Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Truth is the Shrewdest Lie

What the fuck?
There she is.
How you feeling?
Like I was drugged.
Yeah. There's a reason for that.
Come over here.
What is that?
It's a little pick-me-up. Turn around.
Give me a cheek.
How long does it take to
What the fuck?
- Bout that long
- Jesus.
You got another one to keep my
heart from exploding? Fuck!
You're welcome.
We're loading up.
How ya feelin' tiger?
- I'm awake.
- Good. Let's boogie.
I'm gonna break
down her room.
I don't remember anything.
He drugged you. GHB we think.
We talked about this last night.
I don't remember.
Do I need to get tested
for STDs or something?
No need. He didn't get that far.
How far did he get?
He didn't get nowhere.
We got there in time.
My underwear is gone.
We got there in the nick of time.
Marine, I wouldn't bullshit you on this.
Okay. Yeah.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Yeah. Don't got to ask me twice. Fuck.
Neal. What do we know?
She's still in surgery.
Hey, Neal.
You went gray. When did that happen?
Last night.
- Alan.
- Hey.
Hi, Jill.
So, she's in recovery.
The procedure went well.
There is considerable
soft tissue damage,
but doesn't appear to be
significant nerve damage.
The procedure is called an open
reduction internal fixation
where we make an incision that
allows us to insert a rod
through the centre of the femur,
and we attach a plate outside
to stabilize the fracture.
How long will it
take to recover?
We have to look at healing
from three different
The bone itself, the soft
tissue around the bone
and procedure site,
and the incision itself,
which is fairly substantial
Just tell me what a year
from now is like for her.
Honestly, I don't know.
She's young, so that's an advantage,
but her bones are still growing.
So, how if at all does this
injury affect that growth?
Time answers that question.
Neal, can I talk to
you for a second?
She's up to speed
on everything.
So she was spotting
on the table,
so it looks like her body
rejected the pregnancy.
That's a decision
we don't have to make.
When she wakes, I'll
get you back to recovery.
I want to be there
when she wakes.
Okay, I'll bring you back.
Can I have two hours?
Yeah, but you can't have three.
How's Errol?
He's happiest in a downturn.
Worse the economy, the jollier the man.
That's interesting.
What's the philosophy behind that?
Be greedy when everybody's scared
and scared when everybody's greedy.
Pretty good philosophy.
You can ask the question
you really want to ask.
Why bother, Kaitlyn?
You can't answer it.
If you need her in three hours today,
then you must really need her.
I do. Which is to say the nation does.
Which is why I'm not
asking the question.
Don't give up on her, Neal.
I wish I could.
But when she walks in a room
it still takes my breath away.
Pretty good reason
for sticking around.
My friends are dead.
I know, honey.
I know how that feels.
And I hate that you know it
now, too. I'm so sorry.
I'm a bad mother.
I know that's what you think.
I'd think it too, if I was
in your shoes, I guess.
What you don't understand
is all the little moments of your life
that I've missed
I missed those moments so other
families can have them.
It's you who makes the
sacrifice for the job I chose.
I always thought I was
setting an example for you,
that a woman can
do virtually anything
anything she sets her mind to.
And when I do my job well,
lives are saved.
Just like your father,
he saves lives every day.
But he gets to come home
to you every night,
I envy him that.
Your mom's a soldier.
You can look at my life
and you can choose
to live yours different.
I will respect that.
Fuck, I'll cheer that decision.
You can hate what I do, honey.
You can hate me. [CRYING]
But punishing yourself is
a terrible way to show it.
I don't hate you.
I don't hate you. I just miss you.
I miss you, too.
Every day.
You're gonna be an adult soon enough,
and what you're dealing with right now,
these are adult problems.
Your whole life is going to
be nothing but adult problems
soon enough.
My advice to you?
Be a girl for as long
as you can.
Don't rush to be a woman.
Cause once you are, you don't
ever get to be a girl again.
Did dad tell you everything?
Depends what you mean by everything.
Did he tell you about my situation?
You mean your situation
of you getting pregnant?
What do I do?
God decided that.
What does that mean?
It means you're not pregnant anymore.
How does that make you feel?
I'm not ready to be a mother.
You know the one
way to guarantee
you don't become one, right?
Look, the days of me
and your father grounding you
or inventing some punishment
to keep you
from being exactly
where you are right now?
Those days are gone.
We lost.
And life snuck up
and took a bite out of you.
And now I'm just here to
just to give you advice.
I've made all the
mistakes you've made
and a lot more you haven't
thought about yet.
