Special Ops: Lioness (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Gone is the Illusion of Order

These are beacons.
They have no signature so
they'll withstand a scan.
What's the difference in the two?
It's redundancy.
In case you lose one,
both work the same.
Thumb and forefinger, depress together
and the signal is live.
They will almost certainly
scramble the cell signal,
so that is the only way to
contact us if you have Geronimo
and/or need a hot extraction.
Kyle will be your closest contact.
We will be offshore of the location.
If things go south, your
extraction point is the water.
Look at me.
Where's your head?
Ready to do my job, ma'am.
Got that out of your
system pretty quick.
Never said it was out of my system.
I said I'll do my job.
You just watched eight hours
of what happens if you don't.
Listen, you hit that button,
and we'll come running, okay?
I'm planning on it.
All right.
Give 'em hell.
Who are you?
Part of your team.
Text the mark your arrival time.
There you go.
You got your passport?
Take it out.
[KYLE] You're in the big time now.
Once we walk through that
door, you don't know me.
Keep your phone on.
That's how we'll track you to the house.
I doubt it's gonna
work once we get there.
Listen, slip through
this door real smooth,
like you're supposed to be back here
and then hot-foot it to the gate.
Good luck.
[MAN] Hi. [WOMAN] Buenas tardes.
[WOMAN] Bienvenidos.
What did I say? And why are you alone?
First off, our asset is embedded.
We don't have the
ability to call her off.
This is not a "go no-go" situation.
This is a follow the
prize when the prize moves,
and the prize moved.
Second, my case officer
cannot lead a QRF force
and direct operations at the same time.
You wanted some measure of
control over this situation:
that is what I've given you.
No, Byron, we didn't want some measure
of control over the situation.
We wanted all the fucking control.
And you kept it from us.
With all due respect,
Secretary, if you didn't
want him killed, maybe you
should have taken his name
off the top of the kill list.
So What are our moves?
I can send in the QRF
and pull the agent.
That does not guarantee
that we avoid an incident.
It probably creates one
given the amount of security.
The Lioness is going to work
it out how she works it out:
either this is a successful
mission or she fails.
We can choose to not intervene,
she looks like a lone wolf.
The Lioness operation has
been extremely successful.
Not sure I'd call Syria a success.
We took out the top ISIS general
and his entire support staff
and sustained one casualty.
We had 24,000 casualties in Afghanistan
and we got run out of
the fucking country.
I'm not sure I understand
your definition of success.
Let me add a degree of difficulty
to this situation, Deputy Director:
The President is in Paris.
As we speak, there
is not a European city
with more terrorist elements in place.
What I have to decide is:
Do I put the President on Air Force One
and hot-foot it back to D.C. right now,
which likely puts him in
international air space
when it sets off?
The wedding is tomorrow night.
If Amrohi is present, and
if the decision is to launch
a strike from the Roosevelt,
then yes, I would bring
him home immediately.
But if our asset is able to
neutralize the target herself,
I don't see how this is
linked backed to us in any way.
You just have to decide
how bad you want to be sure.
And if you have the stomach for it.
[CHUCKLES] Walk with me.
No one is questioning
the value of the target.
He has created nightmares for everyone:
us, Great Britain, Emirates, Saudis.
But he's also been useful.
Killing this piece of shit would be
therapeutic for the region,
but the man isn't a billionaire
from blowing up open
air markets and mosques.
He's a billionaire because
he moves eight million barrels
a day into Russia and China.
What happens to oil prices
when ten percent of production
returns to the open market?
It's a calamity for
our strategic partners.
And how do Russia and China react?
What's their response?
So I'm clear: you're
saying that you'd prefer
he keep stealing it and
killing people with the profits.
I'm saying now is not
the time for change.
We keep the devil we know for now,
because the world
doesn't have the leaders
to navigate the devil we don't know.
In keeping with that theme.
We should bring POTUS home.
Anyone got a reason why?
What about this mall
shooting in Des Moines?
That's good. Keeps it
fresh before the primaries.
I'll take it.
Don't go far.
- Miss Adid.
- Hi.
- Got bags checked?
