Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Joy of Family

[birds chirping]
[tuning fork resonating]
[in Japanese] I don't usually greet
the space at my house.
But I thought that having
a lot of people here for the first time
might scare my house.
[tuning fork resonates]
In the Japanese way of thinking,
we believe that every object has a soul,
or energy, that flows through it.
I adopt this philosophy into my work,
which has been about sparking joy
in your life by tidying your home.
[girl] Mama, can I get snack?
Before I had kids, I was solely focused
on decluttering within the home.
[girl] I wanted to have pasta.
[man laughing]
Now I want to help people to find joy
not just by tidying their homes…
-[Marie in Japanese] Ready?
-[girl] Yes.
…and every area of their lives.
[speaking Japanese]
Ooh, ooh ♪
[narrator] Millions of people
have tidied up their homes
and changed their lives
using Marie Kondo's method.
It's simple.
You hold on to possessions
that spark joy
and let go of the rest.
But this idea can go much further.
Discovering what sparks joy
can transform every part of your life.
It can bring a new light to your work,
your relationships, your community.
It's a chain reaction
and it starts with a spark.
[calm music playing]
[in Japanese] I'm starting a new project
with something very different for me.
-Logan, bring me that hose this way.
-Got you.
Down the middle here.
[Marie] Logan's Garden.
A father-and-son run business.
Logan, I need a plug tray.
There we go. That'll work.
You want these back here somewhere?
You can just sit 'em on the table.
I'm Jimmy. I've been gardening
since I was four, by the way.
-[man laughing]
-But, uh… [laughs]
-But as a business about--
-That was long ago.
About, uh, about 21 years.
[laughing] I was kidding.
I'm Logan Williams.
I'm Jimmy's son, and geez, I'm 35,
so I've been doing it
since I was about 16 or so.
[upbeat music playing]
[women in Japanese]
Hello! Long time, no see.
-It's nice to see you again.
-It's nice to see you again.
Looks like this is the place.
This entrance has an excellent atmosphere.
Logan. This can come out.
The… the spinach.
We grow and sell organic edible plants.
Everything from broccolis, cauliflowers,
as well as many, many
different edible herbs.
I like this business
because it is spiritual,
and most people don't realize
what it means to grow something edible.
You take edible plants away,
there'd be no people or animals.
What is any more spiritual than that?
-[in Japanese] So pretty. Isn't it?
-Yes. So pretty.
A lot of vegetables.
[Marie] Jimmy and Logan's nursery
is like many people's workplaces,
whether it's an office,
a shop, or from home.
We get busy every day,
and things get messy before we know it.
[in singsong] These brussels.
[Logan] Since we started,
we were super focused on the plants.
We're good at that part,
but in terms of the organization?
-Put that marigold in a bag.
-I don't even know where it went.
That, we weren't so great at.
-I'm normally fussy about the nursery…
-[Logan laughing]
…and where everything is placed.
It's more organized than it looks.
-[woman] Jimmy, where are the hooks?
-Did you check there?
Jimmy has this mental map
of where everything is in the nursery.
Translating that isn't super clear.
[Marie] Uh…
-[Iida] Oh my goodness.
-[Marie] Wow.
-Scale of one to ten?
-Um, I'd say eight.
Eight? No. It's a, like, six. [laughs]
You know, it is--
It works for us right now.
-Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Marie.
-Hello. How are you?
Nice to meet you. Welcome.
-This is my dad. [chuckles]
-Welcome to our nursery.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] This is such a unique
and sweet place.
-This is amazing.
-Thank you so much.
[Iida] Yeah, I'd love to see some
if you could guide us.
[Jimmy] This area here,
we have a worm tea.
-[Marie yelps]
-[Iida] Oh my gosh!
[Marie groans]
[Jimmy] Yes.
It's the best fertilizer in the world.
Then we have edible flowers here.
Take one and eat it.
-[Iida] Wow. It is good.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
So, just between you and me,
um, I like to dabble
in a little bit of, uh, gardening as well,
but unfortunately,
some of my plants just wither.
Well, you can fix it.
-[Marie chuckles]
-I would love to learn.
