Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Beating

So the mark is in Paris?
New York.
You said Paris.
First, she was in Paris
now she's in New York.
- How did they leave it?
- They exchanged numbers.
Been texting.
What about social media?
You building a profile?
Cruz said her father wouldn't let her.
Smart girl.
I want to put her through the grinder.
She's been through the grinder.
I'm doing everything
different this time.
She's your field agent.
Do what you think's best.
You want recon to run it?
CAG. If you don't mind.
I have to be sure.
All right.
She's at Bragg?
I have her in an apartment.
- In an apartment?
- One of ours.
I can't have fifty green berets
asking her where she's been.
What if the mark comes to Georgetown
and decides to go shopping
and runs into her on the fucking street?
People don't leave New
York to shop in Georgetown.
Get her out of the apartment.
Yes, ma'am.
How are you?
I'm good.
How's Neal?
He's good.
How's Neal?
We do the best we can.
That's all we can do.
How are the girls?
Girls are great.
Charlie, she's doing great in school.
And Kate
They're good kids.
It's metastasized into the ocular orbit
and pressing up on the frontal lobe.
But it's also pressing
down on the temporal lobe.
So there's your blurred vision,
there's your memory loss
and there's your loss of smell.
What do you think?
Enucleation immediately.
Then see what we can get
through the ocular orbit, but
Craniotomy doesn't
look like an option
I can't get in there.
The tumor's against her face.
I'd have to remove her
infraorbital foramen
and probably the nasal bone.
Could a reconstructive
surgeon re-graft that?
I mean
This is terminal, why do it to her?
I'm aware.
I need to present the options.
She's out of options, Neal.
You wanna tell the parents that?
You wanna tell them their six year-old
isn't having migraines,
she's got a tumor
the size of a fucking baseball?
She's seen her last birthday?
Fuckin' surgeons.
- Chemo's not an option.
- No.
Start her on radiation
and see if you can shrink
that thing before I get in there.
You know what kid's gonna look
like when I'm done with her?
I wouldn't do it either, Gary.
But it's not my decision to make.
You want company?
Yeah, very much.
Jenny, we're ready.
Two doctors. This can't be good.
Now three.
Maddy, do you know what
I have down the hall?
- What?
- I have a toy store.
Now, it's no ordinary toy store.
This one doesn't take any money.
Why not?
Well, because everything's free.
And every time you come to see me
you can pick out whatever toy you want.
What's the catch?
No catch.
Miss Jenny'll take you there right now
if it's okay with your folks.
It's okay, honey. Go ahead.
What is it?
This is Dr. Ramirez,
she is a radiologist
What is it?
It's a brain tumor.
How big?
Seventy-six millimetres.
How big is that?
In her head?
So what do we do?
What are our options?
The tumor has metastasized,
which means it's spread
beyond the front of her brain.
Spread where?
It spread to her eye.
Now, we can begin radiation with hopes
of reducing the size of the tumor.
And if that's successful,
we can then attempt to remove
as much of the tumor as possible,
but we would have to begin
with removing her eye.
Hey, hey, hey.
Baby, baby.
We just have to listen to
what he's got to say, okay.
Can she survive it?
How long?
He doesn't know she can't survive.
- How long?
- Six months.
How long with the surgery?
If she survives the surgery,
if her body responds
to further treatment
This is a very aggressive cancer,
we won't get all of it.
I don't know how long.
You don't know?
I want a second opinion.
I highly recommend you get one.
After the surgery, what's her life like?
Her life is pain.
What do we do?
You spend as much time with her
doing the things that she loves.
You don't think we should do it?
No, I don't.
You motherfucker!
Don't try anything?
Don't try anything?!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Neal, you're bleeding.
Go to the ER.
I'll make sure someone calls the police.
I'm fine.
Neal, he assaulted you.
I would've done the same thing.
It's the school.
There is no excuse,
do you understand me?
You didn't hear what she called me.
It doesn't matter what she called you.
It doesn't matter to you.
I can't have this conversation
with a white man.
With a
I am your father before
I am anything else.
