe I was off my game, a little distracted.
It won't happen again.
Forget it.
Yeah, I understand.
Thanks for calling me back.
How's it going, brother? It's all right.
Uh, my bus victim just got out of surgery, and it looks like she's gonna make it.
I think you're doing better than me, man.
Dealt with a dead baby today.
Two weeks ago, I had a heart attack.
What are you gonna do, man? - Two tears in a bucket.
- Mother it, right? Gonna go home and give the wife the dirty business.
Go home, tend your cactus, man.
Rent a musical, do what you do.
Just have a good time, all right? Have a good time, Cooper! Work up an appetite yet? I'm gonna cook you up something real nice.
¿Qué pasa? I see you met my cousin.
I didn't know we were having people over.
Relax, wey.
We let ourselves in.
You play? Yeah, I play.
All right, then.
Go put on some chonies, Holmes.
Hicks! Hicks! Hey, it's Coop.
I braved the 405.
Actually, it wasn't that bad.
Hey, old man? Hicks? I'm coming down.
Hicks? What? You're on the damn toilet.
What are you doing in my house, asshole? You invited me.
You couldn't wait till I got here? Johnny, give an old son of a bitch a hand getting on his feet, will you? Whoa.
You don't look so good.
Speak for yourself.
Answer your damn phone sometime.
You want a drink? No.
I got whiskey and vodka.
And, uh, oh, I got weed, too.
You know, they're practically giving that shit away nowadays.
You're done for the night.
Ah off.
Step on your meat, kid -- don't step on your meat.
You know, this would be a lot easier if you just put one foot in front of the other, old man.
You think you're important, don't you? Always standing me up? Well, you're not.
You're not.
You're just a goddamn tool for their disposal.
And that's all.
Nothing more.
Nothing more.
Come on.
Shut up! Just -- Get in bed.
I'm serious.
Department chews you up, spits you out.
And look at me.
I'm just a horse out to pasture.
And -- and you will be, too, you dumb Yeah.
Come on.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
What? I almost ate my gun for dinner.
Tasted like shit.
I-I-I'll try again tomorrow, maybe.
You get some sleep.
Aye, aye, Boot.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't touch me! Hey! You mother what the Let go of me! Stop it! Stop! Stop! I'm not touching her.
What the what the I didn't touch her.
You didn't touch me? You didn't touch me, you Just trying to kick you off with all the crazy -- Christopher crying ] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Okay, okay, okay.
All right, Christopher.
Come on, baby, please.