-I see, this is your work space.
-Yes. That's Luna and Xian over there.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
[Jimmy] And this is where
we keep all the seed. They're all labeled.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-Can I take a look underneath?
-[Logan] Sure.
-[Marie exerting]
[Iida] I see.
-[Logan] Kinda random.
-It's a lot of paperwork and things.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
-It's toilet paper. Right?
-Yeah. You never know, guys.
[all laughing]
Really, I would like my dad to be aware
that it's important to get more organized
so that it will free up some more time
to take on, hopefully, more clients,
grow more varieties of plants,
just propel us to the next level.
-[speaking Japanese]
-[Iida] It's quite a lot of items.
So, it's-- it's gonna
take some work. [chuckles]
They need to be in better containers,
but anyway… [chuckles]
Anything that's not related to planting
or a plant, I'm not gonna like it.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] Uh, I can only
make out spider webs so far.
Yeah. I was gonna say
there might be some in there. [laughs]
[Xian] Yeah.
[Jimmy] I see a lot of potential in Logan.
But you can't just let somebody
take the business over
unless you think they're capable.
There's so much more to learn for him.
-Oh, there's peanuts in there.
-[Marie] Peanuts?
[Iida] Just somebody's snacks
from way back when?
That's my dad dealing with me,
is I'm always learning.
Going out to eat, he's like,
"Logan needs to learn to use chopsticks."
But the peanuts are good.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-Oh no! There's a bug in there.
[Logan] There's a bug
that started a family in there?
[Logan] I've learned that I have to be
the Scottie Pippen to his Michael Jordan.
He'll give his view, and I listen.
Well, I know if… if he doesn't like it,
he's just gonna change it back. [laughs]
I just wanna see my dad have to
listen to somebody else for once.
But anyway,
that's basically how we keep all our seed.
I started doing this
because my grandmother
would have an old cooler
that she stored her seeds in.
She was from an area
in Charleston, South Carolina.
She's one of the Gullah people,
who originally came from West Africa.
They were great gardeners.
All of us, we had to garden
whether we wanted to or not.
I liked it since I was four years old.
[in Japanese] It made me happy
that Jimmy's grandmother inspired him.
My grandmother was the one
who taught me the importance of tidying.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
By just taking a look here,
I have a very firm belief
that this place will spark a lot of joy.
And it's all because this is a place
that's loved by not only Jimmy, Logan,
but Luna and everyone who works here.
-It's all yours.
-[Iida] Oh, no, no, no, no no.
I'm not the one
that's going to be tidying.
It's both of you, everyone here
that's going to be tidying. [laughs]
[chuckles nervously] Okay.
But before I do that, there's something
that I always do before my tidying process
and that is to greet the place
that I'm in.
-Absolutely. Mm-hmm.
-Let's go for it.
[Marie in Japanese] Greeting the space
before we tidy is very important.
It honors the space
and allows us to imagine
how it will be when we are finished.
[Iida] I think this will be a great spot.
Jimmy, will you stand over here?
So, it's just my little way
of introducing myself to the space
and to, uh, express my wish and hope
that the space will turn into a place
that really sparks joy for all of us.
Okay? Let's begin.
-[inhales deeply]
-[ambient music playing]
[birds chirping in distance]
-Okay. Good.
-[Jimmy] Thank you.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-Let's begin tidying.
[Logan] Okay. Let's do it.
[Marie in Japanese] I can already see
that this tidying project
will be very different
from tidying a home.
But the principles will be the same.
[Jimmy laughs]
I have no idea what's in here, Logan.
-Me either.
-[Jimmy laughs]
[Marie in Japanese] We need to start
by taking everything accumulated,
so Jimmy and Logan can decide
what items spark joy and can keep.
I hope nothing
hops out of here now. [chuckles]
[in Japanese] They will organize
and store everything they keep.
It will be more efficient,
and that will spark joy
for everyone who works here.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-[Iida] I'm going to try taking them out.
-One by one.
-[Jimmy] Mmm.
[Marie groaning nervously]
Whoa! Sp… spi… Spider!
-[Jimmy] Oh.
-[Marie] Ah!