- Uh, no, just this.
Sí, claro.
[WOMAN] Mm-hmm.
Who's gonna captain?
I'll show you the bridge
and walk you through it.
- Where's our gear?
- Below.
Show me.
Travel time to Mallorca?
'Bout four hours.
Stowed everything in here.
If the Spanish navy
boards they won't search
the Captain's Quarters unless
everyone acts real squirrelly.
Ammo cans are in the closets.
Personal gear is in the other berths.
That'll work.
You ever piloted a Viking before?
Similar. Ran Rivieras in the States.
Similar deal. But this is faster.
She tops out at forty knots,
so nobody's catching you
and if you gotta make
defensive maneuvers
don't be scared to spin the wheel.
This bitch can sit down and get it.
Roger that.
[KAITLYN] Kyle's not trailing, is he?
No, he's hanging back.
We know which house.
They're leaning toward pulling her.
She's already en route to location.
We're about four hours away.
I only have two agents on the ground.
How the fuck am I
supposed to get her out?
Reason with them, Byron.
They're worried about Russia's reaction.
They don't think POTUS
can navigate the wake.
We can't pull her now.
We don't have the means.
And we are unable to
communicate the order.
Twenty-two years we've
been trying to get this guy.
I know.
Let me work on them.
Fucking cowards.
Ready to go.
Everything made the trip.
- [TUCKER] Untie us, would you?
- [O'MALLEY] You got it.
Roosevelt's 14 mikes off target.
She'll be pretty hard to miss on radar.
Satellite contact to the bridge.
Holler if you need 'em.
And, uh, shred that when
you're done, needless to say.
It was needless. Thank you.
- Two Cups.
- Yo.
Feel like stowing lines?
Yeah, I got it.
Lets put some guns together.
[TEX] Fucking A.
We're good.
That's it.
Jammed the signal.
Yeah. She's truly on her own from here.
Your purse.
Step through please.
[MULLINS] Is that your
Lioness, right there?
[WESTFIELD] That is the Lioness.
Is all this security?
Follow me.
[MASON] How are you
planning to get her out?
Thank you. That's what
we've been trying to explain.
You can't order a missile
strike on this location
no matter who the target is.
I would tend to agree.
How is the operator supposed
to neutralize the target?
- She has limited options.
- [HOLLAR] I would say so.
It's what she's trained to do.
- She has no weapon.
- The environment's her weapon.
She'll find one.
Assume she executes
the mission, what then?
She enacts a beacon, she
moves to an extraction point
and the QRF intercepts.
Okay, just so I'm clear:
define "execute the mission,"
because there's no way she's
killing this fucking guy
with all that security.
And he's not even here yet.
Mark the target with a tracker,
draw the target out where we can get
visual confirmation through satellite.
At that point, we can
strike with the QRF.
We can strike with the Roosevelt
if we end up tracking him back
to a location that's better
suited for that response.
And if the opportunity presents itself,
she can neutralize the target herself.
Any of these are possibilities.
Ehsan, how are you?
Very good, thank you. Come in.
You went to New York with Aaliyah?
Yeah, we went shopping for the wedding.
And then at night, you leave in tears.
Then come back, then
leave in tears again.
Then Aaliyah leaves in the morning.
And more tears.
You don't know her to cry for her.
She doesn't know you.
So, why the tears?
Because she's scared.
She loves you but she's scared.
I'm scared too for different reasons.
She's scared because her
life is about to change,
and I'm scared mine won't change.
They even tell the same lies.
How they know to tell the same lies,
it's a fucking mystery.
Don't like that, do you?
The fire with this one.
Tomorrow, Aaliyah is my wife.
And tomorrow, there is no more you.
Tonight is goodbye.
And if you tell her that we spoke
I will throw you in the fucking sea.
I'd like to see you try.
- What did you say?
- You heard me.
I suggest you bring
"tons of fun" if you do,
because I could wipe the
floor with your boney ass.
Take me to Aaliyah or take
me to the fucking airport.
I think airport's best.
Let's go.
I bet she spends it with
her legs closed anyway.
Where do you learn to
speak like that to men?