Do you understand me?
Here's all you did today:
you got suspended from school
and you forfeited a win
for your team. That's it.
You can't beat the hate
out of someone, Kate.
No. But you can try.
Just like your mother.
Mom, he took my phone.
Why would he do that?
I'll talk with him.
I'll get us another.
So, dear. How was your day?
I'm guessing that didn't
happen over a parking space.
I was having drinks with a
classmate from medical school.
Do you remember Valentino?
Italian model-looking prick?
I remember his teeth.
He became a plastic surgeon.
I assumed he became a plastic surgeon
because he wanted to play
with women's breasts all day,
but I was wrong.
He said he became a plastic surgeon
because he didn't want
his patients to die.
So, he bolts on tits for a decade,
and he feels bored.
So, he joined a reconstructive
surgery firm that's, you know,
trying to make people
resemble the people they were
before the car accident
or the house fire.
there was this girl,
this Homecoming Queen
thrown from a vehicle,
skidded face-first
down the street about 100 meters.
Shaves off most of her face,
her cheekbones, her nose.
He spent sixteen hours
reconstructing her face
and she died in recovery.
And he quit. He fucking quit.
He teaches anatomy now at Georgetown.
And he asked me how
I do it, knowing that
half my patients aren't gonna
see their 18th birthday.
And I said because the other half will.
Does that make losing
the first half hurt less?
Fuck no.
Can I have my phone?
You getting a divorce?
Go back inside.
Your father said no iPad.
This isn't an iPad.
I know. It's a broken computer.
- It's not broken.
- It will be in thirty seconds.
Are you getting a divorce?
That what you think?
Don't bother fighting for custody
because I want to go live with him.
I would, too.
I'm sorry to tell you:
we're not getting divorced.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'm already grown up.
You're so far from grown up
you can't even see it
from where you are.
And idea? Any dreams?
Something important.
Better think about that real hard.
'cause those important jobs,
they come with a price.
I know. I'm the price.
Contrary to what you might think:
you getting suspended
is not the worst thing
that's happened to your father today.
In fact, I doubt it makes the top five.
Here comes the real parenting.
I can feel it.
No, this is woman to
whether you like it or not:
if you love him even a little,
you'll find a way to show him.
He could really use it right now.
Why? What happened?
He had to tell parents of a
girl who doesn't have your luck,
that she's celebrated
her last Christmas.
You get in another fight at school
and I swear I'll smash this
thing with a fucking hammer.
How's that for parenting?
You don't have to cook
for them tonight, honey.
Make them a sandwich.
Well, a sandwich isn't supper.
Usually my supper.
Well, it's not your supper tonight.
All right, chef.
What are we having?
We're having a little bolognese.
Are you still off gluten?
I've been in the desert
for six months, baby.
- I'll lick gluten off this counter.
- Mm.
I find that visual oddly appealing.
Hey, you have your mother
to thank for your phone.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I made your bad day worse.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, honey.
Thank you. It's okay.
How's that for love?
You two must have had
quite the breakthrough.
Fuck it.
You need to get that?
- That's yours.
- Don't stop.
Hey. Put the pedal to
the medal, buddy. Let's go.
I'm trying.
I'm gonna pull something.
- Hello.
- Yeah.
All right, have the attending
stabilize and prep.
I'll be there in thirty minutes.
No, Langley's closer. We fly from there.
All right.
We snuck one in under the wire.
Will you be home by morning?
No. You?
- I doubt it.
- What about the kids?
Kids are used to it, honey.
Hey, kiddo. I gotta go. I have surgery.
Will you make Charlie
breakfast in the morning?
Why can't Mom do it?
Mom's got an emergency, too.
Someone needs an emergency translator?
Honey, I don't begin
to understand politics.
If you need anything
call Stan next door.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the drill.
Why do you have a gun?
To protect the people I work with.
They don't have people for that?
They need you to do it?
They need everyone to do it.
No! No!
No! No!
Fuck you.
Fuck you! Name!
Fuck you!
Breathe in.
Breathe the water. Breathe it in.
