Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993) s06e08 Episode Script

King Dead

King dead, and if you don't open
the door and let me in, you're fired.
Well, we're not opening the door. How do you like that?
Then you are completely fired.
Good. We didn't want to work here, anyway.
Good, because now you don't.
Good, because we're leaving.
Good, because that's good.
Hey. Hey.
Brak Come here, buddy. Come here.
Open the door.
I have beans.
Somebody say beans?
Who likes beans?
Press the blue button.
No, not the yellow one.
That one is lemony. Lemon is better than Berry. Aah!
What you want to do?
Let's start a band.
Yeah. We'll call it freedom.
I like that.
That sucks.
What? "Freedom" rhymes with "we from ,
" like, "we from the land of rock."
What? That's good.
Shut up.
Tansut. Hey.
Did somebody just yell, "tansut"?
Yeah. Open the door.
Press the blue button.
Oh, the pretty-- that's right. That's right, the pretty one.
No. No. No.
Oh! I'm flying!
Moltar, come on. Rip it up.
Uh, dude, I said to rock, not to suck.
I'm in the rungs of a metal ladder
Why don't you just inviso in there?
No. This is what we'll do.
I will take on the form of steam
and enter through the mail slot.
Form of steam.
Form of steam.
Form of steam. Form of steam.
Form of steam. Form of steam.
You've wasted all the steam.
I'm in the rungs of a metal ladder
You see that? You sucked all the lights out.
No. I blew the fuse's mind.
God. God, you're dumb.
Wait. Where'd I go?
Let's just make some prank calls.
Oh, I'm back.
Quit looking at me.
And greetings to you, sir.
I'm Space Ghost, and welcome to the big show. Tonight--
and I'm tansut. I'll be your director tonight.
Yeah. Good. Well, I was just-- is it bad if a chicken bites you?
Did a chicken bite you?
Well, no, but he's gonna.
Then go away from the chicken.
Hello, my peeps. Hey, now.
Oh, just shut up and play me to the desk.
I know.
Ain't gonna mess with the chicken.
Tansut, is the guest ready?
I don't know. I'm not in the control room, unless this is the
control room. Is it?
Brak, play me to the desk.
Where'd he go?
I don't know where's that Space Ghost?
Where'd he go? To the desk
Thank you, and-- where'd he go?
To the desk
Thank-- to the desk and now the monitor is actually lowering.
Oh, I'll fix it.
You could interview a dinosaur Forget it.
Because I saw them once in a movie where people don't see them.
Yep. We'll do thatNever.
They don't live here.
Jon, you ever notice the word "home" appears in a lot of
songs, people always going home or coming home?
I guess you're right.
They never write songs about buying a home, do they? That
seems weird to me. Whoa! Ohh Uh, Space Ghost
Hang on a second, jon.
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Should-- ha!
Ha ha ha! Ha!
Jon Yeah?
Have you seen that show, jon?
The "Dr. katz" show? That's the show you're talking about?
No, not that show, jon.
The show I'm talking about has skeletal dogs.
Well, tell me about it.
Well, it's got dog skeletons with the bones that dogs do
have. You know. I mean, the ones they own that are in their body
under the fur.
Is it that great?
Well, it hasn't aired yet, jon, but I'm sure that it will.
You obviously haven't seen it.
That's what I-- that's what I meant to say when
I said I had seen it, is that I want to see it. That's what I
should have said.
I am not taking calls right now. That's all there is to it.
But it's my phone, jon, and it's ringing.
Let it ring.
But what if somebody is calling?
Take a message.
All right. What's your message?
Please help me. I am being attacked.
And you're a woman.
And I'm a woman.
Hang up. He'll be here any minute.
She'd be dead by the time I got there.
Oh, God. Greetings.
Come to your house.
You know, from now on, could you call me before the attack?
Because otherwise, you're just wasting my time.
Oh, no. See, I'm the cable guy Cable?
And I'm a woman.
Can you tell her to call back?
