Spectros (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

My Temple Will Be My Grave

It’s not safe.
Who's there? A soul just as unfortunate as yours.
Are you Japanese, too? Everyone here's Japanese.
My name is Lou, Lou Watanabe.
I'm just waiting to die.
Is that what you want? To die in this cage, like an animal? If you wish to see the sun rise again, I can help you.
What are you? A saint? No.
I'm a witch.
I can heal you, save your life, if you and your descendants take an oath.
I'll do it.
I'm healed.
I'll live.
Now let's start your training.
You’ll start learning straightaway.
Once upon a time, there was an evil emperor named Sado Khan.
A ferocious warrior and practitioner of the dark arts.
For years, Sado Khan’s evil armies conquered the kingdoms around them, painting land and sea with blood.
In despair, local kings sacrificed their greatest treasure: their daughters.
Sado Khan made the seven princesses his brides and became a cruel husband to each.
After destroying an eighth army, he demanded his bounty.
But this girl was different.
This king’s daughter fought for freedom with a ferocity never before seen by Sado Khan’s soldiers.
And they paid a high price for her.
She was taken, bound in chains, to be Sado Khan’s eighth bride.
As she wouldn’t obey his commands, she was held captive in the highest tower.
At night, she would steal into the dark lord’s secret library, where she studied the dark arts for herself.
Enraged at her disobedience, Sado Khan drew his sword.
They fought using swords and the dark arts for a whole year.
In the end, they plunged their swords deep into each other’s hearts.
Sado Khan was given a royal funeral, but the bride’s body was burned and turned into ashes by priests to prevent her from returning someday and seeking revenge.
For centuries, these ashes remained hidden.
The bride's ashes keep the balance between the living and the dead.
The kind of power that can never fall into the wrong hands.
If anything happens to me, you must protect the ashes.
Your father and grandfather fulfilled their duties, but you failed.
You put your duties aside to take care of your daughter, but you were a bad parent and an even worse keeper, Celso Watanabe.
I don't want my daughter to suffer.
But she will suffer.
There's nothing you can do.
PRESENT DAY LIBERDADE - SÃO PAULO And you're entirely to blame.
What should I do? Your job.
These symbols are the only protection we have.
Help me secure this temple and the ashes.
Does your daughter know what you do? No.
I never told her anything.
You've made the right decision.
Does she have a name? Mila.
Such a pretty name.
She would've been the next in line to protect the ashes, if you hadn't ruined everything.
It's a pity she'll die with the others and her blood will be on your hands.
You don't understand.
You never loved anyone.
Of course I never loved anyone! I took on a sacred duty when I was too young to have a choice.
I did love a long time ago.
My mom and my dad but I lost them both along with any future a person could have.
Do you know why? To protect the ashes.
A sacred duty you were supposed to take over someday.
It's your destiny, Celso.
A life of dedication and sacrifice.
But I fell in love, Zenobia! What we do is more important than love.
Did you bring someone with you? No.
I came alone.
You've been followed.
That's not possible.
You're a drunk.
Now that the dead have risen, you have no idea what is possible.
Where are you going? To do what you can't.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
- Where are we going? - We're going to find my dad.
He's visiting a friend.
She lives nearby.
This friend got a name? You don't know her.
Her name is Zenobia.
Under the night's veil of darkness, hide from evil and its sight.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple my temple is my armor.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
Hello, Zenobia.
Remember me? I'll never forget.
You look different.
New body.
But the same old spirit.
I'm flattered you remember.
You look fine for a woman your age.
How old are you now? I stopped counting.
What do you want? You know what I want.
The ashes.
This can only go one way.
My way.
So help me.
I don't want to hurt you.
Yes, you do.
Yes, I do.
May my temple be your grave! We're here.
- Is your dad here? - Yes, at Zenobia's place.
Thank you.
You can go now.
- Seriously, you can go.
- Just a minute.
