Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

The Choice of Failure

What a whore.
You know her?
No, I'm talking about him.
You should write him off
before he gives you a disease.
How is the match making going?
Match making?
Your uncle.
No takers yet, I guess.
Do you know the families
he is considering?
To be honest, marriage is the last thing
on my mind right now.
I just I want to finish school.
I want to have my own life.
You're so American.
Let's swim out to the sand bar.
How far out is it?
It's a swim.
Don't go too far.
Second floor, far left window.
We got a spotter.
Spotter on the roof as well.
There's a spotter on the roof.
Another in the house.
Roger that. I ain't doing nothing.
Just laying here.
I'm not seeing a sand bar.
That's 'cause I made it up.
Can't hear the music.
Just the ocean.
They should outlaw music on the beach.
The time for music is later.
I don't want to get married either.
Then don't.
What I want is not
factored into the equation.
Could be worse, I guess.
At least he's kind.
I don't want to get old.
I absolutely dread it.
Let's swim back before
the sharks get us.
I was thinking the same
thing. I really was.
I know, that's why I'm laughing.
Where's our girls?
Said they're seasick.
I don't give a shit if they're seasick.
They can be sick on
the fucking sun deck.
Let's go!
Let's go.
Think I'm gonna be sick.
That'll happen when you
drink a bottle of champagne
at eight in the fucking morning.
What do you want us to do?
Go lay on the deck. Take selfies.
And drink some water,
you'll feel better.
Got any Dramamine?
Dramamine and alcohol's a great idea.
No Dramamine.
Well, this is why they're
staying in a house
owned by Qudrah Petrol.
This is Ehsan Al Rashdi.
- That's the fiancé?
- Yeah.
Who's the beach boy?
They're brothers. This is
Khamal Al Rashdi.
He's here on a student visa.
Ehsan's here on a work visa.
A Saudi royal marrying
a Kuwaiti national.
What do you think?
Beats the fuck out of me.
Never heard of Qudrah
Petrol till last week.
You're the spy, what do you think?
I think it makes no fucking sense.
These marriages are arranged.
Why arrange it with the
daughter of a known terrorist?
Does it matter?
The wedding is the place to get him,
but if the party ends up in
the Emirates or Saudi Arabia,
she is going to be really
difficult to cover.
How did that thing in the south go?
You could have prepared
us a little better
for what that was, boss.
What was it?
It was a fucking mess is what it was.
Daytime extraction on
an interstate off-ramp.
I'm stunned you guys
aren't on fuckin' news.
This motherfucker lets off an EMP
and we find ourselves
in a six car pile up.
That was before the shoot out, mind you.
- The shoot out?
- Mm-hmm.
Did you miss me?
- Get to a secure line.
- I'm on one.
I called you on your cell.
Stop acting like it's
your first day on the job.
- I'm texting you a number.
- Two minutes.
- KIAs on this op?
- Fuck yeah there were KIAs.
How many?
We engaged four, another
three from the wreck.
You're not in Syria, you
asshole, you're in Texas!
Look, it was a mess but
the op was successful.
State police linking it
to the local cartel.
We're good.
- Have you debriefed?
- Half an hour.
Call me after.
I swear to God, if any of this
stink gets on my team
There's no stink. There may
be a little bit of noise,
but there's no stink.
Just call me after!
I swear
No good deed.
Look, just keep us out
of a Texas penitentiary,
we're all good.
I'll give it my best shot.
That's not encouraging.
[CRUZ] So, uh, this all we gonna do?
We're back on line.
We lay here until we are too hot,
then we go back in the
water, then back out,
then back in the water.
And then we'll go to dinner at Moby's,
where we'll make all the boys
jealous at the Surf Lodge.
Surf Lodge? Ugh.
Then don't go.
What's Surf Lodge?
It's a thousand white boys
trying to get in your pants
and 1500 dizzy blondes
staring death at us.
They'd rather go to Gurney's
where people pretend to like you.
Better we go to the dive bar
and we dance on the tables.
You like dancing on tables?
I feel like I'm spying on spring break.
You are.
I'm getting a hangover
just listening to 'em.
Is there any ice?
This is
That would be funny if it
wasn't happening to us.
Take us in before one of
these girls falls overboard.
Got it. Whole ice machine back here!
- Imagine that.
- Right?
How do we turn on the music?
I weep for this next generation.
We're off the target. Keep eyes, Bobby.
Roger that.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, I'm Kamal.
Hey, how ya doin'?
Look I'm a lesbian, so none of that
shit's gonna work on me.
- Sure about that?
- Yep.
