Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Joy of Letting Go

[calm music playing]
[in Japanese] Joy is a guide
for a person to live a happy life.
Along the way, it will evolve.
Whether you move across the country
or just into the next stage of your life,
it is important to ask yourself,
"Does everything
I've kept with me still spark joy?"
I'm going to meet someone
who has traveled a long way.
[woman] Jonathan! Blair!
I'm gonna make some…
-[bag thuds]
-Oh Lord.
-I just spilled the sugar.
-[boy] How did that even happen?
Because it's just all cluttered in there.
My name is Lorri.
I am a single mother with two children.
My oldest is Tyler. He is in college.
And then I have Jonathan,
senior in high school.
And then I have a third child.
Blair has become my daughter.
And Blair is going to
graduate high school.
Blair, Jonathan, where's my shell
that I wanted to wear? [sighs]
I grew up in Long Island, New York,
and then transplanted to Texas,
and now to Burbank, California.
[sighing] Oh boy.
I'm trying to see where I put it.
When I moved from Texas to California,
I didn't get rid of anything,
because everything meant something.
Where…? Oh! Nope. That's not it.
I never imagined
that I would be a single mom.
My parents have been married for 57 years.
I just wanted that to be me.
Like, I wanted this white picket fence,
perfect relationship, perfect life.
Oh boy.
But the end of my ex and I…
I was devastated.
So, I threw myself into service
and all these other projects and things.
Freakin' nerves.
I feel like her tidiness is
a little all over the place sometimes
just because she's not at home as much,
because she's out doing things,
or she's in the kitchen,
like, cooking for people,
at the church, scheduling charity events
or something like that.
So, she never really has time
to focus on herself.
Check! Oh, here it is!
Hopefully, Marie can help me at home
and at the church.
I need guidance.
Lord Jesus, help me! [laughing]
-Hi, Marie!
-[Marie] Hi! Nice to meet you.
This is my son, Jonathan,
my daughter, Blair.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
This is the main area.
-[speaking Japanese]
-[translator] Beautiful home.
Moving from my house in Texas
into an apartment,
it was really hard to move
into more of a confined space.
[speaking Japanese]
It's a little sad that the flowers
look a little dead here.
'Cause when people give me flowers,
I can't throw them out.
Like, I feel like I gotta keep 'em.
[translator] This is on purpose
that you still have it up here?
Yes. [laughs]
I think this one's alive, though.
[Marie in Japanese] For people like Lorri,
who tend to take care of others,
I always ask what is joyful for them.
By repeatedly asking yourself
what gives you joy,
you will be able
to truly take care of yourself.
So this is, like,
our living room area. So…
[Marie speaking Japanese]
-[Moka] Can we look at your bedroom?
-Sure. Let's go.
So, this is my room.
[Marie] Mm!
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] My first impression,
it looks pretty neat.
Okay, until you maybe come this way.
I'm gonna show you these cabinets.
This! [laughs]
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-Do you briefly know what's in there?
Uh… I don't know what's back there, Marie!
Let me show you this. This is my closet!
-There's, like, shoes in here and…
-[Jonathan] There's shoes over here, too.
I don't know what's in there.
-Your kids are revealing a lot about you.
-Oh, they like this! They love this!
[Jonathan] I'm not gonna lie,
I'm a little scared
that when I come home
for, like, winter break in college,
stuff's just gonna be all over the place
and I'll be like,
"Girl, what are you doing?"
[Moka] Using this closet, is there
something that you find as an issue?
-[Lorri] Um…
-[Jonathan] Can I say something?
-I feel like not having sections.
Like, you have pants over here
and then pants over there
and jackets over here and there.
You need to find a way
to put everything in one section
because then you could go straight to it
and know what you're getting.
You know what I mean?
-[speaking Japanese]
-What he's saying is absolutely right.
He sees all
of the important tidying points here.
-Well, why didn't he do it, then? [laughs]
You know? But I wish
I could do something with this.
It'd make me feel better.
Sometimes I come in here
and I just, like, wanna cry.
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] So, through tidying,
you're gonna have an opportunity
to really look at each item
and decide what you want in your life.
Maybe there's arrangements
or adjustments you can make.
Okay. I'm willing to do that.
I feel like a lot of the stuff in there,
she says that she "needs" it,
but I don't think she needs it anymore
because it was for when she was
freshman queen in her sorority,
or when she became a teacher and then
a principal, which she's not anymore.
