Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993) s07e06 Episode Script


It's showtime.
Kentucky nightmare.
He's not even gonna put it on.
Yes, he is.
Oh, here we go.
Welcome to the show.
Tonight my guest is Corey Feldman.
You want to go ahead, Rachel?
No, you go first.
Are we on? Ok.
My name is Harriet lazzo.
I'm the mother of Michael lazzo.
My name is Sharon Willis.
I'm Dave Willis' mom.
I'm Rachel maiellaro.
My son is Matt maiellaro.
The merger between this talk show and that shark.
I know I told you this.
Where is the shark?
It's on the floor, I think.
Look, that is an old Kentucky shark.
I thought he was dead at first.
He wasn't moving.
Are we clear now?
See, this is zorak.
That's zorak.
So we have zorak and . Moltar.
We've never done it that way.
And if you think you're going to get sympathy from the shark,
well, then you won't.
Let's welcome Corey feldman.
The shark looks dead. Ha ha.
Willie Nelson.
I love Willie Nelson when he sings.
I do, too.
He looks better in this.
I can't see his long hair.
I know.
He looks better.
His hair is the best part of him.
Willie Nelson, old Kentucky shark.
My pleasure.
See, old Kentucky shark is the brand-new mascot of the failing
liquor chain that bought us.
Oh, so now there's a liquor store involved?
Look, in the heat of conversation,
zorak, I may have said certain things
I don't believe to be true.
What are we supposed to be doing, commenting on this now?
I don't know.
I don't think they can hear us.
We can't hear them.
The alleged line that you might have heard me saying
allegedly moments ago-- that's a parasite that lives in my neck.
Do you all feel that this is a little deep for us?
Well, I tell you, I've enjoyed this
one more than I have any of them.
She finally watched the right thing.
You probably watched the whole thing.
This drawer would explode in your hands.
That's neat.
Where do you get your clothes?
I don't know if you'd know them.
Kurt Russell and Goldie hawn.
I saw that part.
It was really interesting.
They've been pressed in Malaysia
by Kurt Russell and Goldie hawn.
She would be good, I think.
She had not seen it either, I don't think,
but she was playing along,
a good person.
Now, what does the bear have to do with it?
Although I really like the bear.
He's walking around.
He's probably going South to mate with birds.
But I still don't know what the shark means.
They'll bite your head if you're wearing steak on it.
Ha ha ha! Yeah. Oh, yeah.
That's aThose are neat.
See, he wouldn't talk much.
Now, do you remember seeing him?
Are we supposed to be commenting on this now or not?
They just said, "watch it."
We could talk any way we want.
Brought to you by old Kentucky shark of Kentucky nightmare
talk show liquor corporation.
You might remember him.
He's the fish you met earlier.
He's my friend, too.
I like him.
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Am I supposed to ask you this question or
So Dave interviewed him,
and they're just sort of
He asked him certain questions, and then--
they fill it in.
They come in and ask a different question from Space Ghost.
A shark on whiskey is mighty risky.
That's why his answers are funny.
Listen to the shark snore.
Listen to him snore.
Willie doesn't know what to think of this.
Uh Give up?
Willie's serious.
Dr. worm.
Who's Dr. worm?
Nobody. So shut up.
You're a good-looking cowboy there.
You got on them-- yes, I am.
You're a space cowboy, is what you are.
Ha ha ha!
1, 2, 3, 4.
Some people call me the space cowboy ha ha! He is crazy.
A lot of people have heard of Space Ghost.
I mean, a lot more than you would think.
I think so.
You know, so, it's We're blessed in that way, too.
We really are.
I think it's got some potential there.
That's good.
The music?
Zorak--damn shark!
Zorak, you must be secreting something
that's attracting this bear.
I haven't done anything.
Ha ha. Except for this.
Merry Christmas!
Zorak, take your glands outside!
Phew. God, crack open a window.
Wow. Space Ghost, man.
Crack a window, will you?
Who is that?
Crack a window, Willie, huh?
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
He doesn't know what he's laughing at.
I know. He doesn't.
I don't know the significance of the bear.
Here. Let me show you.
I don't either.
It must be the other Ah, yes, my documentary.
Talk about him going South.
Bears and sharks always travel together.
So, are we supposed to find the deeper
meaning in the shark and the bear?
Bears and sharks are all They mentioned something
about the bear and the shark having teeth, you know.
Yeah, and eating.
They told me it was stupid and grossly inaccurate.
You been smoking?
I can smell it in your hair.
Crack a window, will you?
What hair?
Hey, look at this!
That's going to carry all the way to the village.
There ain't no village.
Moltar, zorak's secretion will certainly wipe out
the villagers' sandwich shop.
There ain't no village.
Ha ha ha ha!
The village!
There ain't no village.
I just wish that Space Ghost weren't so deep.
Then I could enjoy it even more.
You could understand it a little bit more?
Well, I tell you truthfully,
this is the first time I've actually really
enjoyed Space Ghost, and it's only because we're here
watching it together, I think.
Yeah, I guess so.
I think it's like going to any movie.
If you go by yourself sometimes, you don't enjoy it as much
as when you're with someone.
We have a mutual Interest.
Interest in it.
I have some A good many younger friends that I ride with
and that I'm into horses with,
and all of them already watched it
before I ever said anything about it, you know.
I don't want to brag and do that, but I'll find
some way to mention Space Ghost or cartoon network, you know,
like a t-shirt with it on there or something.
Do you have a t-shirt with Space Ghost?
No. I wish I did.
I had a mug.
David said I couldn't have one.
We do, and my husband wears it a lot.
Oh, does he really?
Roger has a Space Ghost watch that all the little
All the little copilots he hangs around with
You get away from me!
I still wonder who the bear is.
I'm just going to do the show from over here.
Good luck.
Oh, no! Uh!
Does this remind you of David letterman?
UhJohnny Carson maybe.
I'm so drunk, I'm liable to do anything.
Conan or somebody.
Before I put you in the worst headlock of your life.
I don't know who he is.
Moltar, we need more shots of the shark.
See, it really makes no sense.
I don't think it does.
I mean, the way they go from one subject to the other.
It just jumps around.
But you know, we're used to watching--I mean, I'm sure
you all grew up going to the movies
and seeing, you know, daffy duck
and you know, the coyote and the roadrunner and all that.
And if we were of a mind to watch cartoons now,
this would be the next step.
You know, after that, it wouldn't be so elementary.
It would be more of an adult-- I still think this is
because he's a year old.
You know, they say this is an adult cartoon, and I think it's
an adult cartoon because it comes on so late.
Well, that is true. 11:30.
I know I had this little boy in one of the schools I was in,
and I don't know how I got on that
conversation about my son, but anyway,
he said, "oh, I just love Space Ghost."
You know, so he was, like, maybe fourth grade.
Sometimes to attract mates, a shark will explode.
And sometimes they explode just to attract giant killer bees.
I think it just goes from one silly
nonsense to the other nonsense,
and none of it really makes any sense.
That's exactly right.
That's what they told us-- it was not going to
make any sense, like those bees.
I'm glad to be able to watch it in a confined environment,
because I'm kind of thinking it's funny.
Ha ha! After all these years.
You think your sons have a little
moodiness about them sometimes?
Have a little what?
Definitely David is Different sense of humors?
I think they have I thought you meant, "are your sons moody?"
And I said definitely, definitely David's moody.
Well, I think that sort of goes along with that
creative nature, don't you?
Not in a bad way.
I don't mean that at all.
I think they're a little above
grade as far as intelligence goes,
because you have to be to, um Stop. Stop.
Stop that.
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