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] Wow. These seem like labels?
This is very important in my method.
You touch each item and make sure
that if it sparks joy,
we keep. If not, it goes.
I didn't know the markers were there.
There's so many worries,
but plant diseases that can be transferred
from one plant to the other,
and that's the one way.
You'd never use an old marker over again.
Does it spark joy for you?
No. Not to me.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
When you let go of something,
we do so with gratitude.
-[Logan] Thank you.
Thank you.
It did serve a… a purpose.
[Jimmy] Mm-hmm.
-[Iida] Oh my gosh. So heavy.
-[Jimmy chuckles] That's the best way.
Old seed catalog…
[Marie in Japanese] By tidying,
Jimmy and Logan are discovering
that it's a way to reflect
on their life's values and enjoy working.
This feeling is called
"Tokimeki" in Japanese.
[Iida] Definitely sparks joy.
-That's why you look.
-That's why you look. Right.
Yes. This is why it's important
to go piece by piece.
[in Japanese] It's your body suddenly
feeling light because of your belongings,
and all of the cells are rising,
causing an explosion of joy.
[paper rustling]
[Iida translating] This is…
My pepper book.
He was looking for that book
for, like, three years.
-Like, no--
-Oh, is that true?
I found my book.
-Already this is a success.
-[Jimmy] Uh-huh.
-[Iida] Can you touch the book for me?
-This… I love this book.
-So, it sparks joy?
-Yes. Oh, this does. No question.
Yes. And if it sparks joy,
we absolutely keep.
I always used that book
to reference any new pepper
or just to go back and check
the growing instructions on a pepper.
Oh, but let's kind of
wipe it off a little bit.
-Oh, okay.
-Let's try it. Let's bring it back there.
I was saying, guys.
[clearing throat] Thanks Dad.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] Now that you understand
what the meaning of sparking joy is,
the real work starts tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-Sounds like a plan.
-Thank you so much. See you tomorrow. Bye.
-See you tomorrow. Bye. [chuckles]
[Jimmy] It's a seed catalog from 1938.
Yeah. I know.
-I've never seen this in my life.
-I remember now.
Somebody bought it as a gift, but 1938.
[Logan] Oh, wow.
But it's new
When I'm with you ♪
When I'm with you ♪
Over there?
I'm still amazed
that we found the pepper book.
'Cause my dad has been accusing people
of stealing that book for many years now.
That actually makes me more excited
to look through the rest of the stuff.
-A bottle of water from five years ago.
-Yeah, but--
In a milk carton.
-You know that water is no good.
No joy. We don't need these.
[Jimmy] When I started this business,
Logan showed no interest in the beginning.
[Logan] When I was younger, gardening in
the backyard was just kind of
a thing we did as a family.
Me and my sister didn't enjoy it.
Teenagers don't want to do anything.
[Jimmy] Ooh!
He would come with me
to the farmers market,
and he'd play video games on his phone.
And I didn't bother him.
You need a big box for that.
I would love to have him
take the business over.
That's why I put the business in his name.
[Logan] This is all bad stuff
that I already threw away.
They put it over there.
The real joy is, for any parent,
is seeing your children
getting involved in something
that you are interested in.
-[Marie] Hi! Good morning.
-Hello. So happy to see you once again.
Happy to see you.
-Good morning. Good to see you.
-Good to see you.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-We're gonna get right into it and tidy.
[Jimmy] You'll find more buried treasures.
-[speaking Japanese]
-I believe so.
[all laugh]
Did you wanna look in here?
-We should take a look.
-Let's see.
I use the same order
to tidy a workplace as I do for a house.
Since you don't store clothes here,
we'll start with books,
which carry memories
the same way clothes do.
It's easy to hold them
and decide if they still serve you.
-[Iida] Oh my gosh. So heavy.
-This is a good book.
Garden design book.
-Does this book spark joy?
[Logan] This is one of
the first articles we had.
-[speaking Japanese]
-[Iida] Wow! Does it spark joy?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Yes. Oh yeah.
-[women] Oh!
-Oh, my potatoes.
-[Marie squealing]
-[Iida] Oh God!