It's like, "What if I need it?"
and not like, "I need it." You never know.
We'll leave you guys to it, but have fun.
-All right.
And I know
stuff has some sentimental value,
but sometimes
you just have to let things go.
Out here, we have…
Jonathan. Jonathan.
Jonathan. Jonathan.
-[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] I hear you, all about Jonathan,
but it's a mystery, for some reason,
people really notice
other people's clutter…
-[Lorri laughing heartily]
-…when your room is not tidy.
But let's set Jonathan's items
first aside,
and then we'll focus on you
and then try to finish that.
Yes. Let's do that.
-It's easier to imagine in your own room.
-All right.
I'd like to hear about what kind of life
you would like to lead.
Okay, so, for… [exhales]
Let me see. Um…
It's just so hard
to think about me, and so…
I'd spent a lot of time focused
on my older son, Tyler,
and now Jonathan and Blair.
Volunteering for their school
and for church and so…
[Moka] In my head, I can clearly imagine
that you're gonna be letting things go
and where everything just looks very tidy.
-[giggles] That'd be exciting.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
Just remember that the home itself
and the different items in your home
are cheering for you.
They want you to be happy,
and they are rooting for you to do that.
The first step would be
to put every clothing item
that you have in one spot.
[speaking Japanese]
So let's get everybody involved
in helping.
Yes. Jonathan! Blair! Come help!
We have to take every single thing.
I'll take her jackets.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Moka] Yes. Tidying is a festival.
[Lorri] Yeah! It's a party!
I can't even tell you the number of shirts
that I have from school.
-For you. You okay?
-Thank you.
I was a high school principal.
I loved it.
Just excitement,
being around the students,
the activities, the parents,
was the best thing in the world for me.
To be able to give back to the community,
to children,
and just be a difference maker.
[in Japanese]
I can't reach up there because I'm short.
This is a perfect height to sit.
You know, I did not sell my house in Texas
when we first moved here
because I thought I was gonna go back.
And work and work and work!
I have to keep every single shirt,
because I'm gonna wear this to this event,
and that event,
a spirit day for this group.
I have this that I'm gonna pull out.
So, I wasn't--
I didn't wanna get rid of anything.
Oh my gosh.
-That fabric.
-Oh my gosh. [gasps]
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] How do you feel looking at all
your clothes in one place like this?
It's a lot.
It's overwhelming. I feel a little…
[breathes deeply]
I feel a little overwhelmed.
So, I taught in the classroom
a lot longer than most people do.
[gentle music playing]
But, unfortunately,
I was diagnosed, uh, with cancer,
and I had to go on chemotherapy.
I wanted to come back to work right away,
but it was too dangerous
with my immune system to be in the school,
and I had to resign.
[inhales] It was really hard
to leave my last school
'cause I loved everybody so much.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-[Moka] Yeah.
So, it's really important for everything
to come out of the closet,
and then you really see
how much items you have.
And then we finally get to start selecting
items that really spark joy for you.
I probably haven't seen some of
these things in, like, two years.
What I love about clothes
is when you touch it,
there's an immediate reaction
or memory that sparks.
[speaking Japanese]
So, I recommend that you start with items
that you can lightheartedly decide.
Something that you always wear
and obviously know it sparks joy,
or something
that you obviously don't need.
And then eventually you'll get to a point
where you'll be able to face some things
that have a little bit more sentiment
to you.
[Lorri] Oh, okay. Let me see.
[laughing] This dress.
I wore it when I went on the last cruise
with my family.
It was 44 of us on a family cruise.
These were good times.
[Moka] So, if it sparks joy,
keep it with confidence.
Yes. Keep.
These are pajamas.
-As a pajama, does it spark joy for you?
Sparking joy pajamas.
What do you think?
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
So, this dress…
Like, I wore it when I was a principal.
Like, when I was teaching.
I mean, you know, in the schools
and the kids, like… I remember wearing it.
[crying] You know, it makes me sad, like…
-[Lorri sniffles]
You know, sometimes I… get that I'm sick
and I can't go back to work.
