Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Bruise Like a Fist

[JOE] What are you studying?
Cruz, head in the game.
What are you studying?
Art history?
Do you know anything about art?
Not really, no.
What if someone happens to ask
you about Picasso or Renoir?
English, then.
Name five books by Herman Melville.
Okay, fine, you tell me.
- Undecided.
- That's interesting.
It's boring as fuck, that's the point.
Don't let her friends dig into you.
Answer their questions with questions.
Your life is boring,
their life is fascinating.
Ask them questions about their lives.
It's all they want to talk about anyway.
[CRUZ] Have you been to Chesapeake?
It's fucking beautiful.
They will bug and place a
tracker in your vehicle,
they will sweep your phone.
Do not call from your mark phone.
Any problems text "call me"
to Daddy in your contacts.
"Call me" to Daddy, got it.
Roger that, ma'am.
Roger that, ma'am.
When you're ten blocks from
the house kill the burner.
Gonna kill it right now, ma'am.
Why now?
This is the perfect spot.
Good luck.
That was fast.
They buddied up pretty good in Kuwait.
I'm not surprised she called.
But you're surprised about something.
She has access to more
money than I expected.
A lot more.
And more connections in the States.
Who owns the house in Chesapeake?
Morning ladies, care to
hear the specials today?
- Surprise us with them.
- Two specials?
Any allergies to shellfish,
peanuts, gluten?
I'm allergic to my ex-husband,
to everything else I'm immune.
No allergies.
Qudrah Petrol owns the property.
- That's strange.
- Very.
- You have a theory?
- None that make sense.
Both founding members of OPEC.
That's not enough.
Maybe they're onto us.
Even if they were, they
wouldn't send his daughter
on the op to shut us down.
No, they'd throw a big party
and plant someone on her.
- Possibly.
- Like they're doing today.
I have a team waiting
in case we're blown.
And I'd rather have it blow
here than Dubai or Jordan.
How well do you know Senator Palmer?
Chairs Foreign Intelligence.
A real fucking asshole.
I bet.
This one of your science experiments?
[MEADE] This one survived
the experiment.
Nice to see someone did.
Are you joining us?
I'm leaving.
Keep me posted.
- Yep. Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
I took the liberty of ordering for you.
I hope you don't mind.
Isn't even noon, and I'm already
sick of making decisions.
I appreciate you taking
one off my plate.
Got a couple more I can help you with.
Slick, smiling motherfucker.
Hey, Joe.
What fuck are you doing?
You think I'm having you snatched?
You never can tell.
It is a Monday, Kyle.
God, look how fucking wound up you are.
Jesus, I miss the Middle East.
- I'm so fucking sick of Mexico.
- Mm.
What are you doing here?
Um, I'm late for my class at Soul Cycle.
You between things?
You know I can't talk about that.
Certainly not on the street
across from the fucking Capital.
How many audio amplifiers
are outside this restaurant?
I'm just asking if you're on the clock.
There's a meter running, Kyle. Yeah.
You, uh You got your team here, too?
Could I borrow 'em for a day or two?
We're pretty busy, buddy.
Look, I'm in a bind, okay?
Got a contact trafficking
for the Sonorans,
they're bringing in Syrians and Afghans
over by the fucking truckload.
Sounds like a good mark.
Except he's stuck in a fucking
jail in Van Horn, Texas
and when the snitches get
word across the border
he's a fucking dead man.
In jail for what?
Nothing. DUI.
But he's in the system, fucker's wanted.
When they figure that out
they're gonna hand him over
to Homeland Security and
some desk warrior's
gonna try and flip him
and he's fucking dead.
What do you want my team for?
I want to snatch him on the transfer.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
I don't have a choice.
If Homeland finds out that we're
planting a flag on the border
it'll end up in the news.
With these fucking head
hunters in Congress now,
there will be a hearing
and then they start
flipping fucking stones.
- Looking for us everywhere.
- Yeah. Okay.
Look, my team's on something right now.
We could be wheels up at any minute.
Nobody else has a team?
No, they're all in Ukraine,
Taiwan, or fucking Africa.
And they won't let me
have a team state-side.
There's a decent Constitutional
reason for that, Kyle.
- You got one.
- I have a protection detail.
And it's just as illegal.
I'll give you three.
But I'll need them back in 48 hours.
- You got it.
- Expect a call.
I fucking love you, Joe.
You don't fucking love me.
You owe me, motherfucker.
- When I need it most.
- Done.
Check check check.
I hope you guys can hear me.
Good afternoon, Miss Adid.
- Hi.
- Any bags?
Uh just one, I can get it.
No, no, please. I insist.
Everyone's by the pool.
Come, I'll show you the way.
Virginia Alpha-Alpha-Kilo
[LAUGHS] You made it!