You got pregnant by accident?
What did you do?
My situation was a little different.
I was already married.
Your father was in medical
school, I was in a team.
Timing was terrible.
Did you get an abortion?
If I had, I wouldn't be
talking to you right now.
And so, every time I look at you
I think about that coat closet
at the Double Tree Hotel
that New Year's Eve.
Ugh. Parents having
sex for fun? That is so gross.
Yeah. Right back at ya, kiddo.
Do you know what's going
to happen to my leg?
I'm gonna leave the
doctor stuff to your father.
How you feeling?
Not feeling much.
They have a room ready for her.
We're going to take her up.
And I'll have an orderly meet
you in the lobby.
I've gotta go do something for work
and I'll be back in a few days, okay?
You won't be missing much.
Yes, I will.
- Ma!
- Hi.
They're taking her up to a room.
I gotta go. I gotta take
care of something.
Yeah. I'm aware.
Few days type thing, or
If I'm lucky.
When's the last time you were lucky?
[LAUGHS] Luck is perspective.
Only in your business.
You been good in school?
We're learning the alphabet in Russian.
Oh, in Russian?
Ah, beh, veh, yeow, byee
I guess that's the
Fairfax County School Board
hedging a bet.
That's great, honey.
Making spies one
first grader at a time.
I love you.
I'd say be careful,
but I know it's bad luck.
It's not that it's bad luck,
it's pointless.
Okay, see you soon.
- Be careful.
She got ya there.
Yeah. I will.
Big hug. Bigger.
You didn't say it back.
I love you.
Call you when I can.
[KAITLYN] How'd it go?
She owned it. Which is good.
What about you?
I owned it too.
Sounds like a pretty
good place to start.
What do you think about
becoming a station chief?
Then I'm gone all the time.
Somewhere you can take the family.
Somewhere like London.
They're still a target.
Well, you have to
think of something.
Because my marriage shouldn't
be your goal, Joe
In the meantime, let's see if
we can unfuck this situation.
Your team is
en route to Lackland.
We rendezvous there?
Gotta see the boss first.
These for us, right?
- You the CAG team?
- Don't know what that means.
- Delta?
- Never heard of 'em.
Whatever the fuck you
guys call yourselves.
We go by nuthin'.
And neither do you.
Neither do you, 'sir'.
I'm a lieutenant.
I don't give a shit.
- Which hangar is ours?
- Seventeen.
- They set up chow and cots?
- It's squared away.
Hope you're talking about your food.
I don't want to get in
there and see a bunch
of fucking cold cuts.
Officers' catering
is set up in the hangar.
You got couches, cable TV,
plywood walls on rollers,
looks like a cigar lounge now.
Where's my cigar, chief?
Fucking mean "what?"
I lend you my team
and you fucking hang me.
Well, In case
you haven't noticed,
I'm pretty fucking hung, too.
That sounds different when
I say it, doesn't it?
- What I meant was
- I know what you meant.
Your intel better
fucking be spot on
My intel is solid.
The house on the
border is wired,
house in San Antonio's got
so many fucking cameras
we could shoot
a God damn reality show.
That's what
I'm fucking worried about.
Let's go.
Down here.
I want you close enough
that if I yell
you can feel my fucking breath.
You ran an illegal
operation on U.S. soil
that violates our
rules of engagement.
U.S. Code 1385 that limits our
ability to operate on US soil.
You know, I've given that
a lot of thought, actually,
and USC 1385 relates
to military being deployed
to enforce domestic policy.
Sorry, did you obtain a law
degree that I'm unaware of?
Actually, I did.
I don't know if you know,
I have a degree in
constitutional law.
- If I may, Deputy Director
- [WESTFIELD] Be my guest.
You keep giving answers
to question he hasn't even asked
so shut the fuck up.
When we want to hear you speak
we will tell you to fucking speak.
Yes, ma'am.
[WESTFIELD] Thank you, Kaitlyn.
Fortunately for you, the intel is good.
It's actionable.
Joe, your team is on
standby in San Antonio.
You will have tactical
command, but Kyle is lead.
San Antonio SWAT will provide cover,
and they will take credit
if the mission is successful.
They will likely arrest you
if the mission fails
or somehow finds its way
onto the streets.
Does your intel indicate
whether San Antonio
is a way station or target?
It appears to be a way station.
Our surveillance hasn't seen any footage
of IED materials or weapons
located on the premises.
Okay, this is not capture/kill.
This is capture only.
