Spectros (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

The World is Different for Us

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What was that? What was that? I don't know, damn it! Stop the car! Are you insane? We have to keep going.
Shit! - That man was on fire! - Yeah, I saw! - That's why I'm speeding.
- Did you kill him? I didn't kill anyone.
I wasn't there.
Neither were you.
Do you hear me? Do you? Carla? Carla? What's wrong with you? Shit! Holy shit! You screwed up.
If I show up with that doll, they'll kill me.
I'm fucked.
I'm dead.
Everyone's dead.
We just don't know it yet.
How's she doing? No talking to your friends.
Wanna talk? Tell us about this.
Or this.
Or keep your damn mouth shut.
Excuse me.
Aren't we entitled to a phone call? I did a paper at school and learned that by law we're entitled to a call.
It's not for me, it's I brought you a gift.
- Yeah.
- I shouldn't do it, but Methadone.
It's clear you're a drug user.
I know how hard withdrawal can be.
This will help you.
First, you have to spit it out.
You have to tell us what happened tonight.
Shit! What the hell's that? Are you okay? Of course I'm okay.
The blood thing.
My blood pressure drops.
I don't like it.
I'll get her a bandage.
- Right.
- She's been cutting herself.
So, my friend.
Now it's just us.
I'd rather die.
Teachers are clueless.
Why are we doing another essay on the history of Liberdade? Man, I can't stand it anymore.
Sucker! She's such a loser.
Classes are almost over.
Thank God! Seriously, I can't take it anymore.
I'd rather die than have to do another essay.
Won't you miss this place? - Not even a little bit? - No.
Carly! Just reminding you about the party at my place.
Actually, to showhow much I'm not going to miss it, I'm going to go to college, get a job and get the hell out of this place.
You'll see.
School won't be the same without you.
What are we going to do? Suffer.
Gotta go.
Call me.
I'm cold.
So cold.
Now it's just us.
Huh? I know you're in the middle of this mess.
And I'm not buying the whole mute routine, okay? I know you can speak.
Damn you, kid.
Hey, kid.
What's keeping you? Are you coming to work or not? When I'm your age, I wanna be as elegant.
I wanna reach that same level of excellence.
Come on, sleepy head.
Let's go, kid.
Let us now create a chain of faith, and pray to the Supreme Creator, that He assists, with His divine kindness, all those who need relief from their problems.
And now, we ask God Almighty to receive our prayers What did I tell you about smoking? I don't smoke.
What did I tell you about lying? Lying is a sin.
Mother! Can't you leave me alone? I didn't give birth to you so you could dress like a tart.
It's just lipstick.
All the girls at school wear it.
You're not like all the girls at school.
I'm just protecting you.
From what? Life? From the world.
You think it's okay to go out like this? Showing off your boobs to the boys? What are you doing? You know I don't show nothing to no boy.
You're ignorant.
You know nothing about life.
Life is preparing to slap you across the face.
- Because of lipstick? - No! Because you're a black girl.
The world's different for us.
Your white and Japanese friends can do whatever they want, but it's dangerous for us.
Do you understand, honey? I'm aware of that, Mom.
Honey - Have you taken your medicine? - Leave me alone! Fine.
I'm going to make dinner.
Dear Lord.
Help me understand this girl, my Lord.
Please help me.
Carla? Honey? What is this? The voices asked you to do this? - Was it them? - The symbols protect me.
I protect you! I keep you safe.
- I need them.
- It was the voices, wasn't it? - I need them.
- You need Jesus! Let go.
I need them.
Let me go! - You need Jesus.
- Let go.
Honey, don't go.
If you walk out that door, don't bother coming back.
I won't come back.
Forget about her.
I've got something better.
Guess what we found out, Mr.
Badass? Someone's been driving a stolen car, huh? No, sir.
No, sir.
I don't have a driver's license.
Why? We have the model, the color, and the tire tracks that put this car at today's murder scene.
