Southland s05e07 Episode Script


My God, Tyler! Tyler! No, lady! Lady! Mommy's here! Cops are trained to stay in control.
But sometimes, even heroes feel helpless.
Coward, ambushing me.
You waited until I was asleep, didn't you? What the hell are you doing? Sobering you up.
I let you go through 'cause I knew I couldn't fix you.
up kid with no education.
You were lucky to find a gig that paid $30,000 a year.
You'd be digging ditches if it weren't for me.
And this is your way of thanking me.
You and I are gonna talk later.
Something to piss in.
yourself! - Hey, hey.
- Hey.
Here's mama.
How was the park? Oh, great.
That hour went by so fast.
Did you get stuff done? Yeah, it was good having a quiet house.
Look, I appreciate you letting me spend some time with him.
I know this was just an experiment, but I'd like to do it again.
Uh, I got to check my calendar.
Lydia, look, I've raised three daughters.
I'm a good father.
All right, look.
How about we meet at Pink's, all right? We grab a hot dog, and we just -- we figure out a schedule.
I never know how my day is gonna go.
I'll have to see what happens.
All right, I'll call you later.
Wild night, Cooper? What's his name? All right, quiet down.
Hey, hey.
What the hell you looking at, numbnuts? Eyes forward, man.
We're in roll call.
Pay attention.
All right, listen up.
We have a guest today, just finished up her probation in southwest, and, per L.
tradition, she'll be pulling a shift with her old man, Hollywood Division's very own Dewey Dudek, so everyone welcome Rae Ann Dudek.
Hey, I tried to tell her, "become a lawyer, a doctor, a freaking porn star, anything but a cop.
" But do you think she'd listen? Hell no.
Yeah, how disappointing that I would follow in your footsteps.
Doesn't look a damn thing like you, Dewey.
You sure Joan wasn't stepping out on you, huh? Hey, hey, come on, man.
She's got my brains, my balls, and my charm.
Your winning personality? I think I got the balls from mom's side.
Spoken like a true Dudek.
How does an ugly son of a bitch like Dewey get such a hot daughter? She's got to be adopted.
Not only that, she's normal.
How does that happen? Well, the kid had to grow up fast.
Fought hard not to be like her dad.
John? Somebody miss confession? I'll meet you in the parking lot.
I'm sorry to show up, but you haven't been returning my calls.
Been busy.
Did you get my messages? Yeah.
He's dying.
He wants to see you.
He raped and murdered my girlfriend.
I'll never defend what your father did, but God's word commands us to forgive.
Monica's family has.
And that amazes me.
I don't know how they could.
Can't you find it in your heart to do the same? No.
"Missing in Action" was on last night.
That movie's so old-school.
I love it.
Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare, he eats unicorns.
A bulletproof vest wears Chuck Norris for protection.
I like that.
Really? What about the complaint? So -- so all of her allegations, including -- No.
No, no, no, it's terrific.
Thank you.
Thanks, man.
Thanks for the heads-up.
What's up? That was the captain's aid.
Said on the Q.
It's sounding like the I.
thing with Tammi, it's all just gonna disappear.
I told you it was a slam dunk.
See? All that worry over nothing.
We finally reached the finish line.
You happy or what? Yeah.
Yeah? Unh.
Philippe, my favorite.
What do you want? What? What? A brother can't just buy his partner her favorite pastry? Okay, my daughter -- she wants to know if you will be her mentor on a project she's doing for school.
It's an assignment about women in law enforcement.
She thinks you're a badass.
I don't know why.
When is it due? That -- uh, tomorrow.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Look, I was supposed to ask you a long time ago.
I-I just forgot.
But, uh, she -- she's coming in later on this evening, and she wants to ask you a few questions.
It'll only take 30 minutes, though.
I promise.
All right, I'll do it for you, but now you owe me breakfast from Philippe's every day for the next month.
Yes! Thank you! Now, here are a few questions that she, uh, printed up.
She was hoping you'd look over those, come up with the answers in advance.
Thank you very much.
A36 -- I need a supervisor and another unit at our location -- East Street bridge.
We're probably gonna have to shut it down.
Hey, man.
I'm Ben.
What's your name? Why does it matter? So I know what to call you.
Come on, man, don't do this.
You sound just like my parents.
Always telling me what to do and never listening.
I know what that's like.
I try to talk to them.
They just look at me and say something condescending, like, "Don't be so dramatic, Garrett.
" Garrett, how about I call them? You know, maybe I can work things out between you guys.
That'll be a waste of time.
Come on, man.
Y-you don't want to do this.
There's got to be somebody out there that cares about you.