Like, I haven't worn this…
Like, that was one of my favorite dresses
when I was at my last high school,
you know? Just, like…
It brought joy to me,
and I don't have that joy anymore,
and I won't have it anymore 'cause…
I just… you know,
with my health condition,
I just can't go back
into the schools, and so…
It just kind of gets
overwhelming a little. [chuckles]
I mean, not all sad. [chuckles]
These were good times, but…
When you serve as an educator, what we do,
we do because we truly love it.
We love to see the smiles
on the children's faces.
We love to see them succeed.
It defined me. And losing that,
I felt like I lost a part of me.
It's been hard to let go
because it's saying
that I moved on from this part of my life.
[speaking Japanese]
Thank you for sharing all your memories
that all these items carry.
Thank you. Thank you.
[Marie speaking Japanese]
[Moka] So, through tidying,
it is an act of really
facing those emotions
as you pick up one of these one by one.
[speaking Japanese]
So, I'll come back.
So please enjoy tidying.
-I'll see you at the church tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. Bye.
What about this?
What do you think about this?
[upbeat music playing]
[rhythmic clapping]
This little light of mine ♪
I'm gonna let it shine… ♪
I wake up with the mission
of helping somebody else.
My mother raised us
to always give back and to serve others.
To be able to be there for other people,
it makes me happy.
Let it shine ♪
[Marie in Japanese] Hello.
I'm looking forward
to helping the church tidy.
Working with a group will be
something new for me.
[Lorri] We gotta make sure
every bag has everything.
We may need some gum or something 'cause…
-[Marie in Japanese] It'll be fun.
-I'm looking forward to it.
Okay. So you know what?
We'll take these and just make some extra.
When we arrived in Burbank,
we didn't know anybody.
But when we attended South Hills Burbank,
it was "come as you are."
And now we have family.
I've taken over the homeless group.
"Keep calm and listen to Shawn Mendes."
South Hills is a family of people that
want to serve, that want to give back,
and I-- and I love that.
[Marie] Ah…
-Hi, Marie! How are you?
And I'm excited for Marie
to see the church.
This is our wonderful,
creative pastor's wife, Karrie.
[both] Nice to meet you.
And this is Pastor Dave.
-Welcome. So nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
[Lorri] We wanna show you something
about our church,
something that we really need help with.
It's this way.
-Be careful, Marie.
-[Lorri laughing]
-[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] So it's storage. Right?
[Lorri] Yes. It's storage,
and it helps us
to get all of our projects together
and things like that.
Oh, I hear something.
It could be a creature.
No. I'm kidding. [laughs]
[Dave] This church is full of people
like Lorri, who are so incredible to us.
Lorri is Mama Lorri because that's what
she becomes to everybody she meets,
the way she cares for everyone.
She has had
some tough seasons in her life.
And we see this side of her
that she would rather
be loving other people.
Even sometimes more
than accepting love for herself.
She just wants to serve people
and make their lives better.
Toys for projects, and bleach
and rugs, and just everything,
'cause the church does so much.
-[Marie] Like this.
-[Moka] Different kinds of stuff.
-[Lorri] Right? We have a little dust.
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] So each time,
when I go in and tidy a place,
I always greet the space first.
And would you mind if I do that too?
That'd be wonderful.
[Marie in Japanese] For the space
at the church,
several people
will be working together to tidy.
Greeting the space brings them together
before the work begins.
[chiming resonates]
[Moka] Let's greet the space
with everybody.
-[speaking Japanese]
-Let's start tidying!
[chiming resonates]
[in Japanese]
The key to tidying up a shared space
is to create a clear storage system.
Group like items together.
Clearly label the overall category.
By doing this, it is easy for everyone
to know where to put things back,
and it creates a joyful space
for everyone who uses it.
[upbeat music playing]
[Moka] Oh goodness gracious.
-We got it.
-This cord cover.
Uh-oh. Ah! [whimpers]
-It's okay. I got it.
-Thank you.
[Moka] Oh my goodness. What in the world?
-[Lori] Whoops!
-[speaking Japanese]
What we do is we pull things out
with the different categories,
and then we look at each item and decide
if it's something
we'd like to keep or let go.
[speaking Japanese]
To determine,
you need to touch it with your hands
and if it sparks joy or not.
No. This doesn't spark joy.
-Thank you.
That is a flag stand.
-I think we should keep these.
-So I'll put it back here.
-[Moka] Okay.
-[speaking Japanese]
Looking at the storage in here,
I think I have an idea.
