Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993) s07e07 Episode Script

Mommentary: Creator's Commentary

Introduce ourselves?
Yeah. I'm Matt.
I'm Mike.
That's Dave over there.
We're recording this with very sensitive microphones.
They're called Oktava, which is the type of microphone we use
in many of these sessions.
I can't hear a thing.
You can't hear anything?
Am I supposed to be hearing myself at all?
Can you hear the show?
Just the show.
I can hear you guys.
I can hear the show, but I can barely hear y'all.
I can't hear you guys at all.
Roy, we can't hear ourselves.
I think it's ok if you take one can off.
Ok. So what was the idea for this show?
Well, it takes place in space, and Space Ghost
is aAs you can see here, is conducting an interview.
That's his microphone.
Ha ha ha!
And then there's our mothers.
So that's something.
We hear our moms talk throughout the show.
That was zorak.
Who's that?
A space cop.
So that was my mom confused.
As were all our moms.
Here comes a good joke right here. Hold on.
You can tell that they could relate
to Willie Nelson but very little else.
They just like to laugh, don't they?
Yeah. They think it's silly,
when really it's very, very serious.
There's David.
Up the chain.
We snuck that in, and Mike didn't
know about it, and he just gave us
that quizzical look when he heard it. Ha ha.
That look where he bares his front teeth and his eyebrows arch
and heAnd it means "what?
"Where did that come from?
Why is it in there?"
I don't bare my teeth.
That is That's an unattractive image.
"Up the chain"
is from "soldier,"
which is a very great, great movie that we all love.
A veiled Kurt Russell reference.
Let's just rephrase that to "Matt and Dave love."
Mike's the one who let us borrow his DVD of "soldier."
Ha ha.
And when he gave it to us, he was dressed as soldier.
So Dave interviewed him, and they're just He asked him
certain questions, and then-- then they fill it in.
Yes. Mom knows how this is done.
A shark on whisky is mighty risky.
That's why his answers are funny.
Listen to the shark snore.
Listen to him snore.
He's snoring, mom, because we put snoring there.
Why did you put the snoring in there, Dave?
Well, the shark has been out of water for some time now,
and that was our sort of audio device
to indicate to the viewer that
Willie's hat is on backwards because
we shot the interview backwards.
How did you do his hat backwards and he's not talking backwards?
We had it stenciled backwards prior to the interview.
This is Matt on piano.
That is my piano.
We made it appear as if zorak is playing it.
But really I was playing it.
I stole "toonami's" recorder and took it home.
Did you really?
Yeah. I still have it.
It's in my basement.
I'm sure they're pissed.
They didn't know.
They were playing video games.
We got it out the door and had it for about two weeks.
One of the "toonami" producers told me they were pissed off
because they were watching a promo the other day,
and meatwad's voice came through because somebody plugged in
a wrong patch cord.
Oh, really? Their promos?
It ruined the "toonami" mood.
Tonight on "toonami"
Oh That's bobcat.
That's bobcat, mom.
That's the pager.
Sometimes in script meetings, Mike will pull this pager out.
That's how lines like "up the chain" get in the show.
I've put my cans on, so I can't hear y'all.
Cans is a term for headphones,
for you at home, that industry professionals
and insiders use when they want to
sound like they know about audio.
They told me it was stupid and grossly inaccurate.
You been smoking?
I can smell it in your hair.
Crack a window, will you?
What hair?
Hey, look at this!
That's gonna carry all the way to the village.
There ain't no village.
Moltar, zorak's secretion will certainly wipe out
the village's sandwich shop.
There ain't no village.
Ha ha ha ha!
The village!
There ain't no village.
I just wish that Space Ghost weren't so deep and I could
enjoy it even more.
You could understand it a little bit more?
We do, too.
My parents like this, but they like the Brak show better.
Why do you think that is?
I don't know.
When they were in town and my mom and I went shopping,
my dad said, "you have any Brak shows I could watch?"
So I put them on, and when I got back,
he said, "that was a good Brak show."
My parents like this.
They like "diagnosis murder"
better actually.
"The gilmore girls."
My mom just watches the home and garden network.
If I didn't work for this show, I don't feel that my parents
would probably watch it as much as they do.
See, mom just said that I wouldn't let
her have a Space Ghost shirt there,
which is totalBull.
I've actually inundated her with shirts that she never wears.
I'm just gonna do the show from over here.
My dad wears a Space Ghost shirt, still wears them.
My dad wears it to change the oil in his car.
Did we ever even make a Space Ghost shirt we'd wear?
A long time ago.
Well, you made that ghost planet shirt.
That was cool.
Ok. What's the pounding?
The pressing of cd's, of this DVD actually.
The "Kentucky nightmare" DVD?
When's that coming out?
I think it comes out in June, with a third commentary track.
You know, our moms are still talking, aren't they?
Yeah, but it's just like when I was little and they would talk
and I wouldn't listen to them.
It is a lot like that, isn't it?
I would just nod and say, "yes,
yes" and then go do whatever I wanted.
Now look at that.
Look at how his neck is cut here--scalloped.
Now look at zorak's beak.
There's something similar.
There's a reason behind that.
Well, I don't think I ever noticed that.
I know I had this little boy in one of the schools I was in--
and I don't know how I got on that
conversation about my son, but anyway,
he just loves "Space Ghost."
Why do sharks explode?
Because of this.
See, their brains and their sex organs are actually bombs.
A shark will explode.
Here's your favorite shot.
I love that.
This was all shot near emery.
It was emery property.
That's right.
They didn't know we were there.
Not anymore.
None of it really makes any sense.
That's exactly right.
That's what they told us-- it was not gonna make any sense.
Like those bees.
"Those bees."
It's like "this ant."
"Those bees." "That shark."
Here comes the shark.
Matt, don't tip it.
Don't tip it.
Watch this.
Oh, dang.
I thought you meant, "are your sons moody?"
And I said definitely Dave is moody.
Mom, shut up.
That was good.
I mean, thanks Really.
For having me.
I look just like Harriet lazzo.
You do right now, in fact.
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