Southland s05e08 Episode Script

The Felix Paradox

officers are trained to safeguard the lives and property of the people they serve.
While most threats are external, the most dangerous come from within.
Laurie? Yeah, you okay? No, no, you didn't wake me up.
I haven't slept all night.
No, no, I'm, uh It was a joke.
What's going on? You okay? Same neighbor? Did you ask him to turn off the generator? Then it's legally within your right to punch that asshole in the face.
Or you could call your local division.
No, baby.
We can't.
Quickie, baby.
Come on.
I can't.
Yeah, yeah.
I told you I got breakfast with an old partner.
I can't believe you.
It's your loss.
Forget you.
Yeah, yeah, it is.
Cook you dinner tonight.
And I'll get my hands on you! Well, it was just the one time.
You can't let that go? Terrell didn't even have the urge to step in.
What kind of man is that? My guess is someone who is a civilian who's not trained to defuse such heated situations or carry a gun.
He probably thought he was protecting you by not letting things escalate.
Not the best way to build trust.
Might be nice to go to dinner and be able to sit with my back to the door.
What's up, Lyd? Reuben? Hey, Kenny.
A couple of crackheads found one of their own.
We got an I.
His name was Scott Hill.
I got some guys canvassing.
Word is he's the son of a cop.
He might be hungry, but, uh, don't give him any graham crackers.
He's going through this phase.
He ate like 50 of them the other day.
Be good.
No graham crackers.
So, uh, you want a water? No, I'm good.
So, I told you, Sammy.
Patience pays off.
How much does Tammi's D.
help us? Oh, it's game-set-match.
She was not only driving under the influence, but she had open bottles of pills in her car -- painkillers, sedatives.
I think some of this stuff was meant for farm animals.
She's going through a lot right now.
I mean, more than normal.
She lied to police about you beating her up.
A good mother wouldn't do that.
Fortunately, your partner supported the truth on that nonsense.
That's all right.
At least you guys own up to it.
Unlike anyone else around here, huh? Excuse me.
Sergeant Hill? Yeah.
I'm Detective Lydia Adams.
Oh, hey.
My partner, Reuben Robinson.
How are you? How's it going, sir? Um, we're from Exposition.
Yeah, come on.
Come on in my office.
I know why you're here.
Excuse me.
Come on in.
Door will shut.
So, you two work for Alicia Fernandez, right? Yes, sir.
Well, you can tell her to call off the hounds 'cause when I lose a bet, I know how to pay up.
Uh, no, no, sir.
I think there's been a bit of a misunderstanding.
We're here, um, about your son Scott.
He was killed.
Oh, God.
Lord, help me.
How? He was shot.
Was it drugs? His mother and I did everything we could.
How do I tell his mother this? May I suggest you take the day off, sir? No.
I, uh I have to keep busy.
It's better.
Um I haven't spoken to my son since we kicked him out of the house.
If anything occurs to me, I'll call you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
We're so sorry.
The idea of gun control is great until you find an intruder in your home.
And then you can try to reason or you can try calling 9-1-1, but you know what they say -- when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.
I like to be prepared.
I'm sure Ben appreciates that.
Okay, daddy, you can stop foaming at the mouth now.
Certainly no one has the right to take away our personal safety or our right to defend ourselves, but I also trust that officers of the law will help keep us safe.
Do you know what they call a man without a gun? A victim.
And it's pretty easy to talk about guns when you live behind walls with security systems, but there are cops out there that are actually being shot at.
So, am I in favor of making it harder for that to happen? What do you think? Excuse me.
That was fantastic! Telling my parents how full of shit they are! You're my hero, Ben Sherman.
I can't tell you how many times I try and tell them what shit's like over there -- what the kids are actually like -- and they just -- they don't listen.
Because you're just like them.
What, you think it's different 'cause you teach in south L.
? I recognize the act.
I used to do it myself.
I am never going back.
So, I'm not.
Take care, Brooke.
