Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Wish the Fight Away

No, it needs to be a 550.
The FBO is Palma Del Mallorca.
I want you to check wedding
planners, catering companies.
See what's booked. Get
me times, get me numbers.
It has to be in one hop, yes.
- [WESTFIELD] We're watching.
- Tomorrow.
I know. I know, okay?
Have you spoken with State?
Because it's bullshit.
It's bullshit, Tom.
No, I can't hold. Tell
him to call me back.
- Yeah.
[BOBBY] She's on the move.
- Where?
- The city.
- [JOE] With luggage?
- [BOBBY] Yes, with luggage.
Fuck. This is happening right now?
You want one of us to tail?
- Boss?
- I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
Hold on. [SIGHS]
Come back to base. I need
you to set up in country.
I'll get someone to cover.
[BOBBY] Roger that.
That thing go smooth?
Yeah, about as good
as those things can go.
- Where you headed?
- Puerto Vallarta.
Sounds like fun.
I can promise you it won't be.
Is it urgent that you leave today?
This may come as a shock to you,
but we've uncovered some
corruption in the Mexican military.
I need part two of my favor.
Your favor has got a part two?
Favor has a part five.
You burned me, motherfucker,
you remember that?
Yeah, burned is a strong word.
Did you forget where we were yesterday?
My lioness is on the move
and I need my team to leap frog ahead.
Fuck. Where is she?
Long Island. On her way to the city.
How you tracking her?
GPS on her phone and a
voice activated transmitter.
Be careful with those transmitters,
they can pick 'em up if they're looking.
It's encrypted. Just check your email.
On my way.
Do we have any gear stashed
in the consulate in Palma?
[KAITLYN] It's all in Madrid.
I think you keep your gear on a boat.
You rent a house with a dock.
[WESTFIELD] If we give
CIFA a courtesy call,
they'll probably let us bring it in.
Don't tell them the reason
you have an asset embedded,
just tell them you
want to provide cover.
[KAITLYN] If you tell Spanish military,
then they'll have to
follow NATO protocols
and then it's going to end
up reaching Joint Chiefs.
And we're going to be back
in a room in the White House
with a Senator telling
us how to fight a war.
Let's get everyone set up overseas.
And if we play this right
it is over before it's begun.
It's already run by a Senator.
They assumed authority, Kaitlyn.
[KAITLYN] Our asset is embedded.
The mission is launched
and there's no way we can stop it now.
You know what they're
gonna say about that
at your Congressional hearing?
"Why didn't you call
her fucking cellphone?"
Because it'll get her killed and expose
the entire program.
That's what we'll say.
There is really no means to abort?
Not a safe one.
Look, we can cancel the mission,
we can shut down the program,
but that marine is going to Mallorca
whether we like it or not.
She is in.
And there are only two ways out:
mission success or mission failure.
I want you on the ground
in Mallorca as well.
If they want to stop
it and we really can't,
it's at least got to look like we tried.
[WESTFIELD] What's our nearest fleet?
6th fleet in Naples.
We have destroyers home ported in Rota.
Hey, I've got something
going on in Mallorca,
I might need support.
It depends on how bad it goes.
Can you park a destroyer near Palma?
When do you leave for Mallorca?
When do we leave?
Uh, I don't know. Soon though.
- We must shop with urgency.
- I don't understand.
How do you not know when you
leave for your own wedding?
Arab way, a marriage is a contract.
That has already been signed. [LAUGHS]
Now, it's just celebration.
But my father, he worries.
I will be kidnapped or my mother.
The oil business is a dirty one.
It happens enough
that the worry is real.
So the date announced is never the date.
For me, it's perfect. I plan nothing.
I show up, we have a
party, have another party.
Go to the beach, have
a feast. Then come home.
Do you like having your own driver?
I have no choice.
And I don't know how to drive.
Besides, maybe someone tries
to snatch me off the street,
they'll have their work
cut out for them with Asif.