Good girl.
Breathe the water.
Breathe it.
This was a fucking training exercise?
Survive. Evade. Resist.
I've been through S.E.R.E,
you fucking bitch!
To achieve your objective,
you must blow your cover.
Can you escape before they
know what you've done?
Most can't.
What's more likely is you are taken
and must survive until we reach you.
And I need to know how
much time I have to do that
before it's too late.
Before you break.
I won't break.
- Everyone breaks.
- Not me.
You want me to turn around again, huh?
That's how you fucking like it, right?
What I like is bringing agents home.
What I don't like is writing
letters to their parents
explaining how they died in
some bullshit training exercise
because I can't tell
them that their daughter
was beheaded then set on fire.
Of course, I don't have to
worry about that with you.
You don't have any parents.
Should I send the letter to Edgar?
Boy, you pick winners.
He's dead. Did you know that?
Beaten, stabbed and shot.
Like someone made a game of it.
I bet you were quite the dancer.
If we're going to call that dancing.
I bet you were good at it, though.
Why'd you stop? Hmm?
Did somebody get a little
rough in the Champagne Room?
Have his way and you weren't
strong enough to stop him?
And now here you are,
proving how strong you are?
That sound about right?
Looks like these boys
had their way, too.
There's always someone bigger. Stronger.
But you know that, don't you?
That's the story of your life.
Can't be broken, huh?
Time for round two.
I need her to sign the waiver
to take it any further.
She doesn't exist to sign the waiver.
If she's here, she exists.
Someone's signing it,
I don't give a shit who.
Give it to me.
When her focus is on the questions,
take her to the ground.
Restrain her movement.
That'll be the thing that breaks her.
I want someone from Funny in there.
I don't need this shit coming
back on me in a year.
- I'm here.
- You're a fucking spy.
Trust you as far as I can throw you.
Mag, you're with me.
So what was his name?
What was his name?
It's right here in the file.
I just want to hear you say it.
You can say it.
You wanna hear me say it?
You don't know your father,
your mother's at work.
Brother don't seem like
the baby sitting type.
So, it must've been you.
You were the one watching
him when he died, huh?
You fucked up.
You think this is going to
make me a better operator?
No. This has nothing to
do with being an operator.
This is how you survive when
the operator in you is done.
You gotta know where you break
so you can learn to push it further.
You're gonna learn.
No! No! No! No!
That's enough.
No, no, no. She's almost there.
I make it a point to avoid
Congressional hearings,
and this is gonna put
us in front of one.
She's done.
She's done when I say she's done.
I don't see any stripes
on your fucking shirt.
She's done when I say she's done,
and she's done.
- Master Sergeant, stand down.
- What are you doing?
Cody, call's in, stand down.
Easy. It's over.
Hey. Stand the fuck down, marine.
You proved your fucking point.
Now stand down.
Now she thinks she won.
I'm pretty positive she
doesn't feel like a winner.
I need to know her breaking point.
And now I don't.
She looks pretty fucking broke to me.
She's on a suicide mission,
and you know it.
I was just trying give her a shot.
Suicide missions don't have a shot, Joe.
Hence the name.
What about her?
What about her what?
She needs a badge.
She only needs my badge.
What's this?
Your new home.
From now on you stay with the team.
- What about my gear?
- Your gear made its way over.
What do you know about Amrohi?
I don't know anything because
you won't tell me anything.
There's all sorts of terrorists:
there's fanatics, there's megalomaniacs,
religious extremists,
political extremists,
race warriors.
Amrohi is none of those.
His brand of terrorism is fueled
by something much simpler: greed.
He is a prince who
seeks unrest on behalf
of other princes so the hundred
and fifty million subjects
of their regions keep their focus on us:
the great devil, and never
the half a trillion
dollars his family controls
and does not share.
If Aaliyah brings you
close and you get a chance
and you seize that chance
Look at me.
You must find a way
to survive whatever hell
he puts you through until I get there.
That's what this was.
Me trying to show you what it will take.
And me learning how much
time I have to get to you.
Don't bother.