Told you I was coming.
I had my doubts.
This is my friend Zara.
That's Nala, Malika, and Nashwa.
What's up, Zara?
You got my fucking hair wet!
You're in the fucking pool.
Such a brute.
Why does God only give
good bodies to assholes?
- Malika?
- Hmm?
Come meet Zara.
She's rescued another stray.
I'll explain the whole soap opera:
Kamal is Sami's best friend.
- Who's Sami?
- Behind the bar.
Kamal used to date Nashwa,
then he dated Malika
so Malika and Nashwa hated each other,
but then he did what Kamal does,
and fucked some little blonde,
so she broke up with him,
but by that time
Nashwa was dating Sami,
so Kamal is still with us
And Malika and Nashwa
are best friends again
because they have someone in Kamal
they can both hate together.
Doesn't seem to bother him.
Not much bothers Kamal.
And depending on the night
and who drinks the most
and whether he comes home alone or not,
one of them will find
their way into his room.
It's all very
So, Nashwa dates Sami
Used to, they broke up as well.
What are they doing here?
Kamal is my fiancé's brother.
He's working.
Very serious.
Let me get a look at you.
Oh, uh
Take off the glasses.
She was in a car wreck.
Oh my God.
- I told you.
- That looks terrible.
Does it hurt?
Little bit.
This will help.
What is it?
I warn you, his drinks are evil.
Put on your suit.
Let's go to the beach.
Oh, I've got it on, let me just
How are you going to
find a husband in that?
What? This is good, this is pretty.
No. Come with me.
And the project begins.
I want to see.
You're so shy.
I'm not shy, it's just
If I can't see it how are you
going to wear it on the beach?
That is my point. I can't
wear this at the beach.
I told you it was a bad wreck.
What did that?
I don't know.
The seat belt I guess.
Got against the door pretty hard.
Did you see a doctor?
I'm fine.
No, you are not fine.
What a fucking mess.
How we doing?
It ain't great.
It's a fucking observation nightmare.
It's a house, sits on a peninsula,
surrounded by trees.
There's no approach.
I mean, we do have a satellite on it,
but we're only getting God's view.
So we're going to rent a yacht.
How's our girl?
Well, she's beat to shit
and it freaked 'em all out.
Think they called a fucking doctor.
A doctor?
Yeah, I'm thinking maybe we
try to pull her out of there.
How, we can't call her?
They're screening the phones.
Well, we don't know that.
Qudrah Petrol owns the house.
They're screening calls.
What's Qudrah Petrol?
Saudi Oil and Mobile joint venture.
Makes more money than
Amazon and Apple combined.
Case officer on the border
needs help with an extraction.
I need three, who's in?
A hot extraction?
Doesn't get any hotter than this.
- Fuck, I'll go.
- Pick me, coach.
Oh, I'm in.
Sending you his number.
You kids stay out of trouble. Boss
- Wish us luck.
- Good luck.
Where's the bugs?
Got one in the tassel on her purse.
One in the charm on her necklace.
Let me see. Yeah.
None in the car?
I was worried they'd sweep it.
Yeah, well, I'm worried
they're gonna sweep her.
And if they do now
there's just three of us
going to get her.
That's why we make the big bucks.
Hi, Zara, I'm Dr. Brumley.
Deep inhale.
Good, hold it.
Good. You can set your arm down.
Car crash?
I want to show you something.
Typically, in an auto accident,
the hematomas,
the bruising, covers large areas evenly,
because it is large areas of the vehicle
that causes the trauma.
Your contusions are not
consistent with that.
It was a compact car.
May I?
They're all the size of a fist.
Oh, fuck it. That's it.
We should probably get on the road.
We're about 15 minutes from the house.
Why are we fifteen from the house?
Because this is the closest hotel.
Unless you want me to
rent a surveillance van
from local PD?
Come on, let's go.
No, no, we're not pulling her out.
We'll blow the whole fucking operation.
As a physician, when I see
signs of physical abuse
- I am legally bound to report them.
- Come on, Cruz. Come on, come on.
Just say something.
Just talk your way out of this.
I know it might feel like
that will make things worse,
but it doesn't get much worse than this.
And reporting it is how the abuse stops.
I already reported it.
I just didn't tell them.
She, um
She invited me up here and
I'm trying to make friends.
I'm trying to start a new life.
I'm trying
I'm really, really trying.
Please don't tell them.
It's not my place to tell your friends,
But I need to be assured that
the authorities are aware.
They arrested him last
night in North Carolina.
That's That's why I'm here.
I'm getting away.
At least I'm trying to.
That's pretty fucking good.
Yeah, it's not bad.
I want another go at
that SERE instructor
who put us in this situation.
There's turning up the heat,
then there's setting her on fire.
I told him to do it.
It's my fault.