I don't think anyone's going to
try to kidnap you in New York.
I would love to live
in your innocent world.
In Beverly Hills, if they see
you with a nice car or purse,
rings, they will follow you home.
Rob you, rob your house, take the car.
If you're pretty enough,
they take you, too.
There is no more safe in this world.
But there is a world inside the world.
A special world.
And I'm going to show it to you.
Miss Amrohi. Welcome back.
- Thank you.
- Please.
Have you been summering in the Hamptons?
Until autumn ran us off.
- Now the Mediterranean.
Much better this time of year.
We have picked out some wonderful things
- for you both to try.
- Really?
Miss Amrohi guessed that
your shoe size was a 9?
I cheated I looked in your shoe.
This is Hillary.
She'll be just outside if you
need any sizes or any assistance.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Oh!
I spilled.
Holy shit.
No, no no. Don't look at the price.
Finish it. Finish!
This how you shop?
Eh. The world within a world.
So Which one?
Yes, yes.
Try this one.
And now we need shoes.
Try these.
- Okay.
La la la la la ♪
Didn't I treat you best? ♪
Thank you.
Or did I do you wrong? ♪
Where did I go wrong? ♪
I must have done some ♪
I must have done Something wrong ♪
I don't really like this one.
Yeah, no. Try the lavender one, maybe.
What did you think about this morning?
I don't know what to
think about this morning.
Me neither.
But it's all I think about.
Have you thought about it?
Yeah, I've thought about it.
Come here.
And I'm right outside if you need me.
Great, thank you.
This is not the place
to figure this out.
No, it's not.
But I do know a place.
If you want me to take you there.
Take me.
Uh, just leave them there.
We'll figure it out.
Don't worry.
I'll buy you five more.
[WHISPERS] I don't care
about the fucking dress.
Look at me.
Hey. We flying out of Langley?
- FBO at Dulles.
- FBO.
- Mm-hmm. - With
all this shit?
We don't need a manifest at FBO.
Great. We're on our own again.
- Yeah.
We're all tucked away over here.
She checked into the Pendry.
And where are you?
Same place. Two floors down.
How you going to move if she moves
if you're staying in a hotel room?
Are you kidding? These
two aren't going anywhere.
Yeah, don't bet on it.
You haven't heard the audio.
No, we're loading the trucks.
Well, you might want to plug in
because these two are a couple.
A couple?
Why would you think they're a couple?
Because I've been listening to them fuck
for the past three hours.
- She just texted me. What room are you in?
- 728.
Okay. I'm gonna send
her there in an hour.
All right, got it.
Kaitlyn. I gotta get
there. I need a chopper.
Hey, Mike, you got a
bird that can travel now?
It's waiting for you.
- Thank you. Bobby?
- Yeah.
- Come on. Let's go.
- [BOBBY] Shit.
What are you doing?
I need to take a walk.
I just
I need to process this.
Are you coming back?
I don't know.
This has no future.
It has the future we make it.
Then it has no future.
Everything alright?
I'm just getting some fresh air.
Everything's fine.
Doesn't look fine.
We had a fight. Friends fight.
Want me to go after her?
No, let her go.
Joe here?
Just landed. She's coming up.
Want a water or something?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm gonna go grab a drink at the bar.
- If you need me, text me.
- [JOE] Yeah.
What happened?
We had sex is what happened.
So, you had sex.
What's the issue?
The issue is I'm
not trained for this.
I don't know how to pretend
to be one thing and just
not feel.
I I think I'm in
fucking love with her
and now I'm going to fly
across the world to
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I don't care how big this room is,
you talk this shit in a whisper.
[WHISPERING] I can't do this.
I can't do this. I
Okay. You know what,
just sit down. Just
Look at me.
I know how it feels:
always on guard, no
one you can confide in,
there is alone and then there's you.
I get it.
And I also know that you
have been abused
and ignored.
You have no family, you have no friends.
And then you gave
yourself to the Marines,
and then to me.