So, I have a little surprise ready
for you all.
[laughing eagerly]
-Sounds good.
-Ooh, exciting.
[Moka] Please continue tidying the church
while Lorri tidies her home.
-[speaking Japanese]
-This is homework to you all.
-[Karrie chuckles]
-[all] Thank you.
[Marie in Japanese]
Thank you very much.
Take it all back, back, back
But it's too late now, yeah ♪
You're everything, everything
Everything to me ♪
I held you high… ♪
[Lorri] There's just so much stuff.
Before Marie comes back,
we got work to do!
This is our keep, and then this is the--
Donating pile.
We'll donate.
I don't wanna give anything up to trash.
-This has a tag on it, but they're like…
-[gasps] Brand new. Yes.
-Why don't you wear these things?
-I didn't know they were in the bottom--
This is brand new. Why didn't you wear it?
Look what you're doing to my piles!
She said we're supposed to
have three piles.
Okay. Let's see.
[Lorri gasps]
These are my pajama bottoms!
I've been looking for these--
Why are you looking at me like that?
-You looked so excited about pajama pants!
-Five pairs of those same pants!
No. No, I don't.
-What about this? I like this.
-Yes. Simple, black. Keep, love it.
You know, I always say
that my greatest joy is being a mother.
[Blair] Weave check.
-Weave check.
-[Lorri laughs]
I never imagined
that I would be a single mom.
And I would never trade Tyler and Jonathan
and our life together,
and our struggles, and our happiness,
and now Blair, for anything in the world.
Do you want this?
-Yes. That's for my hair. This is like--
-I've never seen her wear that!
-I've never seen you wear it.
-Okay. All right. Thank you.
[Blair] Mama Lorri,
she has always been very motherly with me.
You can't even, like, comprehend
what she's done for my life.
Blair, I think you should wear that.
-It's like a…
Blair, why wouldn't you like it?
It's like a cute pajama gown.
I would not have been going to college
or be applying or anything
if it were not for a Mama Lorri.
Look, Jonathan.
To think that I would ever wear this.
You have worn this.
-Okay. Jon-- Really?
-[kids laugh]
After my family kicked me out
because I came out as transgender,
Mama Lorri found out…
-What about this?
-[sighs deeply]
She was really upset and she took me in.
This is just cute.
And just said that,
like, I'm her daughter.
She has to stay.
So she can go in with my dresses.
-Keep this.
[Jonathan] That's one of the things
that I'm not surprised about honestly,
because she's always trying
to be strong for other people,
and she literally
never has time for herself.
Yes. I love that.
Look at the sleeves on this.
-Look at them. It's very like…
-On a date. Maybe brunch.
I want that to change.
I want her to come first in her own head
'cause you can't help someone
if you're not taking care of yourself.
-Some of these have tags on them.
I know.
[upbeat music playing]
[Lorri] Hey, guys!
-[Karrie] Hey, Lorri! How are you?
-Hey. How are y'all?
-Look at all this stuff.
-[Lorri] Oh! Okay. Wait.
This can't be in the closet.
-[Karrie] Yeah. And more.
-All of this and more.
This is, like, phase one.
I love how you followed what Marie said
in terms of you categorized everything.
Like, this looks like cleaning,
this looks like Dave's tools.
Aw, this is damaged. Okay.
It doesn't bring me joy anymore.
-Bye-bye. Thank you.
-Thank you. You were nice.
Seriously, there are
every type of lightbulb that you can have.
Steve and Kayla, over here is donate.
-How you doing?
You know, it's just hard.
I think about joy and stuff like that
and letting go of the things in my past.
What do I do? 'Cause I've…
For my whole life, I was soccer mom and…
-…head this and that.
I was married for 14 years,
and it was kind of a hard split
between my ex and I,
and so I was devastated.
I mean,
I just didn't want to date anybody else.
I just didn't know how to kind of move on.
So, I just focused everything
on my children.
Like, I volunteered more,
even if I was sick.
And that was the way I was able to cope.
How do I let go when Jonathan and Blair
go away to college, you know?
-What do I do? I struggle with that.
So I think it's the challenge
of letting go but also a joy,
'cause you get to see them
become their own.
Part of that is knowing,
"I've done everything I can do
to help prepare them
for the next step in their life,"
and so I think, as a parent, you have to
let your children experience life,
and really allow yourself
to sit in that place of being thankful…
-…for what has happened.