It's real hard to watch the
sunset from the restaurant
if the sun had already set.
Then go. Go to the fucking restaurant.
- Been in there a while.
- Will you take them to town?
Malika is missing the sunset.
- You'll catch up?
- Maybe.
She should just get a dog.
She did.
She's fine.
Separated a few ribs.
She's gonna be sore for a while.
Ice on that nose will help.
Thank you.
Where'd everyone go?
Oh, who cares?
We have the beach to ourselves now.
[SIGHS] Dodged a bullet there.
All those nosy friends are
gonna be a fucking problem.
Soon as we get names, dig hard.
We're gonna get pretty nosy, too.
When is the wedding?
Do you know where yet?
I would love to do it here.
Or the Hamptons. You know the Hamptons?
Well, it's just every day
there's a celebration.
But my family will want
everyone there, so Kuwait.
If I'm lucky maybe
we get to do it in Dubai.
You've been to Dubai?
Have you been anywhere?
So boring to me.
Keep the desert.
I hate the heat and
the wind and the filth.
You can lie to yourself
in a palace, but when
the palace walls are behind you,
and the lie stares you in the face
Ehsan works in Manhattan, thank God.
I could never marry a
man who wants to live
in the Middle East, where
I choke on the sand
and all their rules.
In Turkey there is this beach, Oludeniz.
And there is this place
they call the Blue Lagoon.
It's heaven.
My great fantasy is to
be ravaged on that beach.
Sounds like a good place
for your honeymoon.
Oh, no. Ehsan is no ravager.
He's too
Kamal, maybe.
Oh, that's not being ravaged.
That's being dry humped.
I think I'll be much
happier after I have babies
and the world allows me to be fat.
Know what I mean?
Not at all.
Of course you don't.
When will you be fat?
But someday I'll be fat
and I can't wait.
Maybe then this thing
will leave me alone.
The sand doesn't bother you?
Oh, no, I love it a little.
I always thought sand on
the body was so erotic.
I rolled in the sand all over,
pulled Ehsan into the trees.
But then sand got everywhere
and he itched and I itched.
Turns out sand is not erotic after all.
It's funny how these
images in our minds
There's no recreating them.
They're only for the mind.
No matter how hard we try.
Stay away from Malika and Nashwa.
Nala's a nuisance, but she's harmless.
The other two
They hate every friend I try to make.
And they'll hate you, too.
Then why be around them?
Because it's not just husbands
they choose for you.
They choose your friends, too?
They choose it all.
This fucking day.
Jesus, don't you knock?
Why would I knock, Kate?
It's my fucking house.
Where's your father?
Porch. Where else?
What's your name?
Michael, ma'am.
Oh, we're way past ma'am.
You got a phone, Michael?
I do.
Give it to me.
- You want my
- Give it to me.
You don't even know the code.
[WOMAN] Hello.
Hi, this is Kate's mom.
Oh, hi.
You ready for me to pick him up?
I walked in on your son dry humping
my half-naked daughter, so I'd say yes.
Wait, doing what?
He'll wait for you at the curb.
Um, okay, I'll be
Get out of my house.
- Go to your room.
- What did I do wrong?
Go to your room.
Tell me what I did wrong
and I'll go to my room.
Tell me I did anything
you didn't do at my age.
And, by the way, you can't just
show up every six months.
Play parent, and "lay down the law."
What law? Your law doesn't even matter.
My law is the only thing that matters.
I'm your mother. I brought
you into this world.
Did I ask you to do that?
I was pulled into this world, screaming.
Oh, come on.
Nobody bothered to ask
if I wanted to be here.
And yet I'm here, anyway.
So I'll choose how I spend my time
here, thank you very much.
And if you want to kick
me out of your house?
Fine. Do it. I'll survive.
But don't think you can
tell me how to live the life
that I never asked for you to give me.
All right, give me a better
image of the bile duct,
but I say take it.
It looks acute to the
head of the pancreas.
Yeah, I know what it looks like, Tom.
But we are in the business
of eliminating possibilities.
I see no abnormalities, I see no
Tom. Fucking surgeons.
As the attending, I am instructing you
to remove the spleen and the bile duct.
When he dies of meningitis
in five years,
I'll remind you of this in the law suit.
Yeah, you do that. You do
that, right on the stand.
- This asshole.
- I heard that.
I wanted you to hear it, Tom.
I can see it's Monday for everyone.
This is gonna be a week of Mondays.
I hate to pour on, but our
daughter was having
quite the petting session on our sofa.
We have rules about that.
Yeah, anything over the jeans
is fine, but they stay on.
She has discretion with her shirt.
Discretion with the shirt.
I sacrificed the top
to protect the bottom.
You left some meat on the
bone in negotiation there.
You should have consulted
with her mother.
When was I gonna do that?
