Spectros (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

The Porcelain Doll

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [ghostly chanting.]
[music crescendos suddenly.]
[eerie bells tinkling.]
[wind howls.]
[eerie piano music.]
There are two types of people in the world: the living and the dead.
The dead always miss living, and the living always fear death.
Like tortured lovers, the living and the dead are obsessed with each other.
Yet, they do not dare touch each other.
The line between the living and the dead must never be crossed.
[wind howls.]
Because once this happens [ghostly sigh.]
[70s heavy rock music.]
[dramatic music.]
[woman in Japanese.]
Keep running! - [ghoulish scream.]
- [woman yelps.]
CEMETERY OF SORROW We’re almost there.
[speaking in Japanese.]
I can't go on.
Daddy, I'm frightened.
Don't be, little one.
- Go with your mother.
She needs you.
- [demonic squeal and groan.]
The church will keep you safe.
But it's not our church.
I know, but it's a church, and that's all we have.
Go, I love yo Daddy! [dramatic music.]
[woman speaks in Japanese.]
[woman speaks in Japanese.]
[sacred music.]
[indistinct voices.]
Father! Help us! Take this.
Please, hide it in a safe place.
Father! Help us.
Unholy things are coming.
There is no time.
[in Portuguese.]
Ashes? Cremation? The Catholic Church doesn't allow it.
[loud crash.]
My God.
- [loud crash.]
- [woman screaming in Japanese.]
[deafening crash.]
[loud crash.]
[demonic growl.]
[unsettling music.]
[demonic groan.]
[demonic growls.]
[in Japanese.]
Under the black veil of dark, hide all away from evil's sight.
- [bone crunches.]
- [gasps.]
Do it! [suspenseful music.]
Do it! [ominous growls.]
[menacing music.]
[growls demonically.]
[ghostly sighs.]
[growls continue.]
[sounds fade out.]
[ethereal music.]
[police siren growing louder.]
[in Portuguese.]
Whatever it is, it puts you at the crime scene.
And that's just the beginning.
[female cop.]
So, tough guy.
- You wanna go to jail? - [male cop.]
Or will you be smart? No idea what you're talking about.
I don't even know why I'm here.
[girl screams.]
[otherworldly groan.]
[female cop.]
You're fucked.
[male cop.]
Let's try the girl.
[male cop.]
Hey girl.
Hey! [long high-pitched tone.]
What are you on? - [female cop.]
Meth, E, coke, Molly.
What? - [ghostly whispering.]
It's useless.
- [muted.]
She's spaced out.
- [whispering gets louder.]
[screeching and whispering.]
- [ghostly sigh.]
- [male cop.]
Let's try the next one.
[high-pitched tone.]
[eerie muttering.]
[electrical humming.]
[male cop.]
You look like a good girl.
[female cop.]
You just wanna go home, right? [male cop.]
So just tell us what happened.
I'll work it out.
Come on.
[electrical buzzing.]
[indistinct voices in distance.]
[distant phone ringing.]
[ringing continues.]
[ringing continues.]
I want my dad.
[female cop huffs.]
[muffled voices over police radio.]
I hate this case.
Me too.
Look, the geek is more out of it than the weirdo.
But they're both hiding something, you know? Just like that kid.
He thinks he's a badass.
This thing gives me the creeps.
I wonder how they met.
[male cop.]
It says here they met like, yesterday.
LIKE YESTERDAY [Brazilian hip-hop music.]
Pardal! - [music stops.]
- [hood bangs.]
Pardal! - Why did you turn it off? - Because I can.
In case you forgot, this is still my shop.
Go on.
There are clients waiting.
- Let them wait.
- Right.
So you can fix your own car while the money slips away.
You think I shit money, Pardal? You gotta be responsible, kid.
All right.
You! - Me? - Come here.
[men chatting indistinctly.]
[shop owner sighs.]
Hi, my name is Mila.
I came to see if my dad's car is ready.
His name is Celso.
[shop owner.]
Celso? I know your father well.
He has to pay the 300 bucks he owes me first.
- I thought it had been paid.
- [shop owner.]
So did I.
But his check bounced.
[shop owner.]
Well his car is mine until he pays me.
And I'm charging extra for the stay.
Tell you father we're not doing charity work here.
- I'm sorry.
- Easy on her, man.
Can't you see she's embarrassed? [shop owner.]
Don't care.