I'll try, but cable is important.
There's some good stuff on right now, and you ought to be
here watching it.
Is he gonna come back, or is that definitely not-- who?
The guy that was right there.
He's gone?
Who likes beans?
I like beans.
I love beans whoo ooh ooh
Now what?
He's coming here. So we should probably go there.
That works, right?
Ah, and crank call him here from over there.
Yes, and as he picks up the phone, we'll jump out and kill
him with zombies. Ha ha ha!
What's wrong with that?
I'm gonna strip I'm gonna take off my clothes I'm gonna strip
I'm gonna take off my--
Knock it off.
This ain't no cartoon planet.
You could've just turned it off.
Brak, put your clothes back on.
There's nothing wrong with a beautiful body. I say, if you
have it, it's there for a reason. Show it around.
Ho ho! We are so taking that tv.
These shows sure are something. I'm glad I'm watching them.
Space Ghost residence, Space Ghost speaking.
Come back here to the studio.
Can you hold on a second?
Uh, sure.
No. I'm here. I'm here.
Look. You want your cable cut off?
No! Precious cable.
I will give every hair on my body for it.
Then get back to the studio.
Tansut, where's my tv?
I'm stripping.
Yeah. I know. Where's my tv?
"The case of the missing tv."
Buh na na dah what's wrong with you?
Look at these muscles.
Wow, they're really bouncing.
What do you mean by that?
Well, you're middle age, and sometimes things settle.
How dare you say that to me?
Should I unleash the zombies?
Look, man. That's just very unrealistic.
Viewers of the world, one of you took
my television, and I want it back.
Tansut, tell me you-- did you get that?
My navel can hold a quart of bean dip.
Somebody say beans?
Who likes beans?
So, ghost, we meet again.
Zorak, someone stole my tv, and it wasn't me because it's
mine. You get me?
See that? We have your guest And my tv.
And we have many demands that are very unreasonable.
And disorganized. We had to sort them out and prioritize
because some of the demands maybe aren't as strong as others
and still others aren't as outrageous, so they go in a
separate box from the-- just give us two weeks.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're welcome. No. You're welcome. No. You're welcome.
Keep going.
Ok, aunt grabby. Here it comes.
They came from different worlds. Then they kidnapped jon
Benjamin and took him to someone's apartment,
and that's when they made
"unreasonable demands."
I want a pet I can love, but I don't want to take care of it.
Ok. We're rolling?
Only one thing can stop them, and that thing doesn't exist yet.
Well, I just-- you get nothing.
Will you let me go on?
I mean, why interrupt?
Because we're rude.
Can I have my sucker back?
"Unreasonable demands."
We get it, or he gets it, or you get it. You get it?
Get it this Christmas.
"Unreasonable commands."
This film is not yet rated.
I'm going to the movies.
Me, too.
Wait a minute.
Computer, zoom in.
Enhancing complete.
That's the bridge I painted.
It's like they filmed this tape recording in an exact replica of
my apartment. Wait a minute.
They must be in my apartment, but wait a minute.
How am I gonna get in there?
Wait a minute.
I have the keys. Perfect.
Maybe what we ought to do is, we die,
and then we come back as zombies.
Just give the whole zombie thing a rest, all right?
But zombies don't rest, see?
That's the beauty. They feast on living brains.
Attention. I have the keys.
It is my apartment.
Oh, no. The keys.
If you're watching my cable, please describe what's on.
What about our unreasonable demands?
You didn't list any. Looks like your
movie is going directly to video
Video prison.
Oh, yeah? Well, we're sending Benjamin out in pieces.
That'll be fine. Just don't touch my tv, ok, or your King dead.
So, uh, what are y'all watching?
Hang on. It's on, but we're not watching it.
You're wasting it!
I'm coming in.
Hmm, these aren't my lamps.
These have feet. This must not be my apartments.
Hee hee!
I'd better go get a new apartment.
I'm not gonna let them get me. I'm not.
I'm not gonna let them get me.
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