[Jimmy] Totally forgotten.
[Logan] There are some
living beings in there.
[Iida] Wow.
-Okay. Goodbye, potato.
-[Marie] Bye, potato.
-[Iida] Thank you so much.
So, in this one…
It's a pest control.
Should that be in a separate area?
[speaking Japanese]
[Iida] So as we continue on
with the tidying,
let's keep items
in the same categories together.
By putting like items together,
you can easily find
where things need to go,
and joy will resonate with you
when seeing everything.
This is actually a letter from somebody
who brought us back a seed from France.
-I think I want to save that.
That's the sentimental value right there.
Actually, sentimental items
is its own category.
-So, I'm gonna keep that separate.
-Okay. Good to know.
This is about roses from over the world.
So, I wanna keep that.
-[Iida] Sparks joy.
-He doesn't like many non-edible plants.
But one of the ones
that he does love are roses.
-So, that's something he loves.
-Yeah. That's why I like that rose. Yeah.
[Iida] Can I ask why?
Because of my grandmother.
It goes way back.
She had beautiful climbing roses.
That's why I did this like this.
[Logan] Holy Moses.
-[speaking Japanese]
-Did you know that story, Logan?
Uh, no. I did not know that.
He never mentioned anything
about growing roses.
So, that's… pretty cool
to have that connection, actually.
That's really cool.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
That's what I love
so much about tidying.
It's an opportunity
to reflect on the past.
You remember what-- what is it
that-- that sparks joy for for you. Right?
-Wow. This is so cool.
[Jimmy] Mm-hmm.
Oh, I want this.
This immediately sparks joy for me,
because I used to be
in the performing arts
and this is really a microcosm
for my whole adult life.
Oh, I like that a lot.
For my father, this is his passion.
He's been doing it since he was a kid,
but for me, this is something
that I've grown to love to do.
Was that the case 20 years ago?
Perhaps not.
You see, when my parents got divorced,
Porter and I,
we weren't sure what was gonna happen.
All we knew was
that my dad was moving back to New York.
We ended up not seeing him
for a couple of years there.
To show you the difference
between him and I,
I'm more excited
about the bamboo vinegar.
And then suddenly my dad moves back.
Now, I'm kind of, like, angsty teenager.
"Uh, you're not my dad."
All that stuff is happening.
That's when he's like,
"Hey, you wanna help me sell some plants
at the market?" I was like, "Wait. What?"
-Let me see.
-This you want.
That's the habanero tree seed.
But that's when we started
to get a little bit closer.
Because we started spending
so much time working together,
we started
to put our sort of personal guard down.
Then, that's when,
"Wow. I genuinely enjoy
selling plants to people." [chuckles]
Seeing people take this home
to their families
and making this become a part
of what their family does.
This business being passed down to me,
yeah, that's one part of it,
but it's actually the passing down
of the love for gardening.
That's the part that I've been
most thankful for him passing down.
[Jimmy] Okay.
[Iida] But when it comes to storing, um,
I'm starting to think
that we might need a bit more tools
or a system, rather,
back there in order to store things.
Yes. I wanted to take the canopy away
and just frame the whole thing up.
Make a roof.
[Iida] We often put off making changes
that will make our lives better
because we just don't find time for them.
[speaking Japanese]
I was wondering, um,
if I can support you with that process.
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] Just like we did today
and we'll continue on tomorrow?
[Jimmy] Yes.
[Logan] All right.
I think I'll take my leave here now.
Thank you so much.
Take care.
-See you tomorrow.
-[Marie] See you tomorrow!
[chime resonates]
[in Japanese] By organizing your schedule
and maximizing your daily productivity,
you'll be able to devote more time
and passion to the things that spark joy.
First, list out the day's activities,
schedule accordingly,
set aside time for things that spark joy.
For example,
"I will slowly sip some tea
and play with my children."
It is essential to secure the time
for yourself that sparks joy.
It'll help you return to work
with a more refreshed and balanced mind.
[peaceful music playing]
-[chime resonates]
-[birds chirping]
-[Logan] Garbage.
-I need that.
That goes on there with the tool stuff.
Oh, this is trash.
