Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

The Lie is the Truth

- Are you close?
- I'm getting close.
Weather's not cooperating
with our weekend.
You are wrong. The weather is perfect.
I love the rain.
Hurry, I have a surprise for you.
I'm hurrying.
Hurry harder. Your surprise
has to leave at seven.
What's my surprise?
Well, five women just arrived, two
of them have massage tables.
So it looks like you're
going to have a spa day.
Look at the bright side.
I don't know, I haven't
thought of one yet.
Well, here's the bright side.
I mean, you're not talking
when you have a facial.
[JOE] Three days alone with this girl,
every lie you tell her,
she is going to remember.
Tell the truth, just change
the names and locations.
Answer questions with questions
then do a lot of listening.
[CRUZ] Roger that.
No, not "roger that".
This is her wanting to know you.
I need you to understand the risks.
I understand the risk.
Guess we're gonna find out.
Hey, Cruz. We write all this stuff down.
So you'll have a cheat sheet
for the next time, okay?
Let's worry about next time
when we have one.
[KAITLYN] The debrief's
at the White House now.
The White House. Why?
Who's in the debrief?
I don't know yet. I'm gonna pick you up.
We'll talk about it in the car.
My meeting's been moved
to the White House now.
I heard.
Heard from who?
If it would make a difference,
I'd tell you.
Do you know who's in this meeting?
Don't you?
I knew who was in
the debrief at Langley.
Well, it won't be the President.
Wouldn't be the President anyway.
You don't plan bus routes
with the bus driver.
You just tell him where to drive.
I see the Secretary of State
has canceled his trip to Poland.
Who called you?
We don't do that.
He called me in confidence.
I'm your fucking wife.
You have the same rule.
If you give something you get something.
You trading for sex now?
No, I'm gonna give you
something you actually want.
Something that helps you.
National Security Advisor asking
if you went to San Antonio.
He doesn't need to call you
to answer that question.
They're nervous.
Real nervous. Worried about loose lips.
Wanted to know if I knew.
My turn.
There's a mole Qudrah Petrol.
No shit, Kate. You said useful.
[WHISPERING] It's not one of our moles.
Which nation?
Not nation. Group.
- Which group?
- More like a parent company.
You're making me work pretty
hard for my slice, Kaitlyn.
That's because you're not
asking the right questions.
Not a nation, not a state.
- You call it a group.
- Mm-hm.
Parent company,
which means there's a lot
of little companies
What are the two tallest
buildings in New York?
One World Trade Center
and Central Park Tower.
Groups like these are the reason
they're the tallest buildings.
- That's your mole.
- That's my mole.
He runs a sort of
What we call a bank for terrorists.
- Interesting.
- Mm-hm.
Not sure how it helps me.
Oh, it helps you.
It helps you when we get him
because getting him
puts 80 billion dollars' worth
of black market oil back
on the open market.
I'm gonna be late.
Kate, you're assuming putting it back
on the open market is a good thing.
Isn't it?
It's a matter of perspective, I suppose.
Whose perspective?
Look who's asking
the wrong questions now.
Welcome back, Miss Adid.
- Thanks.
- Luggage in the trunk?
I travel light.
Do I just
Can I go in?
- Please.
- Thanks.
We must hurry or they won't
have time to do everything.
What's everything?
You'll see.
Come on.
Damn it.
If they only knew the pain
of looking beautiful.
If only I'd known.
How often do you do this?
You've never been to a spa?
I'm Weird about people.
I don't like being poked at.
You've never had a facial?
But you've been to Hammam.
How no?
We don't have money.
You have money to shop in Kuwait.
My uncle has money.
And to auction me off to
a husband, he spent some.
My fanciest dinner was with you.
My first ride in a jet was with you.
First ride in a fucking
Range Rover was with you.
Sorry, I don't mean to swear.
God gave you to
the wrong family, I think.
Or there was a mix-up at the
hospital the day you were born.
You deserve all those things.
I think your uncle is the wrong
man to find you a husband.
I think that's my new job.