You're missing out.
I'm so sure of that.
You're posted up too close.
I'm thirty yards away.
That fucker hunts more
territory than a wolverine.
Hey, they're packing up.
Have a seat.
You have a contract agent
within the Sinaloa Cartel.
Yes, that's correct.
And that contact was
arrested three days ago,
and yesterday he was taken
from police custody by force.
Seven dead on the scene.
Two separate scenes, actually.
It appears his cartel
launched the assault.
Multiple witnesses report
vehicles ceasing to function,
cellphones destroyed.
In fact all electronic devices
at the scene were disabled.
Sounds like an EMP.
Yeah, it does.
This is surveillance
footage from Border Patrol.
And this footage is from
about two miles down the road.
Who's that? Looks a whole lot like you.
I mean, it is uncanny.
Oh, fucking stop it!
You put together a team
and you took him!
Congratulations, Kyle, you might
be the first CIA case officer
to make the FBI's most wanted list.
Ma'am, if I could
Don't fucking "ma'am" me.
Supervisor Meade.
I've earned the title,
and if I haven't I sure as shit
will trying to keep you out of prison.
Where'd you get the team?
I can't divulge that.
Do you know anyone with
higher TS clearance than me?
I see things the fucking
president can't see.
Where did you get the team?
I used the Lioness QRF.
That will be all.
You chain yourself to your
desk until we figure this out.
- In my defense
- You have no defense.
My contract agent is bringing over
five known Al Qaeda
operatives next week.
If he would have been transferred to BP,
he would have been
killed by his own cartel.
I lose the five.
I didn't have a fucking choice.
You have ID on all five?
Sinaloa is holding them in
a safe house in Chihuahua.
They cross on Sunday to a
safe house in San Antonio.
I got that fucking house
wired and ready.
- You have proof?
- I'll get you proof.
Get it fast.
Did you bring the FBI in on this?
So they can fuck it up?
I didn't say let them run it,
you need cover.
Can't bring them in now.
I'll talk to DIA, see what
cover we can get.
Dismissed. Get me the proof.
You want to talk to the
Governor or the Senators?
You can take the Senators.
Let's be real careful,
we could pinch this off
and be done with it.
Now we're digging a bigger hole.
The bigger this becomes the
more justified it appears.
But if there aren't five
Al Qaeda in a house
in Chihuahua, this is hanging
us all in the wind.
Tell me these girls aren't local.
Get 'em straight back, I don't want
them wandering the bars here,
blabbing about the Yacht
they were paid to party on.
Roger that.
You didn't want to mention
the gunfight on the border?
Isn't that why you sent us, Joe?
- This is my cell.
- Yep.
- How'd it go?
- Not good.
How not good?
Did you hang me out?
They already knew.
How would they know, Kyle?
- Hey.
- You need to come in.
I'm on a mark.
Then I'll come to you.
Send me an address.
You son of a bitch.
Vicryl suture, please.
Dr. McNamara, your daughter
has been in a car accident.
She's on her way here now.
Everything okay?
Uh, my daughter was in a car accident.
- How bad?
- I don't know.
Bad enough they're bringing her here.
- Emily, will you take over?
- Mm-hmm.
Code blue!
All right, what do we got?
Non-responsive teenage female,
multiple contusions to the chest,
looks like her sternum is
fractured. Head trauma.
ER one.
Compound fracture. Systolic at 50.
Notify OR, on call ortho,
on call cardio.
My leg!
Hey, honey.
What's presenting?
Severe pain right thigh,
no movement below the injury,
you can see the swelling.
Severe neck pain, nausea en route,
looks like a concussion.
Okay. Look at me.
- What hurts the most?
- My leg!
Your leg. What about your head,
do you have a headache?
I don't know! I don't know!
HR 126, BP 101 over 52.
- What room?
- 11.
It's my leg, it hurts! My leg!
It's okay, we're here.
My leg!
We'll worry about your
leg in a second, honey.
Let's go.
No, we got it. We got it, we got it.
All right, my count. One, two, three.
- Does she have any medicinal allergies?
- No.
- Ever had anesthesia?
- No. Neurology been called?
- Where is neurology?
- Coming now.
Hey, Kate, what a crummy way to see you.
How's she doing, Neal?
Pain's a nine on right thigh,
can't move below the knee.
Anybody take pictures?
- 2 liters LR.
- 2 liters running now.
I'd like to elevate your leg a little.
I know this is going to hurt.
- It's okay.
I don't see any swelling except
along the orbital socket,
You see this fracture along C-1.
And on C-3.