See now, all this is kinda making sense.
Before, it didn't.
Oh my God. It's my daughter.
-[Logan] Well, you got some help now.
-Wow. It's so good to see you.
[Jimmy] It's so good to see you.
It's about time you got here.
I know.
[laughing] I'm sorry it's been a long--
Way too long.
-I love these. This is really beautiful.
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Even though I asked Porter to help
with the sorting and whatnot,
I really wasn't sure
if she was gonna come through or not.
Can I throw this away? It's broken.
Porter and I, we're brother and sister.
So we're always gonna love each other,
but we were just very different people
in terms of our interests and whatnot.
[Porter] Are you guys sure
you need that many of those, though?
That, we need.
We're just focused on this at the moment.
So then, once you take that to adulthood
and now we're, you know, both working,
and I have to do this every day,
she has to do that every day,
then that becomes even a bigger gap
in terms of your communication
and how often you see each other.
-Do you guys want me to help out?
-Yeah. Sure.
That's why I had her come by.
Hi. [chuckles]
I can't remember the last time
that I've actually been alone
just to go to a dinner
with my dad and Logan.
I've just been super busy, and honestly,
I just haven't made the time
to really get down here.
Yeah, this is all weird stuff.
But hold on.
-I found something really cool to look at.
-Let's see. Oh! Pictures.
These are, like, a lot of
the first gardens that we did.
Oh, that's our house!
This is even before we sold the plants
or used the backyard to store the plants.
This was just our garden back here.
That's where the grapes are growing
on the vine that's there.
My relationship with Logan,
we get along really well.
He's definitely, um, someone
that I look up to as far as being able to
work with my dad
for this many years sanely. Um…
[laughing] It is--
It can be a challenge sometimes.
[Porter chuckles]
So, how has it been?
Um, I see you attempting to kind of…
[chuckling] …take over a little bit
of everything as far as with Dad.
-Uh, impossible, as you would know.
-Well, I mean, it has your name on it now.
So I feel like this is definitely gonna be
the time for you to take the reins over.
How have you and Dad been doing?
You guys been talking at all, or…
Not for the most part. Just a little bit.
Especially since he never stops working--
That's what I mean.
He's hard to catch outside of here.
…his health and his age.
Well, hey, I mean, in a weird way
just doing this thing with Marie
and you coming to help, and--
I don't know.
Maybe that's the door opening for you
to come here a bit more if you want.
Okay. I don't know what else we'll find,
but I say let's keep tidying
and see where it leads us here.
-Yeah. Help, please.
-[both chuckle]
You know, when I was younger,
I always imagined our dad
and myself and my sister
all kind of doing this together.
And, you know, I don't think
my father or my sister really know
that I used to sort of
imagine things like that.
Quite honestly, 'cause we don't talk about
super emotional things like that.
We're kind of that family.
This is trash.
Just throw away what you can
while he's not here.
You're right.
So, it's eye-opening in a lot of ways. Um…
It made me realize maybe
I should express myself a little more.
[producer] What is it that you think
you need to tell your sister?
Just that I love her. That's really it.
[lighthearted music playing]
'Cause to me, that explains everything.
Okay. So that's another miscellaneous.
Do you wanna write that on there?
No. You write it.
-My penmanship is terrible.
-I thought you didn't like my writing.
-How you guys coming along?
I think we need your help.
I'm realizing that we actually
have to get together a little bit more.
I know that sounds so simple.
I didn't really realize how much I missed
the joy of seeing just my family together.
[Porter] That's the last one.
That's good. Look. All that's empty now.
[Jimmy] Yeah. You can't put any more here.
[Logan] No.
Today was kind of like
somebody brought the roses to me.
Thought I was gonna learn about,
you know, keeping the nursery clean.
Now I'm like, wow, learning more and more
about myself and feelings that I have.
So, man, it's kinda--
It's a little bit overwhelming.
-I forgot you were a Taurus until now.
-I just remembered.
-Yeah. A lot explained.
-[laughing] I just remembered.
-[Jimmy] Anyway…
-Help me with this tarp, y'all.
We're done for the day.
-Hold it.