But it will be tricky:
No Ehsans for you.
You will need a dreamer.
But dreamers don't have money.
It's okay, I find you
a dreamer with money.
There has to be one.
I can't promise you handsome
and money and dreamer,
but I'll get you two of the three.
I don't care about money.
That's because you've never had any.
Describe to me your perfect man,
so when I'm shopping
I know what to look for.
Uh kind.
Stand up for his beliefs.
I don't really care what his beliefs are
as long as he stands up for them.
Stands up for me.
Looks me in the eye when he speaks.
What's he look like?
I couldn't care less.
I think it's you who are the dreamer.
This is easily the most uncomfortable
I've been in my life
and that's saying something.
This is to relax.
And your skin will glow like the sun.
If this makes you uncomfortable,
I worry for you and the mud.
Now are you relaxed?
I'll help you to the shower.
Washcloth and towel.
Gets everywhere, doesn't it?
Oh! Shit!
Yeah, it's, uh
One big damn shower.
Not small.
Been in a steam before, I'm sure.
Yeah, I've been in a steam.
I used to box.
Box? I don't know box.
Oh, Fight?
Of course you did.
Was that the bruises?
I haven't done it in years.
But when I did it, we would
have to sweat to make weight.
Try to get real skinny
before the weigh in,
and then put all the water back
in you before the fight.
I've been in a steam room.
Never seen one in a house,
but I know them.
But still.
No car wreck.
It was a man.
Why did you let him do that to you?
I didn't let him do anything.
Men don't start with beatings.
They start with shoves and slaps.
Then punches, then the beatings.
If you get a beating you let him
because you didn't leave with the slap.
It was the last beating.
I made sure of it.
How did you make sure?
I hit him in the face
with an iron skillet
until he didn't have one anymore
then I ran for my fucking life.
And then you came to me.
Then I came to you.
Look me in the eye and
name me your five best friends.
Don't think just do it.
Name them.
That's what I thought.
We have that in common.
Now take a breath and take your time.
And name me one.
I want to be.
I will be.
I want to be your friend.
And I am the one who stands up for you.
Will you be my friend?
Yeah, I will.
So now we are friends.
But no more lies.
How can I stand up for you
if you don't tell me the truth?
No more lies.
When you were a kid
did you have sleepovers?
Slumber party.
Eating ice cream watch stupid movies
then watch scary movies
then tell scary stories?
No, I didn't do any of that.
We do that tonight.
What the fuck am I doing?
I am fucking bored.
They only got this
one guard posted outside.
And I haven't seen anyone
come to relieve this fool.
Just been standing there all damn day.
I think the detail's
following the banker.
If that fucker's alone,
who's watching
the monitors on the inside?
You think their system's in-house
or are they feeding into computers?
You bet, Tex.
The ace of fucking spades
he's using a Nest app
for his security surveillance.
That's an NSA question.
Maybe we oughta ask 'em.
Actually, it's an FBI question
this side of the pond.
It's irrelevant, is what it is.
System's closed circuit.
What the fuck?
- P.D.?
- P.D. knocks.
Boy, did you pick the wrong
fucking house.
Officers, they just asked
me to drive 'em here.
We ain't officers.
But you're sure gonna wish we were.
Fucking ten o'clock at night.
You ever been iced this long?
I sat here for three days.
Would you both step inside, please?
Take a seat by Byron.
- Bring him down here.
It's a pretty
interesting week you've had.
I'd like to hear your version
of the events, Mr. McManus.
Which events are you referring to?
We are not fucking around today!
Extraction at the border.
Kill mission in San Antonio.
Your version now.
I'm unaware of any border extraction.
I had a safe house in
San Antonio under surveillance.
You are not authorized to
order surveillance on U.S. soil.
The request for surveillance
was made to the ATF through NSA.
Why ATF, why not the FBI?
ATF chases bombs, sir.
FBI chases headlines.
Picked up footage of
a lieutenant for Maher Al Agal
at the San Antonio residence.
