Spectros (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Heal Thyself

THIS IS THE REPORT: CONCENTRATION CAMP SOMEWHERE IN LIBERDADE, SÃO PAULO - 1945 So, Zenobia what kind of name is that? I've told you everything you wanted to know.
But I can't remember.
Tell me again, Zenobia.
It's a gypsy name.
A gypsy name for a Japanese woman? It's unusual.
Yes, it is.
It's also suspicious.
Let me explain something you still don't get.
I will kill you.
I will.
No matter what you say or do, don't say or don't do, I will kill you.
But you may choose between a fast death or, if you prefer a real slow one.
If you decide not to talk, your suffering could last for hours, days, weeks.
No one has ever lasted a whole month.
You could be the first.
Your notebook This is not Japanese.
Or any other recognizable language.
You're the only one who knows this language.
You created these symbols.
You're a spy.
I am a guardian.
Who do you work for? You would never understand.
Because I don't speak Japanese? No.
Because you're stupid.
You dirty Japanese whore! Do you finally get it? You are in hell.
And I am the devil.
Are you also Japanese? We're all Japanese here.
My name is Lou.
Lou Watanabe.
We've been left here to die.
Is that what you want? To die in this cell like an animal? I won't survive the night.
If you wish to die, you'll die.
But if you want to see the sun rise again, I can help you.
How? With a miracle.
What are you? A saint? No.
I'm a witch.
I can heal you.
Save your life.
If you, and all your descendants take an oath.
I'll do it.
She's a witch! She can save us! I'm healed.
I'll live.
Now we can start your training.
If anything happens to me, you must protect the ashes.
What ashes? Let's start at the beginning.
Once upon a time, there was an evil emperor called Sado Khan.
A fierce warrior and practitioner of the dark arts.
For many years, Sado Khan's armies conquered everything around them, painting land and sea with blood.
His fiancée was turned into ashes.
The ashes that I've protected for so long and will protect forever.
For when the Necromancer comes, the dead will invade the world of the living.
It's just a matter of time.
When the dead return on account of one man's thirst for revenge, nothing will be able to control them except the ashes of Sado Khan's eighth princess.
The Necromancer will bring back the dead and control them.
There will be no balance in the world.
Everyone will be at his mercy.
Whoa! What the hell! Does he always drive like this? Actually, I drive better after a couple of beers.
- Hey! - What the hell, Zeca! Eyes on the road.
If you get us to Zenobia's temple in one piece, I owe you a beer.
- Awesome! - For fuck's sake, Zeca! We're almost there, Dad.
When we get there, what do we do? She's going to turn us in.
We'll be arrested.
That's not true.
We have bigger things to worry about.
Do you have any idea what those ashes are? And what we're up against? All I know is my head's exploding.
How do I stop the voices? The voices you hear are the cries of the dead.
The ashes have the power to control these spirits.
Why is this happening now? Someone's resurrected the dead, obviously.
Which was a terrible idea.
Well, I've seen worse.
Whoever did it was stupid not to get the ashes first.
That's like drinking water from your bong in the hope of getting high.
It never works, man.
Eternal spirits hear my call.
Grim, tormented souls I am the one who commands you.
I am the one who brings you back from the dead.
Hear my voice.
I summon you.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Come back! Come back! Come back! Come back, you bastards! Come back, you bastards! Come back! Come back! Come back, you bastards! Come back! Come back! You were always a strange boy.
Now you're a strange man.
Dad? Anyway You brought back the dead.
You couldn't resist, could you? You just had to do it.
Well luckily, you also brought me back.
Huh? Look at me when I speak to you! - Dad - You screwed up, Junior.
As usual.
But don't you worry.
I'm here to solve your problems.
Daddy's here.
Daddy will take care of everything.
The crime scene.
Where are we going? We're going to see the super-powerful witch woman.
What if she greets us by shooting deadly rays from her hands? I'm taking a big risk bringing you here.
Do not disappoint me.
Zenobia is indeed a powerful witch.
And maybe our only chance of survival.
Show some respect, please.
Take off your shoes.
What are you looking at? Are these to make you taller? Eat shit, Pardal.
Are they our last hope? We're going to die.
I thought so, too, Zenobia.
But now I believe in them.
Let me train them.
I'm game.
Me too.
This is no joke.
Someone has resurrected the dead.
If you want to prevent impending destruction, find the Necromancer.
Dad, that's enough! I can't focus like this.
Don't talk to your father like that, you little brat! You always disappointed me.