Who fucking raised you?
Who the fuck raised
you to speak like that?
- Through there.
Now what. Where do I go?
Don't know. This is the
woman's side. I can't go in.
Ah, I was worried
you'd miss your flight!
Oh, yeah. Uh
They I did and
then I got another one.
Airports, I don't understand them.
They are not for understanding.
They are for avoiding.
We need to find you a
rich husband with a plane.
And this is the place.
You are my excuse to escape.
But first, come meet my mother.
I'm going to show her around.
She's never been to Mallorca.
[SIGHS] You can see
where I get my charm.
- [KATE] No!
- Kate.
It's okay. Go back, in.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Kate, Kate.
You okay? You okay?
You all right?
You're dreaming.
Honey, you're just dreaming.
It's a bad dream. It's okay.
When this goes down, I sure
hope it goes down at night.
If it goes down at all,
it'll happen at noon.
That's our luck.
[KATE] Mama?
Yeah, baby. Are you okay?
What time is it over there?
I missed her funeral.
Her funeral?
Holly's funeral. I missed it.
Kate, you were in the hospital.
Everybody understands that.
I don't care about everyone else.
I didn't even get to say goodbye.
I can, um
I can take you I
can take you to see her
when I get back, okay?
You can say goodbye then.
No, it's too late.
You say goodbye in your heart.
It doesn't matter where you are.
Okay, you can say
You can say goodbye now.
You can close your eyes and say goodbye.
Where's your father?
He's right here.
What the fuck was that, Neal?
How 'bout a little heads-up
before the fucking ambush?
I'm sorry, you got the same
heads-up that I got when
I wake up to her screaming
like somebody stabbed her.
She said she wanted to talk to you,
I didn't know what she was going to say
and I didn't think she needed
fucking permission to say it.
I know, but I'm not in
the right place to be
dealing with this, Neal.
You know what? How about
we start over, okay?
No, let's not.
Just focus on what you're doing.
We won't bother you again.
Everything is fine here
minus the night terrors
three hours of rehab and a 14 year-old
who is barely fuck!
I'm sorry.
Joe, I'm sorry, okay?
This is, uh This is not
how I expected to wake up.
I'm sure I'm catching you
at the absolute worst time.
You just focus on what you're doing,
okay, don't worry about us.
Everything's fine.
Great, bye.
[BOBBY] Hey, boss. [KNOCKING]
- Yeah?
- Island's in sight.
Okay. Just give me a minute.
House is on that point.
Come around the east.
Let's get eyes on the shoreline.
Ah, there. We have eyes on
him and he has eyes on us.
Can't see through the
reflection of the glass.
Stairway down to the beach is
her only way down on this side.
[JOE] Those are some steep cliffs.
[TUCKER] How close do you want me?
Well, you can't insert here.
Just keep heading south and east.
Looks like it's wet suits and flippers.
God, I hate fucking
fighting in a wet suit.
That water is in the low sixties.
How close can you get us?
Let me see what the
back side looks like.
If I can make it a
short swim, I'll do it.
[CRUZ] So, uh, what
happens this evening?
This is the calm before the storm.
Tomorrow people arrive during the day.
Ehsan and I say vows,
but that is private,
just immediate family.
Then after that, the men go one way,
and the women go the other.
They have their celebration
and party all night
and we have our celebration
and dance all night.
Two different parties?
It's practice for the rest of my life.
And the parties don't start 'til late,
ten at night, but I can't
show up until midnight,
- or I'll look too eager.
- Mm.
Then I walk a long plank
to a couch looking out
so that everyone can admire me,
but what they do is gossip,
argue about my dress.
Then Ehsan and a few men,
his father and brothers
and my father and brothers,
will visit us for a few songs.
Ehsan and I will dance
then the men go back
to their party and we continue ours.
Your father's coming to the wedding?
I know. No, he's here.
He's with the men, but you
will meet him at breakfast.
He's very serious.
You met my mother?
She's the loud one.
I thought you said they'd
kill him if he came.
That's what mama tells me.
But everywhere is a danger for him.
It always has. My whole life.