San Antonio SWAT can't explain
a half-dozen dead foreign nationals.
So you do it quiet, and you do it clean.
Have I made myself clear?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Kyle, you're dismissed.
The assets that I have given
you to complete your mission
are just that: they are my
assets that I allow you to use.
For missions that I approve.
I don't care if you
witness a car jacking
in a church parking lot,
you do not deploy that
team without my permission.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
We owe a lot of favors
for this cowboy shit.
I don't care how good the intel,
ops are planned here.
Not on the back of a fucking napkin.
Understood, sir.
Go to San Antonio.
Why are you stopping?
I thought you wanted to talk.
We can talk on the plane.
Are you coming?
That's how much trouble you're in.
- Bobby?
- Yeah.
What the fuck is she doing here?
They sent us here.
They sent the team here.
That's not the team, that's the asset.
The asset.
Yeah, you think I'm going
to let you end up
on the news coming out of a safe house?
Or worse, eating a bullet inside it?
Bet I've kicked down
more doors than you have.
- I highly doubt it.
- A word, boss?
So, I was told there was
six targets in this house.
- Correct.
- Okay, well,
With you we're just six.
So, what, are we in the business
of fair fights now?
Come on, you know this
is a two squad minimum.
And I don't know about you,
but I don't feel like
rushing this place with
a fucking SWAT team.
It's not what they do.
Just keep her in
the back of the line.
Roger that.
[KYLE] All right, listen up.
These photos were taken yesterday
at a safe house in Alpine.
Targets left five hours ago,
which should put them
at the San Antonio location
sometime in the next twenty minutes.
We do not know how long
they are held there
until their next leg, so
assuming they are on time this evening,
we hit the house at 0400,
Door locks are electronic,
gate code is 7358.
One four-man team enters from the front,
another one from the rear.
There are two beds in each
of the three bedrooms,
which leads us to believe two per room.
We're not going to have to guess
because we have video until we breech.
At that point, power will be cut
and overwatch will be blind.
Now, listen up, this is important.
This is a capture only mission.
That is not negotiable.
If for some reason this goes to shit,
they got a cache of
weapons and they are prepared,
so we fall back, we let
San Antonio SWAT take over.
Wait, wait, wait
So you're saying if we're
fired upon we can't
[LAUGHS] we can't return
fire and save our ass?
I'm saying you lay suppressive fire
and pray to God
you don't hit anybody.
What the fuck?
Let me walk you through the
gravity of the situation here.
We have one chance to
give Border Patrol
and DPS a prize big enough
that they will look the other
way from the shit show
you created in Van Horn.
If this becomes a shit show
as well, there is no prize,
everyone runs for cover,
and you are all left standing
in the middle of the street
with your pants
around your ankles.
Got it?
Border Patrol won't lend
us their Tactics team?
Eight on six doesn't
make quick and quiet.
This is our mess,
we clean it up.
You've got movement
at the house.
- Gun.
- I see it.
- That's fucking great.
- They're armed.
Let me see if we can
get some latitude.
Are there any big sporting
events planned for tomorrow?
[KYLE] Why do you say tomorrow?
Would you set a bomb
beside your bed for a week?
When they arm them,
they use them.
Actually, Bob, I'm gonna
need you to come down here.
Shit. This keeps going
from bad to fucking worse.
I hit a house
like this in Pakistan.
But it was capture-kill.
And nobody was thinking capture.
You take it clean?
Guy in the back of
the house detonated,
took three with him.
There was only
one entrance though.
We just didn't
have enough time.
Joe. Kyle. Let's go.
We need to run this
up the pole now.
We need Homeland Security,
- you need to notify the Governor's office.
- We are on a clock
and we don't know when it runs out.
What are you gonna do, have San Antonio
SWAT trying to take them on the street?
They'll blow up the whole
fucking neighborhood.
We have an HRT team in Houston.
That's too far.
We'd better
decide something fast.
I need to evacuate
the neighborhood.
Well, and how you
plan to do that?
Gonna hit the
civil service siren?
We have BP run it,
take my team on loan.
This is clearly a threat.
We neutralize the threat.
FBI can withhold all evidence
because releasing would
jeopardize national security.
What about
the medical examiner?
A bunch of soldiers
start neutralizing threats
while they're sleeping is
homicide any way you slice it.
You don't have
the protection we have.
I have the answer,
I just don't think
you want to be here
when I say it.
- Understood.
- Yeah.
- I'll step away.
- Thank you.
You have engineers
in San Antonio?
El Paso. I have a bomb
unit in Laughlin.