Looking at the femur here,
there is a complete oblique fracture
to the distal region
of the femoral shaft.
You're gonna have to
surgically stabilize that.
I'll support it with an
intramedullary nail
insert through the top of the shaft.
I'd like to get her in
first thing in the morning.
Let me order a cranial
CT once her BP levels.
What about the others?
Prepping one now.
Comminuted open fracture.
That one's not gonna wait till morning.
The other one didn't make it.
Kate was in a car accident.
How bad?
She broke her femur,
fractured some vertebrae.
She was in shock, but she's stable now.
She's awake but she's pretty shook up.
One of the kids didn't make it.
She's going into surgery in the morning.
Where are you?
I'm in New York.
Not that it matters, what happened?
I don't know. I don't
have any specifics.
Surgery's at 7:00. It should
be about three hours.
Two hours in recovery.
Can you make it by noon?
I'll find a way.
Where's Charlie?
Charlie's at the neighbors.
Should I Should I call her?
No, just let her rest.
I haven't delivered all the news yet.
Are you gonna be reachable?
Not really.
I'm on one, ya know?
I won't tell her you're coming
in case you can't peel away.
I'm coming.
Okay. We'll see you tomorrow.
Blood work's back.
Buddy, she's pregnant.
Now, you know that traumatic injury
during the first trimester
creates a severe risk
of fetal injury, as does the anesthesia.
I assume it's unplanned,
so her aborting probably
not the worst thing.
- She's fucking 14 years old.
- I know.
It's early enough we can prescribe her
Mifepristone and Misoprostol.
I'd prefer to do the surgery
first and then prescribe it.
Yeah, me, too.
That's what we'll do.
Where's my clothes?
They cut your clothes off, honey.
I lost my phone.
Don't know what happened
to everyone else.
You just worry about
yourself for now, okay?
Do you know?
I know some.
I know two of the girls went
to a different hospital.
I can find out, but honey.
Don't expect good news.
What do you know?
What did I say were the two
things that have the most
likelihood of altering
the course of your life?
Cars and sex.
And they both did.
- I wasn't driving.
- I'm not accusing you.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know whose fault it is,
but I do know that cars
kill more teenagers
than any other cause combined.
And it almost killed you, honey.
Did it kill anybody?
It did.
Who else?
I don't know. I'll find out.
I wish I could give you
more time to process that,
but we don't have that today.
So are you ready for the next one?
Next one what?
You broke our deal.
What deal?
With boys. You broke our deal.
You're pregnant.
No, that's not
That's not possible?
Are you gonna look me in
the eye and lie to me?
I have your blood work
and urinalysis, honey.
You're going into surgery tomorrow.
We test for these things, okay?
Now it's very likely that
the trauma you've experienced
terminated the pregnancy.
And if it didn't, it's quite
likely that the anesthesia
would terminate the pregnancy.
But if somehow the fetus
survives all of this
you're gonna have a very,
very big decision to make.
This is this is
Too much to handle?
That's why you don't
have sex at fourteen.
And that's why your
mother and I forbid you
from driving in a car
with a teenage driver.
And it breaks my heart
that this is the way
you need to learn these lessons.
I'm sorry.
No, you don't apologize to me.
You forgive yourself.
Now at least you can learn
consequences of actions
while still benefitting from the lesson.
Holly won't get that chance.
Do you understand me?
I don't care if these
bitches don't like me ♪
'Cause, like, I'm pretty as fuck ♪
Just the other day I heard a ho say ♪
Matter of fact, what could a ho say ♪
With a face like this
and a bitch this paid ♪
Shit, what could a ho say
I'm her, her, her,
her her, her, her, her ♪
She, she, she,
she she, she, she, she ♪
I can make all that bruise go away.
Know what would look hot on her?
- Yes, but not slicked back.
- No, loose. A little messy.
Messy, messy, it's the beach.
There you are.
We're moving up to the house in Montauk.
I'm coming.
Cristal. Three bottles.
I'll send a server over as well.
Who are all these people?
Charles Schwab, Bankers Trust,
Alpha Investments,
Ziegler and Company, and Goldman Sachs.
No one from Goldman is here.
They are at Gurney's.
Where I wanted to be.
Oh, yawn.
This is where they will end up
when they get hungry.
We should get eyes on her.
You sure about that?
We don't cover that close in Lebanon.
We don't need to cover
this close in Lebanon.
This isn't two girls talking
while they do laundry in a well,
there's six of them and security.
Well, the jock's already
made contact with me.
- So I'm out.
- Tex, you're up.
So here's the thing. There's a
bunch of 25-year-olds in there.
