Spectros (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

The Dead Have Risen

What was that? - [Zeca.]
What the fuck was that? Never mind.
Keep going.
Step on it! - What do you think I'm doing? - [Carla.]
Go back! - No.
- Go Back.
Stop the car! - No way! - Keep going! [Pardal.]
What are you doing? - [Zeca.]
You heard Carla.
- Forget what she said! [Mila.]
Don't stop! - I knew it.
The ghosts are following us! - [Carla squeals.]
- The pain is unbearable! - [Mila.]
Calm down.
We need the ashes! - [high-pitched tone.]
- When I'm away from them, my head hurts.
- [Mila.]
It'll be okay.
- Stop the car! - Stop the car, please! - [Mila.]
Keep going! - I gotta get out! - [Pardal.]
No! - [tires squeal.]
- [all shout.]
- [door slams.]
- For fuck's sake! - Are you crazy? - My God! [eerie music.]
[unsettling music.]
[police siren in distance.]
- [camera shutter clicking.]
- [voice over police radio.]
Buddy, you can't be here.
This is a restricted area.
Do you know what happened? Anyone's guess.
That's awful.
Yes, it is.
Why are you interested? - If you know something - No.
I don't know anything.
Then do me a favor and get out of here, man.
Move it.
[eerie music.]
[loud thud.]
[suspenseful music.]
Pull over.
- [Zeca.]
What? - Pull over! Where are you going? [Pardal.]
Everyone stay here.
I'll see if it's safe.
You heard him.
Everyone stays put until he says it's safe.
Back up.
Come on.
[metallic clank.]
Oh! Hey, where are we? Where I work.
Used to work.
Yeah, until this princess here got me fired.
Don't call me princess.
We have other priorities.
It's a bit dark in here.
Zeca, turn the fucking lights off! Wanna be found by the cops, dumb ass? [Mila.]
I can't see a thing.
Let's use this.
We're safe for now.
Safe? So now we're safe? What am I running from again? Does anyone know what just happened? Well, that cop didn't seem very human, huh? [Leo.]
He's not human.
He's a ghost.
- [high-pitched tone.]
- [ghostly whispers.]
[menacing music.]
Long day? You could say that.
It's on the house.
[police talking in distance.]
I know how you must be feeling.
I could be wrong, but it seems things haven't gone the way you wanted.
Now you're wondering if any of it was worth it.
If you were worth it.
Am I right? Pretty much.
Do you have kids? No.
I've never even been married.
Good for you.
Why do you say that? It's okay.
- I'm feeling a little bit better.
- [both chuckle.]
Must be the popcorn.
Thank you.
Comfort food is sometimes the best remedy.
When you don't have kids, you miss out on great things.
Like seeing your child grow and learn.
But you'll also never know what it's like to suffer, the way I'm suffering now.
This terrible feeling that I have failed her.
Sometimes, it feels there's no way around it.
My dad's been through this a million times.
It's worse every time.
- [Mila.]
It's the voices, right? - [ghostly whispering.]
- What's wrong? - [Mila.]
You wouldn't understand.
Could you try explaining it? [high-pitched tone.]
Zeca, just shut up, will you? Calm down and breathe.
- I am breathing! - [Mila.]
No, you're not.
Breathe properly.
Calm down.
[Carla deep breathing.]
- What does your dad do? - [rapid ghostly whispering.]
- [Carla panting.]
- He drinks.
Does it help? [Zeca.]
Is it painful? What do you think? No idea.
You're the one with voices in your head.
How would I know? I mean, they could be saying hi Jesus! Shut the hell up, Zeca.
- [whispering gets louder.]
- [high-pitched tone gets louder.]
Take my father, for instance.
He was always a shitty father.
May he rest in peace.
- My little girl - How old is she? - Seventeen.
- Ah.
- Almost a grown woman.
- Yeah.
She'll always be my little girl.
[popcorn seller.]
Mila is perfect.
I'm always disappointing her, you know? Well, everyone.
You know what? I bet if you think about it, you'll see it was all worth it.
Because of the good times.
And I bet she loves you very much.
You are a good father.
How do you know? Because you care about her.
More popcorn? [chuckles.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[eerie music.]
What are you looking at? The same thing I've always looked at.
It's kind of a wacky place.
It used to be fun living in a wacky neighborhood.
Before the ghosts.
[car goes by in distance.]
[man echoing.]
The lost.
Fallen souls.