I'm going to go take a shower.
How long is this going to last?
Well, it depends on when he
starts doing what I fucking ask.
Fuck it.
Unless you care for something stronger.
It's two in the morning.
I'm on vacation. So are you.
Not really.
You could be.
Yeah, I lack the trust fund
for endless vacation.
You don't need a trust fund.
Just need to find a guy with one.
I'm good. Thanks.
Stop it.
I fucking mean it.
Ooh, she's a fighter.
I'm off to my room.
Get your second wind?
Just getting some water.
What the fuck happened to you?
Nothing. I'm fine.
Bitch knows karate or something.
- No means no, player.
- Come on.
- All right, we're gonna crash.
- Yeah. Me, too.
Miss Adid?
Everything okay?
I've had better days.
We're around if you need us.
Thank you.
So we're 29% of our RTP.
What's in the SDR?
118 billion in holdings,
114 in allocations.
I'd start with London.
I agree.
Makes as much sense as cap and trade.
Any other paper claiming this?
Just London.
What's the Prime Minister
trying to hide today, I wonder?
It's a real problem.
Government has overused
media to push a narrative,
now nobody believes anything they read.
So there's no way to release
legitimate information
and get anyone to pay attention to it.
I didn't plant it.
I didn't.
How does that story help me?
Not sure. I don't know your case load.
Is Iraq's oil production back to normal?
Hundred million barrels last month.
Exxon-Mobil's biggest partner.
And BP.
How much of that oil makes it here?
About five percent of it.
You've got a new case.
Same case. New target.
Qudrah Oil sells 12
million barrels a day.
Every day.
Be careful poking that bear, Kate.
Or the target will be on you.
Want to go to Fiola for dinner tonight?
Yeah, sure.
- Errol.
- Hmm?
Face me.
Then the sun's on my
screen and I can't work.
I'll have my assistant make
a reservation at seven.
Gotta wake up at two, and track
this mess of a Chinese market.
What are we doing in this fucking relic?
This thing got fucking AC?
Wanna talk ROE?
Perfect world we take him clean.
I'd like to avoid a gunfight.
Yeah, me too, but that
shit rarely happens.
So, what's the play?
Avoid it unless it happens
then win at all costs.
What agency are we under?
What's our flag, Kyle?
What fucking agency approved this?
It's not authorized.
We're off the rez on this one.
Man, listen. You know these
cop cars got cameras,
These officers got body
cams and fucking radios.
There ain't no off the reservation.
You fucking door kickers.
Oh, that's just fucking great.
Way to complicate things.
I'd turn off your phones.
This motherfucker.
Here comes our target.
Boys, I think this van has another tail.
Let's see if I can get
this guy to pass me.
Exit's up here.
If they take him, they're
gonna do it there.
You'd better be Johnny on
the spot with that EMP.
Soon as they make their move,
you fucking zap 'em.
Oh, fuck me.
Let me see your hands!
May not look like it,
but we just saved your lives.
Leave us out of your fucking report.
Let's go!
Rapido, motherfucker!
Face down, now!
- Don't see shit!
- Face down!
Stay there.
Done some stupid shit in my life.
This fucking tops it.
I thought that went pretty good.
- Fuck!
- Fuck!
Randy, drive this motherfucker.
How in the fuck do you expect
us to get away with this?
We just did.
We'll see about that.
What we're going to do is
hear this on the fucking news.
Administration won't even
admit there is a border.
Worse than what we did
happens every day out here.
Every fucking day, and nobody covers it.
And if they do, the Administration
kills the story before it
even teases going national.
This story was over when
we got back in the truck.
I come bearing gifts.
Thank you.
How'd it go?
Well, one of 'em got handsy,
but Cruz thumped him pretty
good by the sounds of it.
They arguing?
Ehsan is sending him home.
He thinks no means try harder.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's fine.
Besides, he got the worst of it, so
I heard.
No more Sami for a while.
He goes home to grow up,
and I think we go somewhere, too.
A surprise.
[AALIYAH] I love surprises.
ETA on the boys?
Wheels down 1600.
They'll have to catch up.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
You're really bad with make up.
I told her that.
Don't worry. I'll help you on the plane.
The plane?
Don't spoil it.
[JOE] This isn't the way to the airport.
She said plane and the
airport is behind us.
They're going to the fucking FBO.
I'm gonna need a tail number.
Yeah, that's great, Tex.
No one's going to see you out there.
[TEX] November-878-Foxtrot-Lima.
N9109, is that a type of
plane or something?
It's the tail number.
Like a license plate for planes.
Yay! You're going to be
so much fun to spoil.
She thinks on her feet.
That she does.
Get me a flight path.
I need a jet ready to travel.
We're one hour out.
No destination yet.
Tex, we got it. Come back.
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