A-a friend? Maybe a buddy you knew growing up? Jump! Do it, dude! Hey, move along.
See? That's how people see me.
Even the dog hates me.
Come on, man, that's not true.
The dog doesn't care about you.
You know, I made a vow to myself -- if someone just smiled at me as I was walking to the bridge, I wouldn't jump.
And no one did.
I'm smiling at you, man.
Come on, Garrett.
I'm smiling at you.
Do you mean it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean it.
Come on, man.
Come on.
Garrett, I'm smiling at you, all right? All right? Hey.
Come on.
Come on.
There you go.
There you go.
What -- what are you doing? What are -- what -- why are you -- what are you doing? Lock your fingers together over your head.
Why are you cuffing me?! Lock your fingers together over your head.
We have to, man.
It's what we got to do.
You lied to me.
You lied! It's what we got to do.
It's the job.
Look left.
Look left.
You! Hey.
Hey! Ow! Ow! you, asshole! In jumper speak, I think that's "thank you for saving my life.
" Come on, let's go.
Hello, hello.
What's up? All right, D.
here, coffee cart right over there.
Beautiful day in the City of Angels.
Glad he picked such a convenient place to die.
Come on, Adams.
I've seen you before your coffee.
Who found him? Ah, well, a jogger did.
Looks like he was strangled.
Did you do a work-up? Uh, no work-up.
But I spoke to some of the other transients around here.
No one's seen anything.
How about I.
? No wallet, but found this card lying right next to him.
He was probably holding it in his hand.
Martin Del Toro.
We'll give it a try.
I have content filters on my computer to protect my son from this, and then I come in here where I have $50-a-month membership fee to have this crap thrown in his face?! That shirt is offensive! You want to hide your kid from homosexuality, then have him join the Boy Scouts! Oh, please.
Don't turn this into a gay thing.
At this age, kids shouldn't be exposed to any kind of sexuality! Okay, enough.
What are you guys trying to do here? What is that supposed to mean? Look, you have the right to be whoever you want to be, but dressing her like this? You may as well put a sign on her.
Or a bull's-eye.
Hey, that's insulting.
It's -- you saying Micah should be ashamed of who we are? I don't know.
Should Micah be ashamed of who you are? We will teach our daughter whatever we want and dress her how we want.
Look, I get it, all right? But making your kid the poster child for cramming your lifestyle down other people's throats -- not cool, okay? This is a kids' play place.
It's a place where kids come to play.
It's not the Pride Parade.
You guys have anything else she can wear? That's it.
We're filing a complaint against both of you.
I'll have your name and badge numbers.
Jumper's parents still won't pick up.
No answering machine.
In 2013? Who doesn't have voicemail? I know, right? You know, you looked like a real jackass, standing there smiling.
If it had been you trying to talk that guy down, you'd -- your jacked-up grill would have pushed him right over the edge.
Speaking of jacked-up grills, the only person in L.
with worse teeth than you.
Ah, tooth fairy, damn.
Best gummers in town.
You're a sick man, Sherman.
What's up, Maureen? I got some news.
Today's my last day.
I've heard that before.
It's true.
Hanging up my heels.
Having a little retirement party tonight over at Spilka's.
Ah, retirement party.
Open bar, very nice.
I hope you can make it.
Good to see you, sweetie.
Oh, man.
We got to go to this, if only for the entertainment value.
A retirement party for a hooker? No, thank you.
Just when you think you've seen it all.
Maybe instead of a gold watch, she'll get a gold tooth.
Maureen provided excellent customer service and enjoyed exposing herself to new business opportunities.
Always had a can-do attitude even when backed into a corner.
Big, small -- there was nothing she couldn't handle.
Hey, look, I got no problem with the lipstick lesbos, okay? That's hot.
It's the dyke thing, when they get all butch and shit just makes my, you know, butt pucker.
Dykes, huh? Yeah.
You don't agree? Look, I don't have a problem with anybody being gay.
I got a problem with their parents forcing them to be that way.
All right, okay.
You're a better man than me.
She could wind up being transgender, be the next Chaz Bono on "Dancing With The Stars.
" So, you watch "Dancing With The Stars," huh? Yeah, man.
You don't? All the sexy girls in the skimpy-ass costumes, man.
Yeah? That's pretty gay.
I mean, it's It's pretty gay.
I left another message for our guy, Martin, the one whose business card we found on our John Doe.
Hoping he'll meet us at the coroner's office.
I wonder who this guy is, giving his number to a transient.
A junkie or John? Maybe he runs a shelter.
Could be a councilman or an actor looking for a "blow 'n go.