Contacted ATF, FBI, San Antonio P.D.,
alerted them, and then
advised on a capture mission.
The Al Qaeda team engaged SWAT,
neutralized the threat,
and then discovered explosives
determined too volatile to move
so they were destroyed in place.
I have heard some bullshit
in my time, I'll tell you.
But that is
Bravo. You got a real winner here.
It takes local police an hour
to get their shit together
with a live shooter in a fucking school.
You want me to believe that they
dumped six Al Qaeda fighters
in less than 90 seconds?
I saw the video.
The NSA didn't just put
cameras in the house,
they parked a fucking satellite over it.
You know, I was impressed
with them as well, sir.
It was cute the first time.
Care to give us your version?
I don't have a version, sir.
You saying you weren't there?
I was there to identify Mohamed Mahmoud.
However, the decision
to detonate the residence
made that impossible.
So we're all just going to pretend that
a CIA quick reaction force
did not execute a kill mission
in front of CBS fucking news.
Secretary Mullins, I'm confused,
did CBS News report
that a CIA QRF operated
within the borders
of the United States?
I've not heard that.
No, they didn't.
They're too busy filming
the victory lap that the local police
is taking for saving the city.
Isn't that the most important
thing: that the city was saved?
It's the most important
thing to the city.
The most important thing for me
is protecting my President
from a CIA team operating on U.S. soil.
There doesn't seem to be
any evidence of that.
There's evidence everywhere I look:
I've got a director of operations
and two senior case officers
on the ground in Texas at a time
when a kill mission
is executed in a manner
that no U.S. police force
is trained to do.
That is not evidence,
that is speculation.
Is it your testimony that
there is zero physical
or digital evidence of your involvement
in a mission in San Antonio?
Is that what I'm doing, here?
I'm testifying?
If evidence surfaces, you will be.
I can promise you.
There is no evidence to surface.
We are not the
only people studying this.
You know Russia is going to come down
so fast on every police officer
involved in this investigation.
And I would love to meet
the watch commander
who can resist the race horse
of a woman they will sic on him.
So what would you like to do here?
Should we turn this over
to Senate Intelligence
and have a hearing?
It's going to be hard to prosecute
because it's such a win.
Americans have seen the consequences
of fumbling intelligence.
Let's not forget the
Jordanian intelligence
warned us of an airborne terrorist
attack two months before 9-11.
Did we know the flight schools
where the terrorists trained?
Did we know the names and locations
of two of the terrorists? Yes.
Does sending a team and
neutralizing those threats
look like a good idea
in the rear view mirror?
Four shy of three thousand died here.
God knows how many died
in Afghanistan over the years.
That is what was avoided here.
They had enough explosives
to blow up the Alamodome,
which was hosting an Elton John
concert that very weekend.
That venue holds 64,000 people.
I'll let that sink in for a minute.
So, we can keep playing this game,
but what I'd really like to
is go back to my office
and hand out T-shirts that say
"You're goddam right we did it".
But you're never going
to be able to prove it.
Give it your best shot.
I think we could do just that.
Thank you, Agent McManus.
That will be all.
- Next order of business.
- Something you forgot to tell us?
I updated you on our progress
at last month's briefing.
Quite a bit has happened since then.
Are you close?
Closer than we've ever been.
How close?
I have someone embedded
with a next of kin.
Is someone a contract
agent or a Lioness?
A Lioness, sir.
If she's able to make
contact with the target,
what are her directives then?
Neutralize the target if possible.
If not we can send the QRF,
or depending on the location
we can use a drone,
possibly a tomahawk
depending on the target's proximity
to our fleet in the Mediterranean.
How does she request
authorization for that?
She's been green since
she first made contact
with her mark.
We need to assume that authority.
No, it doesn't work like that.
Once she's embedded,
we don't have access to her.
We can only keep eyes
her on from a distance,
but that's all we can do without
jeopardizing the mission.
Well, then how can she order
a missile strike?
She doesn't. I do.
Without being able to
contact the Lioness?
No, sir.
Are you saying the Lioness
is collateral damage?