I don't know the oil business.
Yeah, I don't know either,
but I know there's plenty
of people who do it and
don't get killed for it.
You think the president
of Chevron or Exxon
don't have armed guards
and bullet-proof cars?
And that's in America.
They say he is a terrorist.
Funds armies.
Does all these things.
He sells oil.
To whoever will buy it.
He doesn't play the game:
"Sanction this country.
Don't buy it from that one.
Don't sell to this one."
And who cares?
It will happen some
day. They'll get him.
I think that's why he chose Ehsan.
Very smart investor.
Very respected.
And maybe our children, they
don't have to play with oil.
They just play with money.
Ehsan knows about us.
He doesn't know, but he knows.
I bet that's the last of New
York I've seen for a while.
In two days all I will know
of love is what I can imagine.
And what I can remember.
It's not fair to you
to say, but it's true.
And maybe you'll remember me some day.
You're gonna be pretty hard to forget.
[SNIFFS] They say you
only think you know love
until you have a child.
Something must happen,
something biological
- because I can't stand children.
They're too noisy and dirty
and Yeah, not a fan.
Well, I hope I love my children.
I hope God gives me that.
Maybe it will be enough.
Come on. I'll show you to your room.
[RANDY] That's not too bad, Tuck.
Ease up that ridge, then head up front.
How close can you get us?
The draft on this
thing is only six feet,
so I can get you pretty close.
Fifty, maybe forty feet off shore.
I'll take it.
Yeah, well, I still want
fins if we're wearing plates.
Shit, I ain't wearing plates.
Fuck that, I ain't wearing a vest.
We need to move
Think about that.
Well, we ain't all fucking
aqua-woman, can we, Joe?
Shut up, Two cups.
I'm not wearing plates
either but wear your vest.
Some security guard makes
a lucky shot with his pistol
and you got a problem
that we have to carry.
He's here.
Am I seeing things?
You're not seeing things.
That him?
That's him.
We must shut this down.
How do we shut this down?
I need traveler.
You have a defcon recommendation?
You can't get her out of there?
Not without a gun fight
and I mean a big one.
I recommend defcon three.
[MASON] Mister President,
we have a situation
unfolding in real time.
I have the three witches in a hotel.
My mother is downstairs.
And I'm across the hall.
Kitchen is down that
hall and down the stairs
if you get hungry.
Your luggage is inside.
When's breakfast?
Everything tomorrow is late.
You're not leaving.
Because you haven't gone inside.
Because you're not leaving.
I'll see you in the morning.
They're asking again if
there's a way to pull her.
She is in a house with thirty guests
and about twenty-five
security personnel
patrolling the ground
and around the perimeter.
Assume they have what we have:
NV, thermal, overwatch, all of it.
How the fuck am I
supposed to get her out?
Just relaying the question.
Yeah, well, the answer hasn't changed.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
You will never get back to them
if you keep thinking about them.
You know better than that.
Ain't this job the fucking best?
[TEX] Yee-haw.
I don't want to do anything.
It's too confusing.
I don't want to get married.
Tell him.
I did. Doesn't matter.
I don't have a say.
No one cares what I want.
What do you want?
- Not this.
[KISS] I'll never have this again.
This is the last time.
I I can't.
I just want to feel loved one last time.
You don't want that from me.
You don't know me.
I know you.
You don't.
You're kind.
I'm not.
You're honest.
I am the furthest thing from honest.
Oh, yeah? Then what are you?
Not what you think.
Are you my friend?
Don't ask me that.
Are you?
I don't know what the fuck I am.
But you know you want
this. You know that.
Tell me that you don't.
I can't fucking do this.
But you want to.
Yeah, that's the fucking problem.
It's not a problem.
I need a drink. I'm
gonna get some water.
Do you want some water?
I want vodka.
That's the last thing either of us need.
Get it together. Take
your heart out of it.
[WHISPERING] Focus on the mission.
Focus, focus, focus.
Focus on the mission.
[MAN] I have seen many things.
But I've never seen a
woman talk to a freezer.
It seems we both got
caught with our pants down.