And now you have a
purpose, and it is noble.
But it can't make you feel loved.
It can't make you feel wanted.
And people need that.
She made you feel that and I'm
I'm glad.
But don't delude yourself into
thinking she's in love with you.
You are her last hoorah
before she assumes the role
of baby maker and baby raiser.
This whole thing flying
from beach to beach,
that shit is done.
She is going to a compound
in Riyadh where she will stay,
covered in a burqa to get
pregnant and raise children.
You've been to war.
You have killed many a father,
and you will do it again.
What's different about this one is
he is financially
responsible for every conflict
in the Middle East since 9-11.
Neutralizing this man is the equivalent
of blowing up the only bank
accessible to terrorists.
They lose their ability to borrow money,
move it and launder it.
This is the biggest target we
have uncovered since Bin Laden,
who was a father, I might add.
Is there anything you wouldn't say or do
to a child of Bin Laden's
to rid the world of him?
She is using you
the same way we're using her.
All you are to her is a
last attempt at feeling free.
And if you want her to feel
that, that's your choice.
You can do that.
And yes, you making contact
and eliminating that target,
that betrayal will break her.
But I got news for you: it
was gonna break her anyway.
[SIGHS] This is too fucking hard.
Give the other guy a
gun, I'll be the first one
through the door to fight him.
Just give me a fair fight.
There's no such thing as a fair fight.
This will all be over in a week.
I just need you to
pretend for seven days.
Give me seven days.
That's it.
And then you're out.
Can you do that for me?
I can try.
But I don't think she's pretending.
I don't care if she is.
I only care that you're pretending.
What did I do wrong?
You didn't do anything wrong.
Bring up the audio.
But you're acting like
I did something wrong.
I only did what you wanted.
You're getting married.
I'm getting traded.
What happened?
I don't know. [TYPING]
I can't go with you to Mallorca.
I don't want to watch
your father give you away,
and you don't want me anywhere near it.
Trust me.
- You're on our signal, right?
- Of course I'm on the signal.
- What happened, Kyle?
- It's not transmitting.
Son of a bitch, she fucking
turned the transmitter,
she turned it off.
Where's your kit?
It's right here.
She's outing herself,
she's blowing the whole fucking mission.
You won't get to watch
that no matter what.
My father can't be in public.
I only see him in Riyadh.
He won't be at the wedding?
That would be suicide for
him. He is smarter than that.
We can't do this anymore.
- It's too complicated.
- Wait.
It's pointless.
Or cancel the wedding
and we see what happens.
If I canceled the
wedding, I'd be killed.
I think it's worse to
feel love just once.
Better never to feel it.
Now I know what I'm missing.
I leave for Riyadh first
thing in the morning.
There will be five hundred
people at the wedding.
And no friends.
Unless you come.
I have a room for you at the
house, if you'll accept it.
Yeah. I'll accept it.
I'm almost on the street heading south.
TSS Heliport. 34th and FDR.
Take a cab, don't
take an Uber. Pay cash.
Come with me.
[JOE] Sit.
I'll stand.
Sit the fuck down.
Are you blown?
Answer me.
I'm not blown.
You shut off your transmitter.
I thought about it.
Then I turned it back on.
What did you tell her?
That it's pointless.
That it's just
We have no future.
What else?
That's it.
What else?
Eight people are going to risk their
lives to protect you. What else?
Nothing else.
She said her father
won't be at the wedding.
That's what she's trained to say.
Why didn't you stay with her?
- Why?
- Because
Because, because, because. Why?
Because I can't sleep beside the woman
whose father I'm supposed to kill!
I can't!
I fucked up. I'm not trained for this.
I don't know how to do this.
She gave you this?
Why not fly with her?
She's going to Riyadh first.
You trust her on a
commercial flight alone?
How can I trust this now?
Going under is stressful.
The lines of what is
real always get blurred.
With someone that has no training.
Maybe she doesn't show.