"Take -- take care"?! What the are you talking about? Are you breaking up with me? I just don't think we're right together.
I can see that now.
Why? Because I grew up with money, you think I'm entitled or something? Not necessarily.
Nobody treats me like this! Yeah? You will not embarrass me! I will you up before that happens! Are we clear?! We cleaned up in a week.
Ohh! Ohh! Well, I don't know.
Whoa! Whoa! All right, listen up.
Listen up.
Top issue of the day -- city's paying its respects to the fine citizen Felix "The Cat" Javier, major-league roller who was shot and killed at the hands of officers from Exposition Division.
Ash and Jones, baby! Ash and Jones! Thank you, Dudek.
I'm here all week, folks.
And, uh, while most people would assume that the death of a big-time asshole like Felix would be a cause for celebration, we know better.
Since his death, the number of drug-related arrests has actually gone up.
And the little fish areknocking each other off trying to fill the big fish's void.
And our, uh, response to this -- this paradox Is to take the fight to them.
So, uhPatrol Patrol and ATF are gonna be assisting Hollywood narco in serving warrants.
We got eyes on two locations.
When we get the word, we'll hit the targets.
All right, let's go.
- Rock 'n' roll! - Yeah, let's do it! Let's go! Let's do it! Hey, listen up! Drug dealers are like a disease spreading their menace from one person to another.
We will put a stop to this -- to them.
Be safe.
All right, let's go.
All right.
Damn! Hey, girl.
Hey, what's your name? Hey.
Come on.
I'm just playing with you.
Come on, girl.
Why you looking at me like that? 'Cause I'm on a bike? Come on, girl.
Let me holler at you real quick.
Come on.
Ohh! Go, go, go, go! Come on! Go, go, go, go, go! L.
search warrant! Break it.
Search warrant! Get down! Watch out! Watch out! Konichiwa, bitch! Get away from the toilet, mother Don't do it! Don't do it! Get down! Get down! Get down on the ground! Come on! Come on! Come on! Get down on the ground! Get down! Get off me! - Get on the ground! - Ohh! Kick your ass! Ah.
How's Lucero? Took a bullet to the head.
Luckily, he was wearing his helmet.
Every cop in that room was either blessed or lucky.
Hiding in the closet, firing blindly.
What kind of an asshole does that? A dead one.
Hey, Munoz.
When you're done with that piece of shit go to my house and mow my lawn, bitch.
Hey, baby, I was there this morning trimming your wife's bush.
Shut the up.
What the hell are you laughing at? You don't know this guy.
Let me introduce you to the heroes that took out Felix the Cat.
Exposition Division's finest, baby -- Ash and Jones.
What are you hard dicks doing, man? Good to see you, man.
Detective's test is coming up.
You got any advice, I'm all ears.
It's a big step.
I mean, I don't -- I don't know.
It's -- hey, you see this? Geez.
It's just a jackass showing off.
It's not worth it.
Is that the kind of detective you want to be? Light them up.
I wouldn't go buying yourself a holster and cheap suit just yet.
What the did you pull me over for? Hands on the car where I can see them.
Put your hands on the car.
Face that way.
Thank you.
Ain't you supposed to get a female cop to do this? Ma'am, I'm just searching your pockets and waistband.
No, you ain't.
You trying to get your freak on and feel me up.
Probably 'cause you ain't getting none at home.
Don't be touching my titties, either.
I'm not touching you.
Sammy, we got a kid in the back seat.
Yeah, that's my little man.
Face that way.
He's cute, huh, but he don't listen.
Well, he might listen a little bit more Hey, buddy.
You all right? if you weren't driving around doing three-wheel motion with him in his car seat.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Gun! Gun! Not her! Not her! It's all right.
Ohh! Don't tell me you're that stupid.
Don't tell me that you're hiding a gun in your kid's car seat.
Are you that stupid? Where was I supposed to put it?! Robinson.
Uh, okay.
Yeah, no, thank you.