Collateral damage is unintended.
I'm saying it's a casualty
of the situation.
A sacrifice.
Yes, ma'am.
What a lovely war.
And what is the anticipated
point of contact?
A wedding.
- Location?
- Unknown.
Even to the bride.
But we do have a date.
December 7th.
We're naming this mission
Operation Yellow Jacket.
Your authorization code
to launch or execute is "Mabel".
I repeat, Mabel.
And how am I supposed
to relay that to the Lioness
when I have no contact with her?
Not my problem.
Once they depart for the wedding,
command of this operation will
move to the situation room.
You will both oversee
from there, understood?
Why are you taking over our operation?
Because your team had
a fire-fight on the interstate
then executed a kill mission
in Middle America
then blew up a fucking house
to destroy the evidence.
You can do that kind of shit
all you want in Syria.
You don't get to do it here.
You can go and make those
T-shirts now, Byron.
[HOLLAR] That's all.
- [MASON] Thank you.
- [HOLLAR] Thanks for coming.
What the fuck was that about?
Not here. Meet me in Langley.
- Kaitlyn.
- Not another fucking word.
- My team.
- Not the place.
[SIGHS] I need ten minutes.
[TWO CUPS] This problem
will still be here.
[MAN] Oh, shit.
[WOMAN] Oh my God.
[MAN] You know what?
There's footsteps in but
there's no footsteps out.
- [WOMAN] Oh, God.
- What the fuck?!
Micah! Micah! Micah!
Oh! Why the fuck are we watching this?
I'm gonna have to sleep with
the fucking lights on.
Micah! [SOBBING]
That's it? That's the end of the movie?
Not yet.
That's the end of the movie.
Why would anyone pay
to have the shit scared
out of them for two hours?
I'm gonna need therapy after that.
It's like the roller coaster.
Why do you ride the roller coaster?
I don't ride the rollercoaster.
Scared of rollercoasters.
No, I'm not fucking scared
of the rollercoaster.
I'm scared of the 18 year-old
making minimum wage
to operate it.
Now we have to watch
something funny or sad
to get it out of our brains.
Which one?
I don't want to watch
something depressing
after being traumatized.
Romance then.
Um, "Notebook". You seen "The Notebook?"
- I haven't seen anything.
- Okay.
Well, now you will cry, but a good cry,
a "love exists in the world"
kind of cry.
I think I'm drunk.
Are you drunk?
One of those legs must be hollow.
What's the problem?
Uh, group of three tried
to rob the house.
We're holding them now.
This fucking day.
Assuming you don't want us
to call the local P.D.
I definitely do not want you doing that.
Hold on.
Well, that was pretty fun, huh?
What are you doing?
I am about to get really drunk.
I would hold off on that.
Mm. I'm pretty committed.
Remember that favor you fucking owe me?
I need it.
Can you describe
the problem over the phone?
My friends ran into
some wayward young men.
I need those men to get
amnesia real fucking fast.
- Where am I going?
- Hamptons.
Is Kaitlyn gonna clear me a jet
or do I have to drive for seven hours?
Can you get him a jet?
The jet will be ready.
All right, what's my budget
on hush money?
If it's more than ten apiece
they'll just buy a car
wreck it and tell the police everything.
- Ten.
- I'm on my way.
I'll text you the address.
Text it to the burner.
- Congressman.
There's a reporter for the Post
over my left shoulder.
Thank you.
Just doing my part.
I don't buy it.
They were too upset.
And that was too big a win.
San Antonio is the excuse.
They don't have the resolve on Amrohi.
He funnels money to
ISIS, Taliban, Hezbollah,
any terrorist group with
their hand out he funds.
Sunni, Shia, he doesn't give a shit.
I'm surprised the Saudis
haven't killed him themselves.
The only thing that makes sense is
they want the region destabilized.
Us too, I guess.
I don't see a single
political benefit from that.
I certainly don't see
the human rights benefit.
I don't either.
But that's how this is presenting
and we have to figure out why.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Piss your pants.