Maybe then she'll pay me what her father should've three months ago.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize.
- She should be apologizing.
- No, she shouldn't.
Whose side are you on here? - Hers.
- Either you get back to work, or I'll fire you.
Sorry! I quit, then.
Take my shitty salary and shove it up your ass.
See if you'll shit money that way, asshole.
Hey, where are you going? - [Mila.]
To school.
- Why? Because I have classes.
- I'm sorry.
- About what? I got you fired.
- I quit.
- Fine.
But I'm sorry.
- Stop apologizing.
- Sorry! What's the meaning of Earth? The meaning of feeling in our own arms and our own veins, life as it is.
How far is your school? [speaks indistinctly.]
I'll walk you there.
- Why? - Why not? [preacher continues.]
- What do you want from me? - [police siren in distance.]
- Where's the money? - Where's the money? Where's the money? Where's the money? Where's the money? Popcorn.
Sweet popcorn.
Want some? Help me out, bro? I'm cold.
So cold.
[distant police siren.]
- [hawker.]
Hey, how are you? - [Mila.]
- How much? - Five reais.
- [Mila.]
Five? - Yeah.
I want the one with the bear.
- [hawker.]
With the bear? Really? - Yes.
Five reais? - Do you want - No, it's okay.
[distant car horn.]
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Have a good day.
Thanks, bro.
[inaudible dialogue.]
[people chattering.]
- Mila, wait.
Mila! - I'm late.
I need you to help me.
[dog barking.]
I'm good at a bunch of stuff, but not this.
- Would you like to go out with me? - Go out with you? You don't even know me.
But that's the point.
We could get to know each other.
The two of us? Yeah, like a date, but I just suck at this.
If you don't say "yes" or "no" soon, I'll get more What's this? A magazine.
You stole this? Yeah.
So what? - What do you mean "so what?" - So what? You think you'll impress me like that? Like you're some bad boy and this Jap is gonna be impressed? - Aren't you? - No.
I'm not at all impressed.
- Excuse me, princess.
- Don't call me princess! [dog barking.]
[school bell rings.]
[students chattering.]
- [car horn honks.]
- [boy.]
Hey, Carla! Party at my place.
Don't forget.
You and me, and your girlfriends.
Whoever you want.
What do you say? Get out of here, Zika.
See you there, hot stuff! [man yells.]
Zeca! Get out of here, man.
You graduated two years ago.
[water dripping.]
[toilet lid bangs.]
What are you doing? Nothing.
Minding my own business.
Minding your own business? Good for you.
Where's your essay? - You don't have to do this, Carla.
- Shut up.
- You're smart - Just give me the essay, Mila.
You don't need anybody's work - Shut your mouth! - [gasps.]
Carla, you can write your own essay.
- I don't give a shit.
- You used to be better than this.
- And if you tell anyone, you'll regret it.
- What happened to you? [high-pitched tone.]
We used to be friends! [woman.]
What's going on, Mila? It doesn't make sense, you not handing in the essay.
That's not you.
- I'm sorry.
- You know this essay represents forty percent of your final grade.
I got distracted with I don't want to hear excuses.
Excuses don't explain anything.
You were an excellent student the entire semester.
You and Carla, and she handed in her essay.
I shouldn't do this, but if you turn in your work by Monday morning, I'll pretend nothing happened.
Just this once.
Understood? You're a lucky girl.
Everything's planned out for you.
College, a career, family.
All waiting for you.
You just need to play your role.
[phone vibrates.]
That's why I expect more from you.
Do you hear me? - [phone still vibrating.]
- Excuse me.
Hello? Again? Okay, I'm on my way.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
[Brazilian guitar music.]
- [Pardal.]
What's up? - Hey! What's up? In a hurry? See you later.
- What's up, Pardal? - How are you? [woman.]
I'm good.
Any news? Same old shit.
Tell me about it.
Hey, big guy.
Tie your laces, Sophia.
You'll trip.
- Hey.
- What's up? [unsettling groans.]
Leo? [demonic squealing.]
Leo? [suspenseful music.]
[horror movie playing on TV.]
[suspenseful music.]
- Wake up, creep.
- [chuckles.]
- Did you like it? - It's getting better.
I didn't fall for it, but you're improving.
Did you use all the ketchup? There's nothing to put ketchup on anyway.
There's no food.
Why do we need ketchup? DANGER KEEP OU - What's that? - Christmas present.