- What is this? - Nothing.
- Are you robbing Zenobia? - Shut up.
You don't know the power of the ashes.
But I know my own power.
Burn! This is Zenobia's house.
Are you mad? - Let go of me! - You can't do this.
Really? Zenobia! Zenobia! Wake up.
What's that? What the fuck is that? Let's go, damn it! Come on! Go, go, go! Zenobia! Sit up.
Where are the ashes? Where is the doll? They're gone.
What do you mean? Who took the ashes? Whoever it was, I will do worse than burn them alive.
Nobody saw us, right? - Hey? - No.
Right? Maybe.
Tell us! Did you see anyone? I don't know, guys.
It's just a possibility.
Did you see anyone or not? You either saw someone or not.
- Tell us, Mila! - I didn't see anything.
Now we can go back to being just fucked.
Did you see who took it? No.
Pardal! You can't do that! We're cops.
We can do anything.
- Are going to beat me up? - It depends.
On what? Whether you prefer regular or diet.
Every precinct has two types of cop.
A good cop and a bad cop.
Lucky for you, I’m a good one.
But don’t tell anyone that I hide soda in here.
It’s our secret.
Or they’ll take them away.
Sh! Dear God! Another one? Thank you.
You know we're fucked, right? Yeah, because you killed that guy.
- I didn't kill anybody.
I didn't.
- You hit him.
- You ran over him with a stolen car.
- Can you prove it? The guy was on fire and I was the one who killed him? I wasn't driving.
Who says? I can say you were driving.
- You were there.
Carla was there.
We know.
- How can you prove you weren't driving? It's your word against mine.
Our word against yours.
You're a lying asshole.
We are never talking about this again.
I told you he was an asshole.
- She told you I was an asshole? - She did.
Why? - Because you are.
- Because you are.
I may be a bad person, but I'm not the worst.
I'm no rat.
We gotta stick together now.
We need to get our stories straight and act as if nothing happened.
You hear? If they don’t arrest us in 48 hours, we’re fine.
I can fix this in five minutes.
Damn it! Are you okay? Yeah, I guess.
And you? Yeah.
Feel better? I feel terrible, Carla.
Look around us.
I hate this.
I don't belong here.
And you think I do? - I didn't say that.
- Of course not, Mila.
You're so amazing.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- Because you're so perfect Knock it off! What planet do you live on? In a bubble? I'm trying to fix this, and you're arguing.
Damn it.
We're screwed! Fuck.
Where's the money? You promised.
- What money? - Where's the money? - You promised.
- Where's the money? We fought for you.
We want the money.
Where's the money? - You promised.
- Where's the money? You promised.
Where's the money? You promised.
- [man 1 Where's the money? - You promised.
- Where's the money? - You promised.
You promised.
What the hell was that? So weird.
Let's go.
The car's broken down.
Get your stuff.
- What? - The car's broken down.
I can't fix it.
But - I can't - Fix it.
I can't.
I know a guy across town.
He can make people disappear.
We need to disappear for a while.
For how long? A couple of weeks.
Weeks? Weeks? Weeks? Two weeks.
That's the only way.
- Got a better idea? - I do.
Here’s the deal: we go to the police and tell them everything.
- You gotta be kidding.
- Listen.
The guy was already on fire.
It wasn’t our fault.
He was going to die anyway.
The car wasn’t stolen, you borrowed it from the auto shop.
And we return everything we took.
- No.
Let go.
- No.
We need to take it back.
- Mila, it's my doll.
- It's just a doll.
But it's mine.
It helps! She silences the voices! What voices? She hears voices, Pardal.
Keep the stupid doll if you want.
But I'm telling the police everything.
We'll get away with it.
- Huh? - No one is going to the police.
Listen to me, Mila.
You'll get away with it.
How about me? What if she Fuck! I just want to go home.
I can't get you home, but I can get us out of here.