" Never can tell in this town.
Here we go.
Here's our guy.
He said that, uh, he'll meet us, but it'll have to be afternoon because -- 'cause he's got a board meeting.
This place has the best chorizo in all of L.
, I swear to God.
It's like a sore dick.
It can't be beat! I bet you can't wait till end of watch.
I don't know how you did it, 23.
Sharing a car with him all those years.
Yeah, I don't know how you did it.
You don't think I hated his guts? One day, he came home Drunk when I was like 12.
He got into it with my mom and hit her, and so she bailed, and I came down, because I was freaked out, and, uh, when he saw me, he started crying, and he, like, sunk down on the stairs, and he grabbed me and just hugged me -- hard.
And Iwanted to push him away, you know, but it's like I'm scared of him at this point, so I let him, and, uh It turned out that, earlier that day, a baby had choked on a chicken bone.
He thought that if he had driven faster he could have saved it.
I told myself that, uh, I could do his job one day, and I could do it better.
I could be a, uh A better cop, but without all of the collateral damage.
You're gonna be just fine.
I need some sauce.
Can you get me some green sauce, please? Thank you, thank you.
Enjoy the sauce.
What's that supposed to mean? Why'd you say it like that? You do something to our food? What? You're tripping, man.
Well, then why'd you say it that way? I was trying to be nice.
Stop harassing me, man.
Make us a new order.
No, no, no.
He did something.
Look at this face.
Make us another order.
You already paid for your food.
It's against policy for me to do -- - Make us a new order.
- What the You shouldn't have messed with our food, man.
I didn't! Oh! Well -- well, then, you eat it.
What? Man, I'm -- I'm not hungry.
How about I have forensics come down here and test it while you wait in the back of our car.
How about that? Yo, come on.
I'll -- I'll -- I'll lose my job.
That's it -- admission of guilt.
You spit in our food, you little shit, huh? Well, what are we gonna do about it, man? Huh? Ah! Chick baby gave you a chance to set the record straight, but you blew it -- you little shit, you blew it.
Now say you're sorry to chick baby for lying.
I'm -- I'm sorry, chick baby.
I'm sorry.
Del Toro, thank you for coming down.
Yeah, the smell is pretty bad.
Oh, God.
Yeah, I kind of knew him.
H-his name was Doug or -- or Don.
What happened to him? He was strangled.
He camped outside the downtown grille.
One day, I saw a wave of blue suits walking past him.
A woman hit him in the eye with her big Gucci bag.
Didn't even stop to apologize.
You believe that? Yeah, actually we can.
He was just sitting, didn't have any shoes on.
And I had just closed a $60 million deal.
It gets cold out at night.
I thought this was my chance to -- I don't know -- do something.
I bought him some boots.
Oh, yeah? What kind? Timberland, the ones with Gore-Tex.
What did they run you, like $220? Something like that.
What? Y-you did a good thing, probably gave him some hope.
What are we doing out of our division in the middle of watch? I got something I need to take care of.
You gonna invite me in? No.
You shit.
I guess you're feeling pretty good about yourself, aren't you, thinking you're gonna save me, you cocky son of a bitch! Truth is, you need this more than I do! Officer, I'm being held here against my will.
And I-I need medical attention.
Call an R.
I spent 33 years on the job.
I know when somebody's going off the deep end.
He's crazy.
You got to watch your six with him.
John! Trust me, I could tell you stories that'll make your hair curl! John! How long's that guy been cuffed to your house? Not long enough.
That shit is illegal.
You arrogant son of a bitch, get back here! Outside.
Who is he? Who is he? My old F.
, and a raging drunk.
Worried he might eat his gun.
Hey, so you just set up your own rehab facility in your house? He look like the kind of guy who's gonna check himself into county? You don't worry about it, all right? This is on me.
"Tell chick baby you're sorry"? What the hell, man? The situation with Tammi is finally going away, and you go and pull this shit? What if somebody videos it? What if it ends up on YouTube? You really want Tammi to look like the stable one? Nate's teacher said he's biting kids in class, lying about it.
So what? So you go and do this? Kids bite at that age.
He's always a good kid.
I thought -- You know, it's like the situation with Tammi is harder on him than I thought, and I thought I was managing it.
Roger that.
Watters wants us to do a door knock on the jumper's parents' house.
I guess the hospital still can't get ahold of them.
Okay? Yeah.
This guy Martin finally opens his eyes and sees there's more to the world than board meetings and $6 espressos.
But a pair of $200 boots in that neighborhood? I know, right? Man.
Might as well put a target on his back.
You know, I want to go back downtown and scope out that restaurant to see if anybody's wearing those boots.