Appreciate that.
That's the second witness to say that the last person they saw Scott Hill with was Mayate.
Hmm, Miguel "Mayate" Santos.
Feehan in narco says that he's a knucklehead paisa wannabe, and judging from this arrest sheet, he was probably selling dope to Scott.
What was his address again? Uh, 1405, unit "B.
" Here we go.
This is Williams 60.
Shots fired at my location.
Requesting backup and an airship.
All available units report to Williams' location.
Shots fired.
Ho, wachale bitch.
I'll make this mother rain.
Pendeja! Police! Drop the weapon! Shit show us in pursuit.
Northbound alley behind Patton Street.
Shit We're looking for Mayate.
We're looking for Mayate.
Put your hands behind your head.
Thank you.
We've got it from here.
We got it.
We got it.
Thank you, sir.
Hands up.
Hands up.
Hands up.
How's the hickey? What happened, Lucero? You shoot yourself? If so, you missed your face.
Didn't you say that one last week, Padula? Oh, yeah? Yeah.
It wasn't funny then, either.
Your mama.
Your mama what? Huh? Your mama's so ugly, she tried to join the ugly contest.
They said, "sorry, no professionals.
" Your mama's so stupid, she think's a quarterback's a refund.
Your mama's so nasty, she's got to put ice in her panties to keep her crabs fresh.
- No, your -- your mama? - your mama.
Hey, okay.
Your mama! All right, all right! Okay! I'm calling this one on the mercy rule before Padula has an aneurysm.
You good? Always.
Yo, let's, um, hit my wife's restaurant up for lunch today, huh? It's been long overdue.
If it'll shut you up about her chicken mole, fine.
Take care of him, Roxi.
Hopefully he's got family around with better judgment than his mom.
Take care, buddy.
You know, you haven't mentioned Nate once today.
Everything cool? Yeah.
Yeah? How'd the meeting with the lawyer go? Actually, I'd rather not talk about it.
That's a first.
Good day for you, then, right? You know.
You might not believe this, but, uh, I get it.
Huh? You got a lot to think about.
So do I.
Um I mean, I gave you your space.
I let you work it out.
I did my part, Sammy.
You know, I lied for both of us.
I think I got a right to know what your move is, you know? I got a right to know if you're gonna screw me.
I told you I'd handle the tape.
It's been handled.
So you destroyed it? It's not a problem anymore.
We just wanted to come by and let you know that we think we have your son's killer in custody.
Has he confessed? Uh, no, no, sir.
But everything points towards him.
There was a time when a cop might be left alone with an asshole like that for 15 good minutes.
I can understand why you may feel that way.
Truth be told, it was my son's life choices that put him in a bad situation.
It's too bad, isn't it? Being a cop doesn't keep you immune from the shit of this world.
We, um found some of Scott's things at the crime scene.
We thought you might want them.
I, uh I used to take him down to San Diego to see the Blue Angels.
I didn't even know he still had this.
He was my little boy! He was my little boy.
He was my little boy! That's what you call a final you to the L.
Felix the Cat was an asshole but he purchased all the right permits, so he gets to enjoy a first-class escort to hell.
You know, there's a rumor that he's laying on stacks of $1,000 bills.
So, most of the people that came here to mourn him are probably here to rob him.
Johnny Crenshaw! Earl Dayton! How you doing, man? This is my partner, Hank Lucero.
Dayton and I go back to the Academy.
I always knew one of us would end up a handsome gang detective, and the other would be John Cooper.
How's the family? Oh, my wife's commander just got a brand-new set of tig old bitties.
Pow! Nice.
Motorboat city, huh? What are you guys here for? Same as you.
Serving warrants.
Funerals are the best.
Biggest asshole convention of the year.
Who are you looking for? Two Rhodes scholars -- Manny and li'l Ze from Two Trey.
You seen them? Nah, we're looking for our own genius.
Former associate of Felix.
Goes by the name of popeye.
Open murder warrant.