Just send the missile.
I'm never going through that again.
No. No, you won't.
What they put you through will be worse.
I see you, don't fucking do it.
You don't see me.
I see you, and I'm
saying don't fucking do it.
This has nothing to do with you, Bobby.
It does if one of you
motherfuckers starts
I got you, fucker!
Fuck you!
Ahh! What the fuck did I say?
- Fuck, Bobby!
- That's what you get!
Bobby, now I gotta open
all the fucking windows!
You know what, here's an idea,
why don't you practicing CQB
in the fucking CQB house
instead of the damn living room?
Why the fuck
would you do that shit?
Could someone
turn that shit off?
- Good one.
- Hey, little bird.
Got a bunk for me?
We don't do bunks.
We do bedrooms.
Got a bedroom for me?
You got mine.
Which way?
Down the hall. Last door on the right.
It's all yours, marine.
- Shower?
- There's a shower in the room.
Don't drink Two Cups
of anything tonight,
I'm in no fucking mood.
Fuck happened to her?
- Oh, fuck.
- Ooh.
That's a fucking thing
right there. The bush.
You're dead!
I'm gonna frag this motherfucker.
That's what I'm gonna do.
- He's right there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, got it.
Get him, get him.
She's awake.
Don't see much chewing in your future.
I'll fix you up.
- Thanks.
- Oh!
Yikes. Beginner
Ah, ah ah
How do you see past the fuckin'
- Thanks.
- You gonna give up?
Just fucking get a
new one is what we gotta do,
guys, just put in the money
and get a new fucking game.
Hey, have a seat.
Oh Let me guess.
I should see the other guy?
Other guy's gonna need a nose job.
Nothing like getting into a bar fight
to keep a low profile. Nice job.
Mm. Wasn't a bar fight.
Though I'd steer clear of
that cinder block shower
on the island an hour from shore.
They ran you through S.E.R.E.?
Been through S.E.R.E.
I don't know what you'd call that.
With what unit?
No unit. Just me.
What the fuck you talking about?
Those punk motherfuckers.
Come on, come on. Fuck!
- Let's go, Randy.
- Yo!
Now we are getting into a bar fight.
- You coming?
- Yeah.
- Hey motherfucker.
- Agh!
What the fuck, Bobby?
- Fuck you, bitch.
- Fuck you!
And you, that's what you get for runnin'
an unsanctioned S.E.R.E.
school on my fucking teammate!
It was sanctioned. By your fucking boss!
She said break her, we broke her.
If you don't like it, why
don't take it up with her?
But if any of you pussies
wanna stop throwing bottles
and fight fair, why don't
you step up to the mic.
- We're with CIA now.
- Yeah.
Yeah, so we don't fight fair, buddy.
You like the way that feels?
Huh? Big Man?
Hey, Bobby. Your girl's gonna kill him.
All right, Cruz, that's enough.
Marine, fucking stand down.
Hey. Same side, sis. Same side.
Go outside and answer it.
Did your asset just get
a call from her mark
in the middle of a bar fight?!
No fucking wonder we're
losing the war on terror.
Fucking Special Activities,
SF with a Gold Card.
Must be nice.
I look forward to saving
your asses in Syria.
Hey, Mike, your wife still
fucking that personal trainer?
- Ah!
- Fuck you.
Yeah, your wife's motto. Motherfucker.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
Been better. I, uh
I got into a car wreck.
You okay?
Feel okay. Don't look okay.
Send me a picture.
I'm too embarrassed.
Can't be that bad.
Yeah, it is.
- Bruises or cuts?
- Both.
If it's cuts you need
a surgeon. A good one.
Do you have a good one?
My uncle does.
Where are you?
I'm in Charlotte.
- Where are you?
- Atlanta.
We're flying to Chesapeake tomorrow.
Want to meet us?
I promise I won't laugh at your face.
You might.
You have a bathing suit?
I can get one.
Get a small one. I'm bringing boys.
How small?
Some things are best
left to the imagination.
Your body isn't one of them.
I'll text you the address.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I need to go shopping.
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