Cool! Thanks, Pardal.
[tap water running.]
Did you know the best horror movies are based on true events? Like The Exorcist.
It's true.
And Amityville, but no one believed them.
But I believe them.
Hey! Why didn't you go to school today? - It's Wednesday.
- So? The teacher lets us go early.
[baby cries in distance.]
[neighbor talking loudly.]
What's this? It's my attendance report.
Mom was supposed to sign it.
I miss her, too.
Do you think she'll come back? She'll come back.
She loves you very much.
You hear? What are you doing here? GHOST IN POLICE STATION Is it for school? SLAVE? [Leo.]
I've been investigating the neighborhood ever since Mom left.
You'd never guess the things I found out.
Are you wasting time, Leo? - Is this going to be graded? - I'm not wasting time.
You should show more interest in the things I tell you.
I know how active your imagination is.
I like this picture.
[children playing in distance.]
There you go.
What a shitty signature! - Then give it back - No.
I'm just saying that it doesn't look like Mom's signature.
I know that and you know that, but the school doesn't know.
Doh! Genius! Loretta's making sausages today.
And after the soap opera, there's an Argento marathon.
Wanna watch it with us? I can't.
I wish I could stay, but I can't.
I have to work.
I gotta get some food.
How else will we have ketchup, remember? I like ketchup by itself.
Just call in sick.
If I don't work, I don't get paid.
Let me go with you to help.
You wanna help? Then stay at home.
And do your homework.
You have to finish school, get a diploma and get a good job.
That'll help me.
Got it? Deal? Just like you? You think I like our shitty life? I like our shitty life.
Do you? You like moving around, scraping pennies together so we can eat? Do you? Hey! You're filthy.
Here you go.
Lock the door.
Do your homework.
- Be in bed by 11.
- Midnight.
- 11.
- 11:30.
- 11:59.
- 11:20.
- 11:25, that's final.
- Ugh! Dad? Dad? - Dad? - [grumbles.]
- Wake up, Dad.
Get up.
Come on.
- [groans.]
- Get up.
- [groans.]
- Are you okay? - My shoes.
Where are my shoes? - Let's go home.
Come on.
- My shoes! - Let's go home.
- My shoes first! Where are they? [Celso groans.]
Don't lie down again.
- Get up.
- [groans.]
[motorbike goes past.]
Hey! [laughing.]
You found my shoes! What are these? - [Celso chuckles.]
- Real leather.
- Thank you.
- They're my size.
But they're mine.
Do you see your name here, shit face? - Give them back.
- Come get them.
Catch them, Li! [laughs.]
Real leather.
You stink, man.
Get away.
- [gangster.]
Give me them.
- Dad, wait.
Wait up.
Come get them, sweetie.
Stop that! [gangster.]
Sweetie Li, catch! [gangster laughs.]
You want them? Go get them.
[gangster whoops.]
- [gangster laughs and claps.]
- [Li whoops.]
[gangster and Li laugh hysterically.]
- Jump up, doggy.
- No, Dad.
[Li laughs cruelly.]
No, Dad.
We'll figure something out.
Come, pretty boy.
[male cop.]
You mean your boyfriend worked for the Chinese mafia.
Mafia? [male cop.]
These two shits are small fish in the mafia.
I didn't know they were with the mafia.
I knew they were losers.
And Pardal is not my boyfriend.
[female cop.]
What did they want from Pardal? Ask him.
[R & B music plays in background.]
Dude, how can you eat noodles this late? They'll sit in your stomach like a lead weight.
I have a fast metabolism.
Everyone knows that you fuck first, then you eat.
First you eat, then you fuck.
Then you eat again.
It's science, man.
It's [Pardal.]
May I interrupt? You got a job for me or what? What's the hurry, Pardal? Tonight.
Are you free? That's why I'm here.
I have a friend who works with security systems.
He works with high-tech, sophisticated equipment.
He was hired for a huge gig by a woman named Zenobia.
You know her? The voodoo lady? She's some kind of fortune teller, a tarot card reader? [gangster.]
Something like that.
He's been to her place and says she has some good stuff.
- Like cash? - Objects.
Religious artifacts, Buddha statues, crosses.
Old junk.
But he tells me there's solid gold pieces.
Diamonds and rubies.
And that's just what's in plain sight.
There must be more stashed away.
The new security system will be installed tomorrow.