If I see him, I'll give you a holler.
Tell your partner to ease up on the gel.
para bailar la bamba para bailar la bamba So, you killed a cop's son.
You know that, right? He wasn't no cop's son.
He was a crackhead.
You think I'd lie about that? Believe me, there's a lot of things I wish I was lying about, like you being the last person that was seen with Scott.
Or that gun you dropped being the same caliber that killed Scott.
Of course, we won't know until ballistics are back, but I'm pretty sure that's the murder weapon.
I got that gun from a cop.
Excuse me? That gun is from a cop.
I got dope from cops, too.
So, what's it gonna be? Lean Cuisine or Marie Callender's? Neither.
Some delicious reheated chicken.
Look at this.
Look at that.
Jesus Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You sure you got this? Make sure she's not packing.
Uh, sir.
We got it.
Thank you.
We got it.
Good contact.
I'll cover.
Hey, sweetie.
What's your name? I'm Officer Sherman.
This is Officer Bryant.
Can you tell us your name? No? Where do you live? Okay, can you show us? Here you go.
All right.
Get the trike.
! What, y'all here to serve and protect? Break a nigger neck? Yo.
You here to serve up some warmed-over Ice Cube lyrics? Nah, I got my own lyrics.
Yeah, what's your name? Seth Moritz.
But they call me "Li'l Nutz," 'cause I'm a little crazy.
Are you sure that's why they call you "Li'l Nutz"? Yeah, that's my stage name.
Yeah? Hold up, what you trying to say, man? Hey, Laurie.
Yo, all right, here's your chance.
No, I got a minute.
Bust some tight lyrics for me.
How's my day going? The usual.
you know, you got to be a little nuts in this world Really? That's why I hit you when I cuss at you, girl Wow, so he hasn't turned the generator off at all.
Li'l Nutz, big dick No, I'll come over after shift.
No, not a problem.
All right.
See you later.
But Li'l Nutz was crackin' So, S.
just hit me back, and the casings match Mayate's gun.
People will say anything when they are guilty.
You taught me that.
Mayate had his opportunity to cooperate.
All this garbage he's spewing now -- it's irrelevant.
Yeah, well, the serial numbers were scratched off the gun, so I had S.
do an acid test.
And the test revealed the gun was booked into evidence two years ago by officers Ash and Jones.
Suspect traveling south on Hobart in an orange trike.
Sherman in foot pursuit.
Okay, just wait right here.
My partner and I are gonna, um Yeah? Wait.
Anybody home? Parents at home? Hello? Sammy.
It's a lot of dope and some serious heat.
Whoever these belong to is a heavy hitter.
Have a seat.
Oh, there she is -- my baby! This is John Cooper.
Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Not only is Adina a good cook, but she's also a great manager, as well, huh? Enjoy.
I forgot to tell you, she's a little shy.
A-36 requesting a supervisor at our location and additional units.
Code 2.
Sammy -- Sammy, I got something.
Don't move.
What's up, Strokeface? What y'all doing here, Sammy? Ain't it past your bedtime? You know, I had heard that you were out of prison.
Is this where you're staying? Please tell me it is.
I don't know who place this is.
No? My daughter up in there? Yeah, she's in there.
She's eating lunch.
She's at the kitchen table, like she lives there.
Why do they call you Strokeface, anyway, huh? 'Cause his face is so ugly it looks like he's having a stroke.
Yo, check it.
This NBK all day nigger you and your girlfriend -- y'all can leave now.
The guns and dope inside of that house belong to Los Angeles police department.
So, I imagine whoever's place it is Right there.
Right there.
they're gonna be in deep shit with the people that they do business with.
Shit everybody know L.
the biggest gang in the city.
That ain't no secret, homes.
We should be watching you like you be watching us.
Everybody knows you lied on Dewain and the East Side G's.
You and your partner -- y'all ain't no good cops nigger - What the are you talking about? - Shut the up.
Y'all some crooked-ass cops.