Be back tomorrow morning.
-Too much lifting and stuff.
-[chuckling] I forget how old you are.
["Lean On" by Martha Bean
& Joel Evans playing]
[calm music playing]
All right.
[Logan] All right.
Let's see what's going on here.
Oh, wow.
[Logan] Whoa. I cannot believe
Marie did something like this.
-A little bit-- Wow.
-[Jimmy laughing]
-Oh man.
-We always wanted to do this.
-Right. This is great.
I feel like I'm in
a totally different place.
We used to crash into poles all day.
-All because of the cabana she made.
-It's not there anymore.
Log. Hey.
[both laughing]
-That's pretty awesome, man.
-Yeah. This is beautiful.
My dad has always been talking about
having a roof over our seed
and potting area for, like, 15 years now.
You know, you have these things in life
where you're like,
"Well, someday I'm gonna do X."
And now, our someday is now.
It's kind of amazing
to actually be living a dream.
I love it.
I love it too.
I think we're lucky having somebody
like Marie Kondo
come to your place of business.
I think that's the part
that makes you emotional.
It's a-- It's a great feeling.
[uplifting music playing]
[Marie] Good morning.
-Hello. How are you?
-Hi. How are you?
-So, what do you think?
-[Iida translating] This is lovely.
We can plant a lot more seed now.
Thank you, thank you.
[Iida] I'm so happy to hear that.
It's still not finished.
We have a little bit to do.
Okay. Well, I'd love to go take a look.
[Logan] Yeah. There's a lot of things
we don't need anymore.
[Jimmy] So, what do you think?
[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] I can see how hard you worked
just by looking at this.
-It's not so easy.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] So, you selected
what you want to keep
and you organized them into categories.
Is that right?
Right. Exactly.
Like, this is office supplies here.
This is, uh, nursery signs and labels.
This is pictures
of all the different grapes.
-And remember the roses?
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
Right, so that can go here.
[Iida translating]
I think it might be, uh, more useful
if you keep the, uh, reference materials
away from the tools.
[in Japanese] Personalizing the categories
for Jimmy and Logan
creates an efficient system
where people aren't wasting time
looking for things.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Iida] So, why don't we just
bring them all back?
[Iida] Jimmy, what kind of box is this?
What's inside here?
My secret box. [laughing]
Oh, wow.
[Logan] That is The Jimmy Box.
Do not really think about
touching The Jimmy Box.
Don't even look in The Jimmy Box.
Those are the basic Jimmy Box rules.
I would use for supplies
that I have to keep my eye on.
But Marie, go ahead. You can take a look.
You can take them out.
This is when I do my eye-- uh, eyebrows.
-Ah. [speaking Japanese]
[Iida] That's important.
So, what I wanna do is sort them
inside the box so that when you open it,
you can immediately see what's inside.
Right. These are the special glasses
that I use for seed.
[Iida] Wow. So it's like a microscope.
I never knew
there was such a tool like this.
-[Jimmy laughs]
So, I'm gonna bring boxes.
-I'll be right back.
-[chime resonates]
-[peaceful music playing]
[in Japanese] The way you tidy
your workplace depends on your work style.
Keep useful items that raise motivation.
Find simple and practical containers.
Store items vertically to see everything.
Decorate with items
that lift your spirits.
By tidying your workplace,
the work itself will become joyful
and more meaningful.
-[speaking Japanese]
-Thank you so much for waiting.
We brought boxes.
[Jimmy] Mm-hmm.
So we're gonna make the inside of this box
even tidier with these boxes.
-I like to stand things up…
-…'cause it maximizes the space.
I try to imagine like a store display.
It's apparent to anyone what goes where.
So, even if it doesn't exactly belong
to the same group or category,
as long as if you can spot it-- Exactly.
That's what I thought I was doing
-It didn't work that way.
-[all laugh]
-There you go.
-[Iida] Just put them in.
Oh, look how nice that looks.
What do you think?
All the miscellaneous items sorted.
[Logan] Jimmy has never looked
so neat before.
[Jimmy laughs]
It sparks a lot of joy for me.
-It's a lot of joy for me.