You know this car is registered to your work place.
But I'm unemployed.
I don't have a job.
For real.
She got me fired.
You quit.
Do you know the owner of the place? Rossi? I do.
I know him well.
He's like a father to me.
You're fired.
- And I'm keeping your wages.
- Shove it up your ass.
So you mean they've stolen Rossi's car? - That calls for an investigation.
- Listen to me, bastard.
We have to solve this case.
And you three little shits are right in the middle of it.
Murder, breaking and entering, carjacking.
What else? - There's also this.
- Guys, please.
With all due respect, I'm too old to be playing with dolls, and so are you.
Hey! I saw that.
What did you see, Jap? What did you see? Nothing happened.
Did something happen, Mr.
Badass? Did something happen? No, sir.
Hold on a minute.
What the fuck was that? Huh? Well? What part of the deal don't you understand? You coddle, and I beat them.
I guess I forgot.
I don't know.
You don't know? Did you also forget that those kids are underage? Huh? We have to spook them, not break their noses.
What's with the face? Are you sure you're all right? This case is making you act very weird.
I'm fine, all right? I'm fine.
You don't have to worry about me.
- Good evening.
- Salted? - Make it two.
And make them good.
- You got it.
My colleague here woke up in a bad mood.
I need to solve this case soon.
I'm sure the kid knows something.
We have to get him to talk.
We'll make him talk.
But not with violence.
We have to find something he cares about, you know? Then he'll soften and talk.
There you go.
Isn't it late to be selling popcorn? Nope.
I work all hours.
Well, let's go back.
Let's get that kid to talk.
Stop looking at me.
I wasn't.
Does it hurt? I've had worse beatings.
This is nothing.
It's fine.
You have no way of knowing 'cause you never got punched in your princess face.
That's why you're asking.
You know nothing about me.
Or my face.
You have an easy face to remember.
- A princess face.
- You want a face to remember? Call me princess again, I'll punch you in the f Sh! Shut up.
They're coming back.
If you wanna go home, be quiet.
Ah! Who are you gonna punch, princess? No one.
Look, what was the deal tonight? Don't you want to go home? I want my dad.
- But he's not here.
- No, he's not.
But we are.
What was your father's name again? Celso, no? Celso.
It's Celso.
He's been here, you know? - Yeah.
About 20 times.
- Many times.
Drunk and loud.
Why do you want him tonight? My dad takes care of me.
Dad? - Dad? - I have work to do.
- Carla? - What's up? Mila, wait up.
Where are you going? - To find my dad.
- I'll go with you.
- You're not my boss.
- I'm not taking you with me.
What's happening? I just need your dad.
What for? What for? - Remember when - When we were friends? Yes, I do.
Come on, Mila.
I made other friends.
I'm sorry.
And you got really annoying.
Wow! Considering you want my help, you're being a bitch.
You punched me in the face.
I said I was sorry.
You apologized for saying your friends are better than me.
It's not even true.
- Oh, please! - Since you have such wonderful friends, go bug them.
Go ask their fathers for help.
I need Celso's help.
Remember that time we talked about - how screwed up our parents are - And? And you said your father hears voices? I'm hearing them, too.
Since when? It's only been a few weeks.
But it's a deafening noise.
I can't think, I can't do anything.
That's why you didn't do your homework? Sluts with their faces painted.
Temptation of the flesh.
Go away.
Women of Satan.
Whores! That guy is high.
Now I'm getting the munchies.
Look over there, Li.
- Oh, shit.
- What? Got your knife? - Yes.
- Keep it handy.
Yeah, I got this.
Hey, cutie, how are you? How are Daddy's shoes? And who is this hot friend of yours? - We were just leaving.
- You leave when I say you can leave.
He's telling you to stay, got it? There's two of you and two of us.
Why don't you go fuck yourself? Listen up, girlie It's me, bro.
It's me.
You asshole.
Damn, I almost fucking shot you.
Hey, Mila? I came to pick you girls up.