You disappointed me when I was alive and now that I'm dead, you're even more of a disappointment.
Do you think it's easy? Do you think it's easy? To keep changing bodies in order to fix the mistakes you've made, you brat? I did my best.
And it turned out like shit.
You screwed it all up.
You always did, and you always will.
That's not true.
I brought the dead back.
You know how hard that is.
You know how long I've been trying.
I know.
Since you were a kid.
Boy, what's this crap? Just a bunch of blobs moving around.
Change the channel.
Go on.
- I want to watch the movie, Dad.
- Watch the boxing.
I don't like boxing.
Oh, he doesn't like boxing! You don't like boxing? Get the hell out of here.
Out! Go see why your mother is crying.
You must have fucked up again.
Get lost! Useless kid.
He'll never amount to anything in life.
Loser! Loser.
I'm healed! I'll live! Now we can start your training.
If anything happens to me, you must protect the ashes.
For when the Necromancer comes, the dead will invade the land of the living.
It's just a matter of time.
Our mission is to find him before he destroys the ashes.
Why hasn't he done that yet? Because he can't.
The ashes are very powerful.
Everything must be done in a precise way, at a precise time.
How do you mean? That is what you will find out, young Leo.
Today, you will put your skills into practice.
How do you know my name, ma'am? It's best not to ask, young Leo.
Mila, you go with him.
In the library, you'll find everything you need to fight the Necromancer.
And me? When the temple was destroyed, it lost its power.
I need you to fix it.
Now you, Carla.
You have a gift.
You mean the voices? They hurt you because you don't know how to control them yet.
But I will help you.
Zenobia, lie back.
Who will train the girl? Let me.
You? You were my worst student.
Trust me, Zenobia.
Trust me.
Let me train her.
Looks like I don't have a choice.
Close your eyes, Carla.
Stay calm.
You'll start hearing the voices.
Can you hear them? Yes.
I know it hurts.
- Stay calm.
- I can't stand it! Damn it! I can't.
Take in the pain.
Don't fight it.
Embrace it.
Now You have control, not the voices.
You're the one in control.
That's right.
Not the voices.
Not the voices.
You're the one in control.
I'm trying.
It's too hard.
I can't do it.
Shit, you really trashed the place.
Fuck off.
Can I ask you a question? You just did.
No, I mean How do you do it? What? With the ladies.
You managed to get both Mila and Carla into your car.
You're on a whole other level, man.
You really are.
I mean, I've got my Bandit, but chicks don't even talk to me.
Your what? Bandit.
My beloved wheels.
You named your van, dude? No, man.
She chose the name herself.
She? All cool, fast vehicles have women's names.
Race cars, spaceships, planes.
They're all women.
Are you a virgin? No.
Of course you are.
No, I'm not.
Technically, I'm not.
- You know, these things take time - What things? Well, making friends and stuff.
I'm not good at those things, you know? I'm terrible, actually.
I do try, but I dunno Not sure why.
This way? I got this.
This way.
I'm glad you're here, Carla.
I felt sad when you and Mila ended your friendship.
You're like a daughter to me, you know? In some strange way, I feel we have more things in common than Mila and I ever had.
My little girl takes better care of me than I do myself.
She's always so affectionate, while I I keep to myself.
She's the best daughter I could ask for, but I have no idea how to tell her that.
Close your eyes.
The voices Go that way.
I'll go this way.
Damn it.
What are we looking for again? Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
You didn't.
Well, just a little.
You'd think always being a good daughter would make a difference, y'know? What makes Carla so special? She stole my essay, now she's stealing my dad.
I can't help you with that, but The Necromancer may have brought back the dead, but he forgot one thing.
According to this huge, heavy and dusty book, it's done in two parts.
The first part is resurrecting the dead.
What's the second part? Controlling the dead.
And do you know how that's done? - Destroying the ashes? - Yes! That's why Zenobia's been protecting the ashes for over 100 years.
Do you know whose they were? The eighth bride's.
If we destroy the ashes at the correct time and place, we'll set the princess free.
And we control the dead.
That's pretty scary.
Who'd have thought we'd be working together.
You're a jerk, man.
You told everyone I talked to the police.
My bad, man.
All I do is screw up.
I know you think I'm a jerk.
We're okay, bro.
Don't worry.
Fuck, Pardal you're like a Zen master.
Dig it? No, I'm not.
You totally are.
Leo thinks so, too.
Why do you think he came to work for me? He wants to be just like you, man.