-New and improved Jimmy box.
[speaking Japanese]
So going forward, what we have left
to do is, of course, stand them upright,
vertically file them.
Once you're done,
you transport them into the shelves.
But when you do so,
try to keep similar things together.
So, consumables here
and tools here and so on.
Best to keep the seeds
as close together as possible.
-Got you.
-Right. Right. We got it.
So, that would be my homework
for you today.
[laughing] Okay. Sounds good.
[Jimmy] So are you ready
to learn how to plant?
Logan's going to bring some mizuna.
-Mizuna? Wow.
-It's a Japanese mizuna.
We always overseed our pots intentionally.
So, after they get to a certain size,
then we take this out.
-[Iida] Oh, I see.
-And then we separate them.
[Iida] Wow.
You can be pretty rough with it.
Plants are more resilient than you think.
This is a little bit of fertilizer.
Then you do this.
-Like this.
-All right. Good.
Look at how she likes this. [chuckles]
[Iida] I love small tasks like this.
It reminds me of tidying. [giggles]
-Can't get enough. Yeah.
-It's similar. Very similar.
[Iida translating] Oh, my daughter
would love doing this.
It's always best to start with something
that you like to eat.
Oh, I like carrot. [laughs]
That's very similar to what you do.
If the plant sparks joy for you,
that's what you grow in your garden.
Don't be afraid of it. Just do it.
[Iida] That's beautiful.
-Well, these you're gonna take home.
-Is that true?
That's your homework. There you go.
[Marie] Thank you so much!
-[Logan] Aw, thank you so much.
-[Marie] Thank you!
All right. Let's keep on going.
I think you have to get it all out
and then put it back in.
-Stapler and stuff. No. It won't.
-Will it go in there?
-On the side here?
-It won't fit.
That's not about that, it's about-- Oh no.
Damn. You're getting good, man.
-Put that in right there.
-There we go.
-This way.
-Yup. Yup.
Looks wonderful.
-All right. Got them dudes.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome, bro.
-[both chuckle]
[chime resonates]
[in Japanese] Another way
to simplify your storage solution
is to organize items by materials.
Place electronic items together.
Place cloth-like material together.
By organizing items by materials,
everyone will know exactly where
to return items after using them.
It will help unify the look as well.
[calm music playing]
-[Jimmy] Look at these pictures.
-Wow. I was a newborn.
That's me holding Logan.
-How old was he there?
-Six months maybe?
Oh, he was a-- A very large baby.
Yeah. He was.
Called him the Cabbage Patch Baby.
What were--
Do you remember what you planted there?
We had everything growing there.
This is great.
So, how did you feel about coming
to the nursery and what's happening?
I loved it. I actually finally had time
to come out there and check it out.
-Well, Logan was happy. So was I.
-That was nice.
We talk about you coming
to the nursery all the time.
-All the time.
-Right? Yeah.
-I didn't know that.
What do you think
about the changes at the nursery?
I think you guys needed it,
'cause you probably wouldn't have done it
for yourselves.
No question.
Logan, both him and I are so busy.
We couldn't--
really had any time to do it.
But now it's all reorganized,
thanks to Marie. We're blessed that way.
-That it's all happening.
I know that you kind of are doing
this shift with Logan taking over things.
I just feel like you don't have
to do as much basically,
because you taught him everything.
There's some things
that Logan still doesn't know.
It's the seed part
and the propagation part
that he doesn't know enough about.
I try to teach whenever I have time,
which isn't that often.
And he is already on overload
on what he has to do. Right?
Customer service, organizing the nursery…
-…the plant placement.
All that stuff. Right?
You can't overload him
with all this responsibility.
Yeah. Well, maybe I can help out
with some of the emailing,
some of the ordering.
-I can help with that type of stuff.
-That's music to my ear.
That would free him up to do--
Learn more about the seed.
I'm totally surprised.
I had no idea this was all gonna happen.
I always wanted her
to be involved with the nursery.
Logan and Porter working together.
I'm very emotional about it,
but I don't like crying in front of
a bunch of people. So… [chuckles]
'Cause you know,
I won't open a computer. Not me.