[BOBBY] Oh, shit.
I'm not cleaning that shit up.
Jesus! This looks like fun.
You know why they get you
sitting on your heels like that?
'Cause your legs fall asleep
from the knees down.
So if you try to get up and run,
you just fall flat on your fucking face.
Sit the fuck down!
Only people who know that
little trick are professionals.
You know what I mean
when I say professionals?
They make a living
out of pursuing, detaining,
and neutralizing threats
posed by others.
Who we got?
Lucky for you
212 Spring Street, Farmingdale.
Lucky for you, I'm going
to do a little DNA swab
of the inside of your cheek, Damian.
You're not much of a threat,
but you're a fucking nuisance.
Open your mouth.
Were they armed?
Pistols. We got 'em over there.
I'll take 'em with me.
All right, open up, and say ah.
Open up.
Open your mouth.
All right, here's the deal
we are going to make.
Hold your hands out in front of you.
Fucking hold your hands up
in front of you!
It's not that hard.
Fucking hold your hands out.
Tonight shouldn't be a
complete waste of time.
I mean, you came here for something,
so [LAUGHS] you should
fucking get something.
Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!
Hey you should fucking
get something, right?
Hm. Do you know what that is?
That's money.
But if I ever see you here again,
we're gonna consider you a threat.
And if you speak of this
- to anyone
I'll consider you an even bigger threat.
And then we're gonna have to assume
that you spoke to your families and
and now they're a threat too.
I made it pretty clear
what we do to threats,
didn't I, Damian? Yeah? Yeah?
Yes, yes, you did.
I want to hear you say it.
You you you kill them.
We fucking do.
All right, then. [PATS DAMIAN ON BACK]
I think we can turn these
little pigeons loose now.
All right. Stand up. Let's go.
- Stand up.
- Up, up, up.
- Get your ass up.
- Get up.
- Turn to your left.
- Stay, stay.
All right, there you go.
Hands on the shoulders of
the man in front of you.
Damian, you're the lead.
Keep your hands by your side.
Walk forward until I tell you to stop.
Follow my voice.
[RANDY] Steps. Steps.
- I smell like piss now.
- [RANDY] Steps.
Come on, come on.
All right. Stop.
Turn to the right.
You will walk forward
to your car, you will get in,
you will drive away.
You will not look back in
the direction of the house.
- Do you understand?
- [ALL] Yes.
What about our shoes?
They're our shoes now. Fuck your shoes.
I said that you would cry.
You said it was a good cry.
This is fucking heartbreaking.
But they knew love.
Can't have heartbreak
if you don't have love.
It's just so fucking sad.
I'll never know love.
But I guess I'll never know
heartbreak either.
Don't marry him.
It's not my choice.
It is absolutely your choice.
You are not Arab.
You may have Arab ancestry,
but you were raised here.
You live here.
You live here.
I play here.
[VOICE BREAKING] When I am married
I will live in Riyadh.
In my country, my culture,
to say no is to shame both families.
I would be taken back to
Riyadh, locked away or killed.
For me to choose love
would be the death of me.
My turn, I guess.
You ever been in love?
I would love to feel it just once.
Me, too.
Just trying to make it a little
wheelchair friendly in here.
I can see that.
- What time is it?
- It's late.
Too late for a night cap?
It's never too late for a night cap.
How was she today?
Today was rough.
Backed off the morphine so she's sore.
Sorry I wasn't there.
I told her today was gonna be tough.
She was okay with that?
Well, whatever you said worked.
She is gonna need more of you, though.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
- Hey.
- Hey.
No more Band-Aids, okay?
Just you and me from now on.
I'd like that.
Oh, good.
We should probably bank a few sessions
before I have to go overseas.
I think that's a really good idea.
My mother called!
They have chosen a place for
the wedding: Mallorca!
Mallorca! Ha ha!
That's good?
It's the most beautiful
place on the earth!
What was that?
I don't know.
Well, you won't believe Mallorca.
You won't believe your eyes.
And now we must shop. We must shop!
You want some breakfast?
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