Decay everywhere.
We must welcome the body of Christ.
We must welcome the blood of Christ.
We must understand the principles of Heaven.
The principles of Heaven within us.
- [snarls.]
- [Pardal.]
Fuck! [snarls.]
I told you.
[eerie music.]
It's really happening, huh? [Leo.]
[unsettling music.]
Where's the money? What do they want? I don't think they know.
They keep saying the same things.
They're repeating the same phrases over and over.
- [man's voice echoing.]
- How long have you known this? Since it started.
A month ago, maybe two.
I don't know.
[rapid ghostly whispering.]
[eerie music.]
I live here, you don't [Pardal.]
What was that? I live here, you don't.
They're disappearing.
Oh, man.
Where are they going? I don't know.
Who are you? [echoing.]
What's this place? Why am I here? My name is Zenobia, and this is my temple.
And you, my friend, are dead.
[pills rattle.]
What's this? This here is relief.
Those are drugs.
They're drugs.
A heavy dose.
Don't you want to quiet the voices in your head? - Try these.
- No.
Why not? Why do you think, Zeca? Are you insane? These are anti-psychotics.
Well, didn't you call me a schizophrenic? [Mila.]
I was wrong.
And these are probably stolen.
- I'm not letting you take these.
No way.
- What are you? Her mother? No.
I'm her friend.
- [pills rattle.]
- Back off, Mila.
- Do they really work? - [Zeca.]
They do.
Don't you worry.
I have the best suppliers.
Carla, think it through.
My dad thought the same when he started drinking.
This may help at first, but it won't solve the problem.
You'll always need more.
How will you end up? Don't worry about it.
If you need more Shut your mouth, Zeca! People call you Zika behind your back, as an insult.
But it's a compliment.
Zika is a virus with a cure, but there's no cure for you! I'm just trying to help.
Is that how you help your friends? [sniffs.]
It's the only way I know how.
Why didn't you tell me you knew about the ghosts? I tried to tell you.
You never believe anything I say.
I also wanna know why you're working for a jerk like Zeca? I make money from him.
Like you do with those Chinese mafia jerks.
Do you have any idea why I do it? [sentimental music.]
To take care of you.
All the money that comes from those Chinese mafia assholes is to buy things for you.
- So at least you don't realize - [shouting.]
Realize what? Say it.
What? Mom's gone.
You said she was coming back.
I lied.
Go away.
- [Pardal.]
I'm sorry.
- Go away.
Go away! Go away! [Leo sobbing.]
[eerie sighing.]
[dramatic music.]
[ghostly snarl.]
[gasping and shuddering.]
I've had my share of fucked-up trips, - but this is new.
- [echoing whispers.]
This is no hallucination.
You are dead.
So is he.
Is this Heaven? No.
Hell? Neither.
This is the real world.
The land of the living.
[unsettling music.]
What's wrong? Nothing.
Everything we're going through.
It will all be over soon.
- [poignant music.]
- It'll be over soon.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
You're shivering.
I'm cold.
What are you doing? What about you? [unsettling music.]
May I ask you something? How's it going to work with you and your brother? - [Pardal sighs.]
- Look, I know it's tough.
Taking care of someone when you can barely take care of yourself.
Do you know where your mother is? [Pardal.]
She said she was going for a job in a city far away.
But she disappeared.
Do you think something happened to her? I think she's dead.
You lied to Leo.
I did.
You gave him hope.
I gave myself hope, too.
[unsettling music.]
Leo, help me.
[eerie whooshing.]
I'm getting weak.
I'm aging rapidly without the ashes.
Wh-what are you smoking? Can I get a hit? [Zenobia.]
Lower your weapon.
You are both in danger.
I can help.
But first I must summon the others.
The others? [native.]
There are more? Damn! [Zenobia.]
Calm down.
We must receive justification from Heaven.
[eerie whispering.]
[bones crunching.]
I can only do this once more.
[menacing music.]
[motorbike goes past in distance.]
[eerie choral music.]
Mom? - [echoing.]
- Mom! Son.
Mom! [gasping with effort.]
Mom! Whoa! Where are you going? - I saw Mom.
She's outside.
- We can't go out.
- Mom's there! - We're hiding.
We can't go out.
- [shouting.]
Mom's outside! - You're not leaving.
Calm down.
She's outside.
Mom [sobbing.]
Now that we are all gathered, I will explain everything.
You all died, but now you have returned.