I said it.
Oh, yeah? What the you know about it? Y'all trying to get consent into somebody's house from a 4-year-old? Somebody's house?! From a 4-year-old?! Oh, it's your house?! So now it's your house! I ain't saying nothing like that! Is it your house?! Up against the car, Strokeface! Come on, man, back! Up against the car! Yo, yo, yo! You heard me! Up against the car! Not another step.
- Not another step.
- Shut the up! Y'all some lying-ass cops, man! You better pray I don't find anything on you! Come on, y'all come from Orange county! You shut the up! - All right.
All right.
- you, bitch! - You call me crooked?! - you! You gonna see how it feels, homey, when somebody violates your spot, come over to your house uninvited.
What did you say to me?! What did you say to me? Are you threatening me, mother are you threatening me? I'll have you in Pelican Bay so fast you'll be sucking by midnight.
Mother crooked cop! Yeah.
What now? Cuffed up? You hooked up, mother - So, can I get a kiss? - No.
Come on.
Oh, that's right.
That's right.
No making out on the job.
All right, I get it.
We're always messing that up, right? I just -- you know, I just wanted to see you.
So, you've seen me, Henry.
You know what? You look good.
You look good.
You doing that yoga? Then again, you, uh, always took good care of yourself.
Huh? How are the kids? Oh.
Now you want to ask about the kids? I'm not doing this.
It's been a year and a half! Has it been that long? I Felicia started cheerleading in her school, and I try to make it to her games when I'm not working.
Rudy's birthday was last month.
They keep asking about you, and I never really know what to say.
- Look -- You brought your partner here, so I'm not gonna curse you out in public, but that doesn't change anything.
I transferred from Harbor to be closer to you guys.
So where have you been?! We're doing fine without you, Henry.
So juststay away.
No, don't Well? Food was good.
Well, I guess that's a compliment.
My wife was really happy to meet you.
Yeah, is that so? Yeah, now you got to meet my kids.
My son -- he collects replica police badges.
He wants mine.
I told him, "nobody touches the badge but me.
I tell you what.
" My family -- they're the only thing that keeps me going, you know? That's why on mornings like this, when some asshole tries to shoot me in the head, I know I got people to go home to.
Home-cooked meal to eat.
Must be nice.
That it is.
So, we good? Call me if you've got any questions.
How about next time, you feed your kid instead of acting tough in front of your homies, huh? You just violated parole, Strokeface.
Have a nice day.
He likes you.
You can just tell.
You all right? Hey.
You okay? Calm down.
Huh? We keep making busts like this, they're gonna start calling us Crockett and Tubbs.
We should hit up Morley's, huh? Beers are on me.
We don't deserve pats on the back.
He's partly right.
This shit is gonna get tossed because of an illegal search.
Are -- are you kidding me? You got a problem with this, too?! We should be celebrating getting guns and drugs off the street, not giving a shit how we get it done! We don't fight fair.
We fight to win.
What the hell are we winning? you.
So, the dope was recovered a year ago by narco, and Ash was on the team.
He was subpoenaed to court.
Check out the dope after the case went to trial.
It says he checked it back into evidence.
Same weight.
Tested positive.
Thank you for proving my point.
Now check out the chemist report when the dope was booked.
Look at the degree of purity.
Now check out the report today.
The purity dropped.
Because he cut it.
But he left just enough for a positive test so when he checked it back in, everybody overlooked it.
Lucky us.
Why isn't this bothering you? These guys are getting all this credit for busting a major drug dealer when all they wanted to do was take his place.
Now you get to be cop of the year.
What is your problem? I'm just wondering if you ever thought for two seconds about the consequences.
Us exposing cops makes both of us look bad.
We look like the kind of guys who would rather do a perp walk with cops than with the assholes.
You want to be those guys? Let I.
go after these asshole cops.
We do not have to be the ones that do it.
First of all, I don't care what other cops think about me.
My point exactly.