The old one is gone, so It must be done tonight.
That's the job.
Are you in? If the job is so good, why don't you do it? Because we can't.
Why? Here's the thing.
The place is haunted, okay? This Zenobia woman is a witch.
- She has powers.
- Pussy.
I'm not afraid of beating people up.
I'm not afraid of stabbing or shooting anyone, you hear? But I don't mess with that shit.
I heard if you mess with Zenobia, she'll make your dick fall off just by using the power of thought.
Understand? [traditional Asian music.]
- [Pardal.]
Zenobia's a witch, then? - [Li.]
She's got magical powers.
No guard dog, security, alarm? - And if it goes wrong, my dick falls off.
- Exactly.
How much? [traditional Asian music.]
Sixty percent for us, forty for you.
Take it or leave it.
[engine revs.]
[female cop.]
So you admit you were in a stolen car.
That makes you an accomplice.
[male cop.]
Is that how the three of you got to the crime scene? Huh, girl? Answer me.
- You don't have to say anything - Shut up, Pardal.
I'm talking to her, trying to help.
Shut up, Pardal.
Fuck it, then.
[mutters under breath.]
I just want to see my dad.
I need my shoes.
I know, Dad.
I'll figure something out.
Does this help? My shoes.
It's easier to see now.
Now what? How do we get them down? There's a ladder in the back of my truck.
I'll bring it in a second.
We'll sort this out.
Really? Don't worry.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Dad? What is that? [eerie music.]
You should go home, miss.
These streets are too dangerous at night.
Who was that, Dad? [Celso.]
I thought you knew him.
[menacing music.]
Get some sleep.
Try to rest, okay? [dog barks in distance.]
[ghostly chanting.]
[Dad gasps.]
Not my shoes.
I've already told you! It's Zenobia.
I have to work.
[dog barking in distance.]
I'm ashamed of you.
I've gotta go to work.
[dog barking.]
- Carla? - What's up? What are you doing here? - I was just passing by - No, look I don't want your excuses.
Who says that's why I'm here? What do you want? I need to talk to your father.
[unsettling music.]
[female cop.]
This friend of yours.
What's wrong with her? [Mila.]
I don't know.
Ask her.
We did.
And now we're asking you.
Does this look familiar? [male cop.]
As you can see, he was burned alive.
[overhead light buzzes.]
Which makes it a homicide charge.
And you three idiots have something to do with what happened tonight.
So, either one of you talks, or you go to jail.
What do you prefer? Come on, kid.
Let's start with the simple stuff.
From the beginning.
Tell us how the three of you were in the same car, at the same place, at the same time.
[funk-rock music.]
I just want to know how come we're in the same car at the same time.
Yo! Calm down, princess.
Don't you call me princess.
Why not? Because that's just rude.
Thanks, little princess.
[high-pitched tone.]
Ouch! Holy shit! [Mila.]
What is it, Carla? This pain comes and goes.
[high-pitched tone continues.]
Like a wave.
Tell your friend it'll be fine.
Don't tell me what to do.
[ghostly voices whisper.]
Carla, you'll be fine, okay? - We're here.
- [Carla.]
Is your dad here? He's at Zenobia's.
Let's go.
He can help you.
- Okay.
- [Mila.]
I think.
Thanks for the ride.
Thanks, you can go now.
- What is that? - Nothing.
- Are you robbing her? - Shut up.
- You can't steal - Shut it! I won't let you steal Pardal! You can't It's Zenobia's house.
Are you insane? - Let me go, dude! - You can't do that! [metallic clank.]
Jesus, you're insane, Pardal.
This looks like a temple.
There must be gold here.
The voices have got quieter.
[demonic wailing.]
[Mila screams.]
[burning man wails demonically.]
Shit! [demonic wailing continues.]
[motor revs.]
[tires squeal.]
[Mila screams.]
I already told you.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
[female cop.]
They're lying.
Yes, they are.
What do you wanna do? We get one of them? Yeah, let's do that.
One of them will tell us exactly what happened.
Even if it kills me.
[menacing music.]
[tires squeal.]
[Mila screaming.]
Shit! [tires squeal.]
[haunting choral music.]
Don't be shocked.
Everyone dies.
Sooner or later.
Even you.
But don't worry.
Everything's fine.
As long as the line between the living and the dead is not crossed.
[heavy rock music.]
[music intensifies.]
[haunting music.]
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