And it's all in preparation
for what's next.
And I think it's what is so cool
with what Marie Kondo does, is it's…
It's helping you to let go of things,
and at the same time, you're letting go
of pieces of your past that hold you back.
You know, you've always had an identity
in what you do.
You're PTA Lorri, you're Choir Mom Lorri,
you're Jonathan's Mom Lorri, you know,
and I think this could be
a really unique opportunity for you
to become Lorri.
Really become the best version of you.
You are doing a-- a great job.
-Oh! [laughs]
You're good.
-[Lorri] You're getting ready for college.
-[Jonathan] Yeah.
-[Lorri] Let's see what you have in here.
Oh, what's this?
Oh! I used to love these.
They're so cute.
But I'm gonna say bye. You know why?
-Because I haven't worn these--
-In so many years.
Five years.
With my children leaving,
I'm realizing that if I want happiness,
I have to find it within.
And I can't look for external forces
to bring me happiness.
So, I need to live for myself to be able
to start the next chapter in my life.
I need to date so that maybe I can go on
vacation or do something with somebody.
So, I have to start living for Lorri.
-Mama not getting rid of these.
-[Blair] Those are cute!
This is when mama goes on a first date!
-We're getting a mans with these shoes.
-I'm wearing these. All right?
-[kids] Right.
-Let's do it. All right.
It makes me happy to see her happy,
because seeing her as a single mom
struggling through chemotherapy
and different types of cancer,
it feels good to finally
have done something for herself
instead of stressing over me,
Blair, or Tyler.
Oh! I can still--
Yes. Oh yeah. I'm keeping these.
And now I can see
that she has her shoulders back more.
She's already more confident.
And I just feel like
it's so much better for her already.
[Lorri] Jewelry, toothpaste, lotion.
[gasps] This expired six months ago.
Oh boy. I need to figure out
what to do with all this stuff.
-[knocking at door]
-How are you?
-Good to see you both. How's it going?
So good.
[Marie] Wow. Great!
[Lorri] This is all to go bye-bye!
-[speaking Japanese]
-I can tell that you worked really hard.
All my shoes!
And I'm cracking up
because, like, these I never even wore.
-Because I forgot about them.
And these, same thing.
It's just…
this process has been amazing.
And I feel lighter.
It's exactly what you said.
I think going through the tidying process,
you feel that naturally,
so it's really coming to you.
I love it.
[speaking Japanese]
So today, I'd like to teach you
how to put these back in an organized way.
And then you're done
with your clothes, correct?
We would like to go see the closet.
[speaking Japanese]
-Oh, wow.
-[Lorri laughing excitedly]
This looks exact--
So different from what it was.
-[speaking Japanese]
-You worked so hard. I can tell.
-[Moka translating] This is great.
So, like you said to categorize, so…
pants, dresses, coats,
and sweaters and jackets.
-[speaking Japanese]
-This is perfect.
[speaking Japanese]
You pretty much got it
since you have it in categories.
This is great.
But I have one tip to tell you.
So, sweater's next to sweater
because they have
a similar feel and material to it.
[Lorri] This should go here.
-[speaking Japanese]
[speaking Japanese]
So, pants.
Try to keep similar-looking items…
-…similar color together.
-So, it's sort of uniform in that way.
-[gasps] I love that.
Like, in the similar-looking items,
try to put the darker colors to your left
and lighter colors to your right.
Then you don't have to think
where to put things back.
Dark to the left, light to the right.
Imagine you're creating a line
that goes up to the right.
Ah, oh!
Got it. Got it.
-[speaking Japanese]
-So, I call it Sparking Joy Line.
Oh, I love that.
In the past, when I'd go to get dressed
and I can't find anything,
I would be frustrated
about the clutter and the mess.
I feel like a weight
has been lifted off of me.
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] So, uh, the bottom area,
we can use for your shoes.
[speaking Japanese]
-I brought some special racks for you…
-…so we can show you how to put it in.
-Oh my goodness! I'm getting spoiled!
[Moka] It's the same idea with the shoes.
We have similar boots.
-They would also go together.
And then sandals can go
with the other sandals.
So you can, let's say,
put the sneakers in the bottom,
and then with the rack,
there's height, so you can stack it.
[Lorri] I love it.