I can have them
here in three hours.
We neutralize the threat.
Close down the scene until bomb
squad has secured,
which they won't.
And then we evacuate
the neighborhood
and detonate the bombs in place.
And with it
Got it.
You up for playing
outside the lines tonight?
Your team better be
pretty fucking special.
This is what we do.
Send 'em in.
Gear up. You're green.
Yes, ma'am.
New deal. Weapons free.
We clear the scene.
- When do we move?
- Right now.
- What about me?
- What about you?
This I know.
Gear up.
When we reach the site,
kill the power.
We don't want
recordings of this shit.
When our boots hit
the ground, kill the power.
You got it.
What are you smiling about?
I haven't had this
much fun since Iraq.
You're such an asshole, Kyle.
Yeah, but I'm good looking.
That makes it worse,
you know that?
Fucking asshole,
you can't even insult him.
All right,
we're leaving in five.
Let's go.
Kyle, are you fucking
wearing cologne?
I remember you now. Baghdad. 2011.
Yep. I was there.
He wore that shit
back then, too.
You stay right behind me.
You should stay behind me.
If you go into this trying
to protect her,
you're going to get killed.
You go into this trying
to prove yourself,
you're getting killed.
The only mission is
the mission you're on.
Yes, ma'am.
- Joe?
- I hear you.
- Joe.
- Understood.
We're in position. Power off.
[JOE] Hallway right.
Going left.
[CRUZ] On me.
Fuck. Cruz, hold your position!
- Allahu ak
What the fuck are you doing?
Saving your life.
E.K.I.A. wearing suicide vest room 3.
[BOBBY] Move off target.
Almost like we do this for a living.
This one activated his vest.
Even better.
Overwatch, this is QRF 2,
house is secure.
One bandit activated IED.
Request bomb squad
and engineers, over.
[WOMAN] Copy, QRF 2,
bomb squad is present.
Exit the house and they will
assume control of the scene.
One of them had
a suicide vest.
It activated.
We've surrendered the scene
to the bomb squad.
I highly recommend you evacuate
the neighborhood,
it's likely they'll need to
blow the ordinance in place.
Well played, agent.
It's not a game, sir.
You don't smell like cologne
anymore, do you,
you rank motherfucker.
I think that's you.
Fuck you.
No, he's right. It's you.
Good job.
What do I tell her?
Aaliyah. What do I tell her?
It's been three days.
I don't know.
Tell her the truth.
Just leave out the names.
The truth?
The best lies are wrapped in it.
Let me get back to you.
- Long one.
- Not short.
If I guess where do I get a prize?
You'll never guess where.
San Antonio.
Border Patrol officials
were compelled
to blow the explosives in place
destroying the house where
the terrorists were staying,
and with it any likely
motive or target
Little heads-up would have been nice.
You know what this has
done to oil prices?
I want to invite our girls
over for supper.
Bad week for it.
That wasn't a question.
I'm inviting our daughters
over for dinner.
Don't make plans.
It's gonna happen again.
- Don't know.
- When?
- Not sure.
- Then how do you know?
They're coming in through
Mexico using the cartels
and we can't stop them.
And now the whole world knows.
I'm going to take a shower.
What did I miss?
Whole bunch of this.
Pain was pretty bad last night,
so upped her morphine.
Of the opioids available
it is the lesser of all evils.
Yeah. Yeah.
Trying to get this damn
thing set up for her.
Rough night?
Believe it or not, I've had worse.
Well that's terrifying.
Did ISIS come to Baltimore, Joe,
or am I married to
a fucking hit man now?
NFL network replays
games in the morning.
You are the perfect woman.
You hate me?
Why would I hate you?
I begged them to go back
for you, but the security
pushed us out.
FaceTime me.
Uh, no. I look like hell.
That's not possible.
FaceTime me. Please.
Yeah. Yeah, just give me two minutes.
Hey. Still in the Hamptons?
Where are you?
Dorm Show me.
There's not much to see.
Show me anyway.
No, I'm embarrassed.
I don't have your money.
That's one of the things
I like about you.
I want to see it,
it's where you live.
Mm-mm, you're stuck
looking at my face.
And what torture that is.
Fine, I'll look at your face.
We are lady and the tramp,
you and I.
Except you are a lady, too,
so we are lady and the lady tramp.
Weekdays here are the best.
New bathing suit.
For making the boys crazy.
- Come back up.
- No, I can't.
You can.
No, I don't like your friends.
They are gone. I'm all alone.
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