What's this all about? Sounds like witchcraft.
Agent of Satan.
This is very unchristian.
No, it's not.
[in Japanese.]
I remember you.
From camp.
[in Portuguese.]
Ma'am, I mean no disrespect, but I want my payment.
For myself and my men.
We fought for you.
For all of you! Nobody fought for me.
I never even met these assholes.
Watch your tongue, bum, or I'll rip it out! [snarls.]
Why are they here? Why are you here? I live here.
[loud thud.]
You all lived here once.
But your time is gone.
If you still value the lives you once had, please shut up and listen.
You were the first sons and daughters of this country.
A beautiful and wise people, now and in the past.
You were the colonist, hoping to find a new land.
You brought your God with you, and violence followed.
You first you were enslaved, then you became soldiers.
You gave your lives fighting for a country that didn't even reward you with enough money to feed yourselves.
And you, my young friend, were held prisoner during the last great war.
And forced to suffer.
Separated from the ones you loved.
And you, our most recent victim.
Looking for drugs to ease the pain in your spirit.
- Never satisfied, never free.
- [shivers.]
In this ground, you have rested for hundreds of years, along with all Brazil's secrets.
Until now.
And why are we here now? [Zenobia.]
You have been brought back against your will through the most powerful sorcery imaginable.
You've been cursed.
You are doomed to forever repeat actions and phrases from when you were alive.
Who did this to us? What did I ever do to them? None of us asked to be here.
The dead must never walk among the living.
This is the law.
You have become like wind-up toys.
So that the one who brought you back can control you all, like puppets.
Is this madness gonna last forever? Yes.
He will hunt me and I will hunt him.
Again and again.
Until the one who raised you from the dead finds a way to control you.
What kind of power is this? Can we kill this person? I don't know.
It's the Necromancer.
- Necromancer! - Necromancer! All I know is that he's seeking sacred ashes that I kept safe for a hundred years.
But now you have lost them.
[in Japanese.]
Weren't you supposed to protect us? [Zenobia, in Portuguese.]
I failed.
But you can save yourselves if you work together.
Break the cycles you have perpetuated in your lives, and work together to find the ashes.
No! Work with him? I will not work with a pagan savage.
- [preacher.]
My Lord, save us from evil.
- [muted voices.]
God is the only salvation.
The only salvation! [junkie.]
Fuck this.
I got nothing to do with them.
- This isn't right.
- I can't trust anyone.
[medley of angry voices.]
- You lost the ashes.
- [voices stop.]
Help me out, man.
I'm cold.
Help me.
- Huh! - Where's the money? You promised.
Where's the money? The haunted cop wants the ashes so he can control the ghosts.
Pardal, you hid the ashes, right? Mm-hmm.
Let's go then.
If we control the ghosts, we can convince her to stay.
- Who? - Mom.
- You saw no one.
- I saw her! - When? - Just now! - You're dreaming.
You did not.
- I did! If you don't take me to the ashes, I'll kick the door down and search the entire neighborhood.
Calm down.
Whoa! Calm down.
Take a deep breath.
We'll figure it out.
Calm down, Leo.
We want the ashes, too.
And we'll get them.
I promise.
But we can't risk it.
We're wanted for murder, robbery, and who knows what else.
We can't leave just now, okay? [Leo sighs.]
Do you believe me? I do.
You're the smartest one here.
- [Pardal.]
And if the cop finds them first? - He won't.
He has no clue where they are.
- No one said anything, right? - Wait! Dude, of course he'll get to them first.
Why? Didn't you tell them where the drugs were hidden back at the station to get us off? [Leo.]
Screw you, Zeca.
My brother knows better than that.
Pardal, tell him and everyone else that you're not a traitor or a liar.
You told the cops? Oh, God! [Carla.]
You gotta be kidding me! You told that monster where the ashes are? [scoffs.]
You idiot! You fucked everything up.
He must be nearly there by now.
That's the only thing that stops my head exploding.
We're going to get it right now.
Give me the keys.
[keys jangle.]
My dad needs them, too.
And you can't drive.
- Are you coming? - Well, it's my van, isn't it? [Leo.]
Get in.
[doors slam.]
I'll go in the front.
- [Mila.]
Open the door! - Only if you let me in.
I won't.
How do we know you won't fuck us over again? [Carla.]
Or give the ashes to your Chinese friends? You'll only find out if you let me in.
I try to be perfect because I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop.
My kid brother is all I have in the world.