- Do you know him? - No.
Get in.
- Come on.
- No.
- It's just a car.
- A stolen car.
Stolen, my ass! - I should've shot you, asshole.
- Pardal.
Who do you think you are stealing our chicks? - No one here is "your chick.
" - Be quiet.
Go, Pardal.
You're working overtime.
Beat it.
No, I'm cool.
- Then go.
- Oh, I'm going.
I'm not the one the boss is pissed at.
What? I heard he's looking for you.
I'm just warning you because I'm your friend.
- What the hell does he want? - Didn't say.
You think he's gonna tell me why he wants you? Don't know, bro.
But I heard that if the two of you aren't there in 20 minutes, clean and sober and ready for work, you're screwed.
Really screwed.
But I can tell him you're busy on a romantic date.
That's fine by me.
You never met us, and we never gave you a gig.
Understood? Beat it.
Let's go.
Let's go! Stop the car.
- Was I meant to leave you? - Stop! You have any idea who those guys are? I can turn back.
I don't know how dangerous you are either.
What do you mean? Don't you know him, Mila? I met him today.
I know you're having a hard time with your dad.
And I was an asshole last time, so I'd like to offer you a ride.
I accept the offer.
- Carla.
- I need to see your dad.
I can't stand this pain.
I don't know what to do.
Where are we heading? We're going to find my father.
He went to visit a friend who lives nearby.
Does this friend have a name? You don't know her.
Her name is Zenobia.
I'll drop you there, then go to work.
What kind of work do you do at this hour? I'm a sort of security consultant.
You know? - I see.
- Mm-hm.
Take off your shoes.
They protect me.
No, Celso.
I protect you.
Never forget who you really work for.
Hey, dude! What are you doing here? They busted my ass.
I'm going to jail.
- Some crazy shit, bro.
- Screw you, punk.
Hey, Carla's here! That girl is smart, man.
Real smart.
I'll keep it down.
This chick also knows me.
Pardal, don't make that face, man.
You know he makes a few deliveries for me, right? They caught me and brought him along.
You know, right? Eh I'm a businessman.
I need an assistant.
Don't be sad.
He's like my little brother.
Hi, how are you? Looks like Mr.
Badass has a kid brother.
Who just fell into our lap.
Merry Christmas.
Let's make this punk talk right now.
What's up, Mr.
Badass? You wanna speak to your brother? Not gonna fucking happen.
No way.
Unless you tell us what happened.
I'm so fed up with this shit.
Confess, young man.
Or things will get really bad for you here.
Stolen vehicle, breaking and entering, receiving and selling stolen goods, manslaughter, and hit-and-run.
All you need to do is confess.
You got evidence? Any proof of all this stuff you're accusing me of? You don't.
That's why you need me to talk.
You're right.
We need you to talk.
But you're forgetting about one thing, one small thing we have against you.
Come on.
Let's go.
You made me do this, young man.
I'm sorry.
Pardal, help me! Pardal! - Pardal! - Fuck him.
- Pardal! - You think I care? Fuck him.
- Pardal! - You can't do that! - He's a child.
- You can't do that.
We're cops.
We can do anything.
Sit down.
- The dead - They have risen.
I know.
You know what happens next.
It's just a matter of time before None of this would have happened if you had followed my training.
It's too late now.
You failed me.
Has the war begun? This time, we will lose.
All because of you.
You had to have a daughter.
Now, because of her, the dead came back.
Taking over the world of the living, seeking those who have woken them.
- Where's the money? - The past has come back to haunt us, seeking nothing but revenge and blood.
Hell is not coming.
Hell is here.
And nothing can stop this rising wave until the dead are full.
Anyone your daughter meets, anyone she has ever loved And someday, even your own daughter, they're all going to die.
You broke the rules of your lineage.
And now your daughter shall pay in blood.
Are you gonna beat me? That depends.
On what? There's no force on Earth that can stop what's coming next.
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