Shall we? Mila Come on.
Carla, we need to go back.
Go back where? I need to find my dad.
He'll know what to do.
Are you insane? You'll run into junkies again, like those two.
We need to stay together.
It's safer.
I don't trust him.
I don't trust anybody.
He's a criminal.
So are we.
Yeah, but we only did it once.
He's a professional.
Forget these chicks.
Get outta here.
You betrayed me.
I was such a fool not replacing you years ago, when I still had time to find another apprentice.
I thought you would come back.
I did come back.
Too late.
And still drunk.
Tell me the truth, Celso.
Did you come here last night to warn me, or was it because you need my help 'cause you can no longer protect yourself? The pain is almost unbearable.
The voices have gotten so loud.
I thought that only you could make them stop.
I’m not your ruler.
You’ve had the cure all along.
Alcohol is your true ruler now.
Bow to your king.
You will find him in every dive bar in town.
Take your shoes and get out of my sight.
It's not too late.
It is for you.
Another one? Yep.
Here you go.
You are really nice.
Well I'm a nice guy, but not a good cop.
If I was a good cop, I’d have solved this crime.
I wouldn't be here with what? A picture of a stolen car, a burnt corpse, and It all seems strange.
Nothing makes sense.
- All over the neighborhood? - Right.
Wanna see something else? Check this out.
Ugh! I know, look.
The head comes off.
And the body is hollow.
- See? There's a hole.
- Mm-hm.
There was some kind of residue inside.
We thought it was some kind of drug, ran some tests.
They came back negative.
- What do you think it was? - I don't know.
It could be anything.
Diamonds, computer chips.
Who knows? Actually, I was thinking, Leo You could help me find out what was in the doll and where it is now.
Then I could help clear your brother.
So you two can go home.
What do you think? She wasn't alone either.
There were three of them.
The Jap chick, the black one and there was a guy.
He was rude as hell.
Did you see which way they went? I did.
The vehicle has been located in the Liberdade neighborhood.
We have a description of the perpetrators: three teenagers, two girls and a boy.
Copy that.
Let's do a circuit of the area, okay? Copy that.
- Give me your hand.
- Is that clean? Do you want me to call you "princess" too? Take these girls and beat it.
The cops are onto you.
- We need a gun.
- What for? - He saved us, Mila.
- Did he? - Yes.
- What about him wanting to take us to a place that only he knows? - I don't know.
- Guys Bad news.
Let's go.
I have a theory.
Can I show you? Sure.
Go ahead.
So, everybody says I’m crazy, but I’ve been working on this since I was little.
And if my theory is correct, you are 100 percent right when you say strange things are happening all over Liberdade.
And I think I know exactly what's going on.
But I need to ask you a question, and you must answer with absolute honesty.
Do you believe in ghosts? I live here, you don't.
Screw you.
I live here, you d - Back off, creep.
- What is this? Get lost.
Sweet or salted? Selling popcorn this late? - God hates the lazy.
- You shouldn't be out.
Some popcorn? Sweet or salted? - No, thanks.
- Just a little bit.
Come on, try some.
No, thanks.
Want some? Thanks.
What? I'm hungry.
Let's go.
I think this is it.
See? Thief.
- You like him.
- Me? Please! Are you crazy? I live here, you don't.
- Is it me or is this weird? - I live here, you don't.
He keeps saying the same thing.
And he's not the only one.
- So? - It's all so strange.
- Look at these people.
- So what? I'm talking about supernatural paranormal stuff, you know? - Like what? - Ghosts! JAPANESE-PORTUGUESE BASIC DICTIONARY Give me the strongest stuff you've got.
I started my research after my mom disappeared.
Every time my brother left, I’d walk around the neighborhood with my camera.
Usually at night, two or three times a week, looking for any clues that could lead to her.
That’s when I noticed very strange things happening in Liberdade.
Some people that were behaving very strangely.