We punt this one.
We lose the op, we save the program.
I just need to sleep and think and
try to get my fucking head right.
We need our Marine back.
You need to remember
what you're fighting for.
[CRYING] I know.
I say she misses her flight.
Takes a ride with us to Barcelona.
Travels on from there. Kyle can shadow.
Have you ever been in a battle
you didn't think you'd survive?
And fear wanted to curl you in a ball
and try to wish the fight
away? You ever felt that?
But you kept your finger on that trigger
and your focus down range and
you fucking fought through it.
This is no different.
It's the same thing.
The difference here: in battle,
the guilt comes after.
In this fight, the guilt is
with you from the very beginning.
Grab a bunk. Get some sleep.
Take a shower.
We're wheels up at 1500.
I'm not sure she can
be glued back together.
I've just reached the Marine in her.
She's a fighter. She can do it.
All the same, a missile
strike is our surest option.
If it comes to that.
I know.
You know or you agree?
I disagree with every fiber of my being.
But I'll do it.
You gonna go home first?
Yeah. Kate gets home
today. I wanna see her.
I would too.
Wheels up at three?
You doing okay, kiddo?
Been better.
You know, you have the
hardest job on this unit.
And there ain't a close second.
I couldn't do your job.
Not even for five minutes.
I've made a pretty big mess of it.
Hey, you ain't messed nothing.
You've got us on the ace of spades.
It's not about how
you do it. You did it.
Just keep that compass
pointed north, huh?
I'm trying.
Where are the bunks?
Down the hallway.
Take any one on the right.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
And thank you.
All right, kiddo. Let's go.
New car?
Yeah, the wheelchair
wouldn't fit in mine.
Plus, I wanna strap
it to the roof, so
- Hi, baby.
- Hi, Mom.
Okay, you ready for this?
Can't be much worse
than getting in the car.
Okay, ready?
- [JOE] Slow and steady.
- [NEAL] There you go.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Let the rehab begin, huh?
[JOE] Damn right.
[NEAL] Okay, welcome home. [DOOR CLOSES]
When Dad said you broke it
he meant you broke broke it?
Mm-hmm. Doesn't really get more broke.
Can you walk?
Does it look like I can walk?
Remember her age.
Should be in a month I can walk.
And then in a week I can use crutches.
[JOE] I'm gonna get this out of the way.
[NEAL] All right. Pull it back.
Get this pillow.
How does that feel?
It's fine.
Looks like you get shower
and bathroom detail, Mom.
Lucky you.
Can you give us a minute?
Yeah. Thanks, Charlie.
I have a favor to ask you.
- Okay.
- It's a big one.
I need you to forgive me.
For what?
For not being here this week.
Where are you going?
Somewhere I'd rather
not go to do something
I just, um I don't want to do, Kate.
Then why do it?
Because I believe that
doing it will save lives.
Look, Mom. I know that
he's a doctor and all,
but I can't have my father
help me use the bathroom
and bathe me, it's a mother's job.
Which is why we have a nurse
coming to stay here with us.
And she's gonna be
staying in the guest room.
Okay. Problem solved then.
Is it dangerous?
Where you're going?
Could you be killed?
Are you going there
to kill someone else?
I can't answer that, Kate.
You just did.
Hey, I need you to give me your word
that this stays between us, okay?
And only us.
You can't even tell
your father about this.
Promise me.
I promise.
Are you scared?
Very scared.
Can you Can you promise
me you'll come back?
It's It's bad luck
to make that promise.
I promise you I'll try.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Why's Mama crying?
She's just worried about Kate.
Why don't you go and
check on your sister?
Why are you crying?
I guess she didn't
take it too well, huh?
She took it a hell of
a lot better than I did.
This is the last one.
I'm putting in for a desk.
I can't fucking do this anymore.
Make that decision on a Saturday
when our kid's not in traction
and there's no plane waiting, okay?
The decision's been made.
I love you.
I love you.