-I was surprised you learned how to text.
-I do two-word texts. [laughs]
See, now you have more than enough space.
-It looks really good.
-[Jimmy laughs]
-It's a little different, right?
-It looks much bigger.
-Like, there's a lot more space.
So, anyway, what we're doing now, Luna,
is putting seed in the new boxes.
Now I have room
to buy a lot more seed, Luna.
-Oh my God.
-Oh no.
Yeah. Let's--
Let's focus on what we have going on here.
[Jimmy] Marie is gonna be
proud of what we did.
[uplifting music playing]
-Good to see you.
-How are you? Good to see you.
-Doing better, now. Come back, guys
-Yeah. I can't wait to see.
-You're gonna be very surprised.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-[Iida] This is incredible.
Isn't it beautiful?
-So beautiful.
Everything is organized
in the right place.
[Iida] Ah, the ambience in here
has completely transformed.
Oh my gosh! This is amazing.
-This is perfect.
Everything is standing up.
The cards are all in the box.
[Iida] So, now that everything
is sorted so well, uh…
has it become easier
to find what you were looking for in here?
Oh, absolutely. I think it's perfect.
[speaking Japanese]
[Iida] So, there's a whole system here
for your business.
-[Logan] Yes. There never was one before.
-[Jimmy] Yes.
-Yeah. [laughs]
-[speaking Japanese]
-You have so many different varieties.
-It's amazing.
-[Logan] Little bit of everything, really.
-Hey, what's up, Porter?
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-I'm Marie.
-Hi. I'm Porter.
That's my daughter. Hello.
-Wow. Hey.
-How are you?
Thank you so much
for everything you've done for them.
This is amazing.
[Iida translating] It's been my honor,
and it was so much fun tidying
with both Logan and Jimmy.
[man] Hello!
-Hey. How you doing?
-Hi. Nice to meet you!
-Nice to meet you, too.
-I'm Takumi.
-He is my husband.
-Come on in.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
You finished the tidying up.
-Thanks to Marie. [chuckles]
-[speaking Japanese]
-I'm so happy to celebrate with you.
-Thank you so much.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-It's amazing in there. You should see.
Yeah. We never used to have a roof before,
and things at the nursery were kinda
just located wherever they were.
Now, we have consolidated like items
to like areas.
Now everybody knows where everything is.
And I think
it's gonna help us move quicker.
On top of that, what you see here,
these two tables
were not even here before.
All of this was on the ground.
So, we used to have a lot of problems
with slugs and snails.
So now,
it's kind of not really an issue anymore.
-Yeah. It was a big help.
-Wow. This is amazing. Yeah.
-Jimmy, how was tidying up?
-Um, I-- I love it when it's finished.
[both laughing]
This process has taught me
spending time with my two children
and them enjoying being around me,
it's just a great thing
to happen to any parent.
It keeps getting better and better.
-[Porter] It looks great.
[Jimmy] We're all gonna start
seeing each other more.
My grandmother would be so happy.
I mean, she would be in tears right now.
Thank you so much, Marie, for everything.
For changing our space,
changing our lives.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
[Iida] I'm so happy to hear that.
[in Japanese] Through this process,
Jimmy and Logan were able
to change their family dynamic,
which I often experience
when I'm tidying with my clients.
It never fails to move me.
-And… kampai!
-[all] Kampai!
[Logan chuckling]
[peaceful music playing]
So, it's much easier now to work,
because I can look at things,
I know where everything is,
and before,
I had to search for everything.
I probably like tidying way more
than I thought I-- thought I did.
-Do you wanna try this?
Oh, okay. Here you go.
-Get the next tall one. Do the same thing.
[Logan] The process of tidying
has really allowed me to tidy up
not just my family life,
but also just my life in general
as a person.
Having the space more tidy now
has actually allowed us
to have a little bit more free time
to do other things.
Above the leaf. Okay. I see. Gotcha.
I would say I defined joy,
before this process,
by just being sort of
in my own solitude. [chuckles]
And now I'd define joy
as really something that we share.
The best people to do that with
are your family and friends.
So, that's what joy is to me.
[uplifting music playing]
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