I'd just grown used to seeing them.
But I noticed these people, or something resembling people, because they were really bizarre.
Thank God I had my camera, otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it myself.
I couldn’t get some of the pictures right.
No matter how hard I tried, they always turned out strange.
As if the people weren’t even real.
I got really scared, but finding my mom was more important, so I kept going.
Something really strange is happening.
Carla, the only strange thing is that you're going crazy.
- I hear voices.
- You suffer from schizophrenia.
Your dad also hears voices.
Yes, he suffers from alcoholism.
See? You always have an explanation for everything.
For you, everything is explained through science and reason.
I love science and reason.
I don't care if the universe is one way or the other, - if ghosts are real or not - Mm.
but whatever is happening now is messing with my head.
Do you really think I like being here, Mila? I don’t.
And not because of all this creepy, weird shit, but because you’re so annoying.
Nobody likes you.
That's not true.
You know what your problem is? You think you're perfect and that everyone else should be, too.
I got news for you.
Nobody’s perfect.
Not even you.
But in order to make the voices in my head go away, I will believe in ghosts, and I will put up with you.
Got it? Got it.
Hey! Let's go already.
Mom, come back.
I love you.
- Guys, the police.
- Where? - Right behind us.
- Shit.
Let's go.
Not just behind us.
There's a subway station two blocks from here.
Let's go then.
Let's walk slowly, chilled.
It's all right.
What did you do with all those pictures you took, Leo? I put everything together and developed a theory.
Whenever I got home, I’d hang them on the wall in my room.
I could see things more clearly that way.
The weird people around Liberdade were not just weirdos.
I noticed a pattern and started looking for information in the newspapers.
Those small articles that nobody pays much attention to.
Except me.
Everything was clearly connected.
The history of Liberdade, the neighborhood I live in.
JUST THE FACTS I SAW A GHOST ON THE BRIDGE There's something you must know about my daughter.
I love Mila.
I never knew how much until now.
She gives me strength, more than you'll ever know.
You came back to tell me that? No.
I came back to tell you that she's the one you want.
Mila stole the ashes.
You fool! You incompetent idiot.
You have brought destruction down on all of us! You couldn’t have done more damage if you were Satan himself.
I’m ashamed of you! I also came to tell you that I will help you in any way I can.
All but one.
If you try to hurt my daughter, I will fight you.
And I will win.
You may have your magic, but my power comes from love.
Not this way.
You'll be trapped.
Shit! That way.
Let's go, guys.
We can trust him.
When you reach the other side, he'll know where to go.
That's my place.
I live here.
Come on.
How come I've never seen this shortcut? Come in.
Make yourselves at home.
Leo! Sh! Jesus Christ! You scared me.
Oh, honey, I'm no Jesus Christ.
I'm the Virgin Mary.
And I made some nice food for you.
Mm! And for your friends.
Poor girl.
They look exhausted.
They need to eat.
I'll leave this here.
It's warm and yummy.
Where's my brother? Have you seen him? Yes and no.
No, because I don't know where he is now.
And yes because I see him sneak out every night.
Why the hell didn't you tell me? Calm down, Pardal.
Don't be mad at me.
I'm no rat.
You're right.
It's not your fault.
I'll go after him.
Yes, you do that.
But eat first.
Take care.
If you need me, you know where to find me.
- You can eat.
- Where are you going? - Where? - To find my brother.
- No, you don't.
- Move.
I gotta find him.
- You can't leave.
- Out of my way.
No! - What - You'll get caught.
And if you get caught, we get caught, too.
You're not leaving.
- Are you mad? - Guys.
- Maybe I am.
- Guys! What is this? This is weeks of research.
Someone's bringing the dead back to life in Liberdade.
At this very moment.
You tell anyone else about this? No.
Just you.
I know it sounds crazy, but Wanna to hear something crazy? What? I believe you.
I never believed him.
Do you believe him now? Go!
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