This is a bad one, isn't it?
I'm off to see the world.
What's the matter?
Everybody's crying and I don't know why.
No, baby, no.
We're just we're happy
that your sister's home.
- That's it?
- That's it.
It's okay.
We're all a bunch of softies, huh?
[ERROL] Olaf made a deal with the devil,
now he's paying for it.
Being dependent on a
resource you can't harvest
means your political
position is the position
of the nation you buy the resource from.
Uh, let me call you back.
- Thought you left.
- Got delayed.
I'm leaving now.
Drove all the way back
to tell me you're leaving?
I thought you deserved a proper goodbye.
You're on a clock, so I
won't make you work for it.
This is a tricky one, Kate.
We have so thoroughly fucked up the
political structure of the Gulf states,
the leaders we have placed in power
need us to be the enemy of their people.
Or the people will start asking
why point six percent of the population
has income over 1 million dollars
and 41 percent make less
than ten thousand dollars.
Unrest in the region
protects those in power.
And we need them to stay in power.
Iran is what happens when they don't.
So, we take our licks.
When they push it too far,
say they start flying
planes into buildings,
they take a beating.
You're on the verge of removing
the financial center of that unrest.
And as tragic and awful
as their attacks may be,
they worry the unknown is worse.
What do you think?
All this nonsense about climate change.
We sit on the precipice of
a third world war every day.
And none of the global
powers Ours included
Has the leadership to navigate us
through that without nuclear war.
The sooner we get our energy
from anything besides oil,
the better chance we have of
not exterminating ourselves.
I doubt the species lives long enough
to die from climate change.
That's what I think.
Thank you for removing my
moral high ground on this one.
- Kate
You've been doing this long enough
to know that morality
doesn't factor in at all.
At the end of the day,
your job is to make sure
our text books aren't in Russian.
Survival is a better
motivator than morality anyway.
Be careful, Kate.
Everyone's watching on this one.
Careful is why they send me.
I'll see you in a week.
If I don't end up in a Spanish prison.
Are you making a joke or
is that where you're going?
See ya in a week.
[KNOCKING] [TWO CUPS] We're wheels up.
Oh, fuck.
Now it's a party!
I need every shooter
I can get for this one.
How you doing?
I'm here.
I want you to watch something.
This is news footage,
surveillance footage
and satellite imagery of
every single terrorist attack
we can conclusively link Amrohi to.
It's an eight hour flight.
You're not gonna finish it.
But I want you to try.
I want you to remember
the Marine who volunteered to do this.
Because we need her.
So, we think it's this house.
It was rented last week.
We do have a satellite on it now.
My eyes on the ground
count a security team
of eight doing the advance.
If you look right here, there's
all kinds of shit going on.
Caterers, florists.
Looks like they're building
some sort of a stage for a band.
Where is our recon staged?
In a house about a half mile away.
But I do want to get 'em out
of there as soon as possible,
I'm sure his team's already
marked as a sniper's nest.
If we need to intercept,
where's our best approach?
Approach is a disaster.
It sits on a peninsula.
The shoreline is a fucking cliff.
There's a stairwell that
leads up from the beach.
We haven't cracked that
yet, but we're working on it.
Infil and exfil will most
likely be from the water.
So base off a yacht, something
else that's fast to insert.
The Roosevelt does have a crack team
of PJs assigned to it.
They could insert and yank us
from the water on the exfil.
It's either that or a fucking chopper,
but nothing low-viz about a chopper.
If you are being exfilled
then the low-viz option has been blown.
[TWO CUPS] So what's the food
situation on this fucking thing?
Is this it?
Chips and fucking mixed nuts.
Look in the back.
That way.
Oh, oh! Fucking bingo.
I'm need a hand in here.
[TEX] Don't gotta ask me twice.
[TWO CUPS] Protein bars if they got 'em.
[TEX] Yep.
- Sit down.
- Can you stop?
- Sorry, cap.
- Cut that shit out.
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