All right.
and Mrs.
Drew? Police.
A36 -- request additional units and a supervisor to our location.
We have a 187 crime scene.
- Man.
- Shot the dog, too? This crackhead I was talking to out there.
Says he's an artist.
Didn't want any help getting better.
He just wants to get high until he dies, do his drawings.
Did he have any info on our guy? No, but he did give me this sketch.
Dude's got skills.
Lady I talked to, she was a librarian at central branch.
And she says our vic's name was Tom, it wasn't Doug or Don, and that he lived in an encampment off 110 and 8th Street.
Man, lobster in here, survival out there.
It's gonna be I don't know how the hell they do it.
Did you look for anybody wearing boots? No.
Those boots are long gone by now.
Don't be such a pessimist.
Have you seen this guy? No, I don't think I have.
Excuse me.
Have you -- do you know this guy? Yeah, that's Ron.
He kept his stuff over there.
Thank you.
He said this was his spot right here.
Oh, hey, yeah, this is him.
Hmm? Tom, Ron, Doug.
Man, that picture looks like a lifetime ago.
Man, dude was actually kind of handsome.
Seriously? That -- that -- that's your crime-solving strategy? Well, at least I have one.
You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think that you were getting lazy or you just didn't care.
What? What -- what -- what do you want to do? You want to set up a checkpoint, watch people as they walk by? We have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack.
Well, if you know that it's in the haystack, why not keep looking? Eventually you'll find it.
I'm gonna go over here and check this haystack.
I didn't recognize some of you, probably 'cause you're wearing clothes.
Y'all are probably wondering why I spent 30 years on the streets.
I did it for my babies to give 'em a better life.
Kendra's the head waitress at Polly's Pies now, and Josh is studying business at the J.
They're too busy to be here, but My youngest, Rene, came.
And she's real involved with the boys & girls clubs.
Come on up here, Rene! But it wasn't easy.
Made some hard choices.
But you -- you do it as a means to an end.
But it was worth it, right? Love you, Maureen.
Tell me it was worth it.
Okay, set it down, set it down, set it down.
Ohh! God! Hey! Hey, s-son, don't get out of the -- don't get out of the wagon, okay? Kid's nanny -- kid's nanny tried to help him.
Got electrocuted as soon as she stepped in the water.
Edison guy won't be here for another 20 minutes.
Don't move.
Don't move.
We're coming at you.
Get some more of those over here now! Oh, my God, Tyler! Tyler! No, lady! Lady! Mommy's here! Do something! Do something! Help him! Hang on to her! Okay.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
That's my son! It's okay.
Get up, get up, get up.
No! No, it's my son! It's not safe.
He's gonna be okay.
It's not safe.
It's not safe.
No, no, no, no.
Stay down, okay? Stay down! We'll be right there! Just stay down! What's he doing, man? Coop, what are you doing?! Stay right there, buddy.
All right.
Come on, bud.
Let's go.
Just like climbing in a tree house.
Yeah! Come on, buddy.
Whoo! I want my mommy.
You want your mommy? We're gonna get you to your mommy.
I meet a lot of people who say they're doing it for the kids.
But Maureen really put her money where her mouth was.
Or her mouth where the money was.
What the hell is the matter with you? You're acting like an asshole.
You're the one that's got problems, man.
The whole fight with Tammi is on tape, okay? That's what it is.
What? The whole fight with Tammi is on tape.
What? I have been lying this entire time a-about what happened with Tammi.
I lied to you.
I lied to I.
I didn't toss Victor's camcorder into the gutter.
I took it.
You think I didn't know that? You think I didn't know there was a tape? I saw you take the camcorder.
I saw you.
Why the hell didn't you say anything? Whose side do you think I'm on? You're my partner.
I got your back.
There's a tape.
So what? Get rid of it.
Smash it with a -- smash it with a hammer.
Yeah, I've been meaning to, except for I can't stop myself from watching it.
Sammy, we're in the clear here.
All you got to do is keep your mouth shut.
I feel like shit about it, okay? So, what? You're gonna give it back because of some hooker's speech? Are you We lied to the department under oath.
I lied for you! We're both gonna lose our jobs, and you're gonna lose your kid.
It just doesn't seem right.
You walked on water today, J.
Hey, I'm buying a round at the Ten Ring tonight to celebrate Johnny's heroics.
Not tonight, man.
I thought it was celebrating my getting off probation.
Isn't that I just said? No, it is not.
I did.
I just said that.
Now what? You want me to read the eulogy at his funeral? Your father has some money he wants to donate to our church.
He says he won't sign the papers unless you go see him.