I think he'd have a better future without me.
There's so much anger I can barely hold it in.
And it keeps growing.
I suppress myself.
My mom is right.
Pardal, I'm not stupid.
I know why you told the police.
Forget about it.
Anyone would've done the same.
Even Leo, and he's just a kid.
He looks up to you.
He shouldn't.
You are such a fool.
He believes in you and needs you.
Don't take that away from him.
Fuck the ghost stories and the ashes, Mila! To hell with it! If we survive this, what kind of future do you think I'll have? Be honest.
I'll have to turn myself in.
Why? It won't be my first time in jail.
They're tougher on you after the first time.
When my mom went missing, I became responsible for Leo.
I wish I'd done things differently, but I made mistakes.
I failed.
Before I knew it, I was involved in all this.
So that's my future: go to jail or die.
Right now, I choose jail.
[Mila sighing.]
I think you're getting ahead of yourself.
First, we've got to survive.
[hard rock music.]
[music intensifies.]
Feel free to look around.
Shit! That son of a bitch beat us to it! [Mila.]
Now what? - [panting.]
- [scraping sound.]
- I'll stop him.
- [Leo.]
No, Pardal.
- He's not even human.
You can't.
- Yes, I can.
Leave the motor running.
We'll fly outta here! - Got it? Take care of Leo.
- Got it.
- Why can't I go? - Because you can't! I'm telling you.
Stay here.
[door slams.]
[dramatic music.]
Hey, asshole.
I know what you want.
Tell me where it is.
[dull thud.]
Spit it out already.
Hmm? [Carla.]
Mila, we gotta help Pardal.
He can't do it alone.
[bones crunching.]
[Pardal groans.]
It's there.
Turns out that cop isn't even human, huh? [Leo.]
Worst of all, I'm sure he's going to take the ashes to the Necromancer.
- [Zeca.]
Necro what? - Necromancer.
The Death Bringer.
You mean Lovecraft and stuff? You read Lovecraft? Come on, dude.
What kind of idiot do you take me for? - I have a "cthulhu" in my basement.
- [in disbelief.]
No! [dramatic music.]
[bones crunching.]
Carla! [Mila.]
Go! [eerie music.]
What did you do to her, shithead? Carla! [Mila.]
Turn her on her side.
She's convulsing.
[suspenseful music.]
[ghostly whispering.]
Oh, shit! [Zeca.]
Fuck! Holy fuck, man.
Damn it! [pills rattle.]
[door slams.]
You're bleeding.
- I'm fine.
- [pills rattling.]
Shit! We lost the ashes.
The neighborhood is screwed! Get a move on, Zeca.
- No.
- [Pardal.]
What? Are you crazy? - I said no.
- Zeca, this is no joke.
He got it.
He'll control the dead and the neighborhood's doomed.
Let's go, Zeca! I said no, you chickens.
We gotta leave the neighborhood.
A minute ago, you were going on about the ashes like maniacs.
Either to ease your pain, or to bring your mom back.
Are you chickening out now? I got involved in all this because, you know I like you, Carla.
You're a cool dude, too, Leo.
But I know none of you really dig me.
Shut up, Zeca.
- Where's the money? - Where's the money? - Where's the money? - Where's the money? They're just like us, man.
Doing the same old shit over and over again until they die.
That's depressing as hell! I'm gonna find the doll, destroy the damn thing, and set all those ghosts free.
Or I'll die trying.
Zeca, you're high, bro.
I'll find the Necromancer and save this neighborhood.
Maybe no one will ever know.
Maybe no one will ever thank me.
But fuck it.
I'll know.
One day, I might even stop hating myself.
Go wherever you want.
I'm staying.
So am I.
My mom always calls me a tramp, and I believe her.
It's time to prove to myself that I'm better than that.
We all have our own demons to defeat.
I'm tired of hiding my anger, pretending it doesn't exist.
I'm staying, too.
- Me too.
- No, it's dangerous.
- You're not the boss of me.
- I'm telling you to stay! [Carla.]
Tell us, Leo.
How do we find the Necromancer? I don't know.
We're in deep shit, huh? I'm game.
Let's go.
[police siren.]
Damn it! [siren goes past.]
[dramatic music.]
Dad! [Celso sobbing.]
We have a lot to talk about.
[dramatic music.]
[ominous music.]
[door creaks.]
I brought the ashes.
Now we may begin.
[suspenseful music.]
[haunting music.]

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