Please don't be uncomfortable,
I have many daughters and
have seen many wearing less.
You on the other hand,
are thirty years late to being
impressed by me in my shorts.
What are you looking for, my dear?
Water is on this side.
Could I have another one?
One for your daughter.
You're Aaliyah's friend from the States.
The student.
Well, you seem smart
enough to know that water
is not in the freezer.
Sure you weren't looking for this?
I wasn't.
I sure am.
There is a place in Barcelona
called Gelaaati Del Marco.
The best Gelato outside Italy.
Maybe even better than Italy.
Maybe best in the world.
You be the judge.
Wow, that's, uh
That's pretty damn good.
Best in the world. I told you.
You are a United States fucking marine!
Moving southeast.
Come on! Get us in.
- [KAITLYN] Yeah?
- What do you know?
Same thing you do.
She initiated the beacon and now
half the compound is chasing her.
Is she compromised or
did she make contact?
Unclear. But that's a lot of blood.
- Is it hers?
- Don't know.
No bullshit, Kaitlyn, are we Geronimo?
I don't know. Looks like it.
- What is she saying?
- She knows what we know.
Stay on the line.
Not going anywhere.
I need a no bullshit assessment
of what the fuck is going on.
[JOE] I've got her. Get up!
They're on the run, what are we doing?
Clean the scene.
- Moving.
- Move.
- [JOE] You're fine!
[JOE] Let's go! Swim to it!
Easy. Easy.
Not here. Inside.
We ain't out of this shit yet.
I'm taking the bridge!
Did you hit the target?
Did you hit the target?
Marine, look at me!
Did you hit the target?
I hit the target.
The ace of spades is dead.
The ace of spades is dead.
We have joy. [PANTING]
I REPEAT: we have joy.
We gotta start the contain.
Congratulations, Deputy Director.
You have set Mideast
relations back forty years.
Forty years ago, gas was
ninety cents a gallon.
Maybe it's not such a bad thing.
It wouldn't be such a bad
thing if we weren't trying
to wean the nation off
fucking fossil fuels.
You fucked us.
I don't choose the list.
If you wanted him alive you
should have taken him off of it.
Don't give me shit because
we did our fucking job.
Roosevelt, this is Raven.
We are inbound. The extraction was hot.
[MAN] Roger that,
Raven. We have eyes on.
We're on the move so
adjust to these coordinates
as rally point, we have your six by air.
You ever lay a fucking hand on me again
and we're gonna figure this
out until the sun comes up.
Are we clear?
- Look what you did to me?
- What? What did I do?
- Look what you made of me.
- What?
He was an old man and I killed
him in his fucking underwear.
What you did was eliminate
one of the worst fucking
perpetrators of violence
in the past twenty years.
What you did saved lives.
- Says you.
- Says fucking history!
And you just changed it.
All I changed was oil prices.
I'm not like you.
I'm not a fucking liar.
My heart isn't a weapon
and my body isn't a tool.
I don't sleep at night because of you.
I don't fucking sleep!
I bet you sleep like a
fucking baby though, don't you?
I believe in what I'm doing. Yes.
Yeah? I don't. I quit. I'm out.
I am fucking done with this
and I'm fucking done with you.
Forget him.
Maybe he's what you said.
But she wasn't.
I'll tell you what we just did.
Some day she's going to have kids,
and those kids are going to hear about
how their grandfather died,
and all we did was make the
next generation of terrorists.
Brent crude is down eight
dollars a barrel in pre-trading.
I never understood pre-trading
and after-hours trading.
If the market has
a starting bell and a closing bell,
who gets to trade around the bells?
The people who control the bell.
Now we're getting somewhere.
You act like you don't know this.
I don't.
I love it when you act naive.
I'm not naive, I'm just curious.
If you're really curious, you
should ask me who rings it.
[NEAL] Hey.
You're up early.
Yeah, well I don't
sleep when you're gone.
I'm always gone.
That's why I have grey
hair and bags. I worry.
Looks like you don't sleep either.
This one was hard.
- I can see that.
- Yeah.
Come here.
It's okay, baby. You're home now.
It was really hard.
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