I think he wants to make peace with you.
A monster gets to unburden himself, so you can cash in? John, you know me.
If I thought that's all it was, I wouldn't ask it of you.
If not for him, do it for yourself.
You'll regret it if you don't.
Question number six -- how do you not lose hope? Who says I don't lose hope? See, these? They're murder books.
And our shelves are filled with them.
I'll solve a case, send the book down to archives, and then four new ones will pop up on my desk.
If it was your loved one in this stack, wouldn't you want me to keep looking? That's how I get my hope back.
"And the caped crusader foiled the evil feline felon's plan.
" The end.
What do you think? Huh? Hey, Nate, uh Your teacher told me that you were biting kids at school.
Is that true? Don't lie to daddy.
You can't Y-you can't lie.
Good boys don't lie.
Surprised you came.
It must have been hard.
I used to pray for you.
Had my prayers been answered, none of this would have ever happened.
Can only imagine how you suffered because of what I did.
I've thought about it a lot.
Know this, John.
I did my share of suffering, too.
Watching you with Monica Hurt me.
You never gave her what she deserved.
S-so I had to give her what you couldn't.
I used to pray you would kill yourself because I rather would have seen you dead Than had a faggot for a son.
My dad -- I don't know.
He's self-medicated his whole life.
He embraced his illness.
He never wanted to get any better.
You still talk to him? Uh, yeah, I don't know.
He checks in every once in a while, but I got no love for him, you know? I'm done with that.
What? What do you know about this, Mr.
90210, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, you don't know nothing.
What, you play racquetball with your daddy and drink mimosas every Sunday, huh? Bloody Marys.
Excuse me.
And, uh, yeah, we don't really get along either.
Really? - Mm.
- Yo! Yo! It's the cop that was flossing his chonies at mi hermana's crib.
Baby, let's go.
What? Let's go.
I don't want to deal with this shit.
No, it's okay.
Baby, come on.
Hey, you gonna buy us some drinks? Least you can do, banging my sis.
Whoa, man.
Got something to say? You think I'm one of those square cops you can with? Yeah.
All right.
Your sister and I, we got a thing going.
Now, I got no beef with you.
You show me respect, I'll respect you.
We cool? Yeah.
We cool.
Enjoy your night.
I want Christopher to run track, like the two of us.
Not hurdles.
Remember that time you almost broke your neck trying to impress me? I fell on purpose, and it worked.
You came running down those bleachers to check on me.
I'm glad you came.
So, this schedule with Christopher What were you thinking? I bought a new car seat, so I can take him Tuesday, Thursday afternoons, if that works for you.
Yeah, that could work.
You stupid! You cut me off! What? You drive like shit! You call yourself a taxi driver? Lydia, look, it is not worth it.
Let someone else deal with this.
- I will call 911.
- Hey! Hey! Forget about it -- hey! Hey, that's enough! - Police! That's enough! - Bitch! Back up! Police! Back up! Back up! Back up! Hey! Hey! Back up! Are you okay? Are you all right? Yeah.
I think so.
I pissed my pants.
I hope it ruins your floor.
We can talk now.
You going to the bar? You gonna talk to me now about being a drunk? You really want to talk to me about addiction? Training boots when you were stoned out of your mind.
I'm retired, and I heard about it.
Everyone knows about it.
Spent my life helping other people.
You know what I got in return? A shit sandwich, extra side of shit.
When you punch out, you're supposed to feel like you lived a meaningful life.
You did some good.
You had an impact on your guys.
I But then, after a while, people stop calling.
They stop dropping by.
Nobody wants to hear about your old capers.
And then Barb got sick.
In the academy, they, uh It starts there.
They beat it into you that you're always supposed to be in control.
I put up so many damn walls that I I couldn't even hug her and tell her that she was gonna be okay When she was dying.
Ha! Control.
And all I've got is a shadow box -- doesn't mean shit.
And a stool at the bar right next to the assholes I used to arrest.
You had an impact on me.
Don't bullshit me, Johnny.
I was a P2 pup.
So was my partner.
One night, we got a shot-up D.
lying in a courtyard.
Didn't know where the suspect was, there was a blood trail from the victim's apartment.
The neighbors said that they thought that the dead guy's kids were still inside.
I wasscared.
I was so scared.
I could see the fear in the other officers' faces.
And then you rolled up.
And when I saw you I knew I was gonna be okay.
That I could do it.
You were like a God to me.
I was good once, wasn't I? Yeah.
I don't know how I got here.
This is not how it was supposed to be.
No, sir.
And you are not going out like this, old man.
I'm not letting you.
I'm not letting you.