I look like their fucking dad.
[CHUCKLING] That's true.
You're not gonna work.
Hell, no.
Fine, I'll go.
I'll be in touch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- My group is in there.
- Name?
Al Rashdi.
Thank you.
What the fuck, you let her in?
Look at her then look at you.
That's our cue.
- Are you coming?
- I'm coming.
What a surprise.
Something to drink?
Light beer. In a bottle.
- No glass?
- No glass.
You a model?
You look like one.
You here alone?
I'm with my husband.
Yeah, what's he do?
He plays professional football.
You're in his spot.
That wouldn't be good for you.
'Nuff said.
- How is she?
- [NEAL] The same.
Look, you and me got a deal.
We don't lie to each other
and we don't keep secrets.
No, we don't.
Kate's pregnant.
Guess the pants didn't
stay on after all.
Look, this is This is too
big to be mad about.
We're sacrificing our children,
that's what we're doing.
We're trading them for professions.
I don't disagree.
Look, all I have is problems today.
I don't have any solutions.
But we should seek some.
- Just be here tomorrow.
- I will.
She needs it.
I need it, too.
Bottle of water?
We used to say I love you, a lot.
Maybe we should go back to doing that.
Yeah. We should do that more.
I'll think on solutions.
There's no easy ones.
Never are.
You a model?
I'm a student.
You look like a model.
It's just an observation.
I'm here with a friend from work, and
I don't know a soul here.
People who look like you
typically make a living from it.
I was just making conversation.
You the designated driver?
No, it's just hot on the dance floor.
You wanna dance?
Heck, yeah I want to dance.
Heck yeah you wanna dance?
Hell yes.
Fuck yes.
What do you want me to say?
Come on.
What the fuck is she doing?
This is boring the fuck out of me.
Mission focus, Tex.
I'm focused, I'm just saying.
Hey. Hey, hey hey.
Where is she?
She's on the mark.
Can you pull and replace?
- Not here.
- I'll stay close.
Have her reach out when she can.
Fuck was that about?
That was about us.
Two Solento Sandias.
What's that?
Watermelon juice and vodka.
- Fuck you.
- Asshole.
You wanna go?
Come on!
[ECHOING] You okay?
Let's get you out of here.
She's been snatched.
White male, pale blue shirt, tan pants.
They're exiting the north side of club.
Let's go.
What the hell, man? Come on!
Zara's still inside!
We will come back for her.
Call her from the car.
Randy, do you see her?
Yeah, she's moving north.
She's outside the hotel.
She stopped moving. In the trees.
Four hundred meters north east.
In the trees, two hundred
meters, your 12:00.
You're so fucking hot.
Come here.
Aw, fuck.
Okay, all right.
What do you got, what do you got?
Heart rate 44.
We're looking, we're
looking, we're looking.
38, okay, I got something
here to wake us up.
Here we go. Oh, yeah.
What the fuck? What the fuck?
Look at me. Look at me.
All right, now, yeah.
Get her back to the house. Now.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, fuck!
Stretch him out.
This is what we did to
rapists in Afghanistan.
It was highly effective at
stopping habitual offenders,
of which you clearly are.
When you try to explain this
in the hospital,
I highly recommend you tell them
you never saw your attackers.
Because if you tell them anything
we'll fucking kill you.
Get me DNA samples.
Cruz, relax. Relax.
Relax. Hey, Cruz, relax.
It was too soon for this.
We're in it now.
You don't have the skills
for clandestine work.
I can. I'll learn.
There's bogeys, bandits,
and marks in this world.
And nothing else.
They don't trust me.
I was trying to fit in.
If she can't manage a
weekend in New York,
how is she going to navigate
Riyadh or Damascus?
Get her water.
We've never had anyone this close
to a tier one target before.
She's in.
I'll get her there.
What choice do we have?
The wedding's in Dubai.
That's where she wants it.
And she gets what she wants.
We can cover her there.
If you can make it that long.
I can make it.
I need to talk to you
about something else.
My daughter was in an accident.
Surgery's in the morning.
Can we talk on the way there?
Yeah, we can talk on the way.
Thought you wanted to talk.
We will.
Tell me about the accident.
I don't know. 'Cause I wasn't there.
I'm fucking here.
Don't do that to yourself.
No? Then else who do I blame?
If not me?
I don't know how you and
Errol did it. I really don't.
- What did we do?
- Stayed together.
Raised a family.
You're here to talk Texas, so
Let's talk Texas.
Your team is on Border
Patrol surveillance footage
performing a hot extraction
with multiple casualties.
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