It's my point exactly, Lydia.
Damn! I got a wife and kids to go home to.
And these cops are responsible for another cop losing his kid! All right, you know what? You don't want to go through with this, that's fine 'cause I'm capable of doing this on my own.
Maybe I should get a partner who wants to go the distance.
I ain't surprised to hear that.
I passed the expiration date with you, anyway, huh? You know, you're gonna say that this is about Hill's kid or the job.
But it's not.
It is about youusing the job to buy time to get away from your own life.
It's real easy to be a good cop when you feel like you ain't got shit to go home to.
We've been here already.
We've been to Popeye's mama's house, his baby-mama's house, his side-squeeze's house, his favorite strip club.
This guy is incog-negro.
But it won't hurt to double back, right? Bingo.
Son of a bitch.
Hands in the air.
Down on your knees.
You know the drill.
I thought y'all left after the funeral.
You and Felix go way back.
I figured there's no way you're not gonna come back and say goodbye.
Me and him -- we came up from three generations of hustlers.
Father and grandfather.
Your mom must be very proud.
She is.
Congratulations on being a murderer, dipshit I know I had choices.
I could have gone to college.
I could have played ball.
I used to be able to throw a spiral 60 yards.
I could have earned that money, got married, had kids.
Yeah, so why didn't you? Eventually, I'd have that shit up.
I'd have lost the money, I'd have lost the family, did some dirt, wind up in jail.
So what's the point? I'm just tired, man.
I'm tired of all of it.
Turned the case in to I.
Don't think I forgot all that stuff you said earlier.
All right, damn.
You know, you really have a bad habit of pushing people away.
For the record I ain't going nowhere.
Hey! What happened?! What happened?! Talk to me! Talk to me! Where's Nate?! Ohh! Nate! Baby, help me.
I got no idea what I'm doing here.
Oh, gosh.
What about my nice dinner? This is me cooking you dinner, you know? Mm.
He give me a second, okay? What? Where are you going? Keep working.
I'm hungry.
Baby? Moco, what the hell are you doing, man? What are you doing here? I didn't know what to do, man! - Keep your voice down! - that shit! I got what you asked for! Here's the tape.
You said nobody was gonna be in there.
Man! What the happened? Oh, my God.
What are you? I just thought I'd stop by.
I wasn't sure if you'd be here, but Same diner, same evening coffee, same Russell Clarke.
Just had the urge to see you.
It's good to see you.
How are you? I'm good.
I'm good.
How you doing, Russell? Oh, you know? Hey, you.
Come on in.
You, uh, you want a glass of wine or something? Sure.
Yeah? Okay.
You can sit down if you like, or How'd it go? Fine.
I went next door, told him I was a cop.
Told him a generator running24-7 could only mean a few things.
My guess -- marijuana farm.
What did he say? Not much.
I politely asked him to cease his activities immediately or he was gonna find me on his doorstep again, this time in uniform, and not asking so nicely.
You are amazing.
Thank you.
It's not the only reason I stopped by.
I have been thinking a lot lately.
A while back, you wanted a baby.
I've given it some thought.
I think we're compatible Not romantically, of course, but in many other ways.
I want to make it work.
I'll cut back on my hours.
We can coordinate our schedules.
The thought of it makes me happy.
And that lets me know I'm ready.
Sammy?! Sammy?! Sammy.
Is he okay? Is Nate okay? Holy shit Sammy.
I found him in the closet.
He's crying.
They could have killed him.
I'm gonna put him down.
Shit NBK.
What?! NBK.
It's Strokeface's crew.
We're just lucky Nate's okay.
No, they're lucky! They're lucky! Babysitter -- they roughed her up.
She's on her way to the hospital.
Stitches to the head.
Shit security detail's on its way.
Sammy, Sammy, if you need anything.
If you need a place to stay, I got you.
I got you.
These assholes violated my house! My house! They stole my shit they stole -- they even took his piggy bank.
My house! I'm not going anywhere.