People admire you, Pardal.
Even I do.
Do you like Pardal? I think he likes you.
I know my brother.
I'm getting there.
They're getting calmer, Celso.
It's quieter now.
You controlled the voices faster than me.
I swear If you fuck this up, I'll send you to a world of misery.
It's not my fault.
It's always your fault! Shh! Wait.
What is it? Someone is trying to get into my head.
I got in! - I can hear them, and they can hear me.
- Stop.
Stop it! They want to stop us from destroying the ashes.
- Carla! Don't! - I can feel them! - Stop it, Carla! - Let me go! What? Don't ever do that again! I don't even know what I did.
You got into the minds of the dead.
You never said I'd be able to do that.
You are controlling the voices faster than anyone.
You are much better than me.
But you don't know what you're doing.
If you're reckless and impatient, it will destroy you.
When you enter the mind of a dead person, you can get trapped there forever.
Once more? From the beginning.
The symbol for protection.
I spotted this all over town.
Me too.
My dad has it engraved on his shoes.
And some others, too.
It's a mystical alphabet.
Give me your phone.
What are you doing? If these are ghost repellents, they could be useful to us.
Good idea.
I think your phone is broken.
Let me see.
It's working fine.
This means they can't be photographed.
Look at the symbols on the princess's body.
I know! We can use this spell in our favor.
Carla! - Carla! - Stop! She managed to make contact.
With what? With the Necromancer.
Does anyone else think that sounds like the name of a metal band from the 90s? Necromancer! Jesus Christ, Zeca.
My bad.
What about the Necromancer? - Can you hear him? - No, she can't.
Because he's not a ghost.
I think I talked to whoever is with him.
- What did he say? - He kept saying "junior.
" Zeca, don't! If you can hear who's talking to the Necromancer, - we can go after him.
- He's right.
No you can't.
It's too dangerous.
"Danger" is my middle name, bro! So what's the plan? - We take the van.
- His van? - Yeah.
- Are you driving? You talk a lot, but you're chicken shit.
- I can drive.
- Let's not fight.
- Come on.
You brave enough? - Let's go.
- Me? - You chicken? Come on, man! Zenobia.
You have found a way to recover the ashes.
It means risking the life of my daughter.
And all her friends.
Zenobia, she is not a soldier.
None of them are.
My life is committed to yours.
Forgive me, Zenobia.
I cannot send my daughter to her death.
I feel we have more things in common than Mila and I ever had.
You're like a daughter to me.
- My dad's gonna be pissed! - Shut up! Go straight ahead.
I don't know how long I can stand being inside this guy's head.
It's the only way we can locate him.
I know, but it hurts so much! - Want me to stop? - No! Keep going.
Turn right.
They're coming.
He knows we're after him.
This might not be the best time to ask, but would you call this our first date? Carla! - Fuck, Zeca! - Zeca! Carla.
Hold on a second.
She's alive.
If she's like this, we must be getting close.
- Shall we go? - Yep, let's go.
- I'm coming - No.
You stay here.
Hey, Zeca.
Take care of him.
You bet.
Look if we're gone too long, get out of here.
Got it? To our usual place.
Do you remember it? Yes.
Go to the place where we used to play when you were little.
Okay? Let's go.
What was that? Is this your secret weapon for killing ghosts? I stole it.
- Did you now? - Yes, from the police station.
Good to know you've started stealing.
- You're the only one who can steal things? - Be my guest.
- Shit! - Now what? What if it's the Necromancer? Pardal! Use your stapler.
I'm serious! What? You're so annoying sometimes.
It makes me want to punch you! Pardal! I'm no good at this.
At what? Waiting.
I'm not good at anything, huh? Shit.
Relax, Zeca.
You're cool.
You were a big help.
Popcorn Seriously? Popcorn? Now? Seriously.
Popcorn and now.
Bring me some, then! You got it.
I only wanted to go out with you.
- If only you had asked nicely.
- I did.
And you completely ignored me.
It wasn't like that.
- I didn't know you were - What? Cool? Good-looking? - Shut up! - Go on, admit it.
- Hey, mister.
- Hello.
You shouldn't be here so late.
Oh, really? Why? There's supernatural stuff going on around here.
Didn't you know? Is that so? Then what are you doing here? Investigating.
Ah investigating.
And how is it going? Ah, I know.
That's classified.
You can't say anything.
Am I right? - Want some popcorn? - One, please.
- Actually, two.
- Yeah.
Hey, kid.

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