They can also stack on top of each other,
so if you need more,
we can give you more space.
Oh, wow.
Let's move on to toiletries.
We went through a lot of our,
uh, toiletries,
and now I don't know what to do with it.
[Moka] I think you did a really good job.
Moving forward, organizing this is easy.
Is it?
-Doesn't seem easy to me. I'm so like… Ah!
-[Marie chuckles]
So, when we're organizing a drawer,
it's very important that we keep
smaller container boxes in there
so that things don't get mixed up.
[Lorri] So pretty.
This is hair.
Okay. Let's put that together too.
[speaking Japanese]
I don't necessarily have an order of how
to do these, but whenever you see a clump
of different similar-looking items,
you can all put them together.
-Oh my goodness. I love that.
-[speaking Japanese]
Imagine how you would see these
in the store
and how it would be displayed.
So, what about, like, the jewelry?
Ooh, and let's take the tag off.
Oh, okay.
[Moka] Because the tag is on, you may not
necessarily reach for it and use it.
The moment you take the tag off, it's like
you've adopted this child into your home.
-Now it belongs here.
-Oh! Yay.
So, yesterday, I was telling Pastor Dave
that, um, it's been hard for me,
because Jonathan and Blair
are gonna leave for college,
and then I'll be all by myself here.
It's always been so hard for me to do that
because I felt like it was being selfish.
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] Please remember
that you select what sparks joy
and that you live that life
is what brings other people joy.
Oh. You make me feel so good. [chuckles]
[Moka] Try moving on with the tidying too.
I think it'll keep trying to remind you
that you are important.
Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
Let's do it. Let's break this thing in.
My goodness.
[in singsong] This is amazing.
Hey, everybody! [gasps]
-Lorri, come check this out.
-[laughing excitedly]
-Oh my gosh.
-It just gets everything off the floor.
-Look at these.
-It's amazing.
-These are awesome.
This is gonna make it
so much easier to find things.
-[Dave] Volunteers can find it.
-I seriously have the chills.
[Karrie] So great.
Marie showed me
everything needs to be vertical
so you can see what it is…
-That's good.
-…standing up.
-Let's do it.
-[Dave] Well, let's load it up.
[Lorri] All right.
And then the other thing is,
if something is higher,
then it would go in the back
so that you work your way.
So, she said, you kind of like, do this.
We take it out of the plastic.
For example, this.
[Karrie] Okay.
So that then when you go to get it,
you're not then ripping off
the outside plastic.
-I'll just kind of put this here.
-[Karrie] It's beautiful.
[chiming resonates]
[in Japanese] I create a rhythm by doing
a routine at the beginning of the day.
First, open windows
and release negative energy.
[chiming resonates]
Use healing sounds to clear your mind.
Burn incense to regulate energy
of your home and yourself.
This helps refresh my mind and body.
I can start the day with joy.
Boots here.
Okay. All right. Oh, I love it.
So easy to find.
Let's see.
-It feels fresh and cleaner.
-It does.
Like, I have this
new sense of relief almost.
Wow. Hi! Good! How are you?
-Hi, Marie! How are you?
-Good. How are you?
-You look beautiful!
-Thank you!
Oh my gosh. Big difference.
Yes. And see,
we put the new flowers, new joy.
-We had a flower there that had died.
-[Marie] Aw.
You're not gonna believe this.
[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] All the shoes look great.
They look neat in there.
Now the shoe storage isn't only for shoes,
but it's somewhere you can feel joy.
I do. I feel joy here.
Jonathan and I both,
we have our shoes here. So, we're excited.
I am so excited--
[both exclaiming]
-[in Japanese] It looks so different!
-So different.
And look. Just everything, how bright.
I am so thankful to you.
Look in here.
[speaking Japanese]
-It's so stylish and pretty.
-Thank you!
[gasps] Look.
-This is exactly what I wanted you to do!
I followed what you said.
The higher, the lower, the colors.
These drawers. It's exactly
like it would be displayed in the store.
-Oh, thank you.
-[speaking Japanese]
-It's perfect.
-Yay! [laughs]
-But look!
-[in Japanese] Wow!
-[Lorri laughing]
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I thought I was looking
at something completely different.
All of the containers that you gave me
and the shelves, just everything.
It just made--
It makes such a difference.
I go to put my pants on this morning,
I could just grab them really fast.
[speaking Japanese]
Just like the sweaters here, it's as if
there's a rainbow came into your closet.
Thank you! And look at my shoes.
I followed the boots,
and the sandals, and the sneakers.
[Moka] Now it looks so different.
Does it match what you visualize
as your ideal life here?
Oh my gosh. If my life can be
as put together as this, I'm ready.
This has been a long time
since I've focused on Lorri.
I don't even know when.
I feel like zing. Zen. Zen?
I said zing. Maybe I am a little zingy,
but I feel like zen.
-This too.
-[speaking Japanese]
I actually have two of these in my home,
and it's my favorite item, too.
I've been avoiding
certain things in my life,
and the tidying process
has really helped me to see
that I had clutter
because everything
meant something from a past…
either relationship,
a past job, a past something,
and that kept me in a holding pattern
because I didn't wanna say goodbye
to the life I knew.
I've learned
that you really shouldn't look back.
You have to look forward to what's next.
I feel a sense of just peace over us,
and… and air and clean.
-And relief.
-Don't we?
Yeah. We feel relaxed and happy.
We're so appreciative for you
and for your method and for everything.
We're gonna follow through.
We're gonna keep it. And we're gonna what?
-[Marie] Ding!
-[Lorri] Ding!
Thank you, Marie! [laughs]
[Moka] Thank you. I was really glad
I was able to tidy with you all.
All week long, we've been working
in the church, so I'm so excited to see
how you feel about our tidying.
[Moka] I'm so excited to see it.
Let's go.
All right.
[in Japanese]
Lorri's house is filled with a lot of love
and now, a positive atmosphere to match.
I am still on, like,
full of joy from my room.
-I'm so happy to hear that. Nice.
-And my house.
Put this…
Do you wanna start sorting that one?
Okay. So--
-Hello, hello.
-How have you been?
-Good. How're you?
Welcome back.
-So good to see you.
-Good to see you.
-You had a busy week?
-Yes. So busy.
How's everything going with Lorri's place?
-Amazing, beautiful, and perfect.
-[Dave] I can't wait.
-Wanna know what else looks amazing?
-[speaking Japanese]
I'd love to see it.
If you would like…
[Marie exclaiming]
[Moka] Oh, wow!
It's so big!
You can see it all.
Everything is visible.
[Karrie] It's so wonderful.
These items are all of the items
that we use to serve our community.
-And everything now has a home.
-[Marie speaking Japanese]
-Wow. Now, there's a very specific system?
-[Karrie] Absolutely.
There's actually some open spaces
that we can continue to accept donations,
so we can get them to the right people.
That's something that we've had
to turn away sometimes,
because we just haven't had the space.
This makes us feel
so much more confident.
So, thank you so much.
Lorri has a great year ahead.
I'm ready for it. I'm excited for it.
Marie, you've given a blessing
to so many people.
-It's just countless.
-[speaking Japanese]
[Moka] It was actually my first time
to really be able to
spend time with a church community.
So it was great to be able to see
how you really affect the local community
and how you try to reach out to them,
and it's really inspiring.
-That makes the heart so happy.
Joy to me before was,
"What can I do for somebody else?"
And now, joy is going to be,
"What can I do for Lorri?"
Because life is so short.
You have to live
for today 'cause tomorrow's not promised.
-[speaking Japanese]
-This community isn't the end.
There's more communities, and, hopefully,
this will, you know, continue to spread.
We will always be Team Marie.
[all laughing]
Team Marie!
-Again, thank you!
-Bye! Thank you!
-Thank you!
-We will never forget this.
[birds chirping]
[girl] I'm gonna go get ready.
Promise, promise, promise.
[speaking Japanese]
[in Japanese] I've been tidying up
since the age of five.
[Takumi] Okay. [speaking Japanese]
[Marie] Through this recent experience,
I was able to learn
how the idea of sparking joy
can help connect people.
[Takumi] It's hot out here,
let me tell you.
-[Takumi in Japanese] Be careful, Satsuki!
-I wanted to get in the shade!
-[Takumi in Japanese] I get it.
[Marie] Furthermore, I hope that
even one more individual can discover
what sparks joy for them.
And I hope to continue to broaden this
and expand it throughout the world.
[Takumi speaking Japanese]
-[Satsuki] Not now, Papa.
-[Takumi